So, I see JKR has decided to throw some petrol on the ship-wank fires. (Headline editors are throwing even more on, of course, since Harry isn't even mentioned in the quotes currently going around, so making it about who he should be with is blatant trolling for attention.)

Otherwise... well, I can't say I am entirely surprised that the current wealthy, successful JKR with her stable relationship and family would tell a different story than the one that unemployed single mother on welfare JKR would tell.

Aside from that, I think I shall stay out of things until we actually get the entire interview and it's context.
Busy, busy weekend. (For those who recall my post from the other week, this was the weekend where everyone Invited Me To Things.)

Saturday night was at the tennis, where we saw Andy Murray beat some French guy named Michael Llodra, whom I'd never heard of before the match, but whose personality rather won me over even though he lost. And then we saw a Legends doubles match, which was basically a bunch of retired players being silly on court and showing off trick shots. And occasionally changing teams midway through a rally. Not exactly a high status matched, but it was rather entertaining.

After that I managed to run off and catch the end part of one of my invites, an 18th birthday I'd been invited to. I missed the games, but showed up in time to grab some stuff from the bar, before the cake, and see some burlesque performances. And still managed to catch the last tram home!

Then this morning Mum texted to see if I wanted to go see The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo (American version) with her. So I went and did that - I can probably provide some thoughts on the movie, and how it compares to the book (I haven't seen the Swedish versions of the films, unfortunately) if asked - and had some lunch, and then I went and wandered around the city for a bit.

Also: tried to decide what sort of blender and/or digital camera to get from Harvey Norman. The results so far are inconclusive.

My weekend, every body! The end.

Here, have a Maru fanvid. Or Ralph Fiennes reading Voldemort/Harry pornfic.
So, today it is Friday the 13th. Somehow this fact managed to escape my notice until yesterday, when someone else pointed it out to me.

And speaking of yesterday, ended up going out for drinks for Ollie's birthday with what ended up being a rather large turn out. So there ended up being a whole mob of us at the Asian bar, having pizza for dinner, as one does. (Okay, the pizzas were cheap for a while).

The bar also had Ladies Night, which meant $1 glasses of champagne for women (or men who dressed as women, as the sign pointed out).

Yeah, lots of cheap champagne happened. Also, some guy tried to talk me into having a threesome with him.

Ah, social life.

Incidentally: if any other Melbourne types have plans for anything coming up, can they please not be for the 21st of January? Everyone keeps sending me invites to things on that day, which means I have to turn down lots of things I'd want to do.

On the anime side of things, I see that Code Geass fandom has got a bit of flailing going on because TPTB have finally gotten off their arses and announce details of the new projects. Well, we still don't know whether that Akito thing is an OVA or TV series, and to be honest the trailer didn't really instantly grab me, so we shall wait and see.

On the other hand, after all my flailing we will finally get that Geass Musical I was hoping for, which fills me with great glee (Though some slight WTF at the all male cast). The Nunnally in Wonderland thing seems like it'll just make for some fun crack, there's some Knightmare related manga thing which I am less interested in. As for the supposed Geass movie remake, apparently having movies is the current big thing for popular anime series.

So, Code Geass attempting to become the next Gundam: Y/N?

And a few random links of things that have amused me lately:
- Is Draco Malfoy A Git? The transcription of a court case in which Malfoy is attempting to sue Ron Weasley for libel.

It so figures that when I was looking for decent HP fic a while back I couldn't find it, so naturally I stumble across this author completely by accident. This one-shot is a fun stand-alone fic (which has fun with the whole UK Libel Laws and how they don't apply to true statements). The rest of the author's fics are mostly in their own personal post-series (and mostly interview compliant) canon, and they have an interpretations I mostly enjoy - it manages to be different and creative without destroying everything I liked about canon. A personal fave is their WIP Strangers at Drakeshaugh, which can basically be summed up as "Harry and Ginny move to the country so their kids have space to play and can go to a Muggle school, as told from the perspective of a Muggle neighbour who makes friends with Ginny". I do love outsider perspectives on things.

And over on YouTube, I've found The Amazing Art that can be made with packing tape, and The Joy of Books, which really needs to be seen. Not only does it look great, imagining the work involved seems pretty mindblowing.

Also, The Page Turner, for those of you who like Rube Goldberg machines (like me).
Well, we now seem to have the iPartment back, windows and all, even if the construction guys left rather a mess. I am not impressed with the sawdust all over my books, of my now broken Newton's Cradle.

