Well, another more-or-less busy week here.

Tuesday was volunteering again, then spent the next couple of days mostly just working my way through sorting out clothes for the new cupboards and what-not. Which is sort of an adventure in itself, since I found all sorts of things that I don't even remember having, plus a few things I haven't worn in years. On the other hand, I think I've had the skirt I am wearing since I was about 13, so yeah.

But I ditched some things with holes in it, dumped a pile of things in bags to shove into one of those charity bins when I get around to it, and am basically mostly sorted out with the clothes. Though working out dividers or shelves or something for that wardrobe will be a pain. *sigh*

Then Friday was training for new job - pretty easy, basically. Actual work is due to start next Wednesday, and henceforth most of my shifts are the afternoon/evening type (aka 4.30pm-10.30pm). So if you want to invite me to do something, try either weekends or lunchtime-ish. Or let me know more than a week in advance so I can inform the scheduling peoples.

And that was about it, excluding my somewhat spamminess on Tumblr. It's so easy to find shiny pictures...

Then today I slept in, listened to Marina & the Diamonds, and watched the new episode of Korra. Which I mostly predicted. Sort of. Well, I called that Hiroshi would be an Equalist, and Asami would be completely ignorant of this. The actual confrontation going down today - or, you know, steampunk mechas - not so much.

Also, I have a great big demand for Darth Sato and Asami Skywalker art, because that was so what I was thinking. (And, yeah, I loved it, because I am a sucker for "I love you, but must fight against you because what you are doing is evil" plots in stories.

Plus, we got girl!bonding; the Sato's way awesome house, which I shall miss though we will now get everyone living on Air Temple Island funtimes; Tenzin and Lin being badass even as they failed and we've hit the point where I honestly don't know where things will go know. It's all a mystery here on in.

...kinda wanting some crossovers with mecha series now, because that would be fun. Zero vs Amon comparisons would be sort of hilarious and creepy.

Also, that fic where Cabbage Corp is the Apple of the Avatarverse.
It was an interesting enough week there, I suppose.

Volunteering Tuesday, then on Wednesday I went to see The Avengers with peoples. I did consider doing a review type thing then, but at that point barely anyone on my flist would have seen it, so I didn't think I'd get much response.

I do have some comments to make, starting with the fact I could definitely feel Joss Whedon's influence on things. People who have seen Whedon's stuff now what I mean here: snappy dialogue, a certain specific type of humour. Plus, you know, a popular character dying dramatically before the big finale in order to motivate people. Oh, poor Coulson, the doom of being liked by Joss Whedon and not heading a movie of your own. Your fanboy crush on Captain America was so cute (and thus you were obviously doomed).

Otherwise - Thor's situation from the end of his movie was really handwaved away; Hulk was really impressively awesome, him and him as Bruce Banner were rather show-stealers. Hulk vs Loki was the greatest lulz ever. Also, Tony Stark was like totally hitting on Banner. I now ship Natasha/Hawkeye, because they were honestly sort of compelling, and I want all the fics ever of Steve being introduced to pop-culture or other modern things.

So that was that.

Then on Saturday I went to Worn Wild, which was basically just a market (...in a bar) for goth or alternative clothes and accessories. Got a new hat, and a headband, and a few other accessories. I was tempted to get one of the corsets that were on special, but decided against it in the end.

And then today I went and watched Korra. Which remains very good, even if the fandom jumping instantly into shipwar mode is making me sigh. And roll my eyes. Of course, I happen to like both Mako/Korra (because I like the way they bounce off one another) and Mako/Asami (because I think they were cute and sweet) so I am probably Doing It Wrong here. And yeah, the whole "Asami is too nice, she must secretly be EVIL!" theory is blatant in it's real subtext. I'll admit that Mako/Asami will probably need a bit of drama at some point to tell me long term, but drama and SHE MUST BE PLANNING SOMETHING really not the same thing.

My personal, possibly crack, theory is that the mysterious (and pointedly unnamed) person who started Hiroshi Sato out with his loan had some kind of role in founding the Equalists - and they are going to come calling in to pay that back. And since his daughter knows the Avatar, why, let's just get Miss Sato to do things for us. Cue blackmail, and Asami having to fight against people she likes to keep herself and her father safe (which incidentally allows her to go back to being on Korra's side once Amon gets sorted out - I heard he was a Season 1 villain only).

