Oh my, it looks like we'll have to batten down the wank hatches when the last Harry Potter movie comes out later this year. Well, more so than any other development in HP fandom.

Why? Because they are changing Snape's death scene from the book. To make it more "romantic" apparently.

...Yeah, don't ask me. I just know I look forward to seeing what this does to the Snapefen. I must pre-emptively prepare popcorn.

In other news, Japanese scientists are working on cloning a wooly mammoth. Which is like the first step towards Jurassic Park, methinks.

And check out this dude playing the Doctor Who theme on musical Tesla coils.
Okay, I knew the Queensland floods were bad, but I hadn't really realised just how bad they were. This video popped up on my flist today, and egads:

That's a whole lotta water. (And to make it sound ever worse, the description being thrown around for the scale of things is that the flooded area "is the size of France and Germany combined".)

I hope everyone out there is okay.

And some more frivolous stuff to lighten the mood:

- Will It Blend? Featuring Old Spice. And the Old Spice Guy - well, sort of.
- A Ghostbusters/Inception trailer mashup. Okay, that's just plain amusing.
- A piece Doctor Who/Sailor Moon crossover fanart. Quite possibly the greatest piece of fanart ever.
- There is already a Tron:Legacy porn parody movie in the works. It's title? Pron. Naturally.
So, I got an email telling me that the application I sent off on Monday has been received. Which is, I suppose a good thing since the closing date was Friday. But still pretty fast for interstate mail. And now to wait to see what people think.

Anyway, today was the second part of trawling the city checking out costume shops. This one actually started in the morning for once (since I apparently completely failed at getting any sleep last night, and I figured if I was awake I might as well), and started out in the city.

Again, it wasn't hugely productive in finding just what it was I needed (I shall have to be getting crafty, tomorrow), but I did manage to find me a whole lot of really freaking interesting stuff around the CBD.

Such as: Random alleyways full of interesting cafes that I knew existed in theory but had never been to. And their not unattractive waiters who complimented my jacket in an attempt to get me to have lunch there (I think the fact it's a jacket I got from Savers years ago made it even more amusing). Or this one building with amazing little crafty shops, a kimono wearhouse, an elevator which had it's own attendent (who had decorated his elevator with flowers). And mysterious ~doors to nowhere~.

It was actually an incredibly fun day, despite the exhaustedness. Or possibly even because of it, since it added a mildly surreal note to things. Oh I so needed that coffee at 3pm.

And then I checked out some of Lygon Street and ended up taking another long walk through Brunswick again. as one does.

Also, thank you to the random stranger man on the train who gave me some change so that I could buy a ticket when the inspectors got on. You are a very nice person, and I would totally pay back that $1.50 if I knew who you were.

Some random links to add to the whatever:
- Fullmetal Alchemist is going to hit 50 million manga volumes sold when the final one comes out next month. Go go FMA! That really is a lot of sales.
- The world's largest gummy worm for sale. Just... admire the wrongness of that.
- A time-traveler in a Charlie Chaplin film? Strange and mysterious. Who else sees a Doctor Who episode in that?
- All bomb scares should end this way. Aww, kitty!
So, I went to Armageddon today. It was, as expected REALLY FREAKING COLD out, which a bit of last minute clothes shuffling. (Sorry miniskirts, I don't think I could deal with that today even with colourful tights.)

Ended up with an ankle-length black skirt, black top with billowy lace sleeves and my gothic lolita hat. And white boots, because what the hell? End result with jewellery and sparkly make-up ended up looking kind of goth, actually. And vaguely Victorian - enough that a couple of guys running a stall decided that I must be a steampunk fan and tried to point me in the direction of the books they were selling with much flattery of my taste.

Or they were just trying to hit on me. Not entirely sure.

I ended up going to the panel with Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Sophie Aldred, which was actually quite funny. I think the technical difficulties added a distinct note of fun to the proceedings. I also watched the cosplay contest, and actually watched the entire first two episodes of the FMA:B English Dub for the first time. Which was... interesting, having watched the whole thing in subs.

Got an autograph from Vic Mignogna (who also complimented my outfit, and when asked said he'd dubbed up to episode 58), and I wanted to get John DiMaggio's but kind of that failed miserably.

I mean, I showed up too late for the morning session, which was fine - line was long, he had other stuff to do - I said I'd come back after lunch. And then when I showed up, the lady there was refusing to let anyone else line up before he'd even started doing autographs. And then said to come back in an hour. Which I did, and was still told to come back later. So I did, and was told there were no more autographs allowed, despite the fact there was nothing else on.

