So, despite a distinct lack of response to my post about it, and went and saw Toy Story Three last night. It was very good, and I cried like a baby through, like, the last half.

Though egads, ticket prices get expensive. And now I sound like one of those people complaining about the good ol' days when everything was cheap. Though you used to be able to see movies at the Hamilton Cinema for five dollars. The selection was crap, but it was cheap.

On the down side, on the way home I lost one of my earrings. And it was one of my nice red dangly ones, too. I like those earrings!

Apart from that, I've been... watching other stuff. New Futurama, subs of the most recent FMA:B episode, the second season of Full Metal Panic. Well, it's bloody cold out at the moments, and I'd rather stay in my room, where I can put the heater on and keep warm.

Oh, and I got back my last SSRM assignment - that one I was working on when you computer was being stupid. Got a H2A for it. Since it was worth 50 percent of the subject mark, and for the 25 percent assignments I got a H2A and a H2B, I'm now extrapolating that my final mark is a H2something.

And I have an appointment at the doctor's tomorrow. (Nothing's actually wrong, just more delightful needle jabbings for me.)
You know, earlier this evening, someone rang our place... and asked for a family sized pizza. I'm not entirely sure what that was about.


I think I would die of squee if something actually came of that. And then possibly just die if it wasn't good.

Following up on yesterday's post, a couple of (spoilery) FMA one-shots I liked. There's probably more good ones out there, these are just some that struck my fancy. All have spoilers for Chapter 108.
- And In The End (Ensemble)
- A Puppy Story (Some Royai)
- Promised Pecentages (Ed/Winry)

Anyway, to-do list for tomorrow:
- Hand in final SSRM assignment.
- Meet up with Dad for dinner before he goes to Thailand. Again.
- Go to the anime shop to get Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu, since I will actually have time to marathon series after my exam

And a random dose of amusement, the entirety of an email from my Mother, from a conversation about bus trips from Philadelphia:

"The Niagara Falls are near Buffalo, Atlantic City is a beach resort/casino complex, Washington is where Barack hangs out."

...Well, it amused me. And we're apparently going to Washington, anyhow.
So, flist, anyone got some suggestions of things I can do to kill time over the next couple of days until proper FMA scanlations come out?

Because, well, I was using my assignment for that, but I kind of... finished it. Well yeah, I still need to go over it and edit it, but the content is done. And I want a break from it.

And now I'm sort of flailing aimlessly, and wanting something to do. Tomorrow I might go into the city for a bit, but for now...

Any suggestions?
So, Mum came down to Melbourne for the (other) birthday dinner yesterday, with her and The Sister. We had Mexican (the Taco Bill's kind) with frozen margarita, and then went and saw Fame, which was rather better than I had expected. With frozen daiquiris. The dancing was great, though I am going to have that Fame song - you know the one - stuck in my head forever. Also, I ended up getting rickrolled by the pre-show music in the theatre, GDit 80s!

And I got me one of those light up cocktail glasses. It changes colours!

Oh, presents from Mum were a purple and black scarf, a silver cat pendent thing, and two more charms for my bracelet - a birthstone one (Not sure exactly which stone it is supposed to be. Something green, anyway), and a cocktail glass. How appropriate.

And now for some fun stuff:

Some random entertaining stuff I found, mostly via [ profile] ontd_political.
- A freaking awesome piece of art about books
- Popcorn Kittens! The most adorably bouncy things ever. I think someone spiked their food with caffeine or something.

I hear epic shit went down in today's episode of FMA:B. I can has subs soon, plz?

Also on the subject of FMA, this awesome post about why FMA should have a happy ending. (Spoilers up to manga chapter 107)

...Yeah, it's just about time that the manga is going to start leaking any day now. *freaks out*

Oh, and assignment is now half finished, as I completed the lit review today. Tomorrow I get started on methodology stuff. A thousand words to do that, the ethics part and the reflection.
So, today I seem to have come down with an epic dose of technology fail.