...Yeah, it's possibly silly. But it's the sort of silly I like, and this episode seemed to be full of pointed references to past events that will most likely to end up plot relevant. Like that guy who Aang dealt with in Republic City in the past. And the flashbacks at the end, which have got to have significance beyond just fanservice. Aside from that, the episode was filled with Tenzin and family being awesome (The kids being hilariously so, Tenzin being an awesome mentor/father figure), and Korra making me cry. That poor girl, so afraid and alone! She so needs some "I like you for you, not just being the Avatar!" moments.

All the stuff with the Equalists there is really well written and 3-dimensional, being both utterly frightening and being very much justified in their complaints - all the ruling Council is benders, the cops with all their power seem to be, most of the triads and criminals, apparently, and the people who are opposed to this are being pretty much oppressed.

That said, I can't be on Amon and co.'s side on this because to paraphrase a comment someone else made: The fact their complaints about the current system are entirely justified doesn't change the fact the movement completely fails to propose any alternates. "Destroy all benders" isn't exactly a goal that will make things any better for anyone. Powerful douchebags will still abuse that power, and the innocent and powerless still get oppressed. And we can see with the Satos, and Mako and Bolin, in Republic City power isn't just about bending or not. For the record, Geass fans, this is why I was never really on Lelouch's side, while I did sympathise with the Black Knights. No matter how valid your complaints are, if you don't have a viable political alternative, any success you have will break down pretty fast.

And that was my dose of tl;dr for the day. Now all I want is to know where the good Korra icon-makers are hanging out. Also, for someone to write me a FMA/Korra crossover, because that'd be nifty.
Well, I just spent most of the last few days at this years Supanova.

I normally only go in for one day, so the whole weekend thing was a bit new (and a bit exhausting), but then again I've generally had actual things on during the week, which I need the chance to sleep in a bit more. At the moment... well, I can sleep in tomorrow.

I didn't end up getting any autographs or photos with anyone - sorry, I just find it all so very over-priced - but I did see a bunch of panels. Summer Glau, Morena Baccarin, Wil Wheaton and the Phelps twins from HP. Also Jaimie Alexander (Sif from Thor). Oh, and some of the Cosplay, and the FMA:B movie on Friday night, and caught up with [livejournal.com profile] lizbee and [livejournal.com profile] connikins and a bunch of other people I know (and some whose faces were vaguely familiar).

Actually I spent most of today wandering around with Connie, who seems to run into people she knows everywhere.

I didn't really cosplay anything, but I did dress up - I'll post pictures if I find any online - both days in corsets and bustles and hats and whatnot. Saturday with my eBay parasol with a sort of black and white and red theme, while today was sort of Queen of the Goths, as I claimed I was dressed as to someone.

Also ended up repeatedly talking corsets with a guy in a dress (and corset) who was very well informed.

The FMA movie was fun enough - I mean, yeah, filler movie, so it didn't exactly add anything profound to the FMA universe (Though the manga is pretty perfect, so it's not as if it needs anything...), but at least it didn't do anything horrific to the characters. And the action scenes were wonderfully animated - I know there was some debate on the quality of the animation as a whole, but I mostly liked it. And plus points for some interestingly morally gray characters (technically, terrorists I suppose) dealing with colonisation.

The main issues were basically pacing - it was sort of ACTION...long period of set-up and exposition... DRAMA AND ACTION - and that when you get down to it the story was more about the new characters than the established ones. Which wasn't necessarily a bad story (and at times had some interesting reflections on the Elric brothers), it's just, you know, you go to an FMA movie for the Fullmetal Alchemist and pals. Not other people.

I do, though, sort of want to see fic about the characters from it. Maybe Julia seeing Ed again post series, or something?

Oh, and pretty typically for a con, I ended up buying a bunch of stuff. Some manga volumes from series I haven't finished; some Daleks to add to my Dalek army (including a plush one that talks when you squeeze it); A plush Threetie from Mawaru Penguindrum; A random book that was going cheap; a Nerv key-ring; a plush tentacle (...don't ask).
So [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away's birthday rather did end up dominating my evening. Both the party itself and preparing for it on Sunday (including my discovery that you can buy bottles of Midori that come in bottle shaped cocktail shakers).

