Well, another more-or-less busy week here.

Tuesday was volunteering again, then spent the next couple of days mostly just working my way through sorting out clothes for the new cupboards and what-not. Which is sort of an adventure in itself, since I found all sorts of things that I don't even remember having, plus a few things I haven't worn in years. On the other hand, I think I've had the skirt I am wearing since I was about 13, so yeah.

But I ditched some things with holes in it, dumped a pile of things in bags to shove into one of those charity bins when I get around to it, and am basically mostly sorted out with the clothes. Though working out dividers or shelves or something for that wardrobe will be a pain. *sigh*

Then Friday was training for new job - pretty easy, basically. Actual work is due to start next Wednesday, and henceforth most of my shifts are the afternoon/evening type (aka 4.30pm-10.30pm). So if you want to invite me to do something, try either weekends or lunchtime-ish. Or let me know more than a week in advance so I can inform the scheduling peoples.

And that was about it, excluding my somewhat spamminess on Tumblr. It's so easy to find shiny pictures...

Then today I slept in, listened to Marina & the Diamonds, and watched the new episode of Korra. Which I mostly predicted. Sort of. Well, I called that Hiroshi would be an Equalist, and Asami would be completely ignorant of this. The actual confrontation going down today - or, you know, steampunk mechas - not so much.

Also, I have a great big demand for Darth Sato and Asami Skywalker art, because that was so what I was thinking. (And, yeah, I loved it, because I am a sucker for "I love you, but must fight against you because what you are doing is evil" plots in stories.

Plus, we got girl!bonding; the Sato's way awesome house, which I shall miss though we will now get everyone living on Air Temple Island funtimes; Tenzin and Lin being badass even as they failed and we've hit the point where I honestly don't know where things will go know. It's all a mystery here on in.

...kinda wanting some crossovers with mecha series now, because that would be fun. Zero vs Amon comparisons would be sort of hilarious and creepy.

Also, that fic where Cabbage Corp is the Apple of the Avatarverse.
I see that certain sections of my flist seem to be on a run of randomly producing snippets of smutfic.

... I can't say this is something I am against. My flist has been rather G rated, lately.

Work is being work. We had some other electrician guy come around to replace the light fixtures, since that seems to have been what caused the most recent blackout. Oh, and there was a dinner with Dad on the weekend, you know how it goes.

I think I am missing shopping (or at least browsing through shops) at the moment. eBay isn't quite the same. Even when you find nifty stuff. Curse you, full hours!
So, today it is Friday the 13th. Somehow this fact managed to escape my notice until yesterday, when someone else pointed it out to me.

And speaking of yesterday, ended up going out for drinks for Ollie's birthday with what ended up being a rather large turn out. So there ended up being a whole mob of us at the Asian bar, having pizza for dinner, as one does. (Okay, the pizzas were cheap for a while).

The bar also had Ladies Night, which meant $1 glasses of champagne for women (or men who dressed as women, as the sign pointed out).

Yeah, lots of cheap champagne happened. Also, some guy tried to talk me into having a threesome with him.

Ah, social life.

Incidentally: if any other Melbourne types have plans for anything coming up, can they please not be for the 21st of January? Everyone keeps sending me invites to things on that day, which means I have to turn down lots of things I'd want to do.

On the anime side of things, I see that Code Geass fandom has got a bit of flailing going on because TPTB have finally gotten off their arses and announce details of the new projects. Well, we still don't know whether that Akito thing is an OVA or TV series, and to be honest the trailer didn't really instantly grab me, so we shall wait and see.

On the other hand, after all my flailing we will finally get that Geass Musical I was hoping for, which fills me with great glee (Though some slight WTF at the all male cast). The Nunnally in Wonderland thing seems like it'll just make for some fun crack, there's some Knightmare related manga thing which I am less interested in. As for the supposed Geass movie remake, apparently having movies is the current big thing for popular anime series.

So, Code Geass attempting to become the next Gundam: Y/N?

And a few random links of things that have amused me lately:
- Is Draco Malfoy A Git? The transcription of a court case in which Malfoy is attempting to sue Ron Weasley for libel.