First, my computer screen just dies - and it was actually the screen, we tested it. So I go into town to buy a replacement. Then when I get home and connect it, Windows won't load for me, no matter what I do, or what the HouseMatt and his fiddling can accomplish.

So in for repairs it will go tomorrow. Hopefully, I' get same day repairs.

And I was going to finish my lit review for my assignment today, too.

At least the phone is now proving it's worth.
Okay, so anyone have any suggestions for what songs I should put on my new phone to use as a ringtone, or should I just stick with Imperial March? (Speaking of which, I kinda want someone to wring me, just so I can hear it play.)

...Yeah, there was more phone related fiddling today. And setting things up. And working out how stuff works. It was most productive. But as [ profile] gryffinclaw pointed out, it is currently lacking a name. And possibly an original wallpaper.

Oh, and advice about any ~must have~ apps I should possibly download for it? For Google Android, and preferably free. So far the most useful thing I've found is a currency converter, which may come in handy for my overseas jaunts.

And I wasn't just messing around with my phone today. Got 500 words of my SSRM assignment done (Though, yes, they were the easy 500). I'm hoping to get it mostly finished by the end of the week, because I know once the last chapter of FMA starts to leak, my productivity will go down the drain. So, 1500 to go - tomorrow, I'll try and get the lit review done. Research. Fun.
Why must Towel Day be the same day as the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May? It really does complicate things. Didn't have room in my bag for a towel, but I did wear lilac today. Well, purple. Close enough.

Handed in that stupid poster, after I got it printed out at Uni - incidentally, it strikes me as really quite counter-intuitive that the printers, the place where you top up your printcard and the place where you can get change are all on different floors of the library. Seriously, who planned that one?

Oh, and to add to the birthday stuffs, apparently Dad will be coming down this weekend for dinner or whatever. And possibly an iPhone for me! ...Or a cheaper alternative.

And for a healthy note of frivolity, have some random shit that has been entertaining me:

- Some crafty types has made necklaces with, as a pendant, fetus!Envy in a jar.

And a bunch of vids on YouTube:
- FMA:B AMV. Not technically that great, but I like the sentiment behind it. Spoilers to recent episodes.
- Nifty short Ashes to Ashes fanvid. (SPOILERS for the final episode)
- And a longer Ashes to Ashes fanvid. Which reminds me of just how amazing some of the visuals on that show were. (Also has SPOILERS for the final episode)

Last but not least: The 100th video of "I'm a Marvel... I'm a DC". It's a musical. (A rather lulzy musical).
So, Birthday plans. Mother Dearest is coming done to visit on the 5th of June (weekend after next), and I've been asked what I would like to do that evening.

Either: Go out and have a fancy-ish dinner (The suggestion was Mexican - proper Mexican, not Taco Bill's). Or go see Fame: The Musical.

So, which do you guys think I should go for, dinner or musical?

In other birthday plans, I will be meeting up lunch-ish time on Friday (my actual birthday) for coffee and maybe-cake with [ profile] fa11ing_away. Whom I haven't really seen since she moved away. ;_;

Oh, and I think Hoyts gave me a free movie ticket (so long as I go to a movie on my birthday). Anyone want to toddling along that evening/afternoon and see what's playing?

...That's the fun stuff done. Now I shall go back to working on this stupid poster. It really is going to be a very unattractive poster. Not many pictures, and walls of text.
So, the next assignment I have due, for my science class, is... a poster.

Yes really, I have to make a poster.

I mean yeah, a couple of weeks after that I'll have a three hour exam, but really. A poster. You can so tell this is a class for ickle firsties.

With a minimum of ~*~two references~*~.

Yes, I'm dead from lulz here.

On the other hand, no prac next week. Maybe I'll go to the library to find my ~*~two references~*~.

One of the topics to chose from in "Life On Mars". Must resist urge to talk about Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt. Or David Bowie.

And in news that is not about making fun of my assignments, today I bought some nice new warm winter pajamas.