I think this would have all been less frustrating if she hadn't decided that no-one else could join the line just as I tried to join the end of it. Seriously.

I also had a near-miss with [livejournal.com profile] lizbee - I hadn't realised she was actually there until late in the day, and when I did, I sent a message asking where she was. I was in a queue at the time, so I couldn't rush off, but when I finally did head in her direction - I got a message saying she had just left. Literally, two minutes ago.

That one was more disappointing than aggravating, though.

Otherwise, there were a lot of nifty cosplayers around, but I was too lazy to take pictures. Lots of Doctor Who types, including a Jack with a hand in a jar to my amusement. Slightly less heavy on the anime-types (or at least animes I knew), though I sort of pitied the Yoko I saw in the (lack-of) heat. I saw some Insurance Girls from Trigun, which was nice - I normally I only see Vash and Wolfwood cosplayers around. And so on and so forth. Had a few people take pictures of me, and I shall once more wonder if any of them will ever actually find there way online.

Didn't actually buy much - an FMA stopwatch (sadly, it was first anime, so the year on the "Don't Forget" was off, but I'll live), some interestingly flavoured licorice, and a wooden sword because why not buy a wooden sword. It wasn't hugely expensive.

And that was my day. I can't say it was really up there with my best convention experiences, but that's the way these things go. And it was entertainment for a day.
Ahahaha, oh man, the Grand Final was a draw! I find this utterly hilarious, for some reason. Apparently there will be a rematch next weekend; I'm not entirely sure how Melbourne is going to cope until then.

I'm far too amused by this for my own good, aren't I?

Other things that are currently amusing me:

- Doctor Who wank. And as I said in the comments, for once it's not about shipping or the companion wars.

- Naked Guy on a Horse showjumping. Nothing particularly graphic; deeply lulzy (I think it's the music that does it)
That ended up being surprisingly interesting for a day in which I was just expected to go into the city and then back home after lunch.

Anyways, someone on [livejournal.com profile] melbournemaniac was selling a whole bunch of manga second-hand very cheap, so I went and bought some stuff. Which meant I ended up going into the CBD to pick up a pile of volumes of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Yays for pretty CLAMP art!

Of course on the way in it was really freaking windy- when I was crossing the road, my poor hat got blown off and almost got run over. Fortunately the car stopped before that unmitigated tragedy could occur. I mean, that was the original hat. Luck was obviously on my side today.

But yeah, picked up my bag o'manga, had Hare Krishna food for lunch (Speaking of which, I have to wonder just how old I actually look. No-one ever asks for ID when I buy drinks, but people still assume I am a student just by looking at me.), bought a few bits and pieces that I missed the other day when things closed.

Oh, and got a couple of cheap summer dresses from the Designer Incubator. I figure I'll probably need them over in the states with their heat-wave or whatever.

And then I got a haircut. Which I probably didn't desperately need just yet, but I think I want my hair to look nice when I'm travelling

And now I am tired. How can just wandering around the city buying things be so tiring?

Here, have some Doctor Who wank as a refreshing treat.

Incidentally, does anyone remember an article a while back - not on LJ, but linked to me from LJ (maybe Firefox News?) - that was all about how two people can watch the same show but be seeing, basically, two entirely different shows? Something like that, anyway. It's not for anything serious, I just kind of want to reread it, and maybe keep the link handy.
Huh. It takes a new Doctor Who episode to remind me just how much of flist is from Doctor Who fandom. Still, at least the reactions are (mostly) interesting.

So anyway, on Saturday I went to my first ever Hen's Night, for Katie who is due to be married next weekend. And it was a lot of fun!

There was copious alcohol (Well, it was set up to be a cocktail party), and party bags with... amusing party favours. And a completely ridiculous headband. And we got to play some amusing games, such as an innovative new take on Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, known as, erm, "Pash the Poster".

Unfortunately, it was a Twilight poster. There was a great deal of RPattz mockery, though. Oh, and we also got a bit of Katie-related TMI courtesy of a drinking game! And we had a burlesque dancing lesson, which was a bit different.

So yeah, fun night. I wonder how the next one I go to will compare, though I hear it is schedules to be somewhat... different.