And yes, there was ball-gowning on public transport.

Party was rather fancy, because most people seemed to really stick with the theme, masks and swishy clothes and all. Also, there was a chocolate fountain, which makes most things great.

I ended up sticking around until Ridiculous A.M., and was planning to get an early tram home for shower and sleep, but I think I feel asleep while lying on the floor, which meant by the time I got home and had some sleep, most of Sunday was gone, too.

So much for the weekend.

But today I turned in that assignment I completed online, and then worked on my last assignment. I'm mostly done now, just need to do a statement of intention, and then fiddle around with formatting and editing.

But after I hand that in on Wednesday, I shall be free! At least for a few more months, anyway.

And for today's dose of random entertainment, I give you:
...The Mapping Stereotypes Project. Or, how bigots see the world.
...A UK computer store's Star Wars ad campaign. I have to wonder how George Lucas feels about this.
...Old people in China covering "Bad Romance" on satellite TV. The Internet really does have everything nowadays.
Slightly early, yes, but last night was [livejournal.com profile] notalwaysweak's annual Halloween party, so a bit of getting into the spirit of things early. (Also, Halloween is actually on Monday, so...)

This year's theme was Musicals, which meant there ended up being numerous Rocky Horror and Pirate peoples around. Plus two Elphaba/Wicked Witches.

I ended up going (courtesy of "I forgot what the theme was until earlier this week") as Carmen from, well, Carmen. Red gypsy skirt, black lace wrap, pretty easy. Even if I ended up with a few people asking if I was someone from Moulin Rouge.

I had vaguely considered going as someone from Chicago, but seeing as I was catching public transport, out into the wilds of Zone 2 suburbs, I didn't really want to be wandering around dressed like a prostitute.

Anyway, fun party with the expected copious amounts of pre-catered foods and assorted BYO things - such as Darren's gloop. We watched some random old AMVs - emphasis on random and old there, watched through Rocky Horror, sort of, while playing some games, and played Rock Band - I was pretty terrible at it.

Plus the normal, you know, socialising with people and/or their cats. Some of them I hadn't seen in ages, so it was good to catch up. The people I mean, though I suppose it applies to the cats too.

I'm sure there are some photos floating around on Facebook. Anyone else doing/done anything much interesting for Halloween?

And on a seasonal note, I give you a deeply disturbing music video: Big Bad Wolf. It is neither work safe, or brain safe.
Stupid degree. Because of it and it's funky timing, everyone else gets to be on mid-semester break, and I won't be yet. Boo.

But since I had yesterday at a seminar thing for Uni, and spent this afternoon writing up an essay (Which is now done! Well, except editing and what-not), I shall talk about something else entirely.

So, how about that Penguindrum? Anyone else on the flist watching? Because Ikuhara has been bringing the delightful mindfuck in these past few weeks, and this week's episode ended on a doozy. And I have absolutely no idea where everything is going, and we're only half-way into things.

Also, Shouma/Ringo OTP!

And since on I'm on the topic of anime, apparently today was Update Your Fics day for my flist. I name no names, just that you people know who you are. But I am pleased.

...Also I made this post to the Code Geass comm about a certain forthcoming action figure. Because yay, shiny merchandise, especially shiny Suzaku figures. Girl's want fanservicey merch too, you know. That I will be unlikely to ever get, but eh. I like knowing shiny things are out there.

Or if you want some of Japan being crack, check out European philosophers as magical girls. As you do.

Speaking of buying things, after the seminar yesterday, I wandered down into the city and ended up at the Spencer St DFO, and ended up buying some new jeans, since my current ones are kinda too big.

And who can say no to $10 jeans, amirite?

And then I went and bought some stuff on Book Depository, which cost more than the jeans. Ain't life grand.

Also, I made a Thai curry the other day, and the recipe actually worked out! Well, mostly, since I think I cooked it for too long, and the cauliflower was sort of disintegrating. But now I have a fridge full of leftover curry.