It so figures that when I was looking for decent HP fic a while back I couldn't find it, so naturally I stumble across this author completely by accident. This one-shot is a fun stand-alone fic (which has fun with the whole UK Libel Laws and how they don't apply to true statements). The rest of the author's fics are mostly in their own personal post-series (and mostly interview compliant) canon, and they have an interpretations I mostly enjoy - it manages to be different and creative without destroying everything I liked about canon. A personal fave is their WIP Strangers at Drakeshaugh, which can basically be summed up as "Harry and Ginny move to the country so their kids have space to play and can go to a Muggle school, as told from the perspective of a Muggle neighbour who makes friends with Ginny". I do love outsider perspectives on things.

And over on YouTube, I've found The Amazing Art that can be made with packing tape, and The Joy of Books, which really needs to be seen. Not only does it look great, imagining the work involved seems pretty mindblowing.

Also, The Page Turner, for those of you who like Rube Goldberg machines (like me).
Firstly: Hello there to the several people who have friended me from the [livejournal.com profile] penguindrum meme. Don't worry if I haven't friended you back yet, I prefer to chat a little with people so I get to know them before I add them. So talk about stuff here!

Otherwise, I have decided that since the last bunch of posts have been about RL type things, this one might be a bit more fannish. Which yes, does mean more links. I'm sure there will be more RL stuff in the future, since Dresden Dolls is this weekend, and Mum's got us some tickets for the tennis in a couple of weeks.

But now, to the fun stuff:

- The Third Rebuild of Evangelion movie finally has an English title. Which, you know, bodes well for there not being more delays. Plus the 4th (and last, since it's called FINAL) is supposedly due out next year. So hooray for that. Hopefully the English release won't take, you know, forever.

I have also noticed that said title for 3.0 seems to have set off a whole lot more of the "sequel theory" stuff (I can see why, based on the title). I do love fannish speculation.

- I can't actually recall if I brought this up on my LJ or not, but there are some details floating around now for the Code Geass stage show. Which I rather wish I could see, even if I don't understand it. To agree with one of the comments there, I don't even care if it's good or not, the idea of Code Geass on stage is so damn entertaining it'd be fun either way.

There has also been some actually good official art for once.

- I have found on Tumblr a whole two entirely separate Texts from Last Night/FMA blogs. Or whatever you call individual tumblrs. Plus this screencap episode guide for FMA.

I think no fannish experience can be truly complete without a bit of crack. And some of them are just so, so perfect. Is there an Eva TFLN blog? Because that could be terrifyingly amazing.

- The top news stories of 2011... told via lego. Yeah, it's not fandom. But it's still nifty.

- And finally, for whenever someone is pissing you off, the Fuck You Symphony.

Actually, now I think about it I do have some RL stuff, namely a question: Anyone know of anywhere in Melbourne it is possible to get dried karkadeh/hibiscus tea? One of the things I found during last months room clean-up was the packet of karkadeh I got when I was in Egypt way back when, and I made it up last night so I could chill it and drink today. It was very good, and now I want more, but I dunno where to get it around here. I'm not entirely sure I want to resort to buying plant-life off eBay yet...
Today I got an email from an "Olivia Armstrong". If you're familiar with FMA, you'll know why I found that entertaining.

The even better bit, though, is that it is one of those "contact my attorney to get part of $17 million" scam emails. (Well, she'd certainly have the money for it...)

Oh, how I enjoy entertaining spam.

And since I'm on about anime, there's finally pictures up of that Knight of Zero Suzaku figure in the finished colouring. So pretty, I want. Though I assume it'll be far too expensive for me, mind.

It had some new official art done for it, even.

Ah, shiny things.

Some other shiny things I have been linked about are Electronic Embroidery, which is nifty, and these pictures of really pretty libraries.

I am now looking down on you, Baillieu.
So, did everyone enjoy the Rapture yesterday?