I mean, they broke my science!

Also, I still have to put stuff in my room back where it belongs. And rehang my curtains.

They actually finished up on Saturday - which was not without it's problems, I assure you. My housemate checked with the office, and they said that the tradesmen would be arriving at about 9am, so I was sitting around waiting for them then. For the next three hours.

After some minor freaking out and trying to chase people down on their mobiles (because no-one seems to answer on weekends), I ended up finding out that the tradesmen were planning on arriving at 1pm, and had no idea about the 9am time I was given. Who knows what happened there.

So I headed off and spent the afternoon hanging out with [ profile] cat_empress, wandering around this Fair Trade/Enviro friendly fair thing at Federation square. Which was interestingly different (or not so different, since I'd seen some of the stalls at the Night Market), but it's always nice to properly meet up with people you've only known online.

I hope you're enjoying the little plush echidna you got, [ profile] cat_empress.

Then after that I met up with my sister and father and his gf and we went to a rather fancy Japanese restaurant for dinner. Mmmm, tempura vegetables.

And then I just got to bum around for the rest of the weekend, listening to random music I downloaded.

Anyway, one of the positive parts of all this fuss over the windows is that I now have the kitchen back, so I celebrated by testing out this recipe for vegetarian laksa for dinner. Which actually mostly worked out, it just need more spices. I wonder if there is a way to spice up microwave leftovers? (Recipe was for two servings, so I have Tupperware of laksa in the fridge).

And now for your regular dose of random entertaining links:
- The Harry Potter theme played on Piano, in "every style known to man". It's old, but still rather entertaining. And I'm very impressed by the improv skills.
- The mysterious paper sculptures of Scottish libraries. I had actually seen some of these before, but now there are more of them: 10 in total. That's a whole lot of creative effort.
- Photos of water splashes that look like hats. Hey, it's me. How could I not link this?
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( Nov. 5th, 2011 10:37 pm)
I didn't even realise what date it was until I went to make this post. How about that?

Also how about those end of semester assigns I need to be working of, which is the downside of getting towards the end of the year. (The upside is the sudden explosion of social life invites. Which is fun, so long as the assignments all get done.)

Oh, and family is being family. Apparently in like two weeks there's a family reunion, which will be... interesting, I suppose.

Yeah, I'm in a highly distractable mood right now. Possibly not completely helped by more people coming to measure our windows. (Which may end up getting replaced next month. God knows what that's going to mean for my bedroom.)

Anyhoo, have some entertainment of the day.

There is 500 Miles courtesy of the Doctor Who cast and crew, which I think most of the Who fans on my flist will have seen already. But it brings the lulz, so it's worth it.

There is the Sky-diving car. Because why not drop a car out of a plane for an ad?

And PotterLOLs, which is exactly what it claims to be. I love me some good macros.
So, the second half of this week ended up being quite as busy as the first.

To start off with there was the finishing up of school placement, which entailed rather a bit of business. And means I am back to having actual classes at Uni now.

Though it also means I can sleep in instead of having to get up stupidly early all the time, which is always a plus.

And then I got a haircut on Thursday. Since it was really rather overdue for one, I'd just put it off until after Manifest and cosplaying. I got it done at a different place than usual, and wasn't really sure how much I liked it to start off with, but after a couple of days (and getting all the product the hairdresser put in washed out) I am much more pleased.

Then, on Friday evening I went to [ profile] connikins' birthday thing, which meant dinner at a Korean place - I don't think I had actually had Korean food before - and then off to Richmond for a swing dancing lesson.

Korean food was interesting (Sesame ice-cream, om nom nom) and I may have to go back there some other time to investigate what else was on the menu.

And swing dancing was rather fun, so long as you weren't currently being partnered with Sweaty Drunk Guy. About half-way through the lesson I actually twigged that I'd done this footwork before, back when I was doing all my ballet and jazz and what-not, but the partnering stuff was actually kinda new.

Then, last night Mum was down in Melbourne, to visit after getting back from her grand overseas trip, as well as dinner for my sister's birthday. We went out to that Greek place we liked, and has much chatting (and then cake at Brunetti's after), and as well birthday gifts for The Sister, Mum also had some miscellaneous souvenir gifts from... all over the place.

