And that'd be Uni done for another year, so huzzah! Assignments all written up and handed in, and exams (well, exam) done and dusted. Melbourne Weather even decided to get in on the act, and so I ended up writing about natural disasters during a thunderstorm. We even had a brief power outage at the Exhibition building.

But that's that until results come out, whenever that may be. (Apparently there's a results related strike going on, or something. I'm not sure about the details)

...Yeah, that's kind of a relief. Not that I get much relaxation time, given that tomorrow night is [ profile] fa11ing_away's late birthday thing (OM NOM NOM Mexican!), Saturday night is [ profile] altheas and [ profile] lena_supercat's pre-wedding thing, and on Sunday I fly overseas. At some point before then, I actually need to pack. Huzzah for my impending trip to Singapore and Cambodia!

Speaking of which, apologies for the kinda pointless twitter feed stuff. Am getting it set up so I can tweet what I'm up to whilst I am away and Internetless. Of course, I won't be able to get anything in return, but thems the breaks. You guys can comment here if you so desire.

And, to add a note of complete and utter randomness to this post, Gareth David-Lloyd and Aaron Dismuke in something together, wut? Okay, who crossed the streams?

Yeah, I'll probably ring you at some point tonight.

Yes, my Mum reads my LJ. Welcome to the weirdness that is my life.

On the subject of weirdness, does anyone know precisely why there were a bunch of people dressed as ancient Romans hanging out at the tram stop on the corner of Swanston and Collins last night? Because it certainly added an unexpected note or surrealism to my day.

In other news, semester results are out. I passed everything, so yay, but could have gotten better marks so... less yay. Oh well, I'll live.

Fannish-wise, I think I shall stick with the flailing over the epicness of FMA right now. SCANLATIONS HURRY UP! Because it's probably more fun than joining all the people flailing over the tragic rage of Torchwood. Or the LOL WOT TROLLING flailing from the Haruhi fans. Seriously, guys...
So, for the past few days (and the next few weeks, I suspect) my flist has been utterly flooded with talk about Torchwood. What's this I hear about it actually being good

And naturally, I am choosing to ignore that entirely and stick to obsessing over FMA. Y HALO THAR TO EVERYONE NEW FROM THE FMA FRIENDING MEME! *waves* And, you know, everyone else on my flist eagerly awaiting the next chapter and new episodes this weekend.

...Look, it was either that or I try to find Harry Potter fic to read, since all the HP media attention is making me nostalgic. I don't even know where to look for decent HP fic these days.
According to Teh Intarwebz, the Large Hadron Collider has yet to destroy the Earth, which is always good to know.

I shall continue to refresh those sites for updates of the situation.

Incidentally, on that note I am also yet to hear the related Torchwood radio play. Mainly because, well, I am no good at audio plays (or books on tape, either).

Maybe it's a short attention span, maybe I'm just a visual person, but in all honesty I tend to give up on audios after about five minutes. Because if I am not looking at something, I tend to get bored and impatient, and if I am looking at something unrelated (reading or writing or playing a game, whatever), I tend to tune the noise out.

...Yeah, I sort of fail at audios. Unless they are really funny.

And to now drastically switch topics and talk about something Uni related: I have finally had inspiration as to what to do this semester's creative writing piece about. Huzzah!

However, out of wanting some alternate thoughts to brainstorm with, I have a couple of requestions for you, flist.

1: What are some common phrases/sayings (or even quotes) that contain the words "one" or "once"? I already have "Once upon a time" and "one and only".

2: So, it's your traditional fairy-tale ending: the Knight in Shining Armour defeats the Evil Overlord, marries the Beautiful Princess, and becomes ruler of the Fair Kingdom. If one were to become rather cynical and realistic about the likelihood of a happily ever after, just what problems do you think would happen in said kingdom and marriage?

Answers may or may not make it into said piece, but they will help me get the plot nailed down in my head.
Y'know, normally it'd be far too early in the morning for me to update my LJ.

However, given what's shown up, I couldn't not poast.

Yes, does everyone else remember the epic Lexicon Wank?

Well, the judge has finally put in a ruling... and found for Rowling. Cue much snark (and some hilarity about a few butthurt individuals). I eagerly await the forthcoming epic bitching.

And in other news from the World of Wank, the Sparkly Vampires fandom shows an impressive lack of priorities in freaking out because someone cut off an intro from their lead actor at an awards ceremony.

And in wank that is somewhat less funny (and more Serious Business), Dude writes an unofficial Torchwood guidebook that quotes chunks from LJ reviews without asking. People are not amused when it is published.
So, guess what movie I went and saw tonight?