I just thought everyone should know about that.
Well, that made for an interesting Mother's Day. Or Mother's Day weekend, I suppose. (It was also my Dad's birthday. On Mother's Day. As one does.)

Last night we went to go see Jersey Boys, which turned out to be pretty decent for a show I knew like nothing about. Incidentally, I had no idea how many of those old songs I knew were actually by the Four Seasons. Funny that.

And today we went to the Windsor Hotel for lunch. Well, High Tea, technically, but it was at lunch time. And yes, that meant that for lunch today I had cucumber sandwiches and a whole lotta cake.

It was quite nice, anyway, very ~fancy~, and it made for a rather decent day.

Until the part just after we left when I ended up throwing up, which was sort of a downer ending. No idea why, either.

And then I went home and did that assignment which is due tomorrow, and sat around feeling meh.

...So less of a fun ending to the day. I think I shall watch the most recent Ashes to Ashes episode, and wait for FMA scanlations to show.
In Science today we were making plates. Which means that next week we will be looking at all our very own home grown bacteria and fungi. ~*~How exciting~*~

And we got back that test from last week - or at least the geology part of it. I either got 9 or 10 out of ten for that half - they wrote one over the other, and I can't decide if they decided to give me an additional mark, or take one away. Huh.

Apart from that, today I got a Mother's Day present for Mum - no, I'm not saying what it is yet - And then I got rained on. Delightful.

Have some random amusing stuff I found on Youtube!
- Crispan Freeman demonstrating that Yuri Lowenthal is not the only hilariously awesome member of the Geass dub cast.
- A really clever mixed media Suzaku/Euphie AMV. For a mix of d'aww and bawww.
- Promotional Video for some upcoming mecha game. The only mecha I actually know there are Lancelot and Arbalest, but the whole thing is so shiny.

You know, I really need to find better AMVs for other fandoms. Anyone got any recs? I will admit I am looking forward to what people end up doing with FMA once all the manga gets animated, because that is so epic shit there. Speaking of which, only two months to go. ;_;

Hey, UK flistees, I hope your election results don't suck too hard.
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( May. 1st, 2010 11:39 pm)
So, yesterday after my test - which I am entirely certain I didn't get full marks on, but hey it could have been worse - and the biology prac after (Looking at things under microscopes! Which was kind of fun even if I kind of always needed assistants to help find things on the slide for me. Parameciums are sort of cute) I went and did me some retail therapy.

Because really, what problems can't shopping solve? Aside from lack of money.

Ended up getting a random CD of alternative music with female vocalists - pretty good, though I wish it had a higher proportion of rockier stuff - a couple of books to read, and that jacket I mentioned. Mildly insane clothes make me happy.

And then today I... did half my assignment. It's not even due for another week and a half! (...Though I admit I did the easy half). No Zombie Shuffle for me, apparently unlike most other people I know.

And tomorrow evening I am off to see Iron Man 2 with [ profile] neo_leviathan and pals. Hopefully weather will be suitable to wear my new jacket.

So, something of a productive weekend by my standards.

And of course next weekend is Mother's Day, so Mum will be coming down to see Jersey Boys with The Sister and I, and then we shall have High Tea on Sunday. ~Fancy~, I know.
Well, that survey for SSRM has been done and all. And I got back my last assignment from the tutor and it turns out I did much better than I expected, which is nice.

Less nice is the test I still have my science class on Friday. Or the stupid cold weather all of sudden, or a couple of severe cases of Wrong On The Internet I stumbled across, or the oh so irritating Facebook admins. No, a form letter that indicates you didn't actually read my inquiry is not helpful at all, thanks.

Yeah, that's a bit too much grumpiness for my liking. Have some hilarity from [ profile] ontd_political to make up for it.
Well, on the plus side I didn't have a science prac this week; on the minus side, the one next week is going to be a test. Which I suppose means study time next weekend. Ack. At least it's only 5% of the subject mark.

