My thighs have decided to make known their opinions about all that walking I was doing earlier this week. Ugh.

And the weather is being all over the place again. I hope it makes up it's mind already for tomorrow, I've got a Halloween party to go to, and I've finally got all my costume worked out. And by worked out I mean I spent an hour or two spray-painting things outside yesterday. Which worked quite well until they started ti stick to the newspaper I laid out. (I also ended up with a headache, which I am unsure is from either the paint fumes or sitting in the sun waiting for the paint to dry).

And all this and ...other bits is going to have to last me the whole two hours it'll take me to get there on public transport, oh joy and wonderment. I'm actually going somewhere outside of Zone One, shock horror.

And for you daily dose of random frivolous links:
- From the land of unverified rumours, Terry Pratchett's Mort to become a Disney Animated Film? I honestly don't know what to say about that.
- Book Dominoes. Nifty, though I pity whoever has to clean that all up afterwards.
- Mini Cannon blowing shit up. And now I want a teeny tiny cannon.
So, I Do Not Like the thing where online applications decide they want you to write little essays about past experiences. (I mean, significant leadership experience in the past 5 years, what am I supposed to describe for that? Bleh. Suggestions are entirely appreciated, of course. But I don't think they really want to hear about modding LJ comms.)

I could email the damn thing if I didn't have that one last section to complete. *mumble grumble*

...Exciting, isn't my life?

Anyway, I finished I Shall Wear Midnight - but apparently no-one else has, so I haven't anywhere to talk about it yet. And I want to talk about it, too!

In other news, tomorrow my sister is holding a dinner party for her birthday, which should be interesting. I'm not sure if I've ever eaten food she's cooked before.

Oh, and in fannish news, [ profile] yinake posted the first chapter of her Suzaku/C.C. thing she has written, which she has dedicated to me. D'awww. ♥
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( Aug. 26th, 2010 10:21 pm)
Guess who has the new Terry Pratchett book! :D:D

I shall be continuing my reading of I Shall Wear Midnight as soon as I finish writing up this post. (Because Pratchett books > early nights, obviously).

Anyway, just thought I'd drop a few random entertaining links in.

Firstly, a very useful website right now:

And while we are on the topic, the history of the last few decades of Australian politics... told in the form of Pokemon. Or "Polliemon" to quote the YouTube vid.

Now for something completely different, A bit of Code Geass LOL WOT I found on NicoNico. I think it's the Zero in the background that really makes it.
So, what is going on with me now that technology is once more my miniondoing what I want it to do?

...Not much, apparently.

Have read a couple of books:

- The marvelously titled Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait, which starts off really good, takes a trip into the epically bizarre about half-way through (And this is a book where time-machines are apparently as common as iPods, so it's especially bizarre), and ends with a whimper rather than a bang, to my slight disappointment.

- And am currently reading the new Diana Wynne Jones book Enchanted Glass, which I had no idea about until I saw it on a shelf at Minotaur today.

I've also started reading the D.Gray-Man manga since The New Housemate has, like, 13 volumes worth of it. And he borrows my DVDs, so it's only fair. It's alright so far, though it hasn't exactly broken my personal top ten.

And that's about it as far as interesting goes for me. Unless you count my dreams, which seem to have taken a trip into bizarredom once more. I mean, the other night I dreamed that Mum had me committed to a mental institution, which was deeply, deeply disturbing and I'm not sure what part of my subconscious that came from. NOTE TO MY MOTHER: DON'T COMMIT ME TO A MENTAL INSTITUTION, 'KAY?

Of course, in the latter parts of that dream I ended up with some kind of mysterious magical powers somehow, and then proceeded to troll the fuck out of everyone in the institution. As one does.

On a more cheerful note, the Snapefen are on Fandom_Wank again. As people in the comments note, there's something incredibly comforting about Harry Potter wank. It's like one of the constants of the world, a fact you can rely on. The sun will rise, the night will end, and somewhere in Harry Potter fandom, someone will be throwing a tantrum over something.
Oh, argh. Surprise Daylight Savings went and screwed up me good today, and that was on top of finding out in the middle of the night that my phone battery had died, and my phone didn't even have the decency to do that obnoxious beeping to remind me to recharge it. Which meant I missed several calls from my mother informing me she was in Melbourne and wanted me to come out for dinner with her and The Sister.