So, there are some assorted pieces of jewellery and accessories from Italy and Hong Kong. And a pen from Buckingham Palace.

So yeah.

And then today I mostly just slept in, bummed around, and finally started messing around on Pottermore. (Yes, I got my invite a week ago, and have been far too busy since then to try it out)

So I have a Larch wand with Unicorn hair, and was sorted into Ravenclaw. Which I can't say I am entirely shocked about. It also provided me a genuine laughing out loud moment when reading the intro speech. Oh Minister for Magic Millicent Bagnold, you provide the lulz.

I appear to have a couple of friends requests already, but I'm having trouble matching Pottermore names to other fandom IDs - if you want me as a Pottermore friend, could you just give me a reminder so I know who is who. (I'm MidnightRook15, for the record).

I also now want fanfic of McGonagall featuring her Pottermore revealed backstory, because it's so interesting.

Pottermore just makes me want to read HP fanfic in general. Anyone got any new recs?

Other random entertainments are:
- 100 years of what to wear in 100 seconds. For everyone who likes retro fashions. Or dancing. Or dancing while wearing retro fashions.
- Yuri Lowenthal using his Suzaku voice to ad-lib a deeply un-Suzakulike comment. And I LOL'd.
I have decided that what this world really needs is a Royal Society for the Protection of Apostrophes.

Oh, the apostrophe abuse I have witnessed today. *shudder* It was awful.

And so goeth the life of a student, with another week of actual class down - leaving me with a couple of days break before Friday and my three weeks of block placement. Sleeping in on weekdays, I was miss you. And I still need to come up with plans of just what activities I shall have people doing.

...But hey, at least I can sleep in tomorrow.

And I censused today, so there's that. It was ~thrilling~.

Since the last lot of random links got a pretty good response, here, have some more random entertainments! No idea where I've managed to pick this lot up from.

- A building with windows full of post-it note video game characters. And then it started a post-it note war. I approve.
- Actually, the whole site has a bunch of nifty things to look at/watch. Like the statue of dinosaur Batman. And SNAKE ON A CAR. And so on.
- The WIN section of FailBlog is pretty much along the same lines, even if it is sorta old news. But hey, you can check out Epic yo-yo guy showing off or nifty brass bugs, amongst other things.
- Piano Stairs! ...I want piano stairs. They look fun.
- Heavy Metal Harry Potter Theme. Which is an awesome that speaks for itself, really.
- A video advertising the Quidditch World Cup. No, not the one in the books, the real one. Er, sort of real.
- And to finish up my mini series of Potterness, A fanvid in memory of the Harry Potter series
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( Aug. 6th, 2011 11:42 pm)
Should have posted earlier, but I got distracted by things. Whoops.

Anyway, placement started back up again yesterday - though, since I am at the same place as last semester, there was nothing too drastically changed now. (Time-tables are mildly different, though) I do have to adjust to the early mornings, mind, what with having arranged my lectures to prevent that sort of silliness this time around.

Plus planning for my lessons in the block. Any ideas for creative writing folio tasks for Year 8, or Macbeth for Year 11?

And then in the evening I went to FAS's Sugar Ball at Uni, because everyone could use some good old fashioned party games and tubes of sherbet. And people dressed up as all sorts of things (Sadly, having come from placement I was unable to be costumified).

It finished with stomping on balloons!

Oh, and an amusing quote from a tute I was at earlier in the week: "Can girls be wizards, or is it a male dominated industry?"

I also seem to have somehow once more gained a backlog of things to link to. No idea how that happened.

- If Famous Thinkers quoted Herald Sun readers. Oh, the contrast.
- A piece of Harry Potter fanart which I am rather fond of. It's a clever parallel they make there.
- Book reviews demystified. So you can understand what people really mean when they call a book "ambitious" or "fully realized".
- A Mariachi Band serenades a Beluga whale. The whale decides to groove along.
- Live Action Pokemon Trailer. Yes, it's a fan-film, but damn. Oh man, grim and gritty Pokemon.
- Bollywood Dancing to the NyanCat music. It's actually sort of scary how well that works.
- When Harry Potter spells are pronounced wrong... As animated by some guy who works for Dreamworks, which is just plain nifty. It also has a Making Of video.
- HELL TETRIS. It's like playing Tetris, but incredibly painful. (Yes, it is a flash game inspired by an xkcd comic)
- Build your own Solar System. Yes, you too can now play God! And it is fun. (Even when your planets crash into the sun. Or especially when your planets crash into the sun.)

