I'm sure most of you guys have already seen the newest Harry Potter trailer which came out the other day. (The movie is, what, 2 months off? Surprised it took that long.) It looks suitable dramatic and dark; hopefully it'll make for a decent adaptation.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

But I digress. In the grand tradition of such wonders as the Literal Music Videos (Some of those were gold really), there now exist... Literal Movie Trailers. Including, as I have been recently linked to Literal Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (It's for the old trailer, not the just come out one.) Because hey, one can always have more lulz.

Yeah, weirdly Harry Potterish post, this one.

In other news, my pile of doujinshi I order arrived. Huzzah! Rather quicker than I expected, too. There's a mixture of prettiful, good, average and "Gosh, I wish I knew what they were saying here." (Yes, they are all Code Geass, in case you were wondering).

My favourites seem to change on my mood, but I think currently it is this one, mainly because it has Lelouch/Suzaku/C.C. (well, Lelouch&Suzaku&C.C.) and some pretty, pretty art.

I also bought some new shoes today. Yay for sales on winter stock!

I also believe I have worked out what the horrifying dramatic emotional twist on the book I am currently reading is, and I'm not even halfway through yet. Which isn't a slur on the author's writing, just that I picked up on a mistake in the heroine's wording of a deal with the baddie and have worked out how he can do some horrible rules-lawyering with that loophole. If he doesn't, he sucks as a villain. If even I can work out how to utterly screw her over with it...

I keep walking in on my housemate sitting in the living room, reading my comics and watching my DVDs. Maybe I should leave some of the yaoi doujinshi out there, if only for the look on his face when he sees just what the content is.
So, in keeping with their glorious tradition, OK GO released another ridiculously fun music video:

I don't think it's quite as clever as "This Too Shall Pass" and I like that song more, but this is pure unadulterated adorable, with lots of d'awww.

This was apparently the 74th take of the video, too.

Or have a song about Muppets. No, really. It is insanely catchy.

And if you interests are less are a bit less musical, The .doc File of J Alfred Prufrock, which is just plain nifty.

Oh Internets, you bring all sorts of random entertainment into my life.

The last time I will ever get to say that. *sobs* So much for working on my assignment
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( Apr. 18th, 2010 11:15 pm)
So, that was fun. Not the most fun I have ever had - I really need to get to more cons with fan-run discussion panels, instead of just Q&As with celebs. Or at least with more celebs I really care about. And I need to find some people I know to attend these things with me, for added lulz factor. Also, it was bloody hot in the building.

But yeah, it was a decent waste of a day.

Saw the cosplay contest (at least until it was almost over and everyone was starting to trail off boredly), saw Yuri Lowenthal's panel, was going to go to Gareth David-Lloyd's one, but decided I couldn't be bothered waiting for the crowd.

Wandered around looking at the non-competition cosplayers. There were the usual suspects in terms of who they dressed as, some utterly cracktastic ones, some amusingly bad ones - I'm looking at you, cardboard box gundams - and some really good ones, even outside the contest. There was a rather decent Suzaku wandering around, and half-way through the day he ended up changing outfits, from Knight of Seven to Knight of Zero. I have a picture of him, I think. Bless, his mum made the costume.)

And of course looking at all the stalls and merchandise and whatnot. I got some manga I've read but didn't own (including the last volume of Hellsing); second season of Black Lagoon, since I'd given up on JB Hi-Fi ever getting it in (Naturally, the contacted me a couple of hours later to say it had arrived); a Death Note (...what?); a spiffy white blouse from the gothic lolita shop; and a keyring that smells like cake. Really.

Oh, and there were also the signings. Cue evil laugh.

Anyway, Yuri Lowenthal is a lovely, lovely man and I have decided I won't hear a word against him. Not only did he sign my Code Geass boxset and have a picture with me, but when I asked him to say something for me to record, not only did he say what [livejournal.com profile] robotloveI suggested, no problems, but when I showed him the picture it was from, he asked for another take so he could make it sound, and I quote, "more passionate."

Oh yeah.

I uploaded to YouTube and everything )

...Yes, that is in all likelihood the most shamelessly fangirly thing I have ever done. I regret nothing!

Now who's going to record Johnny Yong Bosch saying Lelouch's part?
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( Mar. 3rd, 2010 07:04 pm)

In conclusion, OK GO make the bestest music videos ever.
Well, today was productive. Sort of.

