So, how about that new Thursday Next book that just came out?

Okay, so I haven't finished yet since I just got it today. And I am too tired to bother with sitting up all night reading. But hey, 20 percent off at Dymocks.

Otherwise today involved class - preparation for next Friday when I start with the actually being in a school bit - and then heading up to Uni for the O-Week stuff, like signing up for all the Second Floor Clubs at the clubs and societies tables. Not that I will be able to make half of the meetings, but they got my 2 dollars out of it.

And then there was FOUL picnic, which meant I got to meet back up with a whole lot of Uni peoples I hadn't seen in a while. Plus n00bs! I am actually now one of the older Second Floorers around. This is kind of scary.

Then I went back to the city to look at glasses frames again - I really would like a second opinion on things before I buy anything though. It's all new and scary. Anyone want to volunteer to come with me some time next week to pick stuff out? I could use some help. I should be free Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

And yeah, there was the buying of books and the impending homework to do this weekend and so on. Huzzah.

...Probably rather more sane than the other night's I ACCIDENTALLY A CULT. If less lulzy.

Also less lulzy, the New Zealand earthquake, and whatever the hell is going on in Libya. The world is really kind of crazy at the moments. :/

Here, have a YouTube video. Or as I like to call this one, FUCKING REAL LIFE ESCHER, HOW DOES IT WORK?
Oh busy day today.

Had a job interview this morning - it was group interview, too, which was interesting. (As in, actually sincerely interesting). We were asked to call back tomorrow afternoon to find out if they want us to come in for actual training, so I should know about that pretty soon. It's only a casual position, though, so if I do find something more full-time, it'll be ditched. But oh well.

Next up: 9am Friday interview. *sigh* Oh, and I've got another interview also being organised, but no time and date worked out, though I'm hoping I can wangle it to be Friday afternoon some time. It'd just make things easier that way.

Apart from that, today I finally got around to seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part One). Huzzah for Cinema Nova's $6 tickets.

To paraphrase something I said elsewhere, I think the real benefit of having cut the book in half for this is that it allowed the movie to have both the plot important stuff and emotional character moments with compromising or rushing either, the way some of the other movies have. It didn't feel like it was nearly as long a movie as it actually was. And there was some definite pretties though.

It's been a while since I read the book - probably for the best, since I'd most likely nitpick the film more if it was fresh - but while there were some scenes I wish they hadn't cut and some additions I didn't entire buy, it mostly worked out well for me. And there were some scenes that I am pretty certain were line for line of book dialogue, which I found oddly pleasing.

Slightly more spoilery stuff )

So, back again in six months, I suppose.

Oh, and I got the new Jasper Fforde book. It's a Young Adult book, so I'm already two-thirds of the way through it, but it's fun so far. Lighter on the puns and literary allusions and more obvious on the subtext, but still very, very Jasper Fforde. I'm not entirely sure if the main character really convinces me she's almost 16, though.

And your random YouTube videos for the day:
- A kitten riding a tortoise. Come on, say dawwww!
- EVERY ANIME OPENING EVER MADE. Okay, not literally true, but there is such a point there.
Tell me you want to play and I'll pick up to three of your fandoms. Then update your journal and answer the following questions:

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3. Favorite episodes/books/movies, etc?
4. Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
5. Do you think more people should get into this fandom?

I yoinked this meme from [ profile] xwingace, who gave me the following fandoms: Code Geass, Firefly and Thursday Next/Fforde

Code Geass )

Firefly )

Thursday Next/Jasper Fforde in general )

If you don't want to actually participate, feel free to just comment on my questions. Or you can volunteer yourself!
Hey, [ profile] fa11ing_away, you seem to have left some clothes here in the bathroom. Just what should I actually do with them, since I really have no idea.

On a similar note, I need your new address so I can forward mail to you. Via PM or email or whatever is fine, I just can't recall all your new details right now, and I assume you'll want your mail.

In other news, today I went to [ profile] lena_supercat's birthday barbecue, which was fun and meant I could catch up with lots of people whom I haven't seen in a while. And, you know, having generally geeky conversations as we hung out by the Yarra. Which was a fun way to spend an afternoon. Apart from the sunburn. Ouch.

In fannish news, I read the newest Jasper Fforde book, Shades of Grey, and rather liked it despite it being rather darker and less comedic than his other books. Pun not intended. Anyone else read it or know of somewhere I could chat on it?