I have actually on occasion gotten my planets to develop life. Once I even managed two planets that did And then one of them crashed into the sun.

In other news, I have decided I wish to read a fanfic crossing over Dresden Files and the Chrestomanci Chronicles. That is all.
This is what happens when I have to go without LJ for a while: I build up a backlog of random things I have found on the internet for the purpose of killing time. *sigh*

Enjoy the fruits of your DDOS induced downage, LJ.

- Myths Retold. I saw this described as "A badfic author rewriting fairytales and classic myths", but I think it's closer to a drunk teenager trying to explain the plot of movies, also seen while drunk.
- Homolust challenge generator. It's like "Together, THEY FIGHT CRIME", only instead of fight crime, they have gay sex. Hey, if you need ideas for weird yaoi AUs.
Plus it occasional provides weirdly close to canon ideas. A criminal is fucked by a innocent terrorist leader in a park. They are star-crossed lovers. It must involve celibacy and masochism. Uh huh...
- If Harry Potter was an anime. Fanart which I know some of you guys have seen already, but remains nifty (and reminds me of my wish that HP had been adapated as a multi-series animated show. You know it could have been cool.)
- Ooh Mister Ikuhara! Some commentary on Penguindrum, in Kate Beaton form.
- Cat Versus Human. A webcomic about being a cat lady. I miss having cats.
- Queen Mother Adventures. Another webcomic, this time about the Queen Mum. Go back to the start for all the gin and corgi related crack.
- Those news animators from Taiwan made their own Dark Knight Rises trailer. With all the gratuitous Nolan film references you could ever want.
- New OK GO video! This one has kaleidoscope dancing, which is rather trippy. And if you have Chrome, you can make interactive messages with it (...It'll make sense when you see the video).
- An Impression doing Shakespeare in the style of assorted celebrities. I think Simon Cowell made me laugh the most.
- An Orchestral version of NyanCat. To borrow one of the YouTube comments, it's like the Internet's national anthem.

Oh, and Pottermore will be, for the next week, taking sign-ups for their beta. Guess who has already registered? :D:D

Though they don't allow you to pick your own usernames for security reasons, so you have to take one from a list they provide. MidnightRook15, anyone? LOL at the chess theme.
So, today I went in with [ profile] notalwaysweak and a few other people (most of whom I didn't know) to go see the last Harry Potter movie.

Yes, I know, it's been out for almost a week and I hadn't seen it already. Call myself a Potter-fan indeed.

Ah well. I still cried.

Spoilers for the movie, since I am pretty sure everyone knows about the book by now )

...And now I feel like reading Potter fanfic again. Any recent things out there to recommend? I prefer gen or canon ships, mostly, and something with plot or world-building would be fun.

In other news, you can now see an official (non-camera phone) version of the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.
And I have discovered that Utena caps and Texts From Last Night make a disturbingly fitting combination.
The guy who served me at the supermarket today really needed to pay more attention to the part of his training where they explain how to stack bags. WHY YOU PUT CANS OF THINGS ON TOP OF MY SQUISHABLE VEGETABLES?


Anyhoo, Mum was down in Melbourne last night for a (late) birthday dinner with The Sister and I, plus getting to see us prior to her grand round-the-world jaunt which is due to begin... later this upcoming week, I believe. We had Nepalese food for dinner, which was a bit different, and then went to Brunetti's for coffee and cake. Ah, the wonders of Lygon Street.

And then today I... didn't do a lot. Watched the first two episodes of Mawaru Penguindrum which was certainly something - well, a certain about of mindfuck is expected, it is by the guy who directed Utena. Hence why I am watching I suppose.

Otherwise, I am yet to see Harry Potter and so will have to live vicariously through everyone else's reviews - though I will be going to see it with [ profile] notalwaysweak and others on Tuesday. I'll just have to hold out until then, I suppose.

Though there is some entertaining Potter stuff floating around online. Such as these lulzy macro-y things, or these rather awesome posters.
Today I went and did things! Actual, productive things!

But no-one cares about that, so have some of the random shit that makes up my life.

Like the completely random man (whom I hope was a busker of some kind) who came up to me in the middle of the street and asked if I wanted him to sing for me.

Oh, and when waiting in the ATM queue I overheard this lovely snippet of a conversation: "Do you want to do a lap-dancing workshop?"