And we have so far had two people come and take a look at the iPartment windows for a quote, so hopefully in the not too distant future, the window frames will no longer be borked. Sigh.

Here, have a prettiful video of Australian stars.
Or Puss In Boots making like Old Spice Guy if that's more your thing.

Yeah I'm kinda bored right now. Someone comment before I forced to resort to sorting out my jewellery.
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( Sep. 12th, 2011 10:34 pm)
Or, "Oh, FOUL" would probably be more appropriate.

Seeing how our delightful club FOUL has their AGM today, and it went... rather like one expects FOUL AGMs to go. Aka, everyone rushing to get through things so they can get to the free Pizza.

A remarkable number of inanimate items, mostly clothing, got elected to positions. Including my hat, which was unanimously voted in to become the "Rear Admiral of Commerce".

Yes, my hat is now higher ranked than I am. Ain't life grand?

Yes, the FOUL AGM was far more interesting than any of today's classes

And a randomly amusing quote from one my lectures today: "Who is Machiavelli, and why is he abstract?"

Also, I have some new icons! Seeing as I felt in need of some Penguindrum ones.
Things I did today: Fainted at the comic shop.

Right onto a rack of comics, too.

No, really. And I still don't know why (Well, IDK if I actually lost consciousness. I did end up on the floor while the guy standing next to me proceeded to panic.)

But seriously, I was just standing in Minotaur, flicking through the comics (Detective Comics #881, to be precise), when I noticed that I was feeling rather light-headed. So I reached up to put the comic back on the shelf, and then I just sort of... fell onto it - the rack, I mean. And then onto the floor. Where I sort of lay for a few minutes before the guy next to me, whose name and phone number I really should have gotten since he was nice, went and got my water bottle out for me.

Which made for a rather odd afternoon.

No idea what that was all about. (Best guess is that my rather graphic imagination + some of the more disturbing/brutal aspects of the scene in the comic did not combine well in my brain. Well, I am just not good with witnessing certain types of injury, even in fiction.)

I ended up buying a new hat to make me feel better. Well, it was on special.

Oh, and I also went on school placement today. ;)
So, I went to Armageddon today. It was, as expected REALLY FREAKING COLD out, which a bit of last minute clothes shuffling. (Sorry miniskirts, I don't think I could deal with that today even with colourful tights.)

Ended up with an ankle-length black skirt, black top with billowy lace sleeves and my gothic lolita hat. And white boots, because what the hell? End result with jewellery and sparkly make-up ended up looking kind of goth, actually. And vaguely Victorian - enough that a couple of guys running a stall decided that I must be a steampunk fan and tried to point me in the direction of the books they were selling with much flattery of my taste.

Or they were just trying to hit on me. Not entirely sure.

I ended up going to the panel with Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Sophie Aldred, which was actually quite funny. I think the technical difficulties added a distinct note of fun to the proceedings. I also watched the cosplay contest, and actually watched the entire first two episodes of the FMA:B English Dub for the first time. Which was... interesting, having watched the whole thing in subs.

Got an autograph from Vic Mignogna (who also complimented my outfit, and when asked said he'd dubbed up to episode 58), and I wanted to get John DiMaggio's but kind of that failed miserably.

I mean, I showed up too late for the morning session, which was fine - line was long, he had other stuff to do - I said I'd come back after lunch. And then when I showed up, the lady there was refusing to let anyone else line up before he'd even started doing autographs. And then said to come back in an hour. Which I did, and was still told to come back later. So I did, and was told there were no more autographs allowed, despite the fact there was nothing else on.

I think this would have all been less frustrating if she hadn't decided that no-one else could join the line just as I tried to join the end of it. Seriously.

I also had a near-miss with [livejournal.com profile] lizbee - I hadn't realised she was actually there until late in the day, and when I did, I sent a message asking where she was. I was in a queue at the time, so I couldn't rush off, but when I finally did head in her direction - I got a message saying she had just left. Literally, two minutes ago.

That one was more disappointing than aggravating, though.