Yeah, that was kind of annoying.

On the plus side, the other day the HouseMatt came home utterly smashed, and proceeded to provide [ profile] fa11ing_away and me with much entertainment. And lulz. Lots and lots of lulz.

Amongst other things, we ended up quoting large chunks of Romeo and Juliet at each other. Don't ask me why, since as far as I am aware the HouseMatt was the only one who'd been drinking.

And so ends my mid-semester break. *sigh*

In fannish news, I really hope the translators are quick with this weeks FMA, because there is flailing about it on my flist, and judging from the screencaps I've seen, I really want to see it. (And then there's rumours the next episode is going to include some anime-only Hohenheim flashbacks, and, well, it's Hoho!flashbacks. How could I possibly resist?)

And I am totally open to discussions of Unseen Academicals, since I am finished (and looking at [ profile] discworld, so have some others). I quite liked it, though that is a given seeing as it's a Discworld book. It doesn't top Night Watch or several others of my absolute favourites, but I'll have to reread before I decide about where it fits on my personal ratings
Guess who has the new Discworld book right now?

Why yes, that would be me.

Now if you'll excuse me for a bit, I may be absent for a while. I have some vitally important reading I need to do.

Also, I need some better Discworld icons. Alas.
So, my copy of the new Dresden Files book finally showed up today. And by "showed up" I mean "I got a phone call from the store asking me to pick it up".

Which meant toddling into the city for a bit.

On the plus side, I can say that my toe feels much better now. It's still a marvellous shade of purple and all, and I'm still limping, but it's more the uncomfortably awkward sort of pain, as opposed to the crying at the agony sort. (And I think the bruised bit of the foot itself, on the ball of the foot actually hurts more than my toe, at least when I walk)

Oh well. I should be something resembling okay once Uni starts back up again.

And now I shall run off and read my book so I don't have to avoid spoilers any longer.

Sorry, no Egypt photos today.
Sorry, anime, but I had to put you off for a couple of hours. Fannishness of a higher priority called.

Namely, reading Nation, Terry Pratchett's most recent book.

I'll admit that when I initially heard the next book from Pterry wasn't going to be a Discworld one, I was a bit disappointed. Mainly because, though all his books are good, with the exception of Good Omens, I've never liked the non-Discworld ones quite as much.

Boy, do I feel stupid now. Because holy fuck, did Pratchett demonstrate exactly why he's my favourite author.

Srsly. That was brilliant.

It's still not my favourite Pratchett book - Night Watch is always going to be hard to beat on that score, but it has the advantage of having books and years to build attachment to the characters. Nation didn't, and for a book that is apparently considered Young Adult - well, lets just say I am a little jealous of kids that get to grow up to this sort of reading matter.

I'm not going to spoil anything, 'cos I highly recommend reading it for yourself, but I will say it's mostly set on a tiny tsunami-devasted tribal island in the pseudo-Pacific, in a pseudo-Victorian era of the world. And it has characters making tough but smart decisions, rather wonderful leads (both male and female), and bags and bags of awesome.

Reviewishness done, is there anywhere suitable online to discuss it? Meta-posts, that sort of thing (I'd ask for fic, but I think this is going to be one of those stories badfic would actually pain me to read. Goodfic in the Nation-verse would be awesome, though. Especially exploring the greater world, post book-Events)
So, my thing what I did today: Went and saw [ profile] keldaryth (and co) in RENT.

Which was actually quite good. Last time I saw a production of Rent - couple of years back, big budget thing in the CBD - it made me cry, and pre-viewing I decided that'd be my personal marker of quality. And this one made me cry, too.

The singing was really great, and some of the cast was really fab. Choreography was rather good, too, though I thought the dancing could have used more rehearsal. Then again, that's the problem with me having done all those years of Ballet (and other dancing miscellanery) - I am ridiculously nit-picky when it comes to dance performances.

But still, 'twas rather fun. And filled up a day of my time, which is something.

Apart from that, I have done... very little as of late. I finished my last handbag book du jour (Basically, I carry it in my bag so I have something to read on the tram. Or when I'm in a cafe on my own).

Anyhoo, finished The Princess Bride - I've seen the film of course, but this was the first time I'd read the book. I must say, I'm rather impressed at how much the dialogue turns out to be taken directly from the book. What happens when the screenwriter is the original author (Or abridger, shall we say).

