Well, another more-or-less busy week here.

Tuesday was volunteering again, then spent the next couple of days mostly just working my way through sorting out clothes for the new cupboards and what-not. Which is sort of an adventure in itself, since I found all sorts of things that I don't even remember having, plus a few things I haven't worn in years. On the other hand, I think I've had the skirt I am wearing since I was about 13, so yeah.

But I ditched some things with holes in it, dumped a pile of things in bags to shove into one of those charity bins when I get around to it, and am basically mostly sorted out with the clothes. Though working out dividers or shelves or something for that wardrobe will be a pain. *sigh*

Then Friday was training for new job - pretty easy, basically. Actual work is due to start next Wednesday, and henceforth most of my shifts are the afternoon/evening type (aka 4.30pm-10.30pm). So if you want to invite me to do something, try either weekends or lunchtime-ish. Or let me know more than a week in advance so I can inform the scheduling peoples.

And that was about it, excluding my somewhat spamminess on Tumblr. It's so easy to find shiny pictures...

Then today I slept in, listened to Marina & the Diamonds, and watched the new episode of Korra. Which I mostly predicted. Sort of. Well, I called that Hiroshi would be an Equalist, and Asami would be completely ignorant of this. The actual confrontation going down today - or, you know, steampunk mechas - not so much.

Also, I have a great big demand for Darth Sato and Asami Skywalker art, because that was so what I was thinking. (And, yeah, I loved it, because I am a sucker for "I love you, but must fight against you because what you are doing is evil" plots in stories.

Plus, we got girl!bonding; the Sato's way awesome house, which I shall miss though we will now get everyone living on Air Temple Island funtimes; Tenzin and Lin being badass even as they failed and we've hit the point where I honestly don't know where things will go know. It's all a mystery here on in.

...kinda wanting some crossovers with mecha series now, because that would be fun. Zero vs Amon comparisons would be sort of hilarious and creepy.

Also, that fic where Cabbage Corp is the Apple of the Avatarverse.
Well, to follow on from my previous post (And yes, I am enjoying the rebloggings on tumblr. Though if your name their is different from LJ or what-have you, please let me know, oh mystery follower), I once more have things!

This time, a bit more physical. Mostly.

There's volume 5 of the Utena manga (in English), since I finally managed to find someone selling it second hand for a reasonable price. Yes, it's an ex-library copy with the reference sticker in place, but given as new copies are like $80 at cheapest, I think my just over $20 was rather a bargain.

Also: new second-hand furniture in my room. With actual drawers. Which is greatly helpful when it comes to storage - or will be, once I've finished sorting things out (I'm currently at the mid-point of cleaning, where everything is messier than what it started out.)

Then there's plans for my birthday (mostly family related for now, though if anyone knows of something fun on at the end of the month, give me a buzz), or at least the weekend beforehand. So, dinner at a nice Mexican place - note to self, actually book tables sometime this week - and then on the Sunday we'll go to the museum for the Ancient Mesopotamia exhibition thing.

Plus I am informed my mother has a large present to be dropped off at my place, which has me hmmming away.

Oh, and finally I have this week's Korra episode, which I must get to watching now I have some free time...
Well, Tuesday marked the start of my casual volunteering thing. Which is not per se a proper job, but it fills up some time and will bulk up the resume for a bit.

And it's really pretty easy work, when you get down to it - Find your ISBN, check the details on the computer are correct, fix any that are incorrect, scan the cover, add them to the Website and then put a price tag on. Rinse and repeat.

Here's one I actually was responsible for.

But yeah, pleasantness of that aside, means I am still in need of a paying job. Sigh.

In other news, I got into a discussion with one of the people downstairs about the cat who seems to have adopted our building (Black, fluffy, very friends, no collar but seems very healthy). Apparently it used to belong to one of the couples in the place next door, but they moved away and left the cat behind.