I went to Piper's birthday-slash-Apocalypse party, complete with a bunch of people in costumes -I was too lazy to come up with something apocalypse themed. Plus, I was handing out on Sydney Road before it - including several deaths, an Arthur Dent, and a Doctor (Eleventh, to be precise.

They had a smoke machine! And a playlist of tangentially apocalypse-themed music. Also, quite predictably, alcohol and socialising, which meant catching up with a few people whom I hadn't seen in a while.

More people should have themed birthdays. And besides, next year is 2012, which gives lots of room for apocalyptic parties.

Sydney Road was also rather entertaining, also. Some guy dressed up as the Queen, selling Monarchy dishrags, and I found a place that sold 25 varieties of hot chocolate. (I tried Lime Hot Chocolate, which tasted a bit like white chocolate and lime.)

All in all, a decent break from assignmenting, since my group assignment for ALT has been passed around via email quite a bit over the last few days. Well, at least it'll be out of the way on Wednesday.

And tomorrow I shall be at Armaggedon (...the convention), so if any Melbourne types will be there, let me know.

Since my last video link seemed so popular, today I bring you: CSI: Legoland. All the puns you could ever want!
Also, on tumblr there is Weird Evangelion Official Art, proving it's not just Geass that has resorted to strange art to sell there merch when they aren't airing.
So, assignment I was working on in last post is now over and done with (well, putting aside editing and rewording) - which to my surprise got done on a Friday, when it wasn't even due until Monday. Wonders never cease.

I suppose I should work on the other thing due Wednesday tomorrow.

So, today I ended up doing some social type things, mostly involved in a Teddy Bears' Picnic I was invited to, of all things. But it involved socialising and foods, so it was all good. Hung out at the Flinders St steps for a bit waiting to meet people for it, and randomly saw some guy in a Fourth Doctor Scarf, and even more randomly someone in a Massacre Princess/blood-stained Euphie outfit.

Was there some unknown cosplay thing on in Melbourne today, or was someone just wearing that for the hell of it?

I didn't end up bringing a teddy bear, instead I brought plushy Death and cake. And the whole picnic lunch ended up going for about 4 hours over three different locations, so there's that.

And after I wandered with Yuhan and Alex up to some gaming shop to kill time by playing board games. And I didn't lose, huzzah!

...Yes, these things amuse me. But it's either talking about that, or Mawaru Penguindrum, since we seem to have got to the point in the series where my comments on the reaction post all seem to be getting the TL;DR penguin on account of theories. And Ikuhara mindfuck.

Speaking of TL;DR and theories, does anyone read the Leviathan trilogy, by Scott Westerfeld? Sort of steampunk AU WW1 era series, featuring a secret heir to an empire and a girl dressed as a boy so she can join the (equivalent to the) air force?

I took some time off from assignmenting earlier this week and finished Goliath, the last in the trilogy, and I have feelings. I kinda want talk meta-y with people about the ending - at possibly contrast with Terry Pratchett's Nation on a certain point.

Anyone willing to join in chat?

ETA: Okay, some spoilers in the comments (for Goliath and Nation).
Relax, everyone! George Takei has a reassuring message for humanity.

...Yeah, I kind of love that guy.

Anyway, am in a reasonably good mood at the moment. Short break allows for sleeping in time, and got my results back from a test I had recently, with 89%. Which is always a nice number to see on coursework.

Plus internet has been on the amusing side of things lately.

I mean, so far I've also found a cockatiel singing the Evangelion theme song, Chop Cup, which is rather gloriously mindfucky, and Things Could Be Worse, a series of tragedies in art.

Because things could always be worse.

Also, courtesy of a certain kinkmeme, I have now seen several different combinations of Texts from Last Night and Code Geass, which will be files with the Utena version I linked a while back as the greatest things ever. I don't know why anime + TFLN is so funny to me, but it is.

(Plus there's also Ask Code Geass Dads, which is endless funny if you are familiar with a certain fandom meme).

I have noticed there that the last bunch of links have found are all Tumblr sites. Tumblr is not a site that I am on, though I know some people on my flist are - and some aren't. I can see the entertainment there in checking out all the awesome art (I love me some shiny pretties), but not being much of a making art person myself, I'd just end up constantly reblogging stuff from other people.