Ah, Melbourne.

Slightly less locally, we have found that Samuel L. Jackson isn't the only one who can read Go the Fuck to Sleep, with Noni Hazelhurst also giving it a shot. The fact she's acting exactly like she used to on PlaySchool just makes it so much more surreal.

And more seriously, one of the most bizarre bits of news to come out of the whole News of the World thing. Hint: it involves Harry Potter. As one does.

Also, I am trying to decide if I should get a hair-cut soon, or let it grow out for another month so I can attempt to do an adequate go at cosplaying Mari from Evangelion at Manifest next month. Oh, random ideas.
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( Jul. 12th, 2011 10:45 pm)
So hey, the first poster for The Dark Knight Rises, aka the new Nolan Batman flick Is on display.

...Not that it really says much about the content of the film itself. That, apparently, is to come in the teaser trailer with Harry Potter, or so I am told.

Personally, I saw it and was rather reminded of Inception. Anyone else agree?

And on the subject of geekery, we have the report on the rumours of Rupert Murdoch's latest acquisition.

Just read it, if you are a Potterfan. (The comments to the [ profile] ontd_political post on it are a thing of joy and wonderment forever, but are locked to members. Oh, the macros...)
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( Jul. 10th, 2011 10:54 pm)
Firstly, given today's date, Happy Birthday, Mum! And also given the date, Happy Birthday to Suzaku.

(Yes, they have the same birthday. I CHOOSE TO TAKE THIS AS A SIGN!
...Of what, I don't know.)

Friday night ended up reasonably fun - ended up with way too much food at the dumpling place again, since [ profile] neo_leviathan was back in the country. And [ profile] lena_supercat too, I believe.

And then after that we ended up back at Lena and [ profile] altheas's joint for tea and booze. As one does.

On the subject of socialising, who's got a trip to Harry Potter going on next week? I do need to see it and it'd be more fun in a group, but I'm not sure if I know who has one going.

Since I am on the topic of fandom, I probably should drop by this link which I know some of you have seen, but "The Boy Who Lived Forever" happens to be a rather good article for Time Magazine about fandom and fanfic and so on.

And now to figure out what to do about my old LJ tags. (Back in November, LJ went and lost a bunch of my old tags. I've since gotten them back - but they'd all lost their names. I now need to go back and try and work out just what tag "Keyword XX" is supposed to mean, since there are like 200 damn tags to ID. Or I could watch YouTube videos of kittens.)
So, PotterMore.

Yeah, I can see the site's kind of crashed at the moment. Too many hits...

I'll admit that I was sort of underwhelmed by the YouTube announcement, (though the visual effects were rather cool) just because the rather vague detail didn't sound all that unique - it's what, an online read-along thing? With a shop to buy audiobooks and ebooks.

But then I went and checked out The details from the UK press conference and now I am much more interested.

An interactive site with character backstories, exclusive information about the writing process, cut scenes and other stuff?

Plus, it's apparently like an official sorting community thing. I am already looking forward to the wank from Slytherfen who don't actually end up in Slytherin.

So there's that. While there are things I might have liked more, the combination of encyclopaedia-ish stuff and social thing sounds like fun.

Though I sure hope all their servers are up for the demand.
Haha oh wow.

So, in preparation for the upcoming new FMA movie, which is a couple of weeks away, there is a theme park in Japan running an advertising/celebration campaign in which you can purchase 23 FMA themed desserts/snacks.

And they are just... amazing. I mean, some of the ideas there are just beyond words.

You can buy a dessert of Lust's boobs. A Lust's boobs dessert.

It's sort of amazing. I wish I could go there, just to try some of them.

Dear me.

In other news, it is less than 24 hours until JKR's announcement about this PotterMore thing is, which means her YouTube link is full of owls. No really.

That's vaguely Hitchcock.

Weird Al made a Lady Gaga parody, which is rather good, actually. Or it amused me, and I happen to be generally fairly positive towards Lady Gaga's ...Lady Gaganess.

A cat gets caught barking. Yes, that wasn't suspicious at all.

Also, for some random reason I now want a NyanCat LJ icon. If anyone knows where I could get one, that would be greatly appreciated.
So, this mysterious Potter More website.

Which apparently has something to do with whatever JK Rowling is working on next, and according to assorted websites, is "Breathtaking in scope" and not a new book.

Anyone got any ideas what all that is about?

