Now, this has been an interesting few days for fandom.

First, Doctor Who managed to upload "The Night of the Doctor" as a web mini-episode, which caused much fannish flailing and literally caused me to shriek out loud about 25 seconds in.

Well played on keeping that under wraps, Mr. Moffat. Well played.

Oh, and then Legend of Korra went and uploaded the 2-part series finale online as well last night. (Disclaimer: Mum was in Melbourne for a visit + show yesterday, so I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. Though I know more or less what happens.)

So fandom seems to want to keep me busy.

In other news - aside from work and vaguely sort of getting ready for the overseas trip: Technology!

I has a shiny new mobile phone, and I am so very delighted with it and all the nifty things it can do. Though I am always open for recommendations of what (Android) apps are essential to get. Or amusing things I could use as ring-tones. (Family, of course, is as always The Imperial March).

Oh, and since I know a few people on my flist are somewhat informed on these matters: When it comes to eReaders, what would people recommend when it comes down to Kobo vs Kindle?

We're talking for Australia, here, which my affect the prices and availability some, but opinions would be appreciated.
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( May. 9th, 2012 09:58 pm)
So, I have a tumblr now. Tumblrs are cool.

Yeah, sort of felt I was missing out on a lot of fan type things by going without one. So please, everyone, let me know your tumblr names so I can follow you, and recommend other ones for me to follow. I think most people know my fandom interests, and I also like shiny pretty things, funny things, and occasionally interesting meta/serious discussion. (Though I don't think Tumblr is the easiest place for ongoing discussion.)

And in other news, I have a job. Training is next week. So there is that.
Weather has gotten all hot again. Of course.

I got my laundry and groceries and you know, household stuff done on Saturday instead of Sunday like I normally do, so on Sunday I headed over to the Lunar New Year thing going on in Richmond.

So I got to see some Lion Dancers and some rather decent dancers to whatever-pop, and some really terrible karaoke-ers, and carnivale rides that I didn't actually go on. And the food! The vast, vast amounts of food. Including a couple of Vegan places, which suited me fine when it came to dinner.

I also bought a shiny teapot and cups, so I can have my tea (when it is less hot) and a fake Louis Vuitton headband.

My weekend, everyone!

And then today was mostly just me sitting at my computer, spamming my resume at people who were advertising jobs online.

Speaking of, if any of the Melbourne types know of any jobs that are open (or for that matter, non-Melbourne types who know of people in Melbourne who need workers), could you drop me a line? I'm okay with dull admin things, though I'd prefer to avoid working with food.

It's just resume spamming gets kind of old fast. :/

Your links of the day are pictures of an adorable baby seal, and [ profile] jimhines being kind of awesome about the fail of many women's poses on book covers.

I shall go against the crowd by posting about neither awards ceremonies or Sherlock.
Firstly: Hello there to the several people who have friended me from the [ profile] penguindrum meme. Don't worry if I haven't friended you back yet, I prefer to chat a little with people so I get to know them before I add them. So talk about stuff here!

Otherwise, I have decided that since the last bunch of posts have been about RL type things, this one might be a bit more fannish. Which yes, does mean more links. I'm sure there will be more RL stuff in the future, since Dresden Dolls is this weekend, and Mum's got us some tickets for the tennis in a couple of weeks.

But now, to the fun stuff:

- The Third Rebuild of Evangelion movie finally has an English title. Which, you know, bodes well for there not being more delays. Plus the 4th (and last, since it's called FINAL) is supposedly due out next year. So hooray for that. Hopefully the English release won't take, you know, forever.

I have also noticed that said title for 3.0 seems to have set off a whole lot more of the "sequel theory" stuff (I can see why, based on the title). I do love fannish speculation.

- I can't actually recall if I brought this up on my LJ or not, but there are some details floating around now for the Code Geass stage show. Which I rather wish I could see, even if I don't understand it. To agree with one of the comments there, I don't even care if it's good or not, the idea of Code Geass on stage is so damn entertaining it'd be fun either way.

