So, Saturday was [ profile] laurenmitchell's Halloween party. (Yes, I know that was actually the day before Halloween) Which meant I got the chance to see a whole bunch of friends and old Second-Floorers, some of whom I hadn't seen in quite a very long time.

Even if I did have to go to Zone 2 for it. Yeah, I got a lift there. But the point still stands!

Anyway, despite being a Halloween party, the theme was game characters. Which meant you got people as the RPG characters they had created, some of which were rather... interesting as cosplay. You know who you are. And also characters from computer games and video games and the like. (There was one guy as a Munchkin character). I took one of the suggestions I was given and ended up going as a chess piece - the Black Queen to be precise. Complete with my lovely black crown that I had fun doing on Thursday (Ah, spray-painting things.)

I forgot to bring my own camera, but on Facebook there's a reasonable picture, if you don't mind the bad lighting. And a group shot.

There was also some very interesting food at that party, where people apparently got experimental with the cake creation. As one does. But hey, at least we were all in out of the weather, which apparently decided to be seasonally appropriate.

And that was my Halloween.

Coming up next weekend, I am due to go see Mary Poppins at the theatre with Mum and The Sister this Saturday. I expect to come with far too many songs from my childhood stuck in my head.
My thighs have decided to make known their opinions about all that walking I was doing earlier this week. Ugh.

And the weather is being all over the place again. I hope it makes up it's mind already for tomorrow, I've got a Halloween party to go to, and I've finally got all my costume worked out. And by worked out I mean I spent an hour or two spray-painting things outside yesterday. Which worked quite well until they started ti stick to the newspaper I laid out. (I also ended up with a headache, which I am unsure is from either the paint fumes or sitting in the sun waiting for the paint to dry).

And all this and ...other bits is going to have to last me the whole two hours it'll take me to get there on public transport, oh joy and wonderment. I'm actually going somewhere outside of Zone One, shock horror.

And for you daily dose of random frivolous links:
- From the land of unverified rumours, Terry Pratchett's Mort to become a Disney Animated Film? I honestly don't know what to say about that.
- Book Dominoes. Nifty, though I pity whoever has to clean that all up afterwards.
- Mini Cannon blowing shit up. And now I want a teeny tiny cannon.
Wow, I haven't updated for an entire week. Shows how exciting my life has been lately. Anyone care to link me to anything interesting going on online/in the news/whatever?

Anyway, last night I went to [ profile] altheas and [ profile] lena_supercat's place for a House Cooling party. (Like a housewarming, but in reverse!) Which meant meeting up for a whole lot of people I haven't seen in quite a while. And I seem to have stuff on for the next few Saturdays, so at least I'll have things on on weekends. Plus there's a few things I need to get sorted during the week. I may be going to a Halloween party next weekend...

And for some entertainment value: LOL, Snapewank time again. The Snapefen - no, sorry, Severusmoms - are at it again. This time: claiming he's still alive, really!

And a Kirk/Spock fanvid of great lulz.
Well, yesterday was interesting. I headed into Uni for once, for ye old Second Floor events. In this particular case, "Spocktoberfest" as run by the Star Trek club. (Yes I know, snappy name that).

Of course, I'd been working of the generally accurate assumption that Second Floor things never actually start on time and since this one actually was on time, I missed out on pizza. And the start of the movie.

But hey, after wandering over to Lygon Street I got something to eat, and all ended reasonably well. So long as one can cope with ridiculously large amounts of gratuitous and out of context quotes. Seriously, guys...

Random Note: As I saw on my brief Lygon jaunt, apparently Chopper Read was doing a book signing at Borders. This was strangely amusing.

And then we went up to a pub on Sydney Road for drinks. Been a while since I've done that.

And some random frivolity for today:
- A take-off of the Old Spice Guy commercial as done by... Sesame Street. Yes, really. Yes, really. Grover: The Monster Your Monster Could Smell Like.
- And a chibi Old Spice Guy.

Yes, today's random frivolity is all Old Spice Guy related. Is that so wrong?
Well, had an interesting night last night.

I went to the 21st of my sister's BFF, which meant I knew only a few people. On the other hand, there were nibble and pizza and helium balloons and very nice cupcakes. And drinks were on a tab (so long as you stuck to certain drinks), and after a few glasses of champagne the not knowing people thing sort of becomes irrelevant.

Music was interesting, too, even if the bass was turned up way too high. (Whoever was in charge of the playlist ended up rickrolling everyone, too, GDit!)

Also, someone was walking around taking photographs of everyone's shoes. Not entirely sure what that was all about.

And that was that.

Otherwise, recently I saw Dad before he went back to Thailand again, until December.

And other stuff happened.