New handbag book is Deucalion by Brian Caswell - he was one of my favourite authors at about 14, and I'm rereading some of his books for the first time since then.

And my main thought so far is holy shit, I really was clueless of the wider world back then. At 14, I just liked the book because it was sci-fi with telepatic aliens and a government conspiracy about psychic experiments.

Now I'm reading it, and all I can see is the not-the-slightest-bit-subtle criticism of colonialism and the treatment of Aboriginals by European settlers.

I'm not sure if I should be pleased that I've actually managed to learn something since then, or facepalm at just how ignorant I was.
You know, I do actually have, theoretically speaking, quite a lot to post about.

However, practically speaking, I just finished reading Small Favor (aka the new Dresden Files book), and I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, and so can't be arsed.

Feel free to point me in the direction of discussions of said book, and I may check them out in the morning.

And now I am off to update myself on all the fandomly news and then head off to bed.
Before I say anything else, I would just like to point out that my absence of posting yesterday had nothing whatsoever with any boycotts or what-not - I think my feelings on said boycott are best depicted in this post.

My absence of posting was actually due to the fact I was vastly busy occupying myself with sleeping, reading, being gratuitously lazy, and catching up on my TV shows. And spending a freaking hour waiting for my fish and chips to be cooked. Stupid Good Friday, crowding out the chippies.

...I must say I haven't quite completed the "catching up on my TV shows" part of that, yet. I still have to see ep7 of Ashes to Ashes and 12 of Torchwood (which seems to be very divisive to my flist). I shall most likely be watching these tomorrow, since I am trying to de-bork my sleeping schedule, which is suffering a temporary oddity.

Reading was quite, pleasant, though - I finished Red Seas Under Red Skies and liked it very much, though possibly not quite as much as the first in the series. The bits that were basically Ocean's Eleven in fantasyland, though, were freaking ace.

Oh, and I think I've changed my mind from my previous post. Locke Lamora doesn't need to meet Moist von Lipwig, Locke Lamora is Moist von Lipwig. I still wouldn't say no to a crossover fic, though.

The other major bit of reading was Another Note (a sort of Death Note prequel novella thing). It is very possibly one of the prettiest books I have ever seen - kinda interesting given the art was never really what I read the manga for except with Mikami, my psycho manga boyfriend. Plot was actually quite decent to. Which makes it a real pity the author is so lolariously bad at coming up with Western names.

And when I say bad, I mean bad. Even the worst Mary Sue names had nothing on them. Bless.

Otherwise, Geelong beat Port in their first footy game of the season. \o/

And for some SRS BUZNES, proof Scientology is evil.

ETA: Can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet, but Doctor Who S4 is due to start on April 5th (no links, 'cos it's everywhere). I am... somewhat less enthused about this than I have been for the last few years, but I am still looking forward to it.
In Star Trek Club today we watched Firefly. Ah, Firefly...

Episode was Trash, so I got to LOL about YoSaffBrig and naked!Mal, and wibble whenever I saw Wash. Also, Simon and River were totally playing good cop/bad cop on Jayne.

Oh, and after my classes I went and toddled over the second hand books place. I got The Farseekers (and thus I now actually own all the Obernewtyn books, rather than have just read them), the novel of The Princess Bride, and Red Seas Under Red Skies, which I am currently reading.

...Locke Lamora totally needs to meet Moist von Lipwig.

Oh, and there is yet another update in the never ending Lexicon Wank

...Yeah, nothing very interesting happened in class today.
So, last night was the final night of Comedy at 303. For now, anyway.

It started an hour earlier, and had extra comedians because it was a grand finale et al. However, [ profile] tinyteddyqueen and [ profile] becker_ missed the first half because they were installing a toilet (or something), so I hung out with Sam and Chis beforehand, when they had dinner at Lamb-O's (I'm not trying to annoy you, Goldie, but I can't think of it as anything else, now...)

Anyhoo, as always Ross Noble was hilarious, some of the other comedians were good, and some were not as good. I particularly liked a group called "Hound of the Baskervilles" who did a whole bunch of movie parody stuff.

We also has some amusing running jokes about this bloke with dreadlocks trawling for women with his hair. And, erm, lesbians.