There has also been some actually good official art for once.

- I have found on Tumblr a whole two entirely separate Texts from Last Night/FMA blogs. Or whatever you call individual tumblrs. Plus this screencap episode guide for FMA.

I think no fannish experience can be truly complete without a bit of crack. And some of them are just so, so perfect. Is there an Eva TFLN blog? Because that could be terrifyingly amazing.

- The top news stories of 2011... told via lego. Yeah, it's not fandom. But it's still nifty.

- And finally, for whenever someone is pissing you off, the Fuck You Symphony.

Actually, now I think about it I do have some RL stuff, namely a question: Anyone know of anywhere in Melbourne it is possible to get dried karkadeh/hibiscus tea? One of the things I found during last months room clean-up was the packet of karkadeh I got when I was in Egypt way back when, and I made it up last night so I could chill it and drink today. It was very good, and now I want more, but I dunno where to get it around here. I'm not entirely sure I want to resort to buying plant-life off eBay yet...
My, what an entertaining weekend.

So, on Friday when I was wandering around the city for a bit, I was wooed into buying a dress because the shop was giving out free champagne. Which I suppose works out as a net profit for them. Now I need something nice to go to so I can wear the dress.

Then on Saturday I went to an 18th birthday in the city - yes, I apparently do know people who have just turned 18, it was a surprise to me too - which went rather as most 18th would be expected to go. AKA bar, pub, bar, karaoke bar, in that order.

Okay, the karaoke bar was a bit different, but I can now say I have been to one. Pity those other people went and stole our song. We were going to sing Bohemian Rhapsody.

And today was slightly less active, seeing as I spent the morning sleeping things off, but I did finally get around to seeing this week's episode of Penguindrum. To which my response can mostly be summed up as Cut for Episode 14 spoilers )

However, despite it's recent release I am yet to read the new Pratchett book, since my copy hasn't arrived yet. *sigh* At least I have thus far avoided spoilers, aside from a few small ones.

Oh, and I found out via Facebook that my sister's housemate is engaged. That's modern technology for you. Surprisingly enough, I have actually met her fiance, too.

Random question for peoples: Next weekend, I have been invited to an Apocalypse themed party (A friend has their birthday on the 21st, which is supposedly Rapture Day. At least according to that dude who previously said it was in May.) There is a call for Apocalypse themed costumes. Anyone got any suggestions for something apocalypse-themed I could go as? Preferably something that won't take too much effort to make
Relax, everyone! George Takei has a reassuring message for humanity.

...Yeah, I kind of love that guy.

Anyway, am in a reasonably good mood at the moment. Short break allows for sleeping in time, and got my results back from a test I had recently, with 89%. Which is always a nice number to see on coursework.

Plus internet has been on the amusing side of things lately.

I mean, so far I've also found a cockatiel singing the Evangelion theme song, Chop Cup, which is rather gloriously mindfucky, and Things Could Be Worse, a series of tragedies in art.

Because things could always be worse.

Also, courtesy of a certain kinkmeme, I have now seen several different combinations of Texts from Last Night and Code Geass, which will be files with the Utena version I linked a while back as the greatest things ever. I don't know why anime + TFLN is so funny to me, but it is.

(Plus there's also Ask Code Geass Dads, which is endless funny if you are familiar with a certain fandom meme).

I have noticed there that the last bunch of links have found are all Tumblr sites. Tumblr is not a site that I am on, though I know some people on my flist are - and some aren't. I can see the entertainment there in checking out all the awesome art (I love me some shiny pretties), but not being much of a making art person myself, I'd just end up constantly reblogging stuff from other people.

So flist, please, please convince me whether or not I should get a tumblr account! Links to awesome tumblrs is considered a valid form of argument.
So, block placement has started up now (And despite what a smartarse on Facebook may have suggested, that statement has absolutely nothing to do with Tetris).

Which on one hand means no lectures, but on the other means three straight weeks of having to get up early in the morning. And, you know, actually teaching shit.