Go on, guess. ;)

...And in some news that could not actually be guessed by, oh, everyone, at dinner tonight Mum asked The Sister and I if we were interested in spending three weeks next February in Egypt.

My answer was, naturally, hell yes.

This is the tour that we'd be on if we went.

And to add something of vague fannish relevence, there's currently Torchwood wank over if Ianto is a Gary Stu or not. (My opinion? Not in canon, but so effing much in fanfic)

Also, over at [ profile] freema_love, there have been some insanely adorable pictures of Noel and Freema posted.

ETA: So, I was over at, looking at some fic. Yeah, yeah, I know.

Anyhow, I stumbled across this one. Seems pretty average, right?

Well, check out the summary for said story here. (For those who are looking at this at some point in retrospect, the title is "Encounter With a Stranger") Read the first line.

I LOLd so hard.
I know, I know, I'm way behind on my Doctor Who viewing, but I am keeping up with Teh Spoilers.

Anyway, I saw this video clip courtesy of the flist, and decided I must chat about it myself:


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( Jun. 3rd, 2008 10:04 pm)
Your hilarity for the day: Batman and Iron Man part 3. Stay for the very end, I think that's the funniest bit.

And in fannish news apparent confirmation that S3 of Torchwood will be a 5 by 1 hour mini-series. Which I can see how it might be disappointing, but some of the entitlement floating around...

And a bit of exceeding random: at the tram stop down the road this afternoon, there was, for some completely unknown mysterious reason, a great big crowd of Ticket Inspectors standing on the footpath. I'd never seen so many in the same place before.

It's was... rather unexpected.
Oh Internets...

Only you would provide me with a random Torchwood/Marvel Universe crossover (complete with Martha Jones/Tony Stark) even when I was totally not looking for it. Really.

...I love the Internet.
Okay, I'll be putting my reactions to both the Torchwood finale and the Doctor Who opener here. Should have more emphasis on Who than Torchwood, since I have more to say (and, yes, care more).

But Torchwood will be first.

Non-spoilery comments: Honestly, this episode was really quite meh, except for the bits that were extremely non-meh, if that makes sense. The good stuff was utterly stunning, and I look forward to seeing where we go from here, but it felt oddly detached from most of the episode, which was... less good.

In which John Barrowman surprises us all by doing a great job at subtle )

And, onto Doctor Who, which was rather better - or at least more consistant.

Partners in Crime probably fits in my rankings of New Who season openers as second, but a not too distant second. (Smith and Jones is first, 'cos I loved it; whereas I found Rose boring and though I found New Earth entertaining at the time, it's rather painful to rewatch)

Donna, the Doctor, and the other major stuffs of note )

Oh, and a couple of bits that aren't episodes reactions, but just interesting Whoniverse interview quotes.

DT: Everybody is desperate for all the assistants to start fighting each other, some kind of mud bath with Freema and Billie and Catherine in it - it's not gonna happen! The Doctor picks the cream of Earth's crop, so these are fine human beings! Can you imagine if I had a favourite?! I love them all in their own unique, special, idiosyncratic ways.
Interviewer: I bet you do have a favourite...
DT: D'you know, I don't think I do. I love them all.

- David Tennant on some radio interview.

The moment in which David Tennant was declared patron saint of [ profile] loves_them_all. Nice to have the Doctor onside.

"The main distinction between her and the majority of other companions is that she's a grown-up. Some of the Doctor's show-off technique, which he has honed on the young and impressionable girls that he likes to pick up, won't work so well on a fully grown woman. I think she's equally gobsmacked by the universe and the marvels that she sees, but she's maybe not always quite as gobsmacked by the Doctor, who can at times seem to be, to any adult, a bit of a prat".
- Steven Moffat on Donna and the Doctor in DWM.

You know, for all Moffat has his issues with women and all, I think he really is dead on when it comes to the Doctor's character. Which gives us Moffat onside the whole slutboi alien tease thing, as well. And acknowledging the prattishness, too - the Doctor isn't necessarily a nice guy.
Okay, rather than just sit here and freak out and wait for the EVIL BASTARD of a huntsman to crawl out of the closet Holy crap, there's a gay spider in my bedroom! so I can give it a horrible, painful death, I have decided to distract myself with things that are much less distressing.

Or icky, for that matter.

So, some of my distractions have included:

Numerous bits of entertainment over at Fandom Wank, including someone who thinks that the Harry Potter books being about, well, Harry Potter, is an insult to her intelligence. She also has tried to look, act and generally be just like Snape. YA RLY.

Oh, and a romance that simply defies words (unless they are "simply bugfuck insane"). Complete with The Bugnut Scale

The most adorable icons ever, which [ profile] kibebe linked me to. EEEE, kitties!