In any case, I think I have my time-table for this semester sorted out - almost. (I say almost because I still need to wait for adjustments to be approved et al.)

Because, well, I didn't really like the idea of having six straight hours of class on Wednesday, without even a lunch break. But some highly sophisticated emailing may have things under wraps.

And hey, no classes on Thursdays or Fridays.

What else? Oh yes, tomorrow I am taking part in Vindaloo Against Violence. Because really, eating Indian food for a good cause sounds like my idea of an awesome social movement.

Most of the rest of what I've been up to has been far more... well, silly.


- Attempting not to get into edit wars on TV Tropes. And mostly succeeding. Go go self-restraint!

- Axe Cop! Truly the greatest webcomic in existance. Far more comics should be based on a 5 year olds ideas

- And randomly watching vids and AMVs, most of which are kind of ridiculous.
Some of my favourites (For a certain value of favourite) include:
these two Code Geass AMVs on NicoNico (Which, incidentally also has some of the most amazingly cracktastic brilliance I have ever seen floating around)
And Another Code Geass AMV, this one on YouTube. Also, hey Les Mis music for bonus tear-jerker points.
The most appropriate song choice for a Light Yagami AMV ever. Also on YouTube.
Way too many ice skating vids to mention. (The craziness of some ice skaters just... defies words. In a good way)

And now I need to watch the most recent FMA:B episode.
Sometimes fandom is very, very good to me.

By which I mean someone has made a Princess Tutu/Revolutionary Girl Utena AMV, demonstrating just how much wonderful awesome is in those two fandoms, and just how similar they are in many ways.

It's two great tastes that taste great together!

...I do love it when fandom makes shiny wonderful things like this.
The new Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP.

That is all.

*runs off to flail some and wait for the icon makers to get cracking. Eeeee, Olivier! Briggs! Pimpsuit Kimblee! Other awesome shit!

ETA: And both the new OP and ED can be found here. Also featuring lots of shiny screencaps (and spoilers for a recap episode, so...)
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( Jul. 7th, 2009 04:52 am)
So, the shiny new official FMA poster that just showed up online tonight: Ridiculously awesome, or most ridiculously awesome?

Cut so I don't kill people's flists with TEH AWESOME )

I think I'm in ~love~.

And I totally want, like, a huge version of that to stick up on my wall. And a couple of trillion icons. Because OMG teh shiny.


So, I just went and downloaded a program so I could watch a live stream of Japanese TV. Just so I could watch an episode of anime, live. Despite not speaking a word of Japanese.

Despite going to watch the same episode when it actually has subtitles.

And you know what? I really don't care. Because it was Fullmetal Alchemist, and it was AWESOME.

I mean yeah, I had no idea what the hell was going on plotwise, but there was pretty pretty scenery! And nifty music! And characters I love so much! And FMA manga characters!

And OMG I am so ridiculously in love with the opening titles it is insane. I need icons of that, like, yesterday. And for it to be on YouTube so I can watch it over and over again.

And the ending was adorable.

*flails helplessly in fannish glee*

ETA: New OP on YouTube! ILU Internets!

And the ending!

ETA: Oh god, I think I terrified [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away with my fangirly flailing when she got home.
Holy Shit! If this is true, Madman, I love you guys! If only FMA:B started a week earlier so we could have had a screening at Melbourne...

And since I'm in a bouncey FMA squee right now, also check out my links to new trailer (with nifty mood-setting background music), and another new trailer, this time with an excerpt of the new Opening Theme. Which I am quite liking the sound of, so yay for that.

Damn, I wish I could be in Brisbane next weekend. Or that Madman would tell us how long the delay for episode streaming will be.

However, I did find this lovely video of Vic's song that I mentioned last post, so Melbourne wasn't a total washout.
Well, thus far this weekend my social life has been rather impressively social, given that this is me we are talking about.

On Friday there was a surprisingly large amount of people around for a Dumpling Adventure, followed by slightly less people on an Alcohol Adventure. And then today was [livejournal.com profile] altheas and [livejournal.com profile] lena_supercat's engagement party.

Though naturally I ended up late for the damn party because my alarm didn't go off this morning. I swear I wasn't that drunk when I set it. Anyway, much randomness and fun and catching up with peoples I hadn't seen in a while was had.

