So to follow up on that last LJ post of mine, way back when, I am now:
- In Canberra
- In my own apartment
- A week into the new job

...a job which I can't really discuss in too much detail, on account of it being in the public service and thus we do actually have to sign certain things about confidentiality and legislation and what-not.

That said, I certainly had an interesting first week. (People who know me IRL and know where I am working can probably guess why, if they were paying attention to what was in the news here in Australia.)

I'm suddenly feeling an urge to read/watch more things with characters in public service. It's all suddenly become that much more pertinant to me. I suspect certain things are going to suddenly seem more hilariously (and painfully) accurate.

So yeah. Canberra. Stuff happening.
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( Jan. 12th, 2015 09:02 pm)
Back with another post just slightly later than I had been expecting.

Mostly on account of being away for quite a bit - the three weeks in Myanmar and then Singapore like I mentioned in my last post, and then off to mothers for Christmas for a few days.

So yeah, busy.

That's not the big news though.

As people who follow me on other sites would have heard, on the last day of my holiday - when we were still in Singapore - I got a phone call offering me a job. In Canberra.

So in just over two weeks, I will be moving away from Melbourne, up to Canberra. And then starting my shiny new job (An actual non-casual job! With a salary and benefits and stuff!)

Which is the other thing currently keeping me busy. Moving is a pain. So much organising!

So yeah. Canberra. That's happening.
Well, I just spent most of the last few days at this years Supanova.

I normally only go in for one day, so the whole weekend thing was a bit new (and a bit exhausting), but then again I've generally had actual things on during the week, which I need the chance to sleep in a bit more. At the moment... well, I can sleep in tomorrow.

I didn't end up getting any autographs or photos with anyone - sorry, I just find it all so very over-priced - but I did see a bunch of panels. Summer Glau, Morena Baccarin, Wil Wheaton and the Phelps twins from HP. Also Jaimie Alexander (Sif from Thor). Oh, and some of the Cosplay, and the FMA:B movie on Friday night, and caught up with [ profile] lizbee and [ profile] connikins and a bunch of other people I know (and some whose faces were vaguely familiar).

Actually I spent most of today wandering around with Connie, who seems to run into people she knows everywhere.

I didn't really cosplay anything, but I did dress up - I'll post pictures if I find any online - both days in corsets and bustles and hats and whatnot. Saturday with my eBay parasol with a sort of black and white and red theme, while today was sort of Queen of the Goths, as I claimed I was dressed as to someone.

Also ended up repeatedly talking corsets with a guy in a dress (and corset) who was very well informed.

The FMA movie was fun enough - I mean, yeah, filler movie, so it didn't exactly add anything profound to the FMA universe (Though the manga is pretty perfect, so it's not as if it needs anything...), but at least it didn't do anything horrific to the characters. And the action scenes were wonderfully animated - I know there was some debate on the quality of the animation as a whole, but I mostly liked it. And plus points for some interestingly morally gray characters (technically, terrorists I suppose) dealing with colonisation.

The main issues were basically pacing - it was sort of ACTION...long period of set-up and exposition... DRAMA AND ACTION - and that when you get down to it the story was more about the new characters than the established ones. Which wasn't necessarily a bad story (and at times had some interesting reflections on the Elric brothers), it's just, you know, you go to an FMA movie for the Fullmetal Alchemist and pals. Not other people.

I do, though, sort of want to see fic about the characters from it. Maybe Julia seeing Ed again post series, or something?

Oh, and pretty typically for a con, I ended up buying a bunch of stuff. Some manga volumes from series I haven't finished; some Daleks to add to my Dalek army (including a plush one that talks when you squeeze it); A plush Threetie from Mawaru Penguindrum; A random book that was going cheap; a Nerv key-ring; a plush tentacle (...don't ask).
Rather like a couple of weeks back, I am due to be heading off away from Melbourne for work again. Not nearly as far as Wodonga this time around - it's Seymour for this week - but it'll again mean my internet access is somewhat limited.

