Woo, job interview Wednesday! (Well, over the phone interview)

Shush, I'm excited, okay. This is the first response I've gotten so far that isn't just LOL NO.
So, there was just an Earthquake in Melbourne.

What the fuck, universe. What the actual fuck.

Melbourne's not in an earthquake zone, that shit does not happen around here.

And yet, well, just take a look at [livejournal.com profile] melbournemaniac or Twitter.

And actual genuine earthquake. What the hell?

(Before anyone asks - it wasn't a bad earthquake, furniture shook and rattled but nothing fell here, and as far as I know no-one is hurt. I'm just weirded out, because WTF, seriously)

ETA: A US Earthquake site says it was of magnitude 4.7. The Australian site has, naturally, crashed.
Well, I'm back from my trip.

However, because of reasons, I'm not exactly inclined to be all tripsqueeladida right now.

So what has been going on while I've been Away From It All? What's the news in fandom, spoilers, wankiness, news, the real world, Melbourne, whatever.

Except the fires. We heard about them in Egypt.
Well, as it is a Saturday, and I am She-Who-Has-No-Social-Life, I went into town on my own today. It was rather interesting. I decided to go to the movies, and was torn between seeing I, Robot and Farenheit 9/11. But as much as I like seeing Bush-bashing (BTW, does anyone else think that sounds really dirty?) I felt like something a little more brainless. So I, Robot it was. It wasn't bad, and the special effects were great, but it didn't actually take sci-fi to a new level.

I was also very annoyed that Something Rotten still isn't out in Australia, so I ended up just buying other random things, like the Dallas Crane album (which I am now listening too) and putting a buch of DVDs on laybuy - namely The Princess Bride and Futurama Season 3.

It all ended well, but my stunningly complex budgetary calculations now inform me that I cannot buy anything else, except for essentials, this term. Fortunately, I am including Jasper Fforde books under essentials (must now go and wait for September 1st)

AcK! Today is a casual clothes day. For all you non-Australians: almost all schools in Australia have compulsory uniforms. So it is actually a rare thing to be able to choose what clothes to wear for the day. So now everyone's all checking out each other's clothes and being rather bitchy. I'm in my ever-present leather coat, if anyone cares.

Just had a phone lesson for Indonesian, because I DIDN'T forget to bring my books this week. Lovely, it was discussing culture in Sulawesi.

And since everyone else was doing it, I bring you quizzes!

Which Harry Potter guy falls in love with you? by Chili
Who:Ron Weasley
When......he spills juice over your robes during lunch.
How he tells you:He writes you an owl.
What you do then:Cry.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I got Ron! Oh, SQUEE! [livejournal.com profile] maegunnbatt and [livejournal.com profile] green_fairy_ must be so jealous right now! *sticks out tongue at them*

What Kind of Geek are You?
Favourite Color
Your IQ is frighteningly high
You are a physics geek
Your strength is you never need to sleep
Your weakness is electrons
You think normal people are stupid
Normal people think that you are disturbed
This Quiz by owlsamantha - Taken 14557 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

That is actually frighteningly accurate. Well, except for the sleep thing (although the other night I didn't get to sleep until 2.30 - why I was so sleepy yesterday)
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( Aug. 5th, 2004 11:21 am)
Why is it that although I felt entirely awake at breakfast this morning, only a short time later, about halfway through period one, I was struggling to keep awake? Although I did have Physics that period and you all know how utterly fascinating that subject is...
Currently we are studting forces and stuff. And it is my personal opinion that the only time that a force is interesting is when it has something to do with Star Wars.

Oh, yes, have gone and changed my fave site n the links list. As much as I loved Bulwer-Lytton, I think the forum of multitudinous spellings is more fitting with my mood at the moment. Everyone go check out thread under "Aussie tour dates" It starts out boring, but has now become a discussion on bogans. Weird.

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( Aug. 4th, 2004 09:20 pm)
We had our last aerobics class ever today. And in honour of the occasion, we had an 80s theme. So we did 80s dancing, and listened to 80s music and even wore 80s clothes. It was hysterical! Somewhat disturbing, but hysterical.

The girl who is in charge of the yearbook for my year has gone and asked for baby photos of everyone to put in it, and I just gone mine from my mum today. I look so little, and blonde! (I was blonde until I was about 8. Which is kind of weird, considering I now have the darkest hair in the family. Then again, my mum and sister both dye theirs - don't even try to deny it, Mum)

Also, in my English teachers comments on the fanfic I gave her, she asked me to try and flesh out the story a bit more. Her exact words were "show the story, don't tell it" Then she made a few other suggestions, and now I have a new idea for a companion to Tale... I think Stolen Moments has gone and died for good, now.
Well, I've done it. With my fanfiction and my essay ON fanfiction, both centred around the Potterverse and given to my English teacher, I have managed to convert her into a HP reader. I am so proud. This must be what those bloody Jehovah's Witnesses feel like when people don't actually go and shut the door in their faces.