Which is kind of appalling, even if the cat seems well fed and has a coat in decent condition that implies someone's been looking after it. Mr Downstairs was asking if it was me, but I just pat it when I'm around.

And have some ridiculous signs for your amusement.
I see that certain sections of my flist seem to be on a run of randomly producing snippets of smutfic.

... I can't say this is something I am against. My flist has been rather G rated, lately.

Work is being work. We had some other electrician guy come around to replace the light fixtures, since that seems to have been what caused the most recent blackout. Oh, and there was a dinner with Dad on the weekend, you know how it goes.

I think I am missing shopping (or at least browsing through shops) at the moment. eBay isn't quite the same. Even when you find nifty stuff. Curse you, full hours!
You know, I was going to do a post here about the busyness of work (and the mild melodramas therein), and the temporary housemate, and how the book I just finished reading was so totally inspired by Watchmen despite being an entirely different genre (Vaguely steampunk fantasy, in this case).

But then just before 10pm one of my fuses exploded, so I've spent the last hour and a half trying to find the emergency electrician contact number, (which failed miserably, even after calling both my housemate and my old housemate), and eventually calling one number, which directed me to another number, which directed me to the actual number for the electrician. All of which was done in that dark.

Of course once he actually showed, it was all fixed in about 10 minutes, so that's life for you.

At least I can sleep in tomorrow. And the day after, huzzah long weekend! And I think [livejournal.com profile] connikins has her meetup think tomorrow, too.
Well, I am back in Melbourne after my weekly jaunt to Wodonga, which was both rather wet (yeah, so about that flooding...) and involved me getting sunburnt, which I actually didn't notice until this morning.

Which was alright for a worky thing, but I don't think I'd want to do it too often. I think I prefer being able to actually have some time away from co-workers. And also with internet access that isn't just my phone.

Hopefully the pay will end up being decent for it, though.

Then today I had lunch with Mum and my sister, since Mum was in the city again, and then watched as the HouseMatt cleared out all his stuff, since he's going to be moving out later this week, I think.

Since he has gone and packed the TV stand, we are now displaying the latest in student decor, having the Enormous Nature Strip Telly sitting on a pile of milk crates - so yes, there will need to be a look for some decent second hand furniture soon.

The other housemate's brother is apparently going to be in the third room for a few months, while we sort out a more permanent housemate, but I hope we'll find someone permanent soon. Anyone know of someone who could use the place?

Beyond that, I think I am mostly caught up on LJ and other important internet things, but what else has been going on in the last week that I may have missed out on? I feel so uninformed.
So, that's made for a busy, busy few days. Aside from the iPartment inspection, and the frantic cleaning that preceded that - I actually ended up finally sorting out my bookshelf, which lead me to the discovery that I actually can fit all my books on there. Just.

I also ended up with three job interviews yesterday. Well, two job interviews, and one for a volunteer position. Plus I have another interview tomorrow morning, and another I need to reschedule (There was a clash...).

The interviews are mostly "We'll only call back if you are successful" so that's a bit wait and see, but I do have the volunteer spot, so at least that can go on the resume. It's for the Brotherhood of St Lawrence online bookstore (which can be found here, if you are wondering) and I can basically come in whenever to help out. I'm thinking maybe one day a week, but we shall see.

And a professional question here: How long should you volunteer somewhere before you ask the supervisor if you can use them as a reference?

And then after that, my computer went and screwed up on me. Or rather Windows went and screwed up on me, so I had to go and reinstall Windows, and then restore all my programs and settings and what-not. Many thanks must go to the HouseMatt, who did most of the complicated work, since I was too busy freaking out about why the speakers didn't work and where the hell all my files had gone.. (And when Matt wasn't around, I went and... cleaned out some of my cupboards, which means I at least know where all my old photos are now. And my old quotebooks. And my passport from when I was 2 years old.)

Yeah, totally asking for a new computer or laptop or something for my next birthday. Well, I got this one for my 21st, so it'll be 5 years old in May.