On the plus side, I've actually gotten my email working properly on my phone, so anything that sends out notifications, or just plain emails should get to me. Actually catching up with my flist may take a little longer, mind.

But yes, work has been... work. Had a bad patch earlier in the week, but that seems to be done with, but I have decided I really, really don't want a job that involves spending all day walking around outside once we get to Winter, so if anyone knows of any job vacancies open (or soon to open up)... let me know?

I can deal with the long hours and the mediocre pay, but horrible weather on top of that is just going to be too much.

On the other hand, today I had someone's kitten follow me around as I knocked doors for about an hour. Really. And then I went and signed up her owner, so it was all good.

Aside from it seems that for Easter my family is going to Bendigo to see the Grace Kelly exhibition, and then the week after that is Supanova. I shall be there one of the days, not sure which till I get a schedule, and what I am wearing shall depend on the magic of International shipping and online purchases. If my stuff comes I shall wear it, if not I'll probably did out that Mari outfit again. My hair's long enough for it, since I'm kind of needing to get it cut.
Well, all the exhaustingness aside, sometimes work has it's rather good points.

Like today, in which some bloke whose door I knocked decided to give me a free bottle of Sauvignon Blank.

I mean, free wine! How can one say no to that?

The rest of the day ended pretty well too, surprisingly so given how little sleep I had. I shall endeavor not to let that happen again, I suppose.

As for the long weekend, I enjoyed it's longness. Multiple days in a row of sleeping in! Plus we had one of those fannish meetups, which was rather fun. And then after I went and had Venezuelan food for dinner with some of the girls, got complimented on my hat by some random old guy, and then had ice-cream.

There should be more days like that.
You know, I was going to do a post here about the busyness of work (and the mild melodramas therein), and the temporary housemate, and how the book I just finished reading was so totally inspired by Watchmen despite being an entirely different genre (Vaguely steampunk fantasy, in this case).

But then just before 10pm one of my fuses exploded, so I've spent the last hour and a half trying to find the emergency electrician contact number, (which failed miserably, even after calling both my housemate and my old housemate), and eventually calling one number, which directed me to another number, which directed me to the actual number for the electrician. All of which was done in that dark.

Of course once he actually showed, it was all fixed in about 10 minutes, so that's life for you.

At least I can sleep in tomorrow. And the day after, huzzah long weekend! And I think [ profile] connikins has her meetup think tomorrow, too.
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( Feb. 23rd, 2012 11:30 pm)
So, job is really keeping me rather busy. I mean, yes, the only time I am actually on the door-knocking job is in the afternoons, but there's meetings and training and, you know, stuff, in the mornings, and lots of transport time. Lots and lots of time in transport.

On the plus side, I think it's going reasonably well - well, I got top new recruit for last week with my sales scores, and I'm doing decently this week (today was good, which rather made up for yesterday being terrible).

Now I just need work out a way to keep on getting enough sleep, and everything will be dandy.

In other news, work is planning a trip (an on-the-job trip) up to Wodonga next week, so I may be somewhat MIA for some of it. No idea what the Internet connection will be like where we are staying.

In other news, today for dinner I made delicious pie. Smoked Tofu and Vegetable Pie to be precise, which I highly recommend.

I was totally worth the fact that I didn't end up having dinner until really late, because of how late I also got home. (And, also, having to check out a whole half dozen supermarkets just to find one that had the damned smoked tofu - I ended up having to get one of the housemates to pick it up from a Wholefoods place on Lygon St, while I was at work.)

...Okay, I kind of cheated by using pre-made pastry sheets instead of making my own.
First day at the sales jobby thing today. It was honestly not the most high stress (or, really, productive) day today - we watched some PowerPoint presentations, did the signing up paperwork and chatted a bit. Reasonably interesting bunch of people, both the other n00bs (we've got locals, overseas travellers, this one guy who got drunk on New Years and ended up in a car to Melbourne from Queensland...). And then there's the people already there, like the guy who runs the place who is kinda hyper but has some interesting stories.

Fortunately, the place is right above two cafes and just down the road from a major street, so there's plenty of places for caffeine and food. I suspect the caffeine may be needed, at least until I get my body clock used to the hours.

