As I know some of you have already seen: Diana Gabaldon on why fanfiction is a terrible horrible evil thing and like selling your children into slavery!

I find this particularly entertaining, since the only thing I know about Diana Gabaldon is that she based one of her characters on Jamie from Doctor Who.

Of all the links floating round on Fandom Wank this here is one of the better rebuttals.

And now I shall leave the intelligent arguments to people who are I am sure far more eloquent than me. I'll just stick with pointing and laughing at the stupid and reading fanfic.
Despite all online impressions to the contrary, I am not, in fact, dead. My Internet just suffered from a mild case of being on Dial-Up, since the monthly quota got finished up. But such is life.

Also, end of semester is coming up. Ack, assignments. Psych is first due (end of next week), then I have a week and a half before Creative Writing and Sociology need to be done. And then exams. Oh joy and wonderment.

Otherwise, I have been up to catching up on my TV stuffs (Speaking of which, WTF was with the FMA:B fansubs this week? They were hours later than usual and I haven't seen the episode yet), and you know, normal Uni type things. And attempting to de-bork my sleeping pattern, which got odd on the weekend.

And I got all 8 on footy tipping on the weekend. Go me?

Mother Dearest is coming up to Melbourne next weekend to see me - early birthday visit type thing, you know? - and we are going to go see Billy Elliot. Though the tickets are apparently up the back. Oh well, I'll still be able to hear things.

Incidentally, on the subject of birthdays: Anyone up to anything on Friday May 29th? I was thinking I might have birthday/end of semester drinks or something, if anyone wants in. This goes for the Melbourne types, obviously.

To get back to something that will actually interest the rest of you: Fandom! Or to be more precise, Star Trek! Which is currently proving just how much of an epic old-school fandom it is by already having a Kink Meme, a Non-Kink Meme, a pile of rather good fic and multiple wanks (One's ship-wank, one's oldfen vs newfen) just for the new movie.

Also, lots of shiny, shiny icons. Though I am finding it surprisingly difficult to find a Spock icon I like. Got a bunch of nice Spock/Uhura ones, but Spock alone is being tricky
I swear, one of the Psych lecturers was like drunk today. Or something, I'm not entirely sure what, because he seemed to have no idea what the hell he was on about (Not the one who was lecturing, the one who was hanging about).

It was bizarre, but kinda hilarious. Comedy duo lecturers.

Anyway, in Psych we are currently looking at Attention, which is something I've pretty much already done, and so it isn't all that interesting.

It did, however, mean we got to watch this rather nifty video:

When you see it, you'll shit bricks.

Also, Watchmen seems to have hit the wank button. Hard.
As people may have noticed, I now possess Watchmen icons. So huzzah for that.

And while I'm still on my Watchmen mentioning kick, despite whatever criticisms I may have had for the movie, there is no denying that the opening titles were a thing of brilliance. And now they are available online, so you don't have to resort to crappy handheld camera versions if you want to see them again.

Incidentally, there is already Watchmen movie wank. Bless you, mockable idiots.

Also, something that only really struck me during my icon hunt was the mildly strangeness of how going to Egypt has affected the way I watch/read the Ozymandias parts of Watchmen.

Mainly because I keep having stupidly random thoughts, like wondering if Gibbons based the chair in my icon on the one in the Egyptian museum. Or wondering how close movie!Karnak is to my photos of the actual one.

Or how exceptionally fitting the name "Ozymandias" is for Veidt, because aside from the subtext of the poem there's also the fact that the real Ozymandias, aka Rameses II, was apparently the publicity whore of the pharaohs, judging by the amount of monuments and statues I saw of him. (Which is why I am mildly confused by the poem, but I digress)

Any, onto other fannish stuff: since the new FMA anime is less than one month away now (!), there seems to have been quite a bit of news on it in the past few days. We've got a new cast (for the first few episodes, anyway), which has some major changes, so that's certain to cause wank. Plus there's the inexplicable new character no-one knows anything about.

There's a new trailer, with a new ending theme. Actually, there's been several new trailers, but this one only came out today.

Oh, and we seem to have confirmation that it's at least manga based, due to certain scans, even if it's not a 100% direct adaptation.

So yay for that.
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( Jan. 4th, 2009 10:22 am)
And look what's already made Fandom Wank.

Anyhow, after stating my initial reaction, reading some intelligent comments both pro and con, and LOLing at the ridiculous flailing, it has dawned on me that given the thing that we really need to get definite opinions on Eleven - actual footage - isn't going to show any time soon, this is how fandom is going to be for the next year and half.