Or if not ideas, rampant unconfirmed speculation? Rampant unconfirmed speculation is fun

ETA: Ooooh, nifty!. So, six days until an announcement.
Well, my computer seems to be working fine again, I got to wear my new boots, and just when I thought I had lost one of my earrings, I found it again.

An hour later. On the footpath, in the middle of the Melbourne CBD.

Life is good (for certain values of good).

Now, the post I was going to make the other day was going to be about various dinners (and/or teas) with parents, but half the stuff I was going to say I've forgotten. Except that high tea had waffles and a toffee apple - been ages since I had one of those - and then I went and saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which I found flawed but still decent enough and fairly enjoyable. And then on Monday night I had this imploding pudding thing for dessert, which was intriguing.

And now, piles of YouTube videos!

- A trailer for Drop Bear: The Movie. Because this is now an essential requirement for Australian cinema.
- A joke about historians. Note: Not a YouTube video. But still entertaining.
- French Existential Star Wars. Because all subtitles should have references to existentialist philosophers.
- Lessons on British Justice from Law & Order: UK. So ~educational~.
- Through the Pensieve, a Harry Potter fanvid, with footage from all 7 films so far, and some from the trailers for the last film. Even if you are like me and definitely prefer the books, it's still a good watch.
- 50 State Stereotypes. Teaching you all about America.
End of holidays which means school was back which means I was up early today and need a whole lot of sleep. Which also means I will actually be teaching on Monday. Oh, yay?

In other news, no, I did not watch the Royal Wedding. Though I read some liveblogs of it.

And checked out this collection of awesomely geeky wedding cakes. As one does.

And then there's also this with a title that rather speaks for itself: What the Royal Wedding Could Learn From Game of Thrones.

...And for something completely different (which I am sure half my flist has already seen), New trailer for the last Harry Potter movie. Featuring among other things, a certain scene between Molly Weasley and Bellatrix Lestrange. Well, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing that play out on the big screen.
So, busy weekend. Well, busy yesterday, and today had lots of sleeping in, getting grumpy at LJ and doing some of my assignment.

But yeah, Supanova was on and I headed in as planned on Saturday, complete with dressing-upness. Which isn't exactly cosplay, but hey it's an excuse to dress up nifty and a few people wanted pictures so I suppose it counts.

Anyway, the queue to get into the building was completely insane. I was kinda amazed at how long it was. On the other hand, I arrived early enough that it wasn't all that busy inside, and even more fortunately the queue for the anime signings was almost non-existent, which was great for me. So, I went and got a free Evangelion: Rebuild poster and got it signed by Tiffany Grant and Yuko Miyamura aka English!Asuka and Japanese!Asuka. I also got a picture with Tiffany Grant - I wanted one with both, but apparently Yuko Miyamura isn't allowed to get photos taken.

I can't be arsed trying to upload my pic to LJ with things like they are, but it's on my computer and I could link it if anyone is desperate to see.

I also went to the panel with the two of them, which was surprisingly not full given it's, you know, Evangelion. Though, given how long the autograph line was in the afternoon, maybe everyone just showed up late.(I confess to laughing at how long the wait was after I was lined up for only like 15 minutes) But there were some interesting questions and then some... kinda dumb ones. Hopefully mine was a good one.

I didn't really go in for any other autographs (well, except some other anime guys who showed up) because some of the lines were insane. I heard someone was in line for Tom Felton almost all day.

I did stick around for the cosplay competition though. Not long enough to find out who won, but long enough to see all the costumes and performers, some of which were a lot of fun. The Draco Malfoy act was clearly inspired by A Very Potter Musical, but was still kinda hilarious.

And yeah, the regular convention wandering around, looking at people's costumes, looking at stalls and buying things. And eating overpriced convention food. Plus some guy from the 501st gave me some "Join the Dark Side" cookies.

The only person I knew who I actually ended up running into was [ profile] connikins who was unsurprisingly Inception-ed up, though I know a few others were around.

I ended up getting the first Rebuild movie on DVD, a box set of Eden of the East since it sounded interesting, an R2-D2 Pez dispenser and a badge. As one does.

And then I headed into down for dinner with my father and my sister, while still in my convention outfit. Well, I hadn't had time to get home and get changed (and I'd spent half the day worrying about getting there on time since my phone battery almost ended up dying on me), which I am sure looked wonderful after all that rain.


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