And that, then, is that. Tomorrow is more training, and then we start observing more experienced types on Thursday, I believe. I think I may need to get some more suitable shoes.

Aside from that, OK Go has made another nifty music video, and that's about all from me.
So, that's made for a busy, busy few days. Aside from the iPartment inspection, and the frantic cleaning that preceded that - I actually ended up finally sorting out my bookshelf, which lead me to the discovery that I actually can fit all my books on there. Just.

I also ended up with three job interviews yesterday. Well, two job interviews, and one for a volunteer position. Plus I have another interview tomorrow morning, and another I need to reschedule (There was a clash...).

The interviews are mostly "We'll only call back if you are successful" so that's a bit wait and see, but I do have the volunteer spot, so at least that can go on the resume. It's for the Brotherhood of St Lawrence online bookstore (which can be found here, if you are wondering) and I can basically come in whenever to help out. I'm thinking maybe one day a week, but we shall see.

And a professional question here: How long should you volunteer somewhere before you ask the supervisor if you can use them as a reference?

And then after that, my computer went and screwed up on me. Or rather Windows went and screwed up on me, so I had to go and reinstall Windows, and then restore all my programs and settings and what-not. Many thanks must go to the HouseMatt, who did most of the complicated work, since I was too busy freaking out about why the speakers didn't work and where the hell all my files had gone.. (And when Matt wasn't around, I went and... cleaned out some of my cupboards, which means I at least know where all my old photos are now. And my old quotebooks. And my passport from when I was 2 years old.)

Yeah, totally asking for a new computer or laptop or something for my next birthday. Well, I got this one for my 21st, so it'll be 5 years old in May.

Getting back online, it appears I missed a few things. Like I said on Twitter, one day without Internet, and suddenly there are official Watchmen prequel comics? Anything much else going down?
Despite being a Wednesday, it really feels like a weekend right now. Odd, that.

Though maybe it's just that for the past couple of days I've been doing the social life thing after school, which has left me very busy and very tired. Feeling rather like end-of-week exhaustion, methinks.

What with popping in the the Adelaide guys again before they headed home on Monday night, and then last night for The Sister's birthday Awkward Family Dinner was Awkward.

Yeah, all that sort of thing which I don't want to talk about. So instead I'll drop some links by.

We have:

- The Foo Fighters, with a heavy dose of LOL WAT. (Note: This is restricted to adults only. So yeah.)

- OK GO and The Muppets. And also at the end, Muppetception. Which is basically just OK Go being... OK GO. With bonus muppets. As they do. Apparently OK GO can never have enough of crazy music videos.

- Previously on Doctor Who... Every episode of Doctor Who (well, prior to last weekend's), in one video.

- Jedi Kittens. All together now: d'awww.
So, block placement has started up now (And despite what a smartarse on Facebook may have suggested, that statement has absolutely nothing to do with Tetris).

Which on one hand means no lectures, but on the other means three straight weeks of having to get up early in the morning. And, you know, actually teaching shit.

My couple of classes so far have gone okay - better than last semester, at least, which I suppose is a sign of learning. Hopefully things will continue on along this direction, even as we get into the meat of things. Which shall be... interesting, I suppose, in terms of lesson plans and what-not.

Like getting around to using the props I collected today for when we start to read though Macbeth. I actually found a dagger I had lying around. (...Don't ask why I had a dagger lying around the iPartment.)

But yes, busy and tiring - it's odd how doing something that has such little physical activity can be so tiring. Huh.

Since that means that come evening I have no energy to much else that bum around on YouTube, here are some videos I have seen recently:

- Anyone remember the Piano stairs? I give you their spiritual successor: the Fast Lane. Which also looks like fun.
- Kittywood Studios: Behind the company that makes cat videos. Apparently Avenue Q was wrong. The Internet isn't for porn, it's for cat pictures.
- Flying shark (and clownfish). I so want one.
- The Plot Device. It deserves a watch. Really.

