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No, really. What?
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( Jul. 20th, 2012 07:07 pm)
At least 10 people were shot dead at a Dark Knight Rises premiere in the US.

...What the actual fuck is wrong with people?

I was going to get around to doing a reviewy thing of the film (I really liked it, though I can see why some people wouldn't), but after hearing that...

There are some things that once seen, cannot be unseen. That defy comprehension of the rational mind. That there are no words that could possibly describe adequately.

William Shatner's cover of Bohemian Rhapsody is one of them.

Yeah, I think my brain is broken now.

In order to (try and) wash that out of your poor scarred minds, try this blog dedicated to nitpicking what is written on blackboards in porn (SFW) or these pretty, pretty jelly shots. Or "jello", if you are American.
So, apparently there was a crazy guy with a gun on a tram today - one of my friend's saw him (and then decided to swiftly depart from said tram). Which is not generally the sort of thing you expect to find in Melbourne, at all.

Maybe it was the hot weather today.
So, Orson Scott Card seems to have permanently set up residence in Batshitville, judging by the whole rewriting Hamlet so that it's all about how Teh Gay Is Evil.

Which is just... wut.

Seriously, why would you do that?

Though naturally, fandom has responded by making a Gay Hamlet ficathon. Plus lists of gay sci-fi books. Bless.

...Plus I ended up amusing myself by watching the Sassy Gay Friend hang out with a bunch of Shakespearean characters.

And on the topic of random hilarious Shakespearean things (that are better than what Orson Scott Card did to Hamlet), we also have Dalek's performing a scene from Much Ado About Nothing.

Plus some random silly shit like the Birth Control Ninja, and a Literal Version of the Safety Dance video. (Was that actually the video? For real?)
Things I did today: Fainted at the comic shop.

Right onto a rack of comics, too.

No, really. And I still don't know why (Well, IDK if I actually lost consciousness. I did end up on the floor while the guy standing next to me proceeded to panic.)

But seriously, I was just standing in Minotaur, flicking through the comics (Detective Comics #881, to be precise), when I noticed that I was feeling rather light-headed. So I reached up to put the comic back on the shelf, and then I just sort of... fell onto it - the rack, I mean. And then onto the floor. Where I sort of lay for a few minutes before the guy next to me, whose name and phone number I really should have gotten since he was nice, went and got my water bottle out for me.

Which made for a rather odd afternoon.

No idea what that was all about. (Best guess is that my rather graphic imagination + some of the more disturbing/brutal aspects of the scene in the comic did not combine well in my brain. Well, I am just not good with witnessing certain types of injury, even in fiction.)

I ended up buying a new hat to make me feel better. Well, it was on special.

Oh, and I also went on school placement today. ;)
I'm not entirely sure what's going on with Norway at the moment, but it is deeply disturbing. I mean, who shoots up a camp full of kids, really.

Plus, of all the places for terrorism, Norway?

(Yes, it's still terrorism if it's a right-wing Caucasian guy behind it)

That's all just... deeply fucked up.

Also fucked up are all those people who immediately decided that it must have been the work of Muslims - I'm looking at you, The Sun (Come on, Murdoch, do you need any more bad press right now?).

And the person who decided to write Hetalia hurt/comfort fic about it. I can't say I am surprised at the several hundred "wtf r u doin?" review that earned them.

So, all the hugs in the world go out to [livejournal.com profile] misscam and any other Norwegian people around, especially those who have lost loved ones.
Since [livejournal.com profile] neo_leviathan is shortly going to be off to the UK to go look at castles and whatever else is on his to-do list, last night I ended up at his going away party/dinner thing at the Oriental Teahouse. In which the servings are rather small but have some rather interesting teas and other drinks.

Plus, ice cream on fire, which I couldn't resist the urge to have for desert.

And aside from [livejournal.com profile] neo_leviathan also meant I could catch up with a whole bunch of other people I haven't spoken to in a while. Which is always good fun.

And that was what I did this weekend. Onto fandom!

If there was ever going to be a prize for unexpected LOL WUT series spinoffs, I think the revelation of Barcode Geass, set in a convenience store would have to be one of them. Because seriously, wut.

It definitely takes the cake in unexpected fandom news.

Also in LOL WUTness, we have Game of Thrones Monopoly. Apparentlt without spoilers for the TV watchers.

And also Lady Gaga is Q. Not Bond Q, Star Trek Q. But I would read that fic.
Terry Pratchett has announced that there are plans for a Watch TV series.

I... honestly don't know what to think about this. But this on top of that Good Omens adaptation - Pterry seems to be big on the TV stuff right now.
Okay, so what the hell just happened in Japan?
So, today I spent my first day of my teaching degree actually at a school. (No specific details will be revealed in public posts - if you want to know more, hit me up on MSN or something.) Not that I did any actual teaching, which would have been scary. Instead me got a tour and did admin and I sat in on a few classes to observe. In an observey way.

I also had to be there at 8:30, which meant catching a bus at 7:45. Ick, early mornings. Though the day finishes up at 3pm, which I suppose evens things out.