My couple of classes so far have gone okay - better than last semester, at least, which I suppose is a sign of learning. Hopefully things will continue on along this direction, even as we get into the meat of things. Which shall be... interesting, I suppose, in terms of lesson plans and what-not.

Like getting around to using the props I collected today for when we start to read though Macbeth. I actually found a dagger I had lying around. (...Don't ask why I had a dagger lying around the iPartment.)

But yes, busy and tiring - it's odd how doing something that has such little physical activity can be so tiring. Huh.

Since that means that come evening I have no energy to much else that bum around on YouTube, here are some videos I have seen recently:

- Anyone remember the Piano stairs? I give you their spiritual successor: the Fast Lane. Which also looks like fun.
- Kittywood Studios: Behind the company that makes cat videos. Apparently Avenue Q was wrong. The Internet isn't for porn, it's for cat pictures.
- Flying shark (and clownfish). I so want one.
- The Plot Device. It deserves a watch. Really.

Also, I have founded the city of Drakopolia. Please come visit, people because that way it will get bigger.
So, it is once more Towel Day. And also the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May. All that great geekiness, all smushed together on the one day.

It's like a geeky smoothie.

In other news, I am kinda trying tow work out all my plans for my birthday this weekend. I've family stuff on Sunday, so that's sorted.

But I need a lift to/from Lara's thing on Friday (well, I suppose I could get a train out there if someone can pick me up from the station, but I don't know if the trains run late enough for me to get home...), because I would quite like to go. I can get into the CBD, if it helps anyone.

And I'm curious as to who I know who is going to the Melbourne Slutwalk on Saturday, because I'd rather like to meet up with people there. And then we can go have something to eat or drink or whatever for my birthday afters.

So... yeah. Some assistance please, people?

As a reward, have some YouTube videos.

I have this video from TropFest, which I found rather amusing. (It has animals!)

And while I have no intention of going to go see Fast Five, I have to admit this has to be one of the best movie ads I have ever seen. The tag-line is "Car chases make movies better", and you should really just watch it.
Why so cold today, Melbourne weather? You are making my fingers all chilly and causing me to run out of clean clothes to wear.

Plus I think I am getting a cold now, which would explain the runny nose and inexplicable headache.

Also, a request for people on my flist Who Know Stuff: Where could a get a new mouse for my computer that is both a) cheap and b) good quality? I think my current one is getting a bit too old to be useful, the clicker on it doesn't seem to work properly and is very inconstant.

In other news, schoolishness has been schoolishness. Hooray for it, I suppose.
So, Armaggedon is on this coming weekend. Anyone on the flist going? I was thinking I might go on one of the days, but I'm not really sure out of Saturday or Sunday. But I figure it might be fun.

On a different note, but still on a tangent about events with people in costumes: I've been invited to a Halloween party (Obviously, at Halloween). Rather than just general costumes, it has a theme - roleplaying games. I am not actually involved in any, so I can't go as "my character" (which was the original premise). So it's been suggested I go as something just generally game related - a character, a piece, whatever.

Any suggestions for something I could do that won't require sewing? I am having a mental blank on the matter, and could use something I already own clothes for, or could just go buy cheap.

And so this post isn't just all me making requests to you guys, this has to be seen to be believed: A Complete History Of The Soviet Union Through The Eyes Of A Humble Worker, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris.

No, I am not dressing up as a Tetris block.
You know, I honestly think writing cover letters is even more boring than updating resumes. It's so... formulaic. Though on the plus side, once you have saved a cover letter for one job, you only need to do a find-replace and you have a suitable one for other similar jobs. Yes, Mother, I have been sending in job applications today.

Apart from that I've haven't been having a real busy time as of late. I went to my sister's birthday dinner party thing on the weekend, met some of her friends (well, the ones I didn't already know, anyway), had food, drinks - egads that punch.

And then we played Jenga and watched Doctor Horrible. As one does at a Birthday Dinner Party.