To which I have the highly intellectual reaction of fuck that shit, and am henceforth declaring a moratorium on all discussion of Mr Eleven in this LJ. Except for when I feel like talking about it.

And thus I shall return to watching Trigun. Vash is so adorable.

I have... absolutely no idea who this guy is. Never heard of him before today. But at least I already know what the major source of wank seems to be.

I am mildly disappointed it wasn't anyone I was hoping for, though
Would you look at that? It appears that RDR is dropping their appeal.

Or in layman's terms, the Lexicon Wank is over. Wonders never cease.

In other news, I just got 50 new icon spaces, which is awesome. Now I just need to find some icons to fill them with.

Okay, okay I've already started. But I am totally on the look-out for shiny new icons, so feel free to link links. At this moment in time, I am most after some OT Star Wars icon (Don't ask...).

Or an icon about hats. Because, well, me.

But icons of general awesomeness are also appreciated.
And both my mid-semester assignments are done and dusted. And, most importantly, handed in. Which means huzzah, break time!

Okay, I've a mid-semester test on the first Tuesday back and need to present some of my Writing Folio on Thursday, but still. I can have at least one weeks worth of break.

Things what I am doing during my break:

Tuesday until Thursday is FOUL Camp. Which will be... interesting, I'm sure.

After that, well, for one of the the days on the weekend I'm thinking of maybe going to Manifest - you know, Melbourne anime con type thing. Anyone on Teh Flist going? I haven't been to one before mainly because, well, I haven't been into anime before (In fact, I'm pretty certain it was about two weeks after last year's Manifest that I marathoned FMA and my interest was.. piqued. Okay, so I only actually am a fan of two series, but I have a rather long "to watch" list building up).

Oh, and on Saturday I shall I have to find a screen somewhere to watch the Grand Final because, well, Geelong. So I may end up at Federation Square again, or if I go to Manifest on the Saturday, I way be watching it on the screen there.

...God, I love that. I mean, just how very Australian is it that a freaking anime convention has set aside time so people can watch the football on a big screen? Bless.

And now for a dramatic topic change! Apparently you don't need to be in Potter fandom to wank about JKR. If only there was some way to harness this wank energy. Good bye fuel crisis!
So, apparently there's going to be an official sequel to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. And it's going to be written by the dude behind the Artemis Fowl series.


I don't know how I feel about this.

In other news, there is an appeal about the Harry Potter Lexicon decision.

Truly, the wank that never ends.
Y'know, normally it'd be far too early in the morning for me to update my LJ.

However, given what's shown up, I couldn't not poast.

Yes, does everyone else remember the epic Lexicon Wank?

Well, the judge has finally put in a ruling... and found for Rowling. Cue much snark (and some hilarity about a few butthurt individuals). I eagerly await the forthcoming epic bitching.

And in other news from the World of Wank, the Sparkly Vampires fandom shows an impressive lack of priorities in freaking out because someone cut off an intro from their lead actor at an awards ceremony.

And in wank that is somewhat less funny (and more Serious Business), Dude writes an unofficial Torchwood guidebook that quotes chunks from LJ reviews without asking. People are not amused when it is published.
So, guess what movie I went and saw tonight?

Go on, guess. ;)

...And in some news that could not actually be guessed by, oh, everyone, at dinner tonight Mum asked The Sister and I if we were interested in spending three weeks next February in Egypt.

My answer was, naturally, hell yes.

This is the tour that we'd be on if we went.

And to add something of vague fannish relevence, there's currently Torchwood wank over if Ianto is a Gary Stu or not. (My opinion? Not in canon, but so effing much in fanfic)

Also, over at [ profile] freema_love, there have been some insanely adorable pictures of Noel and Freema posted.

ETA: So, I was over at, looking at some fic. Yeah, yeah, I know.

Anyhow, I stumbled across this one. Seems pretty average, right?

Well, check out the summary for said story here. (For those who are looking at this at some point in retrospect, the title is "Encounter With a Stranger") Read the first line.

I LOLd so hard.
And just as I predicted yesterday, my delight at seeing The Dark Knight before all the other countries is now slightly less delightful in the absence of fanworks to squee over.

I mean, not so much so that I get less enjoyment at LOLing at the poor peeps that haven't seen it, but still... Less schadenfreude-y. I want ficcish fallout!