But there were people calling me Miss. :/ And like all the senior boys were taller than me, too, which is just not right. Though I did get to discover the wonders of what goes on inside teacher staffrooms.

And then I went into the city after and got my glasses. Which I actually have now. Here, check out the MySpacetastic picture I posted of them on Twitter. Ignore the sideways.

I hadn't realised just how bad my sight was until I put them on. Those blurry things in the distance, no longer blurry any more.

And to get away from my crazy and somewhat hyper from lack of sleep life - George R. R. Martin has apparently announced the release date of the next A Song of Ice and Fire books. I say I'll believe it when I am actually holding the book in my own two hands.

And without comment, I will link you to ...this video. Australian politics, ladies and gentlemen.
Egads, I had forgotten just how painful 9am lectures are. And yeah, that's really how I wanted to start off at Uni again after a semester off. :/

At least I don't have any more 9am starts. Though there's a 10am one on Friday.

But yeah, two lectures and a workshop today, since one of my subjects doesn't start this week. I am also yet to hear what my school placement is yet, to my distinct annoyance. Hopefully that will be up soon.

And my strange university factoid of the day: My English Learning Area tutor apparently used to be John Marsden's personal assistant. What an interesting career she's had.

So that marks my return to Uni.

Otherwise, not a real lot has been going on - though I suppose that's a big enough deal in itself. Went to [livejournal.com profile] altheas and [livejournal.com profile] lena_supercat's housewarming party on the weekend, bearing cupcakes and booze, and discovered that their new place is in their own words "very linear".

But hey, it's a chance to catch up with a whole lot of people I don't get to see in person at anything other these events. Plus there was food (like booze and cupcakes) and socialising and we ended up watching all sorts of random stuff on YouTube. As one does.

I also had the rather strange experience shortly before that party when a complete stranger came up to me while I was eating my dinner and asked if they could take a photo of my clothes. Which was a bit different, especially when you have a mouth full of fries.

A a token link that seems to be yet another competitor in the file of things that are fascinating and yet I can so see being the cause of future horror movies: Furniture that eats insects
So, Night Market.

Going to the Night Market reminded me of how much fun it is to go there, with all the music and crazy international foods and quirky stalls and whatnot. And sangria. Can't forget the sangria.

And also tonight there were espresso martini's which deserve some sort of warning, and are probably responsible for everything else that happened tonight. Including this post. Fear the espresso martini. FEAR IT, sweet flipping Jesus!

But hey, I got to buy some leather gloves, which are deeply inappropriate for this weather (and which probably explained why they were so cheap), and a denim corsety top thing. Which is technically a bit too big, but when it cost $8.50, I think I can live with a bit too big. And a cupcake with marshmallow icing, and some dried cherries.

Also, I bought a cactus. I think I am going to name it Hector.

So yeah, I'm also trying to get my body clock back to something resembling sanity before class starts up again. And also before Friday, since we have an orientation thingy on Friday morning. This may mean less ridiculous late night chatting sessions, I am afraid.

And for some things that are not inspired by that damn espresso martinitonight's adventures:

- So there's going to be a Good Omens miniseries. Apparently. I look forward to hearing more about this, if only for the reactions to the casting, which will be... interesting.
- A collection of fan-made alots. Yes, it's supposed to be spelled that way. And now I want my own alot. :/
Well, that was an experience.

I just spent a couple of hours at a hospital emergency ward because a bug flew into my ear and couldn't get out.

And then it died and the doctor had to vacuum it out. (Using a special... ear vacuum thing).

Though at least that was an improvement over earlier, when I could feel it flapping around inside my ear. I don't particularly want to do that again.

Yeah, I think I've had quite enough of being a living urban legend for one night.
Well, the magic that is Fandom_Wank (and associated comms) currently seems determined to give me some Harry Potter fandom flashbacks at the moment. And not exactly in the good way.

For starters, FictionAlley is asking people to vote for it as a charity deserving grant money! Instead of, you know, the actual charities it is competing against which including things like animal shelters, combating human trafficking and supplies for homeless children.

I'm fairly certain my opinion on this has already expressed by someone else far more eloquently than I could managing, but dear God, FA, what the hell are you thinking? I haven't been to FA or it's forums in years now, but back in my pre-LJ days it was one of my introductions to the social part of fandom. And to see something that once mattered to me demonstrate this sort of audacious and utter shamelessness is horrifing. I just... how could anyone possibly think that this was the right thing to do?


A less horrifying flashback to the glory days of HP-dom is Aja's grand and glorious TL;DR about the difficulties of being a BNF. I think I speak for us all when I say, oh Aja.

Truly, a week for first world problems.

And to get away from bizarre Potter flashbacks, News.com.au would like to apologise for getting their Star Trek facts wrong. And to inform us that Patrick Stewart is hot. No, really. I am not lying about that last bit.

Also, what the hell has LJ done to comment formatting, and what happened to all my icon names?


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