Getting back online, it appears I missed a few things. Like I said on Twitter, one day without Internet, and suddenly there are official Watchmen prequel comics? Anything much else going down?
Oh, today. Proof that even when you stay home to avoid the heat (and the crazy wind; seriously, the wind has been noisy as hell all day) you can end up really busy.

This morning involved more spamming of resumes via email, and I have decided it is rather convenient when you find a whole bunch of similar jobs on seek.com.au. Then you can just use the same cover letter, and copy-paste the appropriate company name and details in the right spots.

I do have one more interviewy thing coming up, but it's for a volunteer position. Which will be helpful on a resume, but doesn't exactly pay. On the plus side, it's close enough that travel will be pretty convenient.

And then I got involved in the cleaning up-ness, since we have that iPartment inspection coming up on Wednesday. We've still got vacuuming and mopping of floors to-do tomorrow, plus the kitchen benches need some work, but it's a bit better now.

I got into some of the cupboards, going through things so we had some more space, and alongside some really very random things, like a fruitbowl, I've also managed to sort things out so we've now officially got a booze shelf. There was some seriously random stuff there, like bottles of things I can't even identify. And some almost finished bottles we are intend to very shortly turn into completely finished bottles.

Checking out some of the boxes from my room also turned up some interesting stuff - lots and lots of old photos, from when I as back in Kinder, and some of my old ballet ones. I sort of wish I had an actual scanner to show the ballet ones...

I also got randomly creative with my dinner, since I decided if we are cleaning the benches tomorrow, I hardly want to mess them up by having to cook tomorrow night. So I decided to make something with enough leftovers for tomorrow night and ended up with P Pasta - Penne with Pesto, Pine-nuts and Parmesan. Also, I have rather more than one meals worth of leftovers.

And your regular supply of links for today:
- Naturayarte Leaf Art. Some of which qualifies as holy fuck how do they even do that? Plus, obviously, teh pretty.
- Dalton M. Ghetti's Pencil Art. So, this guy took thrown away old pencils, and carved them into amazing arty things. Some of which are honestly quite astonishing.

...Yes, I did find those two links from Cracked.com.

- Super Seeking Sidekick. Well, what else would an ad for a superhero sidekick even sound like?
- Lego man launched into space. There's a video of it and everything. Those darn kids, making me feel so unaccomplished at my age...
- Microwaves Ruin Everything. Haven't you ever wondered what happens when you put all those things you aren't supposed to into the microwave?
Happy Australia Day, peoples! (Or Invasion Day, if you prefer)

I celebrated by... doing nothing. I felt bumming around the house and being lazy was a suitably patriotic way to spend my day.

Oh, and trawling through eBay a bit.

Aside from that, not a real lot is going on. We apparently have an apartment inspection coming up, which is rather awkward seeing one of my housemates is currently not in the country - I shall have to see if we can get that pushed back until we are all here.

Otherwise, just check out some of the random entertainment I have been filling my Australia Day with.

- Playing the rings of a tree trunk like a record. I don't actually get how they are doing this, but it's rather nifty.
- If the 2012 Oscar nominated movie posters told the truth. Exactly what it says it is.
- Time2Travel. Over on Tumblr, someone has started to put together what is essentially a Lonely Planet guide... for Time Travelers. Which I am sure will come in handy.
- Chocolates designed to look planets. Aka, more awesome things you can find in Japan. No Pluto though, alas.
I see it doesn't take much being in Melbourne time for there to be stuff going on. Hooray for keeping busy.

Because courtesy of the great resource that is twitter, yesterday afternoon I heard that there was going to be a free ninja gig at the city library with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer.

So, I rushed down there with one of my housemates (and, later, Grace, whom I had known until then lived that close by on my tram line) to see them. Didn't manage to show up early enough to get a seat, but I could see fairly fine, and so got to hear two short story readings from Neil and ...several songs from Amanda. And her ukelele. I'm sure they'll show up on YouTube sooner or later.