As for SSRM, I have to prepare a survey for next week's class as well. (Also for my final result) Anyone got an idea of what I could investigate under the subtopic of racism and/or nationalism? Or I could just be sterotypical and look into the experiences of international students at Melbourne Uni.

In other news, I have decided that I am going to declare war on holes in the footpath.

You know those little holes - the kind that lead down to pipes or wires or whatever, and are covered up by little metal lids? Someone didn't fit the lid back on one of them properly, so it flipped when I stepped on it yesterday. And I had limp home and now my foot is a lovely bruisey purple. Ow.

I swear, my feet are like cursed or something.
So, yesterday after I went into Uni to hand in my SSRM assignment, I headed over to the Friendly Neighbourhood Anime Shop Of Dubious LegalityTM. Because I plan on doing very little other than sitting around and watching anime for the next few days.

And within 5 hours of me getting the Darker Than Black boxset, The New Housemate was sitting on the couch watching it. I hadn't even taken off the wrapper yet.

Admittedly, I wasn't planning on watching just yet. Still got enough of my To Watch list to work through. I'm currently two thirds of the way through Full Metal Panic, which I am liking. A highly trivial reason for this: First anime I've come across in which people shout my name a lot. Seriously, check out this video from 1:10 for the next thirty seconds. And the shouter is apparently also C.C.'s voice. Huh.

In other anime news, trailer and pictures for the next lot of Gurren Lagann Parallel Works, which looks very, very shiny.

And Code Geass seems to be doing that thing they claim that exciting new things might be coming, and then don't actually say anything. They're such publicity whores.
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( Nov. 9th, 2009 08:30 pm)
Did someone forget to tell Summer that it isn't due for another month? Because Sweet Tinkerbell Jesus, sometimes I really hate freaking Melbourne WeatherTM. 34 degrees. Ack.

Also, BRB flipping out over what the hell I can wear to Interning tomorrow. What do professional people wear in 30+ degree weather, anyway?

'Twasn't all sucktastic, though. Creative Writing is finished! For, um, ever. Two majors down, huzzah! I even got a reasonable amount of sleep and everything.

Which just leaves me with finishing up Interning stuff, and studying for my one exam on the 26th. Much less stressful.

Oh, and my upcoming series of Hen's Nights to attend, which shall be... interesting. Never been to one before, and suddenly there are two in two weeks.

Incidentally, I fixed up the settings on my Egypt Photos so they are now actually viewable to the public. (Thanks for pointing that out, [ profile] fa11ing_away) Jordan pictures from that trip will go up... sometime before the forthcoming Cambodia trip.

So, what's new with you guys, since I am no longer distracted by procrastination my assignments?

Also: HOW ABOUT THOSE FMA SPOILERS? Come on, raws and scanlations!
So, I'm reading this psych paper on the appeal of movie monsters (For my short Radical Fiction essay, I'm talking about Frankenstein), and I come across a reference to a book it cites, about the effects of movies and fear.

A book which was written by one Jonathon Crane.

Yes, really.

Well, I was amused. I wasn't expecting that at all.
And that'd be the end of classes for the year! Huzzah! Which just leaves me with my Interning (and reports for that), finishing off my Creative Writing and studying for my one exam.

Which is not too bad at all, really.

It rather helped that my last two pracs consisted of, well, today we presented our poster on Hurricane Ivan. (I spoke for a minute. Oh, the hard work...)

And yesterday, instead of getting the normal Wednesday Weirdness, we basically turned up, got marked off the roll, got asked by Charlie if we wanted to talk about our pieces, said no, and were told to leave. So instead we went to the pub. Again, ~hard work~.

Of course, instead I had deal with freaking Melbourne Weather. I swear, it was freezing just the other week, and now we have 30 degree days forecast? What the shit.

...And I have a very limited supply of hot weather clothes to wear to Interning. Ack.

In more exciting news, apparently [ profile] khallandra is drawing me a picture of BATZAKU! Just as planned! ILU, BB! ♥

She is obviously a goddess in human form, and should be worshipped by all and sundry.
Well, that didn't go too badly at all. Didn't even end up with epic sleep failure like I expected, either.