Also, I have founded the city of Drakopolia. Please come visit, people because that way it will get bigger.
I have decided that what this world really needs is a Royal Society for the Protection of Apostrophes.

Oh, the apostrophe abuse I have witnessed today. *shudder* It was awful.

And so goeth the life of a student, with another week of actual class down - leaving me with a couple of days break before Friday and my three weeks of block placement. Sleeping in on weekdays, I was miss you. And I still need to come up with plans of just what activities I shall have people doing.

...But hey, at least I can sleep in tomorrow.

And I censused today, so there's that. It was ~thrilling~.

Since the last lot of random links got a pretty good response, here, have some more random entertainments! No idea where I've managed to pick this lot up from.

- A building with windows full of post-it note video game characters. And then it started a post-it note war. I approve.
- Actually, the whole site has a bunch of nifty things to look at/watch. Like the statue of dinosaur Batman. And SNAKE ON A CAR. And so on.
- The WIN section of FailBlog is pretty much along the same lines, even if it is sorta old news. But hey, you can check out Epic yo-yo guy showing off or nifty brass bugs, amongst other things.
- Piano Stairs! ...I want piano stairs. They look fun.
- Heavy Metal Harry Potter Theme. Which is an awesome that speaks for itself, really.
- A video advertising the Quidditch World Cup. No, not the one in the books, the real one. Er, sort of real.
- And to finish up my mini series of Potterness, A fanvid in memory of the Harry Potter series
Oh class. Once more, I must have you.

...Okay, that sounds kinda wrong.

And since class itself was mostly pretty dull today - excluding some interesting YouTube videos and ALT being a clusterfuck again, I think I shall talk further about last week.

Or FOUL, since this week it involved large amounts of bubbles, and a silly string gun, which was unhealthy amounts of fun. (I say this because it wasn't my hair it was getting in.)

But yeah, ALT is kind of a clusterfuck. For starters, it's down on Queensberry St, which is far too much walking to get to from anywhere. Secondly, it's in a building that is only half built, which means walking through construction site-ness if you take the lifts.

It's also the building that over the break they found asbestos in, so way to ensure the health of future generations, uni.

Oh, and the lecture theatre we are supposed to be in, isn't actually big enough for the whole group. Which means if you don't get to ridiculously far away building early, you get shunted off into one of the other lecture rooms, where you get the lecture over the - less than spectacular - PA. And have no idea what is going on when the lecturers start talking to the audience. Woo modern technology.

Like I said, kind of a clusterfuck. Though I know for a fact there have been people complain about things, so hopefully something shall be done.

On the other hand, today we found out the lecturer barracks for Melbourne. Poor bastard.

Tuesdays are also going to be fun, what with my 15 minutes to get from one end of the campus to the other. Hopefully they will all be like last week when we got let out early and I made it in time to also get me some coffee.

And that is my life. Hooray!
So, last night I didn't get enough sleep, and today I ended up watching through End of Evangelion.

Boy, I bet I'm in for some interesting dreams tonight.

Asuka is still my favourite, and Gainax is so on the good drugs.
Oh, blarg on you, stupid assignment. Yes, you aren't actually due until Wednesday, but I am already sick of working on you. You are no fun at all.

And then there is also the fact for whatever unknown reason, despite the fact that I am trying to get a good night's sleep, I ended up tossing and turning and lying awake until 5am last night (...morning?). Which also added to the non-fun of today.

On the plus side, I made quesadillas! And the actually worked for once, instead of falling apart when I tried to flip them and leaving a big cheesy goopy mess in the fry pan.

...So, not all bad, I suppose.

Here, have an adorable kitten eating watermelon. (It's the kitten doing the eating, not the watermelon.)
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( Jun. 6th, 2011 09:25 pm)
Oh bleh.

My Exam/Presentation/Whatever thing was today. And I am grumpy at myself because it went less well than I had hoped. I kept forgetting what I was supposed to say next and having to look at my notes. In retrospect I seemed to cover all the major points I meant to, but as presentations go, it was rather less than spectacularly executed.