Otherwise, there were a lot of nifty cosplayers around, but I was too lazy to take pictures. Lots of Doctor Who types, including a Jack with a hand in a jar to my amusement. Slightly less heavy on the anime-types (or at least animes I knew), though I sort of pitied the Yoko I saw in the (lack-of) heat. I saw some Insurance Girls from Trigun, which was nice - I normally I only see Vash and Wolfwood cosplayers around. And so on and so forth. Had a few people take pictures of me, and I shall once more wonder if any of them will ever actually find there way online.

Didn't actually buy much - an FMA stopwatch (sadly, it was first anime, so the year on the "Don't Forget" was off, but I'll live), some interestingly flavoured licorice, and a wooden sword because why not buy a wooden sword. It wasn't hugely expensive.

And that was my day. I can't say it was really up there with my best convention experiences, but that's the way these things go. And it was entertainment for a day.
And I didn't get the job. Boo. Apparently it was given to someone with more experience. Godammit I hate stupid experience. It's not my fault, I kind of need a job to get that experience. *sulks*

Back to job hunting I shall go. *sigh*

Some random stuff that is less depressing:
- Today I walked past a place offering discount "vajazzling". Truly, I sometimes need reminders that the universe really is cracktastic. WTF, Melbourne?
- I got to wear the boots I bought last week. They were all white and made me feel kind of Alex Drake. Only without heels, because I needed some flat boots.
- What starts as offensive research fail in a Christopher Pike book ends up revealing the author sockpuppeting reviews of his own books. God I love me some sock-puppet wank. I think I even used to read his books back when I was a kid. Anyone else remember Spooksville?
That ended up being surprisingly interesting for a day in which I was just expected to go into the city and then back home after lunch.

Anyways, someone on [livejournal.com profile] melbournemaniac was selling a whole bunch of manga second-hand very cheap, so I went and bought some stuff. Which meant I ended up going into the CBD to pick up a pile of volumes of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Yays for pretty CLAMP art!

Of course on the way in it was really freaking windy- when I was crossing the road, my poor hat got blown off and almost got run over. Fortunately the car stopped before that unmitigated tragedy could occur. I mean, that was the original hat. Luck was obviously on my side today.

But yeah, picked up my bag o'manga, had Hare Krishna food for lunch (Speaking of which, I have to wonder just how old I actually look. No-one ever asks for ID when I buy drinks, but people still assume I am a student just by looking at me.), bought a few bits and pieces that I missed the other day when things closed.

Oh, and got a couple of cheap summer dresses from the Designer Incubator. I figure I'll probably need them over in the states with their heat-wave or whatever.

And then I got a haircut. Which I probably didn't desperately need just yet, but I think I want my hair to look nice when I'm travelling

And now I am tired. How can just wandering around the city buying things be so tiring?

Here, have some Doctor Who wank as a refreshing treat.

Incidentally, does anyone remember an article a while back - not on LJ, but linked to me from LJ (maybe Firefox News?) - that was all about how two people can watch the same show but be seeing, basically, two entirely different shows? Something like that, anyway. It's not for anything serious, I just kind of want to reread it, and maybe keep the link handy.
So, the next assignment I have due, for my science class, is... a poster.

Yes really, I have to make a poster.

I mean yeah, a couple of weeks after that I'll have a three hour exam, but really. A poster. You can so tell this is a class for ickle firsties.

With a minimum of ~*~two references~*~.

Yes, I'm dead from lulz here.

On the other hand, no prac next week. Maybe I'll go to the library to find my ~*~two references~*~.

One of the topics to chose from in "Life On Mars". Must resist urge to talk about Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt. Or David Bowie.

And in news that is not about making fun of my assignments, today I bought some nice new warm winter pajamas.

I just thought everyone should know about that.
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( May. 1st, 2010 11:39 pm)
So, yesterday after my test - which I am entirely certain I didn't get full marks on, but hey it could have been worse - and the biology prac after (Looking at things under microscopes! Which was kind of fun even if I kind of always needed assistants to help find things on the slide for me. Parameciums are sort of cute) I went and did me some retail therapy.

Because really, what problems can't shopping solve? Aside from lack of money.

Ended up getting a random CD of alternative music with female vocalists - pretty good, though I wish it had a higher proportion of rockier stuff - a couple of books to read, and that jacket I mentioned. Mildly insane clothes make me happy.