Oh, and Ross had, of all things, a Hamilton Spectator which he did a bit of mocking with. (The Spec is the local paper of the area my parents live. And yes, the region is just that mockable. *went to primary school in a town voted the state's most boring*)

And of cause were our many and numerous guest appearances from Brenton, the audience member with an incredibly irritating laugh, who ended up selling badges in the hallway. Which were amusing to start with, but kind of got old after a while (and possibly a little cruel, since I got the strong impression Brenton had some sort of mental problem).

It did lead us to probably the only time a comedy gig has passed around a collecting glass in order to pay one of the audience members to leave, though...

Today was much less exciting. Slept in, and then wandered over to Lygon Street for a bit.

Bought a bunch of books from the second-hand place (Brian Caswell's two Deucalion books, Ashling, since I don't own a copy even if I've read it several times. And the first couple of Diane Duane's Young Wizards books, since I've only heard good things about them. And Ms Duane is always awesome on FW).

Oh, and Ishka had a sale on. And yes, I know Ishka sells all those new age-y hippie sort of clothes, but the key fact is that they were new age-y hippie sorts of clothes on sale. And so I got a couple of things.

Oh, and then since it was a Monday and I was near Nova, I went and got a cheap ticket to go see Juno. Which was actually quite good - sweet and clever, and loved the style it was filmed in - even if it's not an instant favourite of mind.
Theoretically, I would be writing a post about the comedy night last night. But what is there to say, really?

Lulz were had. Ross Noble was funny. There were amusing running jokes, like the thing with the Whale horn and the Lemon Lady. It was horribly, terribly hot. And the next show will be the last one.

Etcetera and so forth.

In more recent news, our upcoming replacement for Chris The Nonexistant showed up to sign some forms at the iPartment. Which is good news, as we'll actually have a third housemate et al, and means a lack of having to advertise any more.

I also have a new book! Well, two new books. First was the third Felix Castor novel, Dead Men's Boots by Mike Carey. I just finished it, and it was quite good. But then, you can't deny the appeal of a book with a zombie hacker.

I also possess the newest Obernewtyn book. I haven't as yet started it, as it may take some time to get through. Also, it's been an age since I read that series, so I may need to brush up on the plot before I get into it.

And I can't really be bothered to talk about fandom right now, so I'll just drop some links:
- Cinema trailer for Doctor Who S4 Need more icons of that Martha scene
- Shiny exciting Torchwood spoilers. Particular note to the pictures for Adam and Reset, and all the summaries of unscreened eps.
- New DWM cover.
- Also, over at [ profile] lifeonmartha, there's been some lovely icons of recent pictures by [ profile] angelfireeast and [ profile] holo_daxy. And the Countdown to Martha has just generally been great.
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( Jul. 11th, 2007 08:53 pm)
Stupid people actually buying tickets to see Harry Potter meant I couldn't go with [ profile] connikins and friends. And thus had a completely pointless trip into the CBD today. Boo.

At least I got to test out the other new boots, though. And one of Connie's friends complimented me on my outfit, which is always nice.

Oh well, I'll be seeing Harry Potter on Friday, anyway.

Instead, my flist gets subjected to: Reviews Of Stuff.

Stuff #1: Ocean's 13 aka The Movie What I Saw On Cheap-Arse Tuesday.

I enjoyed it, but I'm rather a fan of heist movies. I like seeing convoluted schemes come together - or fall apart, as it were - and everyone backstabbing and betraying and dodgy alliances and all.

Wasn't as good as the first one (because, you know, the whole sequel thing), but probably better than the second. I say probably, because I can't remember a damned thing about the second, even though I know I've seen it.

Stuff #2: Heart-Shaped Box aka The Book What I Borrowed.

Cut for spoilers, and musings on book vs film )

ETA: Doctor Who on Fandom Wank, yet again. Contains copious Tennant picspam in the comments
Am currently coming up with reasons to get out of the house each day at the moment. Mainly because if I don't come up with something, I end up sitting around and not doing much. And then my toes turn purple, which can't be good.

Anyway, today's reason was to head to the library to find some new stuff to read. Oh, and to try out some of my new boots at practical usage.

Ended up borrowing Heart-Shaped Box, by Joe Hill. No idea if it's any good, but it's about someone buying a ghost on the Internet, and I keep seeing copies of it in shops, and thought I'd give it a try. Also, I like that Nirvana song. Google informs me that Joe Hill is actually the son of Steven King - he started out using "Hill" in order to be judged on his own merits, and was outed last year, after having kept it secret since 1997.