That said, the pre-release hype is providing plenty of entertainment of it's own accord. I mean, there's already Dark Knight wank despite the whole not-being-out-yet thing.

Basically, there have been a whole 8 negative reviews so far. Out of the 100 listed, and umpteen more around the net. And over at Rotten Tomatoes, the people responsible for these reviews are getting a whole lotta abuse thrown at them. And, despite the fact I disagree with the vast majority of what the bad reviews say, I feel the urge to slap these fans upside of the head and tell them to stop being such stereotypical fanbrats.

On the subject of Dark Knight hype, RandomGuy has a new Marvel vs DC video on that very subject. And it is the greatest thing I have even seen (since the Dark Knight, anyway). I laughed so hard I cried. It's also spoiler-free, so your poor saps still waiting can have some entertainment to fill your time.

And to take a random jump into an entirely different fandom, since it's all over my flist (and MSN and killing teh intarwebz), I have to mention Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

I didn't mention it when it first act came out because 1) I had other things on my mind, and 2) ...though I thought it was cute and had some funny lines, I didn't actually think it was great. Good, but not great.

But the second act came out today, and now we're talking. Me likey, me likey indeed.

...I still have the urge to know if Dr Horrible and Dr Evil ever met, though.
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( Jul. 6th, 2008 12:20 pm)
So, now that the Doctor Who finale has been and gone, I have one question to ask of my flist:

What is going to cause the most wank in the upcoming weeks?

(I haven't seen the episode, but have been spoiled for it. Be as spoilery as you like in the comments)
And in a twist that is shocking to, oh, no-one in particular, we have our first bit of Steven Moffat as boss Who-wank.

The actually shocking bit? Rather than being related to his shipping proclivities, the wank is courtesy of the mad rantings of one Lawrence Miles. (I mean, snarling, predatory Scottishness? Seriously?)

...Which is a bit odd, because there's some seriously crazy stuff come up from the episode. Mostly related to River Song, guest du jour, who is either an evil whore or secretly everyone from Rose to the Rani in disguise, depending on who you ask.

And on speaking of Mr Moffat, I was having some seriously disturbing dreams about creepy abandoned buildings last night, as well as small children with unnatural powers. And I haven't even watched his new episode yet. I don't think that's quite fair...

And on a completely unrelated topic, I'm going to post the dates of when all my end of semester stuff is due here, so I have it all in one place.

Creative Writing: Monday June 9 (3000 words Creative, 1000 exogesis)
Power, Ideology and Inequality: Friday June 13 (2500 Ethnographic Essay)
Personal and Social Development 3: Thursday June 19 (2hr exam, 2:15pm)
Research Methods 3: Monday June 23 (3hr exam, 9:30am)
You know, I'm currently trying terribly, terribly hard not to be one of those people who hate adaptations just because they are different. Really, I am.

But, well, then I saw the trailer for the US version of 'Life on Mars".

And well, you know how all those people on the Forum Formerly Known as The OG would go on about the show making them cringe... I finally know what they mean.

Because watching that trailer just fills me with a mild horror of the just plain wrong-ness of it all. It is pure, distilled DO NOT WANT.

And to continue on the theme of really bad things, this wank has currently causing me some deep philosophical pondering: Should I continue to remain blissfully ignorant of Twilight and it's sparkly vampires, or should I make like I did with Eragon and read the first book so I can mock with authority?

...Admittedly, Twilight seems to be less of the soul-hurty form of bad, and more along the lines of hilariously awful.

Ah, questions.
So, today there was a black-out at Uni.

As in, during the middle of the day, most of the power at Uni miraculously just... died. No idea why (though I wonder if that building they are demolishing might have some connection).

And where was I the very moment the lights all went out?

...At the toilet. YA, RLY.

Of course, naturally I didn't actually get to enjoy any of the advantages of said blackout, what with my Research Methods tute being in the Redmond Barry building, which naturally was completely fine during said blackout.

Not like, say, the Chem students, whose entire building got evacuated because the fume cabinets stopped working.

...And that was my excitement for the day. The rest of it consisted of getting my extension form (So I have til next Monday to complete that assignment), and Star Trek Club, which consisted of watching an episode of Stargate, and (as always) some Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, which is as funny as ever.

And now for something completely different: Yet another update to the unending Harry Potter Lexicon wank
You know, given my recent posting frequency, I seem to have had very little to talk about as of late.

Though my neck is less ow, which is always of the good.