And for some bizarre reason, my body decided the best time to be all nervous and unable to eat was after the damned exam, which rather ruined my lunch.


At least that's done with, leaving my just one more assignment to get done for the rest of the semester, and that got it's due date pushed back a couple of days.

Though, I feel the need for some cheering entertainment - anyone up for taking advantage of Cheapass Tuesday movie tickets tomorrow? I could use a movie, and I hear that the new X-Men movies is actually quite decent. I also hear that Charles and Magneto have a whole lot of homoerotic subtext going on, but that's an entirely seperate point. Except for when it isn't.

Aside from that, I've mostly been watching Doctor Who fandom go mildly kerblooey - either because they had their minds blow, or were underwhelm/predicted things, which is interesting.

I had the personal experience of seeing one of my housemates walk in just in time to hear only the very last line of the episode. Poor bastard.
Why so cold today, Melbourne weather? You are making my fingers all chilly and causing me to run out of clean clothes to wear.

Plus I think I am getting a cold now, which would explain the runny nose and inexplicable headache.

Also, a request for people on my flist Who Know Stuff: Where could a get a new mouse for my computer that is both a) cheap and b) good quality? I think my current one is getting a bit too old to be useful, the clicker on it doesn't seem to work properly and is very inconstant.

In other news, schoolishness has been schoolishness. Hooray for it, I suppose.
So, the thing at school was... less than spectacular today.

It all started off well - I got to watch the interhouse drama and but some of the cakes people were selling at lunch, but basically: My mentor teacher (who supervises me) was away the last two days because someone in his family was ill, which is fair enough.

I was okay to teach yesterday, with other people sitting in to observe. But today I was supposed to start teaching the Year 11s, and start off this whole new Unit thing, which I had gone to great effort in planning out and making up PowerPoint slides and handouts and whatnot. My plans were all specially designed for each lesson I was going to take.

Except... it's a school policy that if the teacher of a VCE class is away, they don't get a substitute in, the cancel the class. And no-one actually mentioned this to me. So I spent half the class sitting in the room by myself wondering where everyone was. And then once someone came to fetch me and explain, the second half freaking out because there is no way I can work all the stuff from my plans into next weeks lessons - and that's if my mentor is back. And someone from Uni is going to come watch me next week to mark me.

Yeah, not a good day. Which is a bizarre thing to say since I basically did nothing, but that was somehow worse.

In other news, in the afternoon I was toddling around book stores for a bit (Because 1. I am running low on to-read Public Transport books, and since after finishing Lolita I now only have two books after my current one - which is Late Eclipses by Seanan McGuire - and 2. The books I am looking forward to are mostly months off release, but I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks. I thought I'd scope out some suggestions for gifts.)

- Anyway, getting past all that, I accidentally walked into an in store signing and talk at Dymocks being given by Cassandra Clare. Yes that Cassandra Clare. The one with all the fandom and wank, back in the day.

I honestly had no idea how to react over that.

And now the clicker on my mouse is being funny and uncooperative.
May the Fourth be with you!

Yeah, I cannot possibly resist a pun that cheap. Or a completely gratuitous Star Wars reference, for that matter.

Conclusion I have come to about the teaching thing: The most difficult part is getting students to stop talking amongst themselves and listen. The material part of it is actually pretty easy once you get down to it.

They have also noticed the hat thing going on. I shall try and resist the urge to wear different hats every day just so they can see as many as they need. I shall also try and resist the urge to buy more hats to show off, sigh.

Also there is a running them of needing more sleep. Though that's more my fault of needed to remember to go to bed earlier, really. Which is something I shall be working on shortly.
I bet I know what's going to be on the front page of all the newspapers tomorrow.

That was certainly an interesting thing to find out when I got the Internet working on my phone once more. (If anyone asks where I was when I heard the news, I can say: At the Telstra shop. How memorable.)

Oh, and today I actually taught people. So then there's that.

I also discovered that there is in fact in Melbourne a place which sells Durian Strudel. Whatever will they think of next?

I think I just needed something random and insignificant to finish this post off with.


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