So flist, please, please convince me whether or not I should get a tumblr account! Links to awesome tumblrs is considered a valid form of argument.
Stupid degree. Because of it and it's funky timing, everyone else gets to be on mid-semester break, and I won't be yet. Boo.

But since I had yesterday at a seminar thing for Uni, and spent this afternoon writing up an essay (Which is now done! Well, except editing and what-not), I shall talk about something else entirely.

So, how about that Penguindrum? Anyone else on the flist watching? Because Ikuhara has been bringing the delightful mindfuck in these past few weeks, and this week's episode ended on a doozy. And I have absolutely no idea where everything is going, and we're only half-way into things.

Also, Shouma/Ringo OTP!

And since on I'm on the topic of anime, apparently today was Update Your Fics day for my flist. I name no names, just that you people know who you are. But I am pleased.

...Also I made this post to the Code Geass comm about a certain forthcoming action figure. Because yay, shiny merchandise, especially shiny Suzaku figures. Girl's want fanservicey merch too, you know. That I will be unlikely to ever get, but eh. I like knowing shiny things are out there.

Or if you want some of Japan being crack, check out European philosophers as magical girls. As you do.

Speaking of buying things, after the seminar yesterday, I wandered down into the city and ended up at the Spencer St DFO, and ended up buying some new jeans, since my current ones are kinda too big.

And who can say no to $10 jeans, amirite?

And then I went and bought some stuff on Book Depository, which cost more than the jeans. Ain't life grand.

Also, I made a Thai curry the other day, and the recipe actually worked out! Well, mostly, since I think I cooked it for too long, and the cauliflower was sort of disintegrating. But now I have a fridge full of leftover curry.

And we have so far had two people come and take a look at the iPartment windows for a quote, so hopefully in the not too distant future, the window frames will no longer be borked. Sigh.

Here, have a prettiful video of Australian stars.
Or Puss In Boots making like Old Spice Guy if that's more your thing.

Yeah I'm kinda bored right now. Someone comment before I forced to resort to sorting out my jewellery.
So, the second half of this week ended up being quite as busy as the first.

To start off with there was the finishing up of school placement, which entailed rather a bit of business. And means I am back to having actual classes at Uni now.

Though it also means I can sleep in instead of having to get up stupidly early all the time, which is always a plus.

And then I got a haircut on Thursday. Since it was really rather overdue for one, I'd just put it off until after Manifest and cosplaying. I got it done at a different place than usual, and wasn't really sure how much I liked it to start off with, but after a couple of days (and getting all the product the hairdresser put in washed out) I am much more pleased.

Then, on Friday evening I went to [livejournal.com profile] connikins' birthday thing, which meant dinner at a Korean place - I don't think I had actually had Korean food before - and then off to Richmond for a swing dancing lesson.

Korean food was interesting (Sesame ice-cream, om nom nom) and I may have to go back there some other time to investigate what else was on the menu.

And swing dancing was rather fun, so long as you weren't currently being partnered with Sweaty Drunk Guy. About half-way through the lesson I actually twigged that I'd done this footwork before, back when I was doing all my ballet and jazz and what-not, but the partnering stuff was actually kinda new.

Then, last night Mum was down in Melbourne, to visit after getting back from her grand overseas trip, as well as dinner for my sister's birthday. We went out to that Greek place we liked, and has much chatting (and then cake at Brunetti's after), and as well birthday gifts for The Sister, Mum also had some miscellaneous souvenir gifts from... all over the place.

So, there are some assorted pieces of jewellery and accessories from Italy and Hong Kong. And a pen from Buckingham Palace.

So yeah.

And then today I mostly just slept in, bummed around, and finally started messing around on Pottermore. (Yes, I got my invite a week ago, and have been far too busy since then to try it out)

So I have a Larch wand with Unicorn hair, and was sorted into Ravenclaw. Which I can't say I am entirely shocked about. It also provided me a genuine laughing out loud moment when reading the intro speech. Oh Minister for Magic Millicent Bagnold, you provide the lulz.