Fandom-wise, there's been yet another chapter in the never ending Lexicon Wank

On a Doctor Who note, they appear to have finally reached a critical mass of cracktastic rumoured spoilers, and thus nothing people are coming up with seems at all weird to me now.

I fear permanent damage.

Oh, and response to some bitchy comments over on Who fandom's new anonymeme, we have Reasons why Martha is awesome (with no bitching about other companions). Shinytabulous!

And your profound thought of the day, courtesy of someone in my Writing Through Character class:

"You can believe in multigrain."
So, I got a bunch of shiny new icons, mostly based on recent Torchwood episodes. Theoretically, this post may be an excuse to show them off, even if I can only use one in the mian post. Comments, plz!

...However, it is not actually a GIP, appearances aside. Mwahaha.

Because of Ye Olde Fandom Wank, there is actual genuine content. Because Fandom Wank has been gold in the past few days.

My current sources of much amusement:
- Writing slash is like having sex with your readers.
- Zachary Quinto's Astral Girlfriend.

Oh Fandom_Wank, you truly are a ceaseless source of Lulz.
I has now seen Torchwood episode two!

...Or rather, I saw it several ours ago, but then wandered up to the cafe to have lunch. And read newspapers.

Anyhoo, my thoughts under the cut. Mostly character rather than plot related.

I totally need an icon with that 'Let's all have sex' exchange on it )

In other fandom news, Doctor Who is on Fandom Wank again. However, in a shocking twist, this has absolutely nothing to do with Rose. Wonders never cease.
Ooops. I keep meaning to update, and then not getting around to it, meaning that I'm losing track of my train of thought and not posting about things I totally mean to (like Spamalot, or the 21st last weekend).

Oh well, too late now.

Also, I originally intended this to be a no fandom at all post. But fandom decided that just wasn't on, so so much for that idea.

In dot points, because I am tired and lazy.

The Yay!

- The Chapel St store of Dizingof (Posh little designer boutique I love. Awesome, but kinda pricey) is moving, so they were having a two for one sale. Thus, I spent the day on Chapel St.

From Dizingof, I got a rather funky dress, this suede-y vest thing and a boned Obi. Also got a couple of scarves and a Asian-style top from an op-shop. (Yes, I know, go to Chapel St and still end up buying second hand stuff).

Please don't ask me how much it cost, because even with a 2 for 1 sale it's kind of embarrassing.

- While I'm on the subject of stuff I bought, one of the things I didn't mention in my absence is my recent DVD additions: Doctor Who S3 boxset (because I couldn't not get it), POTC3, the original Matrix movie, and Princess Tutu, of all things, since I seem to keep getting it recommended at me.

- One reason for buying Princess Tutu (and looking into a bunch of other anime) - and for that matter, why I wasn't planning on this being a fandom-y post - was that I had rather lost my squee over Doctor Who, to the point I was actually more excited about Torchwood than it.

Which was a rather surreal feeling.

However, my squee just came back with a vengeance today, courtesy of these mildly spoilery pictures.

Cut for squee inducing spoilers and spec )

- Speaking of iconage, I had no desire for a Kylie in Who icon at all thus far (nothing against Kylie, I was just generally having trouble working up enthusiasm for Who), but then I saw the DWM cover, and have now decided I must have an icon of that Kylie and the Dalek shot. Or perhaps this clearer one. (Pic courtesy of [ profile] elen_ancalima.

Can anyone provide links or even icons themselves that would be suitable? Cookies and love to anyone who can.

...I do intend to get a Donna icon at some point, I just can't find one I like or isn't made by certain people I have no wish to associate with.

The Boo!

- Terry Pratchett has early onset Alzheimers. As I have commented elsewhere, umpteen million dreadful writers, and it has to be one of the few consistently good ones that gets sick? There really isn't any justice.

(Though it isn't that early for it to onset, since Alzheimer's type dementia generally starts to show at 65 and Pterry is 59...)

The Huh...

- So, I think everyone has heard JKR made a few handwritten copies of Beedle the Bard for a few friends, and one extra was to be auctioned to charity. Well, it was auctioned off, all right. And the final bid: almost four million US dollars! And the buyer was Amazon. However, good on them for giving all the fans a rundown of the contents, even if it isn't a word for word reproduction.

- Doctor Who fandom has been wanked again. Shock, horror. Though it is a rather amusing wank (if not quite the epic heights of the Ninja Marthafen one)


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