On the subject of social type thingies: This upcoming weekend is when WorldCon is being held here in Melbourne. Now, I'm not going to the whole thing because dude, mondo expensive. Plus I think I have some social things coming up - A birthday invite on Friday night, and Mum's down in town for the Sister's birthday at some point.

But I wouldn't mind spending, like, one day there, check out some of the panels and so on. And possibly meeting up with some of the interstate/international flistees and such who are in town.

So... anyone going, anyone got any they'd recommend I check out, anyone want to plan a meetup? Or whatever.
That ended up being surprisingly interesting for a day in which I was just expected to go into the city and then back home after lunch.

Anyways, someone on [ profile] melbournemaniac was selling a whole bunch of manga second-hand very cheap, so I went and bought some stuff. Which meant I ended up going into the CBD to pick up a pile of volumes of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Yays for pretty CLAMP art!

Of course on the way in it was really freaking windy- when I was crossing the road, my poor hat got blown off and almost got run over. Fortunately the car stopped before that unmitigated tragedy could occur. I mean, that was the original hat. Luck was obviously on my side today.

But yeah, picked up my bag o'manga, had Hare Krishna food for lunch (Speaking of which, I have to wonder just how old I actually look. No-one ever asks for ID when I buy drinks, but people still assume I am a student just by looking at me.), bought a few bits and pieces that I missed the other day when things closed.

Oh, and got a couple of cheap summer dresses from the Designer Incubator. I figure I'll probably need them over in the states with their heat-wave or whatever.

And then I got a haircut. Which I probably didn't desperately need just yet, but I think I want my hair to look nice when I'm travelling

And now I am tired. How can just wandering around the city buying things be so tiring?

Here, have some Doctor Who wank as a refreshing treat.

Incidentally, does anyone remember an article a while back - not on LJ, but linked to me from LJ (maybe Firefox News?) - that was all about how two people can watch the same show but be seeing, basically, two entirely different shows? Something like that, anyway. It's not for anything serious, I just kind of want to reread it, and maybe keep the link handy.
So, is it just me or is there something going on with LJ notifications? Because mine seem to be all over the place at the moment - some arrive as normal, and some are delayed for hours. I was going to say some don't arrive at it, but it did in fact arrive just then.

I'm sending a grumpy face in your direction, people in charge.

Yesterday's jabbing went fine - so long as I remember not to sleep on that arm, anyway. Then I got to wander around Carlton for a bit. You know, there is a clothing shop on Rathdowne Street, and the shop assistant (owner, maybe?) brought her white Persian cat to work. It was sitting there in the front window, watching people go by. I'm not entirely sure how happy she was when I spent more time in the shop looking at the cat then the clothes, though...

I also bought some second hand books, which may end up being airport reading for me - a couple of fantasy ones, including the first Temeraire book, and Lolita in case I felt literary.

Tomorrow, I'll be spending the afternoon with Mum and The Sister - and my aunt, who is currently in Australia, and who I shall be seeing for the first time since I was about 10. Which I'm sure will be interesting.Witness our epic struggle to find new bookshelves for my sister's apartment!

Anyway, I was looking around Etsy earlier, and since I know there are a few people on my flist who seem to buy all sorts of fabulous stuff from that site - got any sellers you particularly recommend? I'm vaguely in the mood for materialism.
So we did end up getting Prime Minister Gillard. That was rather quick. Hopefully she'll do a good job. Though she's still preferable to Tony bloody Abbott.

So today I went out and had Mexican for dinner with some people for a short-notice birthday dinner of a Facebook friend. Which was nice (if a little pricey), but hey, I always like me some Mexican food.

Afterwards, since it finished early and most people were off to other events, I wanted to go to the movies while I was in town and see Toy Story 3 before I got spoiled. Sadly, the stupid cinema didn't have a another showing for two hours, and I didn't fancy hanging around the city on my own with nothing to do for that long.

Speaking of which anyone want to come see Toy Story 3 with me on Tuesday? Or Monday if you want to go to Nova on Lygon Street - either day should have some cheaper tickets available, and it can be 3D or not 3D, whatever people feel like.