In other news, it turns out that [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away did actually break her wrist, so she has a lovely cast now.
And once more, my flist has been taken over with Doctor Who discussion. Which is what I suppose the first set pictures and images of new costumes will get you. Plus, the controversy of [CASTING SPOILER].

Oh Doctor Who fandom, I've been trying to get away from you. Damned Hotel California of fandoms.
And yeah, this totally actually a GIP. And a Gratuitous Talking About Icons Posts (a GTAIP?), since I actually managed to astound myself and completely fill up my icon space. And since I have a permanent account that's like almost 200 icons.

And now I have to go through them and figure out which ones I want to delete, because I have a bunch more icons sitting around to add shut up, I just finished watching Utena today, and not only was it awesome but the fandom has a ridiculous number of pretty, pretty icons. It appears that Doctor Who and associated fandoms will be getting the hard end of the cull, on account of A. having a ridiculous number of Doctor Who icons already, and B. the whole having other fandoms I care about more right now.

But hey, it means more exciting new icons for me. Which is always nice.

On a vaguely related note, after ages of nothing, there should be a new anime review post later this week - probably on the weekend.

ETA: For [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away, the first chapter of the Knights of Cydonia manga. Or "Sidonia" as they spell it. No idea if it's at all related to the song, mind.
Well, what do you know - it's time once more for our regular dose of Wednesday Weirdness.

...And I swear, that really wasn't intended to sound quite so game show host.

Anyhoo, onto the weird.

- In Psych lab, we were informed by our tutor of his great and wonderful love of z-scores. No, I do not ship it.

- In Star Trek club, we had to save the Doctor from the evils of Pixelation!
... Okay, so the Doctor Who DVD borked up towards the end, and we got some amusingly blurry pictures. (In case you were wondering, the episode in question was Boomtown. Which just reminded me that watching that was when I decided that A) I really wasn't a fan of Rose, and B) Mickey was my favourite.)

- In Creative Writing, we had to write descriptions of other people in the class. And then they got read out. Which was kinda amusing. (No descriptions of me were read, though the one I wrote was).

- I also workshopped my draft this week, though that was more the awkward weird than the amusing sort.

- There was a Kitchen party in the iPartment! 'Cos everyone needs to eat.

- The epic saga of my DVD drive. Which actually encompasses yesterday, too.

Anyway, since I had no class yesterday, and I was feeling cold and lazy, I decided to stay in and watch more anime DVDs. Slight problem: My computer's DVD drive decided to go on the blink. All freaking day. I poked around and troubleshot and rebooted and restarted and no matter what, it just would not play DVDs, even ones that worked fine on the weekend (CDs worked fine, though). I even had the HouseMatt come in and take my computer apart to look, and in the end even he thought it was the DVD Reader giving up the ghost and need a new DVD drive.

So, overnight I come to deal with the fact that I'll have to buy a new drive. No biggie - that aren't that expensive, relatively speaking, and Matt walked me though how to install one. DVDs still not playing this morning. I get home, after late Creative Writing, and do a last minute check that the discs themselves work for other people - no problem. So, of to get a new Drive tomorrow.

I give the player one last check, just for the hell of it, not expecting anything to happen. And what do you know: It works.

I don't know if I should be pleased it started working before I forked out for a new one, or annoyed that it apparently went on the blink for no reason whatsoever.

And now I need to watch as much as possible before it dies again! So much for an early night to bed...

ETA: And naturally just typing these words has jinxed me, since the stupid thing is now playing every DVD except the one I actually want it to play. Fuck You, Universe.
So, this week's installment of the glorious crack was somewhat less cracktastic than in the past, but was, well, pretty darn nifty.

At least it was if you like Blue Beetle(s).

I swear, someone on the B:TB&TB production team has to be a Doctor Who fan. As well as last week's shout outs, in the spin-off comic, apparently Rip Hunter is a Time Lord.

And onto serious business type posting: Just how curious are you flist-type people about The Egypt Trip?

Because I was wondering, if people are interested, if I should maybe set up a Twitter account so people can hear just what I'm up to, even if I can't reply.

I mean, whether I do that or not, I'm still going to have great big detailed posts when I get back with picspams and anecdotes and stuff, but it just struck me that people might find it nifty to see random comments about me standing in front of the pyramids or whatever, since I'll be otherwise out of contact for three weeks.

Any yays, nays to this idea?