Very weird day so far. My maths teacher turned up 15 minutes late for class, and then we got a talk from some guy about why we SHOULD'T go to university.
Which seems to go against absolutely everything that I have heard at school this year.

Oh, and Maisie who fell through a window should be back in the boarding house again tomorrow (I think)

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( Aug. 3rd, 2004 09:18 am)
Okay. Slightly calmer now. Have recovered from the hyperactivity that was born of good results, and am now settling back into reality.

Firstly: I saw Maisie, the girl who fell through the window last night. She isn't staying at the boarding house -she's with her brother at the moment - but she seems fine. She looks fine also, not including the twenty-odd stitches she now has in her nose. Poor Maisie!

Have discovered that Mum is using this site to get updated on what is going on in my life. Which means I gotta be a bit more careful about what I say on occasion...

But I am still really thrilled about my results!

Mid year exam results are in! And...
I got A+!!! In Chemistry AND in Physics! I am so ecstatic! There are no words for how hyper I am!

Oh, BTW why hasn't anyone commented on the Luna fic I did? I can't go on without feedback...
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( Aug. 2nd, 2004 12:29 pm)
Okay, I've heard some news about Maisie - the girl who fell through the window. She's having plastic surgery today to repair some of the damage to her nose (someone said the tip of it was cut off. Ick) But she'll be okay. I didn't actually see it happen, but I heard it, and I saw the towel covered in blood.

But, it's so sad. She's the youngest girl in the boarding house - only 14.

And in slightly less depressing news, I get my exam results in less than 3 hours. *stress*

Oh, and I got my results back from the test on Friday. 100% again. Go me!
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( Aug. 1st, 2004 08:45 pm)
Oh my God. One of the girls in the boarding house just feel through a window head first. They had to call an ambulance - she's been cut up really badly on her face.

It's so horrible.
Well, the first open day for my lot is now over. I actually ended up going to Deakin as well as Monash today. Some interesting things which I saw:
- At Deakin in an insect collection, I saw the creepiest spider ever. It may be dead, but it still makes me shudder.
- I almost *squeed* over something in the Deakin Library. It was (get this) a vending machine. For stationary!
- I won a block of chocolate in a spot prize. And since I ended up missing meals, I had chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
- At Monash, one of the halls of residence has a ferret for it's mascot. *dies*
- I also bought some silver earrings shaped like cherries. So cute!

If you want to study Harry Potter as a subject, do English at Monash. They have a whiole semester of fantasy novels, focusing on HP and LotR.

Geelong beat St. Kilda at the footy! So very, very happy...

And Eye of the Day is up at FA. It can be linked to here:

Okay then. I have gone and submitted "Eye of the Day" to both ff.net and FA.org. Because ff.net is fast, for all it's flaws, it is up there already, and can be found at:


Everyone go take a look, cause I am desperate for reviews.

The school e-mail has screwed up again. And hotmail is blocked, so I can't get in touch with anyone. Evil school network! *shakes fist*

Kudos must go to [livejournal.com profile] maegunnbatt. Pariah got Niffled! Go you, you must be so happy.

Meh. I'm going to the open day at Monash University tomorrow. Monash being my second choice on the list of where I want to go after school. If you wanna find out more about the uni, checkout this site:


Ack! I was supposed to have a phone lesson for Indonesian right now. But I went and forgot my damned Indonesian folder. And when I went back to the boarding house,it was already locked. Stupid, stupid , stupid. *bangs head on the wall.

I went and told my mum about my LJ last night. She was interested, and said that she'd take a look. So if you are reading this, Hi Mum! *waves*

I actually started to explain about all the fanfiction stuff, but she said she knew what it was. My mum knows about fanfiction! I mean, he explanation may have been "It's what you are always reading on the computer," but still...
And she is in on the HP world - she borrowed all the books of me so she could read them. She also went and bought both the DVDs for me and my sister. So *glomps* for my mum.

I have a chemistry SAC today, on electrochemistry. For non Australians, a SAC is work that counts towards you're finalmark, but is set and corrected by the individual schools, within certain guidelines. This one is basically just a test.

Mrs Smith, my English teacher has finally gotten around to reading the two fics I gave her for my writing folio. She quite liked them both *glomps to Mrs Smith* but preferred Tale As Old As Time, so I'll be using that one. But we can only do one fiction piece. Since she found the background info I wrote on fanfiction interesting, she suggested doing an informative piece on that. So everyone, anyone, come give my ideas about what topics to include etc. Go check out the thread I started about it on FA.org:

Also, she found the list of quotes from fanfic (mostly by Cassie Claire) very funny. She went and read some of them out to the class.

I love English.

Thankies to [livejournal.com profile] maegunnbatt who has finished betaing my next fic it should be up soon.