And then today I... did half my assignment. It's not even due for another week and a half! (...Though I admit I did the easy half). No Zombie Shuffle for me, apparently unlike most other people I know.

And tomorrow evening I am off to see Iron Man 2 with [livejournal.com profile] neo_leviathan and pals. Hopefully weather will be suitable to wear my new jacket.

So, something of a productive weekend by my standards.

And of course next weekend is Mother's Day, so Mum will be coming down to see Jersey Boys with The Sister and I, and then we shall have High Tea on Sunday. ~Fancy~, I know.
You know what's a vaguely creepy experience? Being the only person on a tram. (Well, the only person other than the driver). 'Twas a bit weird this afternoon. Fortunately it didn't last all that long.

Something else which is also kind of creepy: random text messages about funerals. RIP Frank, whoever you may have been. (Yeah, I think that one was a wrong number).

In less creepy news, I am trying to decide if I should buy this jacket or not. It is interestingly weird, as all my favourite clothes are, and the one I tried on fits.

Oh, and news about a new animated Code Geass project finally leaked with that DVD. New lead, new location, set circa the first season? I can live with that. Though I kinda want someone to upload the new picture drama already

And that is your brief update from me. Unless you feel like joining the masses and talking about the Icelandic volcano (or Carl Williams if you are in Melbourne). Or the current and quite hilarious Bleach wank.

I'm not sure why Bleach wank amuses me so, given I haven't even seen/read the canon, let alone been in the fandom. Or maybe that's exactly why I find it so hilarious.
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( Apr. 18th, 2010 11:15 pm)
So, that was fun. Not the most fun I have ever had - I really need to get to more cons with fan-run discussion panels, instead of just Q&As with celebs. Or at least with more celebs I really care about. And I need to find some people I know to attend these things with me, for added lulz factor. Also, it was bloody hot in the building.

But yeah, it was a decent waste of a day.

Saw the cosplay contest (at least until it was almost over and everyone was starting to trail off boredly), saw Yuri Lowenthal's panel, was going to go to Gareth David-Lloyd's one, but decided I couldn't be bothered waiting for the crowd.

Wandered around looking at the non-competition cosplayers. There were the usual suspects in terms of who they dressed as, some utterly cracktastic ones, some amusingly bad ones - I'm looking at you, cardboard box gundams - and some really good ones, even outside the contest. There was a rather decent Suzaku wandering around, and half-way through the day he ended up changing outfits, from Knight of Seven to Knight of Zero. I have a picture of him, I think. Bless, his mum made the costume.)

And of course looking at all the stalls and merchandise and whatnot. I got some manga I've read but didn't own (including the last volume of Hellsing); second season of Black Lagoon, since I'd given up on JB Hi-Fi ever getting it in (Naturally, the contacted me a couple of hours later to say it had arrived); a Death Note (...what?); a spiffy white blouse from the gothic lolita shop; and a keyring that smells like cake. Really.

Oh, and there were also the signings. Cue evil laugh.

Anyway, Yuri Lowenthal is a lovely, lovely man and I have decided I won't hear a word against him. Not only did he sign my Code Geass boxset and have a picture with me, but when I asked him to say something for me to record, not only did he say what [livejournal.com profile] robotloveI suggested, no problems, but when I showed him the picture it was from, he asked for another take so he could make it sound, and I quote, "more passionate."

Oh yeah.

I uploaded to YouTube and everything )

...Yes, that is in all likelihood the most shamelessly fangirly thing I have ever done. I regret nothing!

Now who's going to record Johnny Yong Bosch saying Lelouch's part?
So, yesterday was The Sister's graduation. And thus I now know exactly what goes on in graduations, and am thus prepared for my own in the future. Though I still don't get why they kick everyone out of Union House on Wednesday afternoons.

And yes, it is a scary, scary thought that my sister has graduated before I have. Indeed. At least I'll be allowed to have more letters after my name when I'm done.

But we did the official family photos thing, and she got to swan around in robes all afternoon. (No funny hat, alas. Apparently for our Uni you only get those for Masters or above) And there was the actual official ceremony, with the choir singing in Latin a song with lyrics that are really weird when translated, and lots of old people in crazy robes, and The Most Awesome Weapon Looking Thing Ever.