And then after I got Neil to sign my copy of Good Omens, and got a picture with him (...which is on my camera, so not yet on the computer), and had Amanda sign my metcard. Because, you know, I had it in my bag.

Then I went with some people to have dumplings for dinner. The end. Huzzah!

But it was a fun way to fill an afternoon. I approve of this ninja gig thing.

...Though I am also reminded that I need to chase up [livejournal.com profile] ephant so I can pay her back for the Dresden Dolls ticket. Which is only a bit over a week away, now I think of it.

In other news, the enormous nature strip TV that the housemates found in my previous post has been fiddled with and is now working fine, sitting in the middle of the living room. Hooray for free TVs!
Well, I'm back in Melbourne after the Christmas sojourn down to Hamilton. And my housemates are back, too, so the place is no longer as weirdly quiet seeming as it was in the last few weeks for Christmas.

Also, they apparently found this enormous TV that someone put out on the nature strip. Now they just need a cable to see if it works, and the iPartment just may have obtained a free enormous TV. Because nature strip is the way to go for all your household goods

We also weren't in the region of the crazy Christmas hail storm (and speaking of with, what was up with that? I heard about it on the news, and of course Melbourne has this ridiculous storm on Christmas when I am not actually around at all.)

Christmas itself was reasonably quiet - lunch with Mum, The Sister and a friend of the family at Mum's place for lunch. (...And then leftovers for the next few days, aside from both The Sister and I's attempts at cookery). We also had a visit to Port Fairy one afternoon, in that grand Hamiltonian tradition. Pity it wasn't warmer, or we could have gone for an actual swim.

Presents I end up with - aside from the gift voucher and pencil case full of chocolates from my housemate - were 2 of the Discworld related maps (and some chocolate) from The Sister, and a small purple travel case, some charms for my bracelet, and margarita mixes (and some chocolate) from my mother. My Dad gave his presents last time I saw him.

Aside from that, Hamilton was... very Hamilton. I mean, now I am in Melbourne I shall have to check out some of the post-Christmas sales. Whereas, in Hamilton (and travelling too and from), I managed to get through 5 novels in 6 days, including all three of those Stieg Larsson Lizbeth Salander books, which were pretty hefty bricks.

Ah, but that's things for you. What has everyone else's Christmases been like? I've had some limited net access in Hamilton, but not as much as here in the iPartment. And what is everyone got planned for New Years?
Oh hey Penguindrum fans! (I know there is at least one on my flist) You can make your own flashback boards!

I even made one for myself (Please forgive the crappy Google Translate Japanese. Now, if only I could work out how to embed it...

For those who are curious as to what it's about, Mum was down in Melbourne last night, so The Sister and I went and had dinner with her. I was actually rather hoping for Mexican, but the place we looked at had an enormous queue, so we ended up back at the hotel restaurant. It actually wasn't all that bad, even if it meant I ended up walking in a great big circle in those absurd heels I was wearing.

But yes, family dinner then, which means I must now really got onto sorting out the rest of my Christmas shopping before I head back to Hamilton for Christmas itself (Or to be precise, a couple of days before - which, yes, does mean I will probably miss out on seeing the last episode of Penguindrum for a few days. No spoilers for it, plz.)

I also have to ponder what I shall get with the Harvey Norman gift voucher, which was Dad's present. I could be useful for the other iPartment residents, and get a food processor so they could use it too. Or I could be more selfish, and get a new digital camera - mine's a few years old now (5 years, actually, now I think on it) and tends to play up in really hot weather.

*sigh* Oh the great pains of having to think about shopping.

Some other entertainment (on neither shopping nor penguin related topics):
- The 10 best commercials of the year. I love it when advertisers show a little intelligence. And fun.
Also, the 30 freakiest ads, if you want a little more WTF in your advertising/
- Cello Wars. Ah, the Star Wars cello duel. Because what could be more niftily entertaining than that?
- There's a new Dark Knight Rises poster image out. Plus there's all that stuff about the prologue, but there are no special screenings of it in Australia. *pout* And I ain't paying for Imax tickets to see Tom Cruise's movie, sorry.