Here, have some links which entertained me:
- Cthulu's Old Spice commercial. I know this has been floating around on my flist, so I am sure some of you have seen it already. But it makes me LOL. Vaguely related topic: Anyone know where I could get some Old Spice Guy icons?
- And have some pictures of David Bowie posing with wolves. It's David Bowie with wolves. Nothing more needs to be said.

Oh, and subs of the most recent FMA:B OVA - the one with Mustang and Hughes at the academy, with the LOL QUICHE bits. And the serious stuff - are now online. It was... interesting. And kind of sad, really.
So, today I invented an exciting new recipe! I think I have decided to call it "Quesadillas of Fail".

It's much like the quesadillas I had when I was over in America - but with added fail! (Though I have to say, once you get past the burnt bits, fail tastes pretty decent actually.)

...Yeah, and that's why I'll never have my own cooking show, folks.

Otherwise, this weekend I went to [ profile] fa11ing_away's housewarming/return to Melbourne party. Which, as I only realised the day before, was actually a science fiction themed party.

So, cue me digging out my old Kaylee outfit, since I didn't have the time to get something new worked out. It seemed to work pretty okay, I thought (Though my hair isn't long enough to do the twisty bun things any more).

Yeah, met up with a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a while, tried some interesting alcohol (Fig Vodka. Seriously.) Oh, and found out that [ profile] de_chel's kitties love me. D'awww. ♥

And that's it for today, unless anyone wants to hear my crazy conspiracy theories about how Weezer's new album is secrtely some kind of Code Geass fanmix. This is the stuff my brain comes up with when I read to much fanfic while listening to music.
So, it's my birthday, and I have no more classes. Ever.

I think a celebration is in order. :D

Off to socialise, see you guys later.
So, Birthday plans. Mother Dearest is coming done to visit on the 5th of June (weekend after next), and I've been asked what I would like to do that evening.

Either: Go out and have a fancy-ish dinner (The suggestion was Mexican - proper Mexican, not Taco Bill's). Or go see Fame: The Musical.

So, which do you guys think I should go for, dinner or musical?

In other birthday plans, I will be meeting up lunch-ish time on Friday (my actual birthday) for coffee and maybe-cake with [ profile] fa11ing_away. Whom I haven't really seen since she moved away. ;_;

Oh, and I think Hoyts gave me a free movie ticket (so long as I go to a movie on my birthday). Anyone want to toddling along that evening/afternoon and see what's playing?

...That's the fun stuff done. Now I shall go back to working on this stupid poster. It really is going to be a very unattractive poster. Not many pictures, and walls of text.
So, Iron Man 2 last night. Really pretty fun, though not as good as the first one. It certainly had it's moments, though.

...And no-one much will able to talk about this until the end of the week because of us getting an early release for once. Huh.

But dinner and the movie with friends were a perfectly acceptable waste of an evening. Even if I was mildly disappointed in the absence of veggie dumplings at the place we went to. I HAZ A CRAVING.

And now The New Housemate is watching his new Avatar DVD in the living room. I suspect its ~*~revolutionary special effects~*~ will be somewhat less dramatic on our little TV.
I'm in the middle of a weirdly busy patch at the moment, all Uni stuff aside. Huh.

Yesterday was the seeing Ross Noble at the Comedy festival with [ profile] saikogrrl and Co. After some slight transport related flailing, and Kate showing up hugely late, (Kate >:() it actually turned out quite decent, even if I didn't know that many of Kate's friends. Show was quite good and very fun, even if the seats were not so much, and I was forever trying to peer around the heads of people in front of me.

Today Dad was in Melbourne, so The Sister and I went out for dinner with him. More transport flailing, though this time I actually ended up late. Dad's off to Thailand again, apparently. Joy and wonderment. Though I did vaguely wonder about that, given the current political issues over there.

Tomorrow I... get a haircut. Okay, not so dramatic, but overdue anyway.

Oh, and this weekend is Supanova. Any of you guys going? I'm not 100 percent certain which day I'll be there, though Sunday is currently more likely.

But hey, an excuse for dressing up crazy(-ish), checking out the panels and cosplay, merchandise and autographs. O HAI SUZAKU'S DUB VOICE >:)
So, guess who is going to be in the United States for 4 weeks later this year? Boo yeah!

From the looks of the flight details I've had sent to me, it appears that I'll be leaving her on the 18th of July. And arriving in Philadelphia after some stop-overs on... the 18th of July. That's the magic of the International Date Line, I suppose.

And I leave the states on the 15th of August (their time) and get home on the 17th. So I guess I'll be missing the 16th completely. Fun.

But yes, more details on that when I find out about them. Should be fun, though.

In other news, after the trivia night I just went to with some Uni peoples, I think I've had enough questions about the Trojan war to last me a lifetime. Egads.
So, on the subject of Facebook friendage, The Sister's boyfriend has also now decided to add me. I'm not sure what exactly what this signifies in the greater scheme of things, but hey! Maybe now I'll actually remember his last name.