Anyway, back to my current traditional fandom postsTM.

Watchmen fandom has yet another wank going on, this one I am completely bewildered by, not being part of the Dan/Rorschach circles it seems to deal in. I wonder if this is, like, karmic payback from Alan Moore or something.

And given we are very much closing in on the new FMA series (which is apparently being subtitles Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, if what I have heard is correct), much shiny new stuff is popping up for that.

First is the news that an Asian TV channel is going to be airing New FMA with English subtitles less than a week after the Japanese screening. Which is just plain nifty. And is making me ponder if I should wait and grab the official subs, or look out for less reliable fansubs.

Secondly - and probably more notable - Shiny new (and long) new trailer of FMA:B! It's far from perfect footage, and doesn't show nearly as much of some characters as I want, but there's so much about it that makes me flail widely. Characters and scenes from the manga! Father! The Truth! Ed's State Alchemy Exam! Epic Armstrong! Lulzy moments! I has so much new FMA squee right now!

...And in other fannish squee, I have just heard the newest episode of Glorious Crack that is Batman: Brave and the Bold features Sherlock Holmes as a guest star. Must investigate further...
You know, right now I don't even care that today was Friday the 13th. Because I've been having a great day.

I mean, to start with there was the announcement from DC that my darling Blue Beetle will be getting his own comic again! Admittedly, it'll only be as a short backup feature with the Booster Gold comic, but I like Booster Gold and love Blue Beetle and there is no way this is not actually awesome.

Well played, DC. Well, played.

Secondly, tomorrow I am going with Mum on a chocolate walking tour. I have absolutely no idea what this entails, but it has the word "chocolate" in it's name, so awesomeness is inevitable.

And thirdly, I have a bunch of nifty new Watchmen icons.

Class was class.

Yeah, I'm on another of my random inexplicable deliriously hyper kicks. Make use of it while it lasts.
So, apparently about fifteen zillion new trailers came out this weekend. However, I am going to dare to be different from everyone else on my flist and not talk about said trailers.

Instead, I am going to talk about Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which is that cartoon I mentioned, featuring my poor cancelled Jaime.

And my thoughts can basically be summed up as thus: It was completely and utterly ridiculously silly. And that is why it was AWESOME. I giggled the whole way through.

I mean, seriously, there is a Bat-lightsaber, and Batman (very nearly) breathes in space. DO NOT QUESTION THESE THINGS! JUST LET THE AWESOMELY SILLINESS OF THEM WASH OVER YOU.

Actual thoughts on the episode )

Yeah, it was kiddy. I don't care, it was fun. Good enough for me to tune in to see the rest of the episodes, even if they don't all feature my darling Jaime (that said, some of the upcoming guest stars are pretty darned awesome).

In conclusion, I need someone to make me an icon of B:B&B Batman with "Blue Beetle's sidekick" on it. Do you like that acronym? I made it myself.
I last posted a week ago.

Um, er, whoops?

I meant to update earlier - it's not even as if I had nothing to post about, because I did.

'Cos on Friday night I went with Allan and ...some other people and finally got to see Dark Knight on IMAX which makes my sixth time seeing it overall, and yes I know I have a problem, which was rather nifty once they got the sound mix right (especially my favourite truck flippy thing). And then over the weekend I went up to Swan Hill for my cousin's birthday party on Saturday night, which ended up being less of a party and more a catch-up with Teh Extended Family, as well as rolling my eyes at the kinda pathetic drunk guy who kept falling over. But my Cousin's wife's farm did have an ickle baby foal, which I got to go see. I have pictures! At some point I may put them online.

(If you are reading this aloud, please take some deep breaths here)

...But that's not really why I am posting. 'Cos it's not like most of you guys really care about what goes on in my personal life.

So, onto the fun stuff: Fandom!

Of Doctor Who fanvids, anime and comics )

And those are the things that are making me happy today. Long may they continue.
Today peak hour traffic decided to make my tram it's bitch, and I ended up half an hour late for my Creative Writing tute.

And to make things even odder, when I showed up, though all the books and bags were in the classroom, there were no people there whatsoever.