But yes, there was a weekend! And I actually did things! I am astounded, too.

On Friday was [ profile] fa11ing_away's thing. Which initially looked like it was going to be a washout, because of all the piking pikers, but people did eventually show up. Gradually, and mostly quite late, but hey. There was chatty funtimes and silly and pizza and alacamahols. I drank my blackberry vodka I got in Jordan! Um, all of it. Which may kind of explain why [ profile] fa11ing_away cut me off at like 11.

Though I'm not sure anything can explain why she made me wear that pirate hat. Such is life.

But 'twas fun.

Then on Saturday, I went to Armageddon. Which was also fun, though I think I have been to better cons, even in my limited experience. The panels I went to were alright, though there weren't many I was interested in, and yet again I ran into That Person I Run Into At Conventions, which makes three for three conventions this year (Her name is Matty... I think. I hope it is, because she remembered my name) I caught up with [ profile] connikins at the end of the day, and we hung out for a bit, and had something to eat over at Crown.

I ended up buying some comics and a few manga volumes (Utena and Detroit Metal City, to be precise, and yes I can see the contrast there). And a Dr Horrible DVD. And some cat ears, because they made me dawww. Considered buying some DVDs from Madman, but the ones that interested me were still a bit too expensive for my liking. Maybe I'll wait until JB Hi-Fi has a sale (or Anime shop of dubious legality gets some new stock)

As for the signings, I got Nicola Scott to sign the trade of Secret Six I just bought (She was fun, actually). Over at the animation signings, I got autographs from Laura Bailey aka Lust, and Travis Willingham aka Roy Mustang, who is very nice but spelt my name wrong. Incidentally, I chatted with them both about Brotherhood, and recording has started. Oh, and Travis has watched up to episode 19, and he is very much looking forward to recording that. Really. There was evil laughter involved.

Oh, and in what is becoming a convention tradition, I got photographed by some random dude, and I also got asked who I was cosplaying as. Which is slightly more justifiable than previous times, since I was wearing a kimono and a top hat.

...You know, one of these days, I am actually going to do what I have been tempted to, and claim that I am actually cosplaying as a character from some incredibly obscure (and completely fictional) anime no-one in Australia has heard of. Of course, that would entail having to come up with a name for it. And the character I am pretending to be. And possibly a plot if anyone asked.

Flist, you are totally welcome to help me invent a bullshit anime.

And today, there was the horror of having to go into Uni to complete our group assignment. Which actually went quite well (apart from the "going into Uni on Sunday morning" part of things). I basically just had to redo my work so I was citing things in footnotes rather than in text, and then help write the intro. And someone else is going to hand it in tomorrow, so that's that completed. Took less than two hours, even.

And that was my weekend. Onto reading that new Hitchhikers-Book-that-isn't-written-by-Douglas-Adams. Thus far, I don't hate it. It's not Douglas Adams, but I don't hate it. Any further opinions are pending.

So... hows about that new FMA:B episode? I hear Shit Went Down.

You know what really bugs me? When you are doing a group project for Uni, and your group specifically decides (and emails everyone as a reminder) to ensure you work is uploaded the Thursday before it is due, so you have time in class for edits and reformatting and conclusions and stuff. And half the people don't bother. And it's due on Monday.


So now I have to head into Uni on Sunday morning, so we can meet up and sort that stuff out. Which is irritating and blatantly not fair. I finished my section on Tuesday

...Which means weekend reworking. I'll have to go to Armageddon on Saturday, since I don't know how long it'll take on Sunday. As far as I can tell, the only thing I'll be missing out on is the AMV winners, which is sad, but livable.

And on Friday evening, [ profile] fa11ing_away has decided to have an impromptu... something. Which will involve alcohol. Which I don't mind (Hey, party type things are always fun), per se, I just hope I get enough sleep.

...I have a social life again. No idea how that happened.


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