So, I shall have to see how I like his book.

Also borrowed the first five trade paperbacks of Y: The Last Man. I'm not a big comics person, but for some reason I really like this one. As in, if the were cheaper, I might be inclined to by the trades.

Rowdy also has the next three in, so after I finish this lot of borrowings, I'll nab them. And maybe some Hellblazer. And any books - anyone got some recommendations? I wanted to get the third Song of Ice and Fire book, but they didn't seem to have it in - as far as I could tell, anyway.

Note to the Rowden White Library: The Dewey system is designed to make books easier to locate/classify. Not having the shelves in order sort of defies the purpose.

Boot testing also went well - have concluded that these are suitable for Uni (long periods of sitting, interspersed with rushing all over the place) and dinners and whatnot. Not shopping, too much walking.

Also, the heels are quite good for scaring people with. I had several people ask how I could walk on them when I was hanging round the C and S office.

Tomorrow's out of the house reasoning: Taking advantage of cheap-arse Tuesday, and seeing a movie. Must check what's on.
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( Mar. 17th, 2007 08:35 pm)
And Lo, there was a Doctor Who series Three trailer. And lo, the fandom did squee. (You can't really come to many conclusions from just that trailer without reading far too much into things. Except that you can't not like a character who bitches about textbooks. But I am full of just general yayness)

And on a vaguely similar note, due to my LJ paid account renewing itself today, I have now gained five more icon spaces. So start making with the series three icons, plz.

Otherwise in fandomland, there's some great potential wankfodder when the protagonist of Cassie Clare's original novel is reported to [ profile] canon_sues. Oh, and recently we had wedding photos and other lunacy from the HorseWife guy.

Out in that thing they call reality, a little birdy informed me Minotaur had the new Doctor Who Quick Reads book (the one with Ten'n'Martha), so I toddled down to have a read. Alas, they had sold all their copies. Or the little birdy lied.

In either case, I ended up buying Vicious Circle by Mike Carey to read, and getting the latest Triple J Hottest 100 album to listen to.

And just to be contrary, I wore absolutely nothing green today
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( Feb. 14th, 2007 09:08 pm)
You know, if our broadband was up, I'd be able to watch the new Life on Mars this evening. Alas.

Instead, I shall be reading The Historian, which I bought because it was A) cheap, and B) I once read a review of it that described as being "kind of like The Da Vinci Code, but actually good. And with more vampires."

So, that's the book of today. Yesterday's books were two of the Torchwood books, which have shown up at Minotaur now, and the seventh Dresden File book. (The sixth one was Monday's book). I must see if any of the city stores have the eighth in stock, since Minotaur was out.

Still no broadband, but at least we have the temporary dial-up thing.

Oh, and feel free to recommend more books you think I might like, I could do with more reading material, since I'm going them pretty damn quick.
So, tomorrow The New Housemate moves in. Egads.

Also, tomorrow I shall be purchasing a new phone. I repeat, egads.

And then Wednesday is Muse, and Thursday we're off to Queensland. There's lots of egads to go around.

However, today I went and did some op-shopping. And also got a great big new oversized sunhat to wear in Queensland.

As well a shiny second hand skirt and cool jackety thing. And a possibly Prada bag (It's either genuine, or a very good knock-off. Ah, second-hand stores...)

Oh, and a bunch more of the Dresden Files books, because the second hand book place I go to had the first five. And I got store credit for selling some of my doubled Target Novels.

So, today was busy, and tomorrow looks like being even more so. Huzzah!
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( Jan. 25th, 2007 11:01 pm)
Using my l33t Ninja duelling skillz, I have stolen Teh Intarweb back from [ profile] altheas. Well, sort of. Temporarily.

In any case, hurrah!

Other news: The DWJ book was quite good. (Though, as always, I maintain that there wasn't enough Chrestomanci. But being me, I always say that. There is never enough Chrestomanci) The Dresden Files one was also pretty good, but in a pilot episode sort of way - though the story was quite good, the hints at the back-story and greater world - as well as being able to find more out about Harry Dresden - are more what have convinced me to read on.

Also, since [ profile] fa11ing_away borrowed them from the Rowdy, I may or may not end up reading a bunch of Sandman graphic novels this weekend.


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