'Course it just ended up that the tutor was doing an exercise in which the class went people-watching, and then made up backgrounds for people they saw, and I picked an unfortunate time to arrive. (Incidentally, at least two people in the class mentioned they saw me walk past and started coming up with a story - mainly because I was wearing the SnakesonnaHat, and the boots that sort of match. They didn't tell me what they came up with, though.)

Aside from that, I am trying to work out if the 9am start just kills me for afternoon lectures, there's something about the temperature in the Hercus Theatre, or if the Cog and Neuro Development lecturer is just so boring he sends me to sleep. Because I was very close to it today.

On a less tiring note, my emails of the day from Teh Mother were informative in the best possible way.

Firstly, in the Hospital footy tipping competition (which I have been doing for years. Actually came third once, too.), I got my first ever perfect score for the week. Which, in addition to being nice in itself, now means I am only three points from the lead.

But best of all, that Egypt trip I mentioned Mum mentioned? It's now booked.

January 29th, baby!
See, I could theoretically post some comment on this weeks Doctor Who (which I have actually seen and all that) but, well, I'm not going to.

Because I'm lazy like that. And I have other stuff that I've been meaning to post about, and have been putting off.

So, I shall perhaps post on it at some other point. Or not.

Instead: RL Stuffs!

To start off with, Friday was the Second Floor Slave Auction thing. Which was interesting, though it must be sad not as much so as past years (Also, as our dear Auctioneer [livejournal.com profile] becker_ commented, everyone was very cheap this time around.

Anyhoo, [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away and I purchased Sheridan as a House Elf for the iPartment. And I got [livejournal.com profile] connikins, who is going to be making me jewellery once she's back in Melbourne. Oh, and I got bought by [livejournal.com profile] altheas (No RobCorp this time around, alas).

There was some amusing stuff, mind - bids of e and Pi for one. Also, a round of applause when bidding got to $42 (Naturally).

Also: Gratuitous appearances of Mongo the Gender Neutral Gorilla.

This was supposed to just be a photo of Tristan's totally pimptastic outfit... )

Notable sales included Tom's Amazing Pockets, [livejournal.com profile] chifley's Hat (Yes, that hat), the C and S Penguin. And Mongo, of course.

And of course, since no Slave Auction post would be complete without it, a collection of quotes I recorded on the night.

Just call me quote recorder, extraordinare )

...And that was my Friday Night.

On Saturday Night I went to my cousin's engagement party. Which was not so much a social event (since I knew like none of her friends) as it was an occasion to catch up with Teh Extended Family and all their gossip and so on.

Not that's there is much of a difference, once you've had five glasses of champagne and are attempting to liberate balloons into the open sky.

*coughs* Moving on...

Apparently, this has been the weekend for awesome movie trailers. There's the fabulous new Dark Knight one, as well as the equally fabulous new Indiana Jones one.

Also, I have a new haircut. *\o/*
See, I have actually seen the new Doctor Who episode now (finally).

However, considering all the damned troubles I had *ahem* getting hold of it, and the current time, I really cannot be arsed doing a full and details reaction post.

So, I may do a proper one later in the week. Or I might just save it all until next weekend, when this two-parter is completed.

I will just give a very basic sum up of my thoughts, though.

I rather enjoyed it, actually. It was not without it's flaws, but they were relatively minor in the scale of things, and it did a very good job of making me looking forward to next week (As well as making me wonder how long until certain things get ficced about, shall we say.)

I hope the second episode keeps this quality up, because if it does, it might just end up my favourite of the early season two-parters. But then, I always seem to find that the second parts are weaker in them, so...

And because I can't not post about it: YAYZ MARTHA! *\o/* Looking as fabulous and being as awesome as ever.

I have also concluded that I want epic fic filling in the gaps between LotTL and here and all Martha's experiences within. (Including mentions of Torchwood).

...Well, to be completely honest, I kind want them to start doing the adult Who books again, but including some new series ones. And for one to be Martha's adventures in this time period. 'Cos I would totally buy that.

*toddles off to see if there are any new icons I want*
So, I have just gotten back from seeing the Foo Fighters at Rod Laver. And it was awesome. Really quite fabulous indeed. They played some old stuff and some new stuff, rocky bits and acoustic, and there was a great light show going on, and some amusing intrumental bits, and humour and all.

However, I think the true awesomosity of the night can be fulled summed up as thus -

Two Words: Triangle Solo.

For the motherfucking win


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