I appear to have a couple of friends requests already, but I'm having trouble matching Pottermore names to other fandom IDs - if you want me as a Pottermore friend, could you just give me a reminder so I know who is who. (I'm MidnightRook15, for the record).

I also now want fanfic of McGonagall featuring her Pottermore revealed backstory, because it's so interesting.

Pottermore just makes me want to read HP fanfic in general. Anyone got any new recs?

Other random entertainments are:
- 100 years of what to wear in 100 seconds. For everyone who likes retro fashions. Or dancing. Or dancing while wearing retro fashions.
- Yuri Lowenthal using his Suzaku voice to ad-lib a deeply un-Suzakulike comment. And I LOL'd.
It's been over a week since I lost posted. By my standards, that has been an absurdly long time.

Um, whoops?

Anyway, had a rather busy week. Weekdays were busy with placementage and teaching and other whatnots that contributed to far too many early mornings.

On Friday evening, it was FOUL Silly Night. Which meant pizza, trivia (My team lost), a rather long and convoluted series of the hat game, and random silliness. And then I went back to [livejournal.com profile] de_chel's place with a few others for some drinks and gay Shakespearean poetry on the fridge. As one does.

And yesterday I went to Manifest. Which was exceedingly... Manifest. But good fun.

I think my experience of it can be summed up with the following picture:
Cut for me meeting my AU genderswapped twin )

Yeah, I was cosplaying as Mari Makinami from Rebuild of Evangelion

I met up with [livejournal.com profile] isarae almost entirely by accident - she was as Luluko, and at least one of the friends she was with was a Suzako - so I spent a significant amount of the day wandering around with them, as we looked through the Trader's Hall or at cosplayers. Or when they went to Anime Idol to go see one of their friends perform. They had great costumes, I had to say (Though there were some really awesome ones I saw around. I was highly impressed at the Mawaru Penguindrum group - complete with plushy penguins - already.)

Amongst other sites, we saw one of those SEELE communication slab things... caramelldansen. Now that will stick with you.

And after that we went to actually buy things from the hall - I ended up with some of the Chii's Sweet Home manga (No volume 5 left, alas), a squishy stress relief Adipose, some pocky, a couple of phone charms and some jewellery.

Anyway, right towards the end after [livejournal.com profile] isarae and her friends left was when I ran into James up there in is male!Mari cosplay. He ended up being in a group of people doing genderswapped Evangelion cosplay (...and a Zero) who had come over from Adelaide for Manifest.

I ended up having dinner with them, heading back to their hotel room for drinks, and then some of us went up to Mana Bar for more drinks (It was small and crowded; I don't recommend Saturday nights there). And then we went back to the hotel room for more drinks.

...Yeah, that was a lot of drinks. Though it was less the number of drinks and more the density. AB shots of Absinthe and Bacardi, oh my. Hence why I didn't do very much at all today.

A couple of the guys were nice enough to walk me to my tram stop, though. And then texted me this morning to see if I'd survived.

And that was my weekend. Or at least the parts of it I remember.
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( Jul. 10th, 2011 10:54 pm)
Firstly, given today's date, Happy Birthday, Mum! And also given the date, Happy Birthday to Suzaku.

(Yes, they have the same birthday. I CHOOSE TO TAKE THIS AS A SIGN!
...Of what, I don't know.)

Friday night ended up reasonably fun - ended up with way too much food at the dumpling place again, since [livejournal.com profile] neo_leviathan was back in the country. And [livejournal.com profile] lena_supercat too, I believe.

And then after that we ended up back at Lena and [livejournal.com profile] altheas's joint for tea and booze. As one does.

On the subject of socialising, who's got a trip to Harry Potter going on next week? I do need to see it and it'd be more fun in a group, but I'm not sure if I know who has one going.

Since I am on the topic of fandom, I probably should drop by this link which I know some of you have seen, but "The Boy Who Lived Forever" happens to be a rather good article for Time Magazine about fandom and fanfic and so on.