Also, many thankies to [ profile] robotlove for the LJ gift of... a sugary bunny. I'm not entirely sure why you decided to give this to me, but hey, sugary bunny!

I could totally go sugary bunny IRL, actually. How much longer until the post-Easter sales anyway? Do I have to resort to eating sugar cubes again?

...Yeah, this wasn't a gratuitous icon post at all.
So, it's been a week since I last posted here. Whoops.

In compensation, my dear flist, you get... a whole lot of randomness. Because a little randomosity is good for the soul.

- Over at Fandom_Wank, the Snapefen are at it again.
They've also been all over the_hms_stfu lately. Making a bid to take over the role of resident crazypants section of HP fandom from the Harmonians, perhaps?
- On a more positive HP note, awesomesauce insightful fanfic on the female characters in Harry Potter.

Back to RL, and SSRM tutes are continuing in the gloriously cracktastic tradition.

Last week we somehow ended up on the topic of writing haikus about "being one with the train". And this week were talking about/practicing interview techniques. And somehow we ended up re-enacting a focus group for cult escapees. With a running theme of goats, a mention of Focus Group Survivor, and these lovely quotes:

- "What hair styling products did you use as a cult leader?"
- "Why do we always talk about bestiality in this subject?"

Ah, bless you cracktastic tutes.

And an non-tute related amusing quote, from a little while back:

Allen: "You know what's hilarious? So, I was translating Lady Gaga into Latin..."

...The Sister's graduation is this weekend. This is weird to think about.
Well, Uni was the provider of much lulz and WTF today.

Firstly, from one of the guest speakers in my Social Science class, this amusing quote:

"Whenever I find a restaurant I like, I start going there regularly... and then they go bust. Same thing happened with Communism."
- Guy who studied corruption in communist countries in the 80s.

Then there were all the people who were standing around Uni handing out free copies of The Origin of Species - with a Special Introduction by a Creationist.

Actually, I almost didn't mind this idea, until I actually looked at the "special introduction" and saw the gratuitous bashing of other religions and the ending spiel which was basically, "I'm taking the high road! Watch me take the high road! None of those horrible evil atheist would do something so ~good~! Admire me for taking the high road."

...Yeah. The moral high ground: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

Later was Star Trek club, in which we had much fun at the expense of our free books and their oh-so-special introduction, and then watched an episode of Stargate. (I had to leave before the TNG episode).

I also found the world's geekiest toilet wall graffiti, what with mentions of lolcats, 4chan, and that Deathly Hallows symbol from HP.

Oh, and I had my first tute of the semester, for SSRM. Which started out kind of boring, and yet by the end of it we'd ended up having conversations on why a dog is a phone, and the subjectivity of stop signs.

I approve of this sort of class.
Well, yesterday was interesting. I went to [ profile] connikins' Unbirthday Picnic - which meant copious amounts of tea, hats and vaguely Victorian outfits. (Yes, it was Alice in Wonderland themed).

Said picnic, incidentally, was held in front of Melbourne Museum, under that shelter thing. So all the people walking past (or to IMAX) saw us.

But it was fun! I saw some people I knew, and quite a few I didn't. I got to try all sorts of interesting home-made foods people brought. OM NOM NOM MOLASSES COOKIES. And have some intersting conversations - about, among other things, Lovecraft. And also really bad movies.

Oh, and at one point we got asked to pose in the background of someone's wedding photos. Which I suppose will make for some memorable wedding photos (Though it'll be fun when someone else looks at them and asks why they have a photo with a bunch of people in crazy hats).

And we managed to clear out of there before it started raining again. Though I was glad I brought my umbrella.

As for the Alice in Wonderland movie itself, well it was very pretty, but I honestly think the picnic was more fun overall. It was rather predictable in terms of plot - and if there was anything the original books were not, it was predictable. It was also very Tim Burton, for all that entails both good and bad.

The Cheshire Cat was the best thing in it. Yay for Stephen Fry's voice!

In other news, I was informed today that one of my cousins in the US has just gotten engaged! So congratulations to her. I can has trip the USA for the wedding, pls?

You know, soon I will run out of cousins to actually get married. Huh.
Pffff, what are you doing, Melbourne Weather? Storms and flooding the streets again, this time with ginormous hailstones?

The photos at [ profile] melbournemaniac are crazy, and apparently someone died.

I'm trying to decide if it's worth getting rained on and risking the potential lack of tram back in order to do my grocery shopping. 'Cos I'm kinda running low on food, here. And I need to get something to bring for [ profile] connikins' thing tomorrow.

Which I should still be attending, fortunately.

Otherwise, yesterday I went and did some vitally important shopping. Which is actually true in this case, since I was finding a dress for my cousin's wedding next weekend.