...I think I'll go to bed early tonight. My bedroom light has just blown, and it's to late too go buy a replacement.
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( Jan. 17th, 2009 04:10 pm)
So, I was watching this weeks installment of the glorious crack, when there was a throwaway mention of characters named Thomas and Colin Baker. In an episode set in London.

Which caused me a distinct moment of "...Wait, what?"

I wonder if the writer is a Doctor Who fan, or if it's just a staggering co-incidence.
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( Jan. 4th, 2009 10:22 am)
And look what's already made Fandom Wank.

Anyhow, after stating my initial reaction, reading some intelligent comments both pro and con, and LOLing at the ridiculous flailing, it has dawned on me that given the thing that we really need to get definite opinions on Eleven - actual footage - isn't going to show any time soon, this is how fandom is going to be for the next year and half.

To which I have the highly intellectual reaction of fuck that shit, and am henceforth declaring a moratorium on all discussion of Mr Eleven in this LJ. Except for when I feel like talking about it.

And thus I shall return to watching Trigun. Vash is so adorable.

I have... absolutely no idea who this guy is. Never heard of him before today. But at least I already know what the major source of wank seems to be.

I am mildly disappointed it wasn't anyone I was hoping for, though
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( Jan. 3rd, 2009 04:09 am)
So, it appears that as of tomorrow, Doctor Who fandom will have something new to wank itself into a frenzy over.

Which begs the question for me: Stay up until ridiculous hours in the morning to watch the crazy unfold, or sleep in and backread it all?
The things one finds whilst randomly trawling LJ.

So, I got linked to a post from a week or so about why people don't like female characters, and over in the comments popped up this rather interesting comment:

"As near as I can tell, Martha Jones is the female Watson to The Doctor's Holmes."

Which made me go huh. And was a comment I found rather interesting.

And not just in terms of character similarities, though those certainly exist. I was thinking more of the tendency to be what the TV Tropes Wiki calls "The Krillin" aka being overlooked for being quietly competent when in a world full of OTT characters.

...Yeah, this isn't just because I am reading something about Sherlock Holmes right now, I swear.

To tag as meta or not to tag, that is the question...

Honestly, I'm a little disappointed, but not devastated. Part of the whole fading up on fandom thing, I suppose. But this ought to cause epic wank *gets popcorn*
Your daily dose of absurdity. So, there were ticket inspectors when I was getting off my tram today. And though I had a ticket, it wasn't as yet validated. I think you can guess where this is going.

Anyhow, when they took my name and address, slight problem: I didn't have anything in my bad that proved my address - only address was the farm (You know, my parents place). So, the ticket inspector dude proceeded to ring my Mum at the tram stop, in order to check the address I had given him was accurate.

Yeah, that was strange. Amusing, though, for all it's WTFery.

Anyhow, onto the actual meat of this post. Which, coincidental timing aside, was not actually inspired by this Fandom_Discuss post. I just tl;dred in the comments there.

My relationship with Doctor Who )

Or to sum up all this tl;dr: Sorry Doctor Who fandom, I'm breaking up with you.

This isn't an "I'm leaving fandom" post. I'm still going to mod at [livejournal.com profile] lifeonmartha - though that requires rather less effort these days - and I still read spoilers and follow the news and check out fics and fun stuff recommended to me.

And I'm not telling my list to go or anything - I still do read a lot of your posts on Doctor Who stuff. It's more I'm lurking again than getting involved. This is just to inform you go guys that my posts will no longer be all Doctor Who, all the time. Or even much of the time.

It's no longer Me/Doctor Who OTP. It's back to just friends.

And my new fannish lovelife is complicated enough. I've just started my affair with Comics, and I'm already cheating on him with Anime.

...And now, just to be contrary to the entire point of this post, I wish to drop in a link to a nifty bit of Doctor Who meta, namely about Martha and her character arc. Because it always makes me grumpy when people say Martha had no character development.

...Why doesn't a Martha fanvid to I Will Survive exist already?
So, here I was doing some actual academic type research for Sociology (though I still haven't worked out exactly what I am doing it in, given my interests I'm seeing what Sociological research there is on blogs et al. and seeing if I can find something to work from there), when I somehow my search for journal articles brings up the following:

Tyler, I. "Chav Mum, Chav Scum" 2008

You can pretty much guess what my reaction to seeing that combination of writer and title was.

Oh, fandom. No matter what I do, you are always there. Watching, waiting, ready to draw you back in at the first sign of weakness...


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