...I guess I'll just have to wait for Sherlock Holmes and the full TDKR trailer.
So, this semester's Uni results are out (for my course at least). As expected, I failed the practical part again - but on the other hand, I got 97% for one of my theory subjects. I'm not sure if that balances out or not.

Anyway, aside from that I have ended up accidentally cleaning my room. Yes, it is in fact possible. It started with the fact that I had clear all the stuff away from my windows so the tradies could come fix them - and thus ended up with a big clear space next to the window, so I finally got around to making up that Ikea bed frame I've been meaning to do for ages. And then I decided to actually go through all the stuff I had lying around and work out what to move where, which resulted in about 8 bags of rubbish, and lots of suddenly clear space in my room.

Well, it's not all clear - I could really rather uses some more cupboards or shelves or just something to put things in so they aren't on the floor. (Which, incidentally, was finally clear enough for a vacuum). But I've managed to find all sorts of random shit when going through my stuff.

I mean, aside from obvious things like old Birthday cards I received (and quite helpfully, old blank Christmas cards) and about a million lost pens, I've so far also found my old film camera, my Discman, piles of old floppy disks - my current computer doesn't even have a floppy drive - several packets of tea, reminder lists to myself of songs to obtain (I decided I owed it to my past self and downloaded all the ones I didn't already have) and old fanfic I wrote and never posted online. Oh, and the photo version of that Joss Whedon incident that certain people around here may recall.

Plus metric shitloads of old souvenirs and what-not that I forgot I had.

The floppy disks are interesting, actually - I labeled some, so I know what's on them. Which means they hearken back to time I was still living on the farm, and we had a dial-up connection, and since I couldn't go online for too long instead of reading fic online, I'd copy it onto disks and read it offline. At least one of the disks has a fic which I think is a WIP which is still being updated.

So yeah, today I cleaned my room up, and then decided to reward myself. So I had hash browns and alcohol. Huzzah! *falls over*
Well, we now seem to have the iPartment back, windows and all, even if the construction guys left rather a mess. I am not impressed with the sawdust all over my books, of my now broken Newton's Cradle.

I mean, they broke my science!

Also, I still have to put stuff in my room back where it belongs. And rehang my curtains.

They actually finished up on Saturday - which was not without it's problems, I assure you. My housemate checked with the office, and they said that the tradesmen would be arriving at about 9am, so I was sitting around waiting for them then. For the next three hours.

After some minor freaking out and trying to chase people down on their mobiles (because no-one seems to answer on weekends), I ended up finding out that the tradesmen were planning on arriving at 1pm, and had no idea about the 9am time I was given. Who knows what happened there.

So I headed off and spent the afternoon hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] cat_empress, wandering around this Fair Trade/Enviro friendly fair thing at Federation square. Which was interestingly different (or not so different, since I'd seen some of the stalls at the Night Market), but it's always nice to properly meet up with people you've only known online.

I hope you're enjoying the little plush echidna you got, [livejournal.com profile] cat_empress.

Then after that I met up with my sister and father and his gf and we went to a rather fancy Japanese restaurant for dinner. Mmmm, tempura vegetables.

And then I just got to bum around for the rest of the weekend, listening to random music I downloaded.

Anyway, one of the positive parts of all this fuss over the windows is that I now have the kitchen back, so I celebrated by testing out this recipe for vegetarian laksa for dinner. Which actually mostly worked out, it just need more spices. I wonder if there is a way to spice up microwave leftovers? (Recipe was for two servings, so I have Tupperware of laksa in the fridge).