I'm sure Connie can guess where I ended up getting one from. ;)
It was this dress, in case you are wondering. Now I need some black shoes to go with it.

Oh, and I also picked up a couple of books to read which may come in handy if the power dies. Or if I need more public transport reading.

And now I must ponder if I shall brave the weather.
So, I had precisely one lecture today, on the first day of class for this year, and I showed up late. Admittedly, I couldn't find the damn lecture theatre.

Said lecture, incidentally was for Introduction to Life, Earth and the Universe, which I keep mentally parsing as "Introduction to Life, the Universe and Everything".

Which would been a fun class to have, now that I think about it.

Apart from that, I spent most of my day at Uni rushing around doing important things: renewing my student card, getting grumpy because they moved the damn Science Student Centre, paying bills, and getting my newspaper subsciptions. Because whatever would I do without my two newspapers a day?

And then I toddled up to join FOUL, in which I now appear to be, frighteningly enough, one of the oldbies. This is kind of terrifying.

But FOUL was lulzy amusement, I got to catch up with people (and take part in the requisite absurdity) for the first time in ages.

And that was my first day back. Fun.

My weekend wasn't all that enthralling, either. On Saturday, one of the downstairs apartments was auctioned (That's the second one in the past couple of weeks), so I got to sit in my room with the window open listening to the auctioneer. Didn't hear how much it sold for, though.

And yesterday I managed to burn my finger on the steam when I made rice. Which was rather painful as I was trying to sleep last night.

In other news, I appear to have a budding social life in the next couple of weekends. This Saturday [ profile] connikins is having an Unbirthday, which looks like fun, and the weekend after is my cousin's wedding.

Soon, I think I will run out of cousins to have weddings, you know.
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( Feb. 7th, 2010 11:44 pm)
So, yesterday I went to [ profile] altheas and [ profile] lena_supercat's wedding.

Which was lots of fun - certainly the most entertaining wedding I've been to.

Partially because, for once, I actually knew people beyond a few members of extended family. I probably knew people - including the bride and groom - much better than I normally would. Cue d'aww moments.

Partially because, well, geek wedding FTW! LOL Gazebo!

And partially because of [ profile] altheas's glorious collapse. Face it, Rob, that's going to be family gossips for you guys for decades. Fainting in the middle of your own wedding...

The reception was much fun, too. With all the sangria and the origami flowers. And the vodka toast. And the tequila toast. And the dance list with songs such as Numa Numa and Skullcrusher Mountain.

I mean, how can you not approve of a wedding where they play Still Alive during the cutting of the wedding cake? Class.
Hey, [ profile] fa11ing_away, you seem to have left some clothes here in the bathroom. Just what should I actually do with them, since I really have no idea.

On a similar note, I need your new address so I can forward mail to you. Via PM or email or whatever is fine, I just can't recall all your new details right now, and I assume you'll want your mail.

In other news, today I went to [ profile] lena_supercat's birthday barbecue, which was fun and meant I could catch up with lots of people whom I haven't seen in a while. And, you know, having generally geeky conversations as we hung out by the Yarra. Which was a fun way to spend an afternoon. Apart from the sunburn. Ouch.

In fannish news, I read the newest Jasper Fforde book, Shades of Grey, and rather liked it despite it being rather darker and less comedic than his other books. Pun not intended. Anyone else read it or know of somewhere I could chat on it?

Oh, and over in wankdom, Victoria Bitter has decided to leave fandom! FOR REALZ!!one! Does it count as pseudocide if you say you still have 6 weeks to live?

And in serious news: So, I hear it really sucks to be in Haiti about now. I must go through the stuff at [ profile] help_haiti and see if any fan-artists/icon makers/fic writers I like are offering their services.
And I am now deficient one housemate, now that [ profile] fa11ing_away has spread her wings for the distant shores of... New South Wales.

Okay, not that distant, but still. She has gone, *sniff* and The New Guy (Who is going to be referred to as such until I come up with a snappy nickname for him) has yet to actually move in, even if his bedroom furniture is down in the store room.

...Which means I am very shortly going to be the Token Female of the iPartment. I am not entirely certain how I feel about this. I must come up with a plot for making the boys my minions, since obviously I am the boss around here

On the plus side, most of the kitchen and living room stuff now belongs to me. And the dodgy washing machine. Thrilling, I know, but hey, more bookshelf space.

And in fannishness and a much more cheerful note, since FMA scanlations don't seem to be up yet and the episode with new OP and ED isn't until tomorrow, I give you THE RETURN OF BATZAKU! (Yes, remember that staggeringly brilliant idea I became enthralled with a few months ago?)

Courtesy of some random artist I found on DeviantArt. Also featuring Lelouch crushing Suzaku's dreams.


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