And now to figure out what to do about my old LJ tags. (Back in November, LJ went and lost a bunch of my old tags. I've since gotten them back - but they'd all lost their names. I now need to go back and try and work out just what tag "Keyword XX" is supposed to mean, since there are like 200 damn tags to ID. Or I could watch YouTube videos of kittens.)
Since [livejournal.com profile] neo_leviathan is shortly going to be off to the UK to go look at castles and whatever else is on his to-do list, last night I ended up at his going away party/dinner thing at the Oriental Teahouse. In which the servings are rather small but have some rather interesting teas and other drinks.

Plus, ice cream on fire, which I couldn't resist the urge to have for desert.

And aside from [livejournal.com profile] neo_leviathan also meant I could catch up with a whole bunch of other people I haven't spoken to in a while. Which is always good fun.

And that was what I did this weekend. Onto fandom!

If there was ever going to be a prize for unexpected LOL WUT series spinoffs, I think the revelation of Barcode Geass, set in a convenience store would have to be one of them. Because seriously, wut.

It definitely takes the cake in unexpected fandom news.

Also in LOL WUTness, we have Game of Thrones Monopoly. Apparentlt without spoilers for the TV watchers.

And also Lady Gaga is Q. Not Bond Q, Star Trek Q. But I would read that fic.
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( Apr. 17th, 2011 11:20 pm)
Look, sir, memes! It's got me posting again, anyhow.

I got this from [livejournal.com profile] yinake who so kindly roped me into this thing, bless.

The rules, if anyone else wants to play:
1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 (fictional) people. ** Male and/or female, if you are so inclined. Just say so.
2) Post this meme to your LJ with your answers. **Feel free to answer in the comments here if you like.
3) Provide pictures/text descriptions and the names of the 3 people.
4) Label whom you would shag, marry and (push off a) cliff.

I'd also say, if we are less familiar, give me some fandoms to pick from, so I don't pick anyone you don't know.

Anyway, Yina gave me Spike, Light and Suzaku. Because we apparently have the same taste in men.

Have some pictures with your meme )

Memes. Boo-yeah
Fie on you, Melbourne public transport and your evilness. Fie! And other such things.

There are very few things in the world quite so frustrating as watching your bus sail merrily past your bus stop without, in fact, stopping, especially when you are still several buildings up the road. And they mean that you then show up late for your school placement. :/

This was made even worse by the fact that the second bus at the changeover ended up being 10 minutes late. If it had been on time, I would have been only a little bit late. Instead, I ended up hanging around the station for far too long when I really should have been doing something more productive.

I think it gave me a twitchy eye. I can feel it twitching.

And the weather has gone back to being really cold again.

Here, have a video entitled "Cat vs Snake". Spoilers: The cat wins.

I wish to enquire as to what all this madness from the Code Geass section of my flist is on about.
The rest of Uni started up classes again today. As a result, my day ended up exponentially more absurd.

...Or that may have just been because of the way this week's scheduling worked out, I had a 9am class, and then nothing from 10am to 2:15pm. Stupid time to kill. I may have gotten infected with the Sudoku disease again.

I obviously didn't drink enough coffee.

But things of today included a lecturer using manga art - well, manga styled art, she wasn't actually certain about what manga was - in an illustration of Vygotsky's theories. As one does.

And hanging around Second Floor rooms at lunch time again, while people played board games. I kind of missed that. And wished I had time to join in Settlers.

Oh, and this fascinating quote from Tristan: "No matter where I go, I always turn into a gigolo."

And the obtaining of free Union hats. Why the Union was handing out free hats I don't know, but it's me. What did you expect would happen?

Even if the hat decides to send you a message. No, seriously, they had these tags with this written on them:

Dear adorable customer. I have been made with love & care by Jorge, especially for you. I have been reformed by a creative eye, & designed to accentuate your individuality, to adapt with your style & be worn with love. May our love affair begin.

I am not entire certain I want a love affair with a hat. And even if I do have one - what does that make my relationships with all my other hats? Is that like bigamy?