And now for your regular dose of random entertaining links:
- The Harry Potter theme played on Piano, in "every style known to man". It's old, but still rather entertaining. And I'm very impressed by the improv skills.
- The mysterious paper sculptures of Scottish libraries. I had actually seen some of these before, but now there are more of them: 10 in total. That's a whole lot of creative effort.
- Photos of water splashes that look like hats. Hey, it's me. How could I not link this?
So, the two days of window people coming along and me skeddaling have been and gone - and yet, the windows still aren't done. So apparently people will be back again on Saturday to finish things off. And I do hope that means finish, so we can put furniture back as it should be and be able to actual cooking in the kitchen.


Also, it will mean I won't end up shoved out of the house so I am forced to wander around Melbourne, looking at random shops and ending up spending all my moneys. On the plus side, I found a place in Melbourne that had the Hark, A Vagrant! book, so I managed to get that without excessive postage charges.

Any suggestions as to what's on on Saturday so I can kill some time during the day? The comments on my Twitter have not been the most productive - most of yesterday afternoon got occupied when I got on the wrong tram by accident, and ended up spending a few hours at Docklands when I ended up there.

(And no, I don't plan on reading fic on my phone, because that is really not the most comfortable way to go about it. Even if it is a new chapter of Primary Gain.)

Oh, and Dad's having dinner with The Sister and I on Saturday, so I need to think of something to ask him for for Christmas by then. And one of my housemates is leaving for Vietnam on Saturday, too.

So yeah, my life.

Have some videos instead:
- The Periodic Table of Swearing. This is apparently an actual thing in London. ...I so wish I could go and see it.
- The Earth, as seen from the International Space Station. Our world is stranger and prettier than any CGI could ever be.
Someone is coming to the iPartment tomorrow morning (...at 8am) to replace all our window frames. This process is apparently going to take 2 days.

It would have been really nice if the landlord had actually bothered to TELL us about this, instead of me having to find out from a phone call on Friday from the window people.

Especially since one of my housemates has been away for the week (and won't be back until it's over) and I have no idea where the other one has gotten off too.

It was supposed to be a last minute confirmation of details from them!

*has spent the last hour pushing stuff around so you can actually get to the windows in my room*

What's some stuff I can go do for the next couple of days so I can avoid carpentry and machinery noise?
Stupid degree. Because of it and it's funky timing, everyone else gets to be on mid-semester break, and I won't be yet. Boo.

But since I had yesterday at a seminar thing for Uni, and spent this afternoon writing up an essay (Which is now done! Well, except editing and what-not), I shall talk about something else entirely.

So, how about that Penguindrum? Anyone else on the flist watching? Because Ikuhara has been bringing the delightful mindfuck in these past few weeks, and this week's episode ended on a doozy. And I have absolutely no idea where everything is going, and we're only half-way into things.

Also, Shouma/Ringo OTP!

And since on I'm on the topic of anime, apparently today was Update Your Fics day for my flist. I name no names, just that you people know who you are. But I am pleased.

...Also I made this post to the Code Geass comm about a certain forthcoming action figure. Because yay, shiny merchandise, especially shiny Suzaku figures. Girl's want fanservicey merch too, you know. That I will be unlikely to ever get, but eh. I like knowing shiny things are out there.

Or if you want some of Japan being crack, check out European philosophers as magical girls. As you do.

Speaking of buying things, after the seminar yesterday, I wandered down into the city and ended up at the Spencer St DFO, and ended up buying some new jeans, since my current ones are kinda too big.

And who can say no to $10 jeans, amirite?

And then I went and bought some stuff on Book Depository, which cost more than the jeans. Ain't life grand.

Also, I made a Thai curry the other day, and the recipe actually worked out! Well, mostly, since I think I cooked it for too long, and the cauliflower was sort of disintegrating. But now I have a fridge full of leftover curry.

And we have so far had two people come and take a look at the iPartment windows for a quote, so hopefully in the not too distant future, the window frames will no longer be borked. Sigh.

Here, have a prettiful video of Australian stars.
Or Puss In Boots making like Old Spice Guy if that's more your thing.