In other fannish news, the Torchwood finale is about half a day away, and Doctor Who starts a day after that. I am rather looking forward to both, but not nearly as much as I was last year, which is mildly depressing.

I do expect I shall quite enjoy them, though. So long as it doesn't get too wanky in the aftermath.
Do not click this unless you want some BIG HONKING HUGE spoilers for the finale of Torchwood S2. As in actual confirmation, not just rumours of things to happen.

Oh man, there is going to be some epic wank from fandom once this airs. It looks like some people have already started on certain places online...

(Also: Expect lots of BIG HONKING HUGE spoilers in the comments, also.)

ETA: I predict I may, at some point, have to duplicate this old post of mine.
You know, if there was an Australian remake of Torchwood, it'd probably be set in Adelaide.
Am too tired and neck is too achey to be bothered with a particularly long post right now.

So: One lecture (Research Methods, dull), and a prac that wasn't on this week.

Not much on at Uni. Or in the city for that matter.

Saw this weeks episode of Torchwood, which was... cracktastic, really. I'm not the first to point this out, but it was very much like something from fanfic, and not the serious business sort of fic, either. Very big shift in tone from the last few episodes - which I suppose was about right, since they weren't real cheery.

It seems to have rather split the flist, but I think I enjoyed it, even if I didn't think it was spectacularly good.

Also, I may have the occasional issue with Gwen (more the writing rather than acting, really), but Eve Myles does scrub up nice. And Rhys remains adorable, bless him.
I've had three cans of energy drink today, and I can still barely keep my eyes open.

That's just not right.

CHAS tabling was reasonable - not nearly as members as the last few years, alas, but I don't know if that's a clubs wide trend, or just us. The other Second Floor tables seemed pretty similar in numbers, so maybe it was across the board.

Day started of terribly disorganised, but things improved after a bit. As always, the sherbet bombs were popular. As was my Dalek, for that matter.

I also did my own circuit of the club tables, so I'm all signed up for assorted Second Floorish goodness this year.

In other news, I have actually seen this week's Torchwood ep, A Day in the Death.

I actually thought it was a great improvement on last weeks episode. Might have liked a bit more Martha, but otherwise thought it was quite good - I rather liked it.

Oh, and one spoilery comment:
Spoilers, duh )
Because, no offence to him, his stories are rather more horror/fantasy than they are sci-fi, really. And, while I'm not opposed to a bit of horror in the Whoniverse, it really jarred quite a bit here, especially in contrast to Reset which was very hi-tech spy thriller.

Spoilers liek Whoa. And ponderings what the events of 'Dead Man Walking' will mean in the long term for the show )

I may add more later as I think of it. Then again, I may not.
And I quite liked both of them. I mean after Adam I sort of came to the conclusion that Cath Treggena hasn't quite managed to live up to her beginner's luck in S1 (I think she's the only person whose S1 contributions I like more than in S2), but Reset was nifty - and not just for the Marthaness of it all. It was very spy thriller/sort of X-Files-ish with conspiracies going on. And an awesomesauce finish.

More spoilery comments will be behind the cuts. I shall try to leave a little space in between the two.

Adam. Which is basically just a story about a Torchwood fic writer )

And then Reset, aka Y HALO THAR MARTHA! )

In other news, [ profile] misscam wrote me a mini-ficlet thing. Martha and Bessie! *loves*

This entry may be edited at will as I think of more things (mostly from Reset) to comment on.
I honestly don't know what I think about this week's Torchwood episode. There were things I liked, things I didn't like, and things I liked in theory but wish had been changed in execution.

Also, I'm LOLing at all the people squicked out by food now. Vegetarianism, totally paying off here

Some more spoilery comments )


On an entirely different note, I was reading a Sweeney Todd over at Yes, my senses of shame and taste seem to have fallen down the back of the couch when I came across this author's note:

Did you know that every time you read and/or favorite and/or alert BUT not review a story, a hot singing barber is sent to Australia?

It's true. Happens all the time.

Please, think of the barbers.

So, I have decided to think of the barbers. Very, very hard. And not review. Yes, send me the hot singing barbers!
I'm not entirely sure why, but I haven't a real lot to say about this week's Torchwood. Which isn't a criticism of the episode at all - I enjoyed it more than last weeks, really, and think that in plotting terms it's the best of S2 so far - I just... have very little to say about it at the moment.

Maybe I'm tired, maybe I'm distracted, maybe I'm just in an odd mood.

Well, I'll say my little bit.

It doesn't look so little when typed up. Weird )

ETA2: 1918!Torchwood fic. There should be some.


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