I'll probably go see it by myself if no-one else wants to come along, but I think it'd be fun as a group.

And in other news, check out the real life automail kitty!
So, flist, anyone got some suggestions of things I can do to kill time over the next couple of days until proper FMA scanlations come out?

Because, well, I was using my assignment for that, but I kind of... finished it. Well yeah, I still need to go over it and edit it, but the content is done. And I want a break from it.

And now I'm sort of flailing aimlessly, and wanting something to do. Tomorrow I might go into the city for a bit, but for now...

Any suggestions?
Okay, so anyone have any suggestions for what songs I should put on my new phone to use as a ringtone, or should I just stick with Imperial March? (Speaking of which, I kinda want someone to wring me, just so I can hear it play.)

...Yeah, there was more phone related fiddling today. And setting things up. And working out how stuff works. It was most productive. But as [ profile] gryffinclaw pointed out, it is currently lacking a name. And possibly an original wallpaper.

Oh, and advice about any ~must have~ apps I should possibly download for it? For Google Android, and preferably free. So far the most useful thing I've found is a currency converter, which may come in handy for my overseas jaunts.

And I wasn't just messing around with my phone today. Got 500 words of my SSRM assignment done (Though, yes, they were the easy 500). I'm hoping to get it mostly finished by the end of the week, because I know once the last chapter of FMA starts to leak, my productivity will go down the drain. So, 1500 to go - tomorrow, I'll try and get the lit review done. Research. Fun.
So, Birthday plans. Mother Dearest is coming done to visit on the 5th of June (weekend after next), and I've been asked what I would like to do that evening.

Either: Go out and have a fancy-ish dinner (The suggestion was Mexican - proper Mexican, not Taco Bill's). Or go see Fame: The Musical.

So, which do you guys think I should go for, dinner or musical?

In other birthday plans, I will be meeting up lunch-ish time on Friday (my actual birthday) for coffee and maybe-cake with [ profile] fa11ing_away. Whom I haven't really seen since she moved away. ;_;

Oh, and I think Hoyts gave me a free movie ticket (so long as I go to a movie on my birthday). Anyone want to toddling along that evening/afternoon and see what's playing?

...That's the fun stuff done. Now I shall go back to working on this stupid poster. It really is going to be a very unattractive poster. Not many pictures, and walls of text.
This was actually brought up the other day, but in the wake of other things I forgot to mention it here. So, I suppose I should put it to you guys.

When Mum was down here, she asked what I was doing for my birthday - my birthday coming up in about two and half weeks. And I have no idea, 'cause I have yet to come up with any actual plans.

So: Any ideas of what I should get up to for my birthday? Any decent movies coming out in the next few weeks, anything on in Melbourne I should check out, any other brilliant ideas for something I should host?

My birthday's on Friday the 28th, if that helps any - That's the last day of actual classes at Melbourne Uni.

'Cos I had a complete mental blank when I was asked about it, but I want to do something fun.

I also need to come up with a present to ask Mum for, too. Ack!
So it turns out the inexplicable extra bandwidth was not a mistake after all! Just a change in the Internet plan set up. Which, well, I can so totally live with.

Also, I just played several games of a Cthulu based card game. I was winning the first game, until I lost my sanity. But I actually won the second game! And I didn't go insane! Huzzah! \o/

And in more serious news, [ profile] fa11ing_away just got an interstate job offer. Which is wonderful news for her and all, but it does mean that, as of the middle of January, the iPartment is going to be one person down. So, if any of guys in Melbourne are looking for a house to share - or know of someone who is - let me know ASAP, and we can talk over email or AIM or something about the details.

...Yeah, getting a new housemate is kinda important about now.
Oh God, Mum's asking me what I want for Christmas. And naturally, I'm having a mental blank time beyond the generic stuff.

Quick, flist, help me come up with ideas! I've already asked Dad for a new computer chair...


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