So, last night I finally got around to seeing Inception. Yes, I know that this makes me about the slowest person ever. On the other hand, I still haven't seen Avatar, so who knows.

And so, yes, I now see what all the fannish flailing over the past few weeks has been about - well, some of it anyhow. I think I'm more interested in the mindfuckery than the shipping, really.

But it was very interesting in the way that means I'll want to go see it again - not because I wasn't sure what was going on, because I (mostly) got that. I just want to pay attention to stuff I missed the first time round. Or was distracted by people talking in the row behind me. *grumble*

Otherwise - effects were great, especially the dreamscape stuff (and that fun gravity flippery). I liked the entire team, though I wish some had a bit more backstory/character stuff. But I think Saito was my favourite. I have no idea why. And the music is ridiculously catchy.

Also, my one spoilery comment: So, when we get to the end scene, and they end the shot before we can see if the top keeps spinning or not, all I could think was "Christopher Nolan, you utter bastard".

Which is possibly the intended reaction.

Yo, [ profile] connikins, I know you are all about Inception fandom at the moment. Recommend me some communities/meta/discussion/fic/whatever. Other people are also welcome to drop in recommendations. Or just talk about the movie.

I also have a strange desire to read an Inception/Cowboy Bebop crossover.

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[ profile] inceptionlulz although warning for no LJ-cuts, capslock only and occasionally non LJ-cut pr0ns.
And most of my saved fic is here: A lot of it is smut.
And you can search Inception Kink Meme here:

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Not sure if I really want to read smut for the fandom 0 at least right now.

But capslock comms are always great for the entertainment factor.

*watches your icon forever*

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Well not all of it is smut, and I think I tag most of my PWPs. Nor is all inception kink meme smutty either!


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I am familiar with the ways of kinkmemes.

ARGH! *keeps watching*

Strange but true fact: The stuff I bought in America included a (wooden) spinning top, a pair of coloured dice and a roll of casino chips.

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what, no chess piece?

I'd also recommend following [ profile] bookshop and [ profile] hackthis. I don't regularly recommend BNFs (or whatever you want to call em) but they post genuinely interesting stuff.

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I don't think you can buy individual pieces. And I do already own a giant pawn, though it's a bit inconvenient to carry around.

Dunno about friending but I might check some of their recent posts.

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Congratulations, you mind is filthier than mine!

Let's all give frowny faces in the general direction of Chris Nolan.
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Don't tell me your mind's still up in the gutter. You need to come down where it's dirty.

:( :( :(

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Well, I've seen neither, despite my colleagues all gushed about it and wanting me to go and see them. I suspect I'll like them both, but figuring out when it's on which theatre is too much work. :)

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I missed Inception for the first month because I was travelling. And then later because I was busy. Or lazy.

No idea why I never saw Avatar.

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That was pretty much what went through my head at the end, too, haha.

I was pretty surprised when I found out about all the shipping amongst Inception fans -- I didn't get any vibes like that from the movie at all.

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There were a couple of shippy moments, but they were, you know moments. And then I check out the fandom and there are like 50 million fanfics about the epic AU pornventures of Arthur and Eames. (Or, you know, everyone and everyone else).

I don't mind a bit of shipping but - not as the main plot of fic I want to read. As a subplot, maybe.

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Well, I haven't seen The Dark Knight, so I guess I win!

I liked the movie but haven't delved into the fandom yet. I really just want genfic but am too lazy to search for it. :P And yesssss about Saito. He doesn't get enough love.

Inception/Cowboy Bebop crossover would be fucking ace.

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Yeah, genfic for the win. I've read some shippy stuff, but I'm mostly after gen. And Saito was awesome.

It just struck me that Bebop had a whole lot of stuff about "It's just a dream".

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Which is possibly the intended reaction.

Yup, I think you've got it, there!

I have nothing coherent to say about Inception save that I want the DVD *now*, so I can watch it about ten more times.

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Well, he succeeded very well at it, anyhow.

Yes, that. Though I might want to go see it at IMAX, too, just to see how shiny it looks on that enormous screen.


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