And to escape those searing and profound questions, have a music video of some Code Geass cosplayers. Knights of the Round, with guest appearances by Euphie. And a very in character Arthur. It entertained me alright.
So, they finally announced some more main parts for the next Batman film. (Casting spoilers, obviously. Not that they really imply anything about what the plot will be)

And naturally, comics fandom is being very... comics fandom about this. Of course. I'm currently choosing to remain quiet on the matter until I see some footage - after all, I remember a lot of the stuff being said about Heath Ledger back in the day. Plus you can't judge a story until you know what happens in it.

But at least things are moving on in that production.

And for the SuzaLulu crowd on my flist, which seems to have been rather active as of late, I found this rather good AMV of the two. (It's ambiguous, so could just be seen as a tribute to their complicated friendship, if you don't ship that way.) Just ignore some of the comments, that's my advice.

Also, Note To Self: It doesn't matter how much you feel the need for some fresh fruit in your diet, how much you like nectarines, or how much they are on special at the supermarket. After buying a carton and eating them for two weeks straight, you will get sick of nectarines.

ETA: From the Thing You Never Knew Or Wanted To Know Existed file, I give you Vegemite Gelato. I don't think there are words to describe the expression my face made when I saw that picture. (Courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] hacked2death)
So, I have nothing of any particular relevence to report on (Unless you are a member of [livejournal.com profile] code_geass, in which case you've probably seen it already), so here, have some random entertaining links I've seen around.

- Josh Groban sings Kanye West's tweets. I think that speaks for itself, really.
- Spock and Kirk teach us about the dangers of anger. Star Trek: An education in anger management.
- This rather well edited FMA:B action AMV. Also featuring music that ended up causing me to spend an afternoon listening to a rock opera. About Mozart. In French.
So, that interview I had last week and didn't hear back from? I finally heard back from them.

So, I have another interview arranged for next Friday. I shall assume this is a good thing. (Okay, technically this is the first interview at the potential workplace. The application form and first interview were just with the organisation sponsoring the traineeships.) But it's still good! Except having to be in Collingwood at 9am.

...I also have another interview on Monday. This one, interestingly enough, is for another company that already told me they didn't have any positions open. Apparently things have changed in the past couple of weeks.

And tomorrow is state elections. Voting, how exciting.

Some frivolous links for your gratuitous entertainment:

- Following up the flying squid in the fascinating yet mildly terrifying category, I give you the development of psychic twitter. Also a potential horror movie in the making.

And a couple of AMVs because I was bored and in an AMV watching mood today:
- You're Everything: FMA AMV for Ed, Al and Winry. Because dawwww. (Also, check out who commented on it.)
- So They Say: Code Geass AMV to Dr Horrible music. I LOL'd uncontrollably at how it managed to be both incredibly appropriate and incredibly inappropriate in parts.
- And using the same crossover, Everything You Ever, which entertains me for personal reasons.
Firstly, welcome to n00bs from the Code Geass friending meme! Feel free to enjoy my excessive doses of random silliness. You can backread if you want, but my current lack of old tags *pointed look at LJ staff* will make things a bit more difficult to work through.

But anyway, I suppose on the plus side of not being highly productive at the moment is that I have more time to do random shit around the iPartment. Like, for instance, actual cooking experiments.

Well, not so much experiments, since it's following recipes, but I made pasta primavera last night and it was actually quite nice (even if I do now have another two days worth of pasta now sitting in the fridge). Plus I have ingredients in the fridge for vegetable soup (again), and a curry with tofu and sweet potato.

...I think I just wanted to have some fresh vegetables, really.

So new Harry Potter movie means new Harry Potter ship wank. I don't know what fandom would be like without it. Never change, HP fandom, never change.

I still haven't seen that movie. Anyone free later this week for a visit at some time soon?

Also (and I think [livejournal.com profile] lizbee will like this one), people now have evidence that there is such thing as flying squid. I eagerly await the inevitable terrible horror movie that this discovery will inspire.

ETA: On Twitter, the current topics trending all seem to be about either the North and South Korea thing... or Joss Whedon. What interesting priorities you have, Twitterverse.


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