Yeah I'm kinda bored right now. Someone comment before I forced to resort to sorting out my jewellery.
Oh Melbourne weather. It was actually really hot for most of today - like summer weather - and now it's the middle of a thunder storm. Of course.

Which made lectures today a bit less than fun, but that's beside the point.

It's not doing any benefits to our bathroom window with a bird-induced hole any good, that's for sure. (Yes, a bird managed to make a hole in our bathroom window. No, it hasn't been fixed for weeks, because the problem is with the window frame, we are on the second floor, and there isn't enough room between the outside wall and the fence for the machinery so someone can fix the outside part. Well, that's for our land-lord to work out.)

Speaking of bathrooms, last night I had an unfortunate encounter with a spider in my pajamas. And yes, the spider was in the pajamas, not me. After a bit of shrieking and flapping clothes about, I managed to dislodge the damn thing, which I believe is current in Witness Protection somewhere in the bathroom.

And in other news, I have discovered how to make anything you do more awesome: do it while listening to James Bond theme songs. Things instantly become more awesome.

Case study: grocery shopping last night. Deciding which potatoes to buy is far more exciting if it is done while listening to Diamonds are Forever.

Here, have some random links of entertainment.

We have Alot of cake. I'm sure of you will get what is meant there.

Also, the time the Foo Fighters defeated the Westboro Baptist Church. Go rock and roll!
I have decided that what this world really needs is a Royal Society for the Protection of Apostrophes.

Oh, the apostrophe abuse I have witnessed today. *shudder* It was awful.

And so goeth the life of a student, with another week of actual class down - leaving me with a couple of days break before Friday and my three weeks of block placement. Sleeping in on weekdays, I was miss you. And I still need to come up with plans of just what activities I shall have people doing.

...But hey, at least I can sleep in tomorrow.

And I censused today, so there's that. It was ~thrilling~.

Since the last lot of random links got a pretty good response, here, have some more random entertainments! No idea where I've managed to pick this lot up from.

- A building with windows full of post-it note video game characters. And then it started a post-it note war. I approve.
- Actually, the whole site has a bunch of nifty things to look at/watch. Like the statue of dinosaur Batman. And SNAKE ON A CAR. And so on.
- The WIN section of FailBlog is pretty much along the same lines, even if it is sorta old news. But hey, you can check out Epic yo-yo guy showing off or nifty brass bugs, amongst other things.
- Piano Stairs! ...I want piano stairs. They look fun.
- Heavy Metal Harry Potter Theme. Which is an awesome that speaks for itself, really.
- A video advertising the Quidditch World Cup. No, not the one in the books, the real one. Er, sort of real.
- And to finish up my mini series of Potterness, A fanvid in memory of the Harry Potter series
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( Jun. 6th, 2011 09:25 pm)
Oh bleh.

My Exam/Presentation/Whatever thing was today. And I am grumpy at myself because it went less well than I had hoped. I kept forgetting what I was supposed to say next and having to look at my notes. In retrospect I seemed to cover all the major points I meant to, but as presentations go, it was rather less than spectacularly executed.

And for some bizarre reason, my body decided the best time to be all nervous and unable to eat was after the damned exam, which rather ruined my lunch.


At least that's done with, leaving my just one more assignment to get done for the rest of the semester, and that got it's due date pushed back a couple of days.

Though, I feel the need for some cheering entertainment - anyone up for taking advantage of Cheapass Tuesday movie tickets tomorrow? I could use a movie, and I hear that the new X-Men movies is actually quite decent. I also hear that Charles and Magneto have a whole lot of homoerotic subtext going on, but that's an entirely seperate point. Except for when it isn't.

Aside from that, I've mostly been watching Doctor Who fandom go mildly kerblooey - either because they had their minds blow, or were underwhelm/predicted things, which is interesting.

I had the personal experience of seeing one of my housemates walk in just in time to hear only the very last line of the episode. Poor bastard.


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