We had the maths competition this morning. It was...interseting.

I swear, my body clock must be about three hours faster than everyone else's. Everyone else is going to bed, and I'm still bouncing around. And I have this urge to sleep in to noon - which I did almost every day on the last holidays.

Anyway, at about 12.30, when I was just heading of to bed, I was struck by a ginormous plot bunny. It seems I must be a bit of a masochist, but now I have just started writing a first person POV. FROM LUNA'S POV!! I must be completely mental. And I'm sure she's completely OOC. I'll post a couple of paragraphs tomorrow. Tell me what you think then.

I was messing around in Maths today, when I noticed something extremely suspicious. Our textbook was credited to one "Sue Avery." So I took a closer look, and can now say, without doubt, that the Death Eaters have written this textbook. An example of this:

Two chemicals, A and B, are put together in a solutionwhere they react to form a compound, X. The rate of increase of the mass, xkg, of X is proportional to the product of the masses of unreacted A and B present at time t minutes. It takes 1kg of A and 3kg of B to form 4kg of X. Initially 2kg of A and 3kg of B are put together in solution. One kg of X forms in 1 minute.
a. Set up the appropriate differential equation...

As you can see, a question of this nature could only have been created by the Forces of Evil.(tm)It's a plot, I tells ya, an evil plot to corrupt the minds of todays youngsters...

And in other news...
I told Mr Harris he got mentioned as being evil. He was highly amused by this.

Something I found when doing Indonesian: The word for "Gemini" in Indonesian is "Mintuna." But mintuna also means a female crab. Weird.

The title of Star Wars Ep 3 has been announced. Revenge of the Sith. Here's hoping it's better than Ep 1 or 2.

Had a chat with Vanessa, the German exchange student earlier. She was teaching people how to swear in German.

Am currently rather thrilled because on the honour roll for my house at school, I found a S. Black. So exciting.

The computer room has suddenly become crowded...

Selamat Pagi, pembaca saya!

(That means, good morning, my readers) Technically I am supposed to be doing my Indonesian work right now. And so I am currently sitting in a corner in the school library, between the broken tables and disused books, in the hope that no-one will actually notice I am not actually doing anything.

I'm very proud of myself so far. I've managed to friend people, change the colour scheme, and add a picture. Look at the little kitty - isn't it cute. And I can do italics, too, look!

To anyone out there who cares: I shall try to update this about once a day. My topics will be school, homework, life in the boarding house, current reading matter, my current favourite websites, fanfiction, random rubbish and my experiments with this LJ.

Because my maths class is Specialist (= geeks), the whole lot of us have been entered into the Australian Maths Comp tomorrow. Thrilling, really, and I miss out on English :(
But if you do well enough (top 0.3% of the state) you get a cheque for $50. Which was quite handy, the one time I managed it.
Midyears exam results are out in: 5 days, 5 hours, 11 minutes and a few seconds. Gee, do you think I'm nervous?

Word of the day: Antidisestablishmentarianism

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( Jul. 27th, 2004 08:46 pm)
Welcome to the World Premier of "Eldritch Lacemaking and Other Randomness," the amazing new livejournal of the one and only, fantabulous Drakyndra! *strikes pose*
So sit back, relax, and enjoy the random ramblings and weirdness.

Guest Starring:
All the others in the NSG *glomps to you guys*
My parents, AKA Mum and Dad
My little sister, AKA She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named
Monty, She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's pet snake
Mrs Smith, the best English teacher ever
Mr Harris, the Evil Chemistry Teacher of DOOM!
Jessica, in the room next to me
Gabby, the small and annoying
And assorted other friends, aquaintances, relatives, enemies, classmates, and random people I have picked off the street.

And now, some random information for your viewing pleasure:
Favourite word: Eldritch. Or Random (could you guess?)
Favourite made-up word: Snerk
Favourite colour: Hot pink
Favourite juice mix: Pineapple, kiwi, passionfruit and lemon
How much it costs at Boost Juice: $4.95
Things I want to buy: The book, "Something Rotten" by Jasper Fforde, the Dallas Crane CD, and the Futurama Season 3 DVD box set.
Movies I want to see: I, Robot ans Farenheit 9/11
Cost of Bus into town: $0.90
Cost of Taxi into town: $8.50
Time to walk in, completely free: 30 minutes
Subjects at school: Chemistry, Physics, English, Indonesian and Specialist Maths
Average score on assignments (because I actually bothered to work them all out):
Chem = 92.1%
Physics = 93.6%
English = 88.4%
Maths = 90.2%
And I do Indo by correspondance, so don't have any marks so far.
Days until my final exam: 112
Dinner tonight: Tofu burgers (sometimes I hate being a vegetarian)
Supper: Unnaturally yellow coloured cake
Average hours doing homework: 2
Average hours on the net: 3



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