And then we sat through some speeches, and cheered her when she got given her diploma. And then sat through everyone else getting their diplomas. (The Sister's BFF and I amused ourselves by finding people with complicated names and then listening to see if the announcer screwed up the pronunciation).

And then there was the free food!

So, all in all an interesting enough day, though I don't think I'd sit through it for someone who I wasn't related to. Or, you know, my own when it comes.

I also decided to give the Terrifying Boots a test run. Apart from the fact they made me look like a foot taller than my sister in the photos, I have discovered it is like physically impossible to run in them. Also, I should avoid wearing them if I plan on getting drunk. That could end badly.

Otherwise, next weekend I am planning on heading back to Hamilton for the Easter weekend. Partly for, you know, Easter. And family. And partly to clear out all my old stuff from the farm so it doesn't get thrown away whenever Dad eventually ends up leaving Australia. Gosh, what a thrilling adventure that will be.

On the plus side, it is Easter, which means chocolate! But I will miss seeing the new FMA OP and ED live, woe.
Well, that was an interesting weekend.

No, I didn't go on FOUL Camp. I was at my cousin's wedding in Queenscliff.

Which had a few interesting surprises. Such as, in the time between the church service and dinner, we ended up on "The Blues Train". Which was, quite literally, a train in which bands played the blues. And there were drinks - can't forget those.

Which was kind of not something I had seen coming.

Otherwise, we just caught up with family for a bit - some of whom I hadn't seen in a while - which was... interesting. Kind of crazy, but interesting.

And my brand new shoes didn't completely kill my feet, so that was a plus.

On the subject of shoes, I really must take a picture of the Terrifying Boots I also bought on Friday. They are so awesomely terrifying.

Now that I think about it, Friday was kind of interesting, too. Aside from the purchase of wedding shoes, on-sale shoes and Terrifying Boots, I also ran into The Sister at the Spencer Street DFO completely unexpectedly. Which was mildly amusing.

And then when I went and had cheap curry for dinner, I found a bug in it. :(
Naturally, I informed the guy behind the counter, and so I got a replacement serving and my money back and a free can of Coke, but yeah, somewhat more interesting than the average meal.

...So, possibly a bit too much interesting this weekend. And the FMA scanlations aren't even out yet!
Pffff, what are you doing, Melbourne Weather? Storms and flooding the streets again, this time with ginormous hailstones?

The photos at [livejournal.com profile] melbournemaniac are crazy, and apparently someone died.

I'm trying to decide if it's worth getting rained on and risking the potential lack of tram back in order to do my grocery shopping. 'Cos I'm kinda running low on food, here. And I need to get something to bring for [livejournal.com profile] connikins' thing tomorrow.

Which I should still be attending, fortunately.

Otherwise, yesterday I went and did some vitally important shopping. Which is actually true in this case, since I was finding a dress for my cousin's wedding next weekend.

I'm sure Connie can guess where I ended up getting one from. ;)
It was this dress, in case you are wondering. Now I need some black shoes to go with it.

Oh, and I also picked up a couple of books to read which may come in handy if the power dies. Or if I need more public transport reading.

And now I must ponder if I shall brave the weather.
Oh Creative Writing, you're letting the side down. You weren't nearly as hilariously random today as you have been in the past.

Well, excluding the bit where someone was workshopping a piece that was a ridiculously stereotypical action novel with all the cliches turned up to eleven... starring the Prophet Mohammed.

Yeah, really.

I do have an idea what I'm going to do with my writing piece, though - well, sort of. So yay for that.

Actually, I think the amusingly random bit of today was when I was at the coffee shop, and a complete an utter strange who was beside me in the queue declared that I had to be an Arts student, because no-one else would be wear and outfit that was as - and I quote - "Flamboyant".

Not that I'm complaining or anything, because it's true and all but that's not the sort of thing one normally hears from randoms.

...And now I think I shall go catch up on New!FMA anime, since this weeks episode was the Winry-Scar stuff that I've been dying to see animated (and I'm getting behind).


THIS POST WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY [livejournal.com profile] drakyndra, [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away AND MY AWESOMESAUCE PURPLE CLOAK WHICH I AM WEARING.


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