Oh, and over in wankdom, Victoria Bitter has decided to leave fandom! FOR REALZ!!one! Does it count as pseudocide if you say you still have 6 weeks to live?

And in serious news: So, I hear it really sucks to be in Haiti about now. I must go through the stuff at [ profile] help_haiti and see if any fan-artists/icon makers/fic writers I like are offering their services.
Reasons why First Among Sequels is the greatest thing in the history of ever:

"Sadly, I have to advise you that Mr Harry Potter is unable to attend owing to copyright restrictions"

- Page 218
Daily Mail headline generator!

It became necessary for me to link the above site, after it generated for me the classic headline, WILL LESBIANS INFECT THE QUEEN WITH AIDS?

Great for teh lulz.

On some fandom related lulz, I found this article.

I haven't the faintest idea what most of the article is about, but the analogy used to explain the confusing stuff amused me immensely:

"The dichotomy is, as per usual, best illustrated with reference to Doctor Who:

Rose Tyler is engaged in a frantic, neurotic attempt to root herself and The Doctor within some kind of matrix of meaning and identity, played out against the backdrop of her electra complex, whereas Martha can more readily assimilate the irrational contradictions of travel in time and space because basically, she's tagging along for a laugh, with maybe the promise of a shag at the end of it."

And on the subject of Doctor Who, I am trying not to amuse mysef with the thought that certain sections of fandom *cough*Rosefen*cough* seem determined to have S3 turn out rather, well, Rebecca-esque, with Martha as the new bride. Shakespeare Code probably didn't help, what with it sort of feeding into this mentality.

Which means I am now picturing the Rosefen as an army of Mrs Danvers'. Jasper Fforde would be proud.

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( Sep. 19th, 2006 10:21 pm)
Yarr! Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, scurvies! Because if ever there was an international day worth celebrating, this would be it, savvy?

Look, even the transport is in on it!

In any case, to celebrate, I went out to [ profile] jess_with_a_hat's Pirate Party last night, in which we celebrated in a suitably piratical fashion, ie. with rum.

But twas much fun. I headed over there with [ profile] fa11ing_away, me in full piratey outfit (I have photos), and we picked up [ profile] absurd along the way.

Highlights of the evening included: The highly amusing Twister game (how can anyone not love a game that leads to copious remarks about the man with his head between a lesbian's thighs?); The game of werewolf, which was rapidly renamed "Pirates and Ninjas"; the fun costumes; [ profile] blinvisible demonstrating some fire twirling; lots of rum; the failed chocolate fondue, that ended up tasting awfully chocolate truffle-like; the mutant strawberry and lots of other random silliness.

Some quotes (from our Pirates and Ninjas game):

[ profile] chifley: "I think you'll find all my sides are camp... Dance, eyebrows, dance!"

[ profile] de_chel: "Everyone is bored! The mod is reading Dolly Doctor! Chifley is reading Dolly!"

And some photos )

...And that was last night.

Now, this evening was the Jasper Fforde book signing. So, I turned up at Dymocks in the city and spent an hour listening to dear Jasper talk about his books, himself and general stuffs of amusement, which was lots of fun. Yay Jasper!

And after that, I got copies of both The Big Over Easy and The Fourth Bear signed, which means now that half my Jasper Fforde collection is signed. Which amused me muchly.

And after that I went off with [ profile] saikogrrl and friend for some Japanese for dinner. (But not before purchasing Witches Abroad, to complete my Discworld collection, and American Gods, because I need to read more Neil Gaiman).

So, yeah, fun night! Argh!

ETA: And LiveJournal is in on the act. Awesome!
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( Sep. 1st, 2006 10:27 pm)
Sooo, on the 18th and 19th of September, Jasper Fforde is going to be doing Q and A sessions, and book signings in Melbourne. On the Monday at Readings in Carlton, whilst Tuesday is Dymocks in the city.

I mention this because I entirely intend to go to one. The debate is to which.

Initially, I thought it would have to be the Monday one, because the time of the Tuesday one is when I have class. However, I was informed that the signings were during the mid-semester break. (And much facepalming came from my direction...)

So, it's now just a matter of which I would prefer. And, of course, if any of my friends are attending either as well.

Any thoughts?

If you want more info, Jasper's appearances page lists details. The Fourth Bear signings, come one, come all!


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