Okay LJ, WTF r u doing?

This comment thing is just ridiculous. I mean yeah, my personal LJ happens to be S2, so commenting in it is fine, but since it's been rather dead lately most of my commenting goes on in communities, and they are getting rather fucked over in the change. Which is not fun at all.

I know some people are heading over Dreamwidth way. Technically I have an account there, but I only ever use it for commenting on other people's accounts. If you're heading over there for good - or will be crossposting and want comments there, give me a shout and I'll add you.


Giving the backlash this is getting, I rather wonder what "changes" we are going to get in the next 24 hours.

Here, have some distracting trailers for blockbuster movies to look forward to.

There's The Dark Knight Rises, for all your broody Bat needs. And explosions. And Selina Kyle's awesome wardrobe, which I want.

And then there's The Hobbit (Part 1) featuring New Zealand Middle Earth, Hobbits and vast amounts of Dwarves. There will be so many Dwarf fangirls when this movie comes out.

Also, if you want something other than trailers, there's X-Men with Googly Eyes. Enjoy never being able to take Magneto seriously again.
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( Dec. 15th, 2011 10:12 pm)
Is anybody reading these at the moment? I know it's going on Holiday season, and LJ has been a bit shonky as of late, but the silence has been kind of deafening.

Christmas shopping is mostly done, so I should have no problems with finishing off tomorrow, plenty of time before I head off down to Hamilton-land next Thursday evening. Hopefully the weather will make up it's mind properly, so I can work out what to pack.

And your token supply of seasonal entertainment, a rather delightful mashup of a Christmas carol and a.... not Christmas carol: Rudolf (You Don't Have To Put On That Red Light).

...Now I'm curious about what other cracky Christmas mashups are out there.

Aside from that, I shall do my Duties to Cuteness with a collection of baby animal related links:
- A baby seal decides to be the world's cutest home invader.
- A bearded dragon decides to play smartphone games (Well, it does involve getting ants...)
- Cats: Your essential yoga accessory.
- The HTTP status cats. Those would be much nicer messages to get.
This is what happens when I have to go without LJ for a while: I build up a backlog of random things I have found on the internet for the purpose of killing time. *sigh*

Enjoy the fruits of your DDOS induced downage, LJ.

- Myths Retold. I saw this described as "A ff.net badfic author rewriting fairytales and classic myths", but I think it's closer to a drunk teenager trying to explain the plot of movies, also seen while drunk.
- Homolust challenge generator. It's like "Together, THEY FIGHT CRIME", only instead of fight crime, they have gay sex. Hey, if you need ideas for weird yaoi AUs.
Plus it occasional provides weirdly close to canon ideas. A criminal is fucked by a innocent terrorist leader in a park. They are star-crossed lovers. It must involve celibacy and masochism. Uh huh...
- If Harry Potter was an anime. Fanart which I know some of you guys have seen already, but remains nifty (and reminds me of my wish that HP had been adapated as a multi-series animated show. You know it could have been cool.)
- Ooh Mister Ikuhara! Some commentary on Penguindrum, in Kate Beaton form.
- Cat Versus Human. A webcomic about being a cat lady. I miss having cats.
- Queen Mother Adventures. Another webcomic, this time about the Queen Mum. Go back to the start for all the gin and corgi related crack.
- Those news animators from Taiwan made their own Dark Knight Rises trailer. With all the gratuitous Nolan film references you could ever want.
- New OK GO video! This one has kaleidoscope dancing, which is rather trippy. And if you have Chrome, you can make interactive messages with it (...It'll make sense when you see the video).
- An Impression doing Shakespeare in the style of assorted celebrities. I think Simon Cowell made me laugh the most.
- An Orchestral version of NyanCat. To borrow one of the YouTube comments, it's like the Internet's national anthem.

Oh, and Pottermore will be, for the next week, taking sign-ups for their beta. Guess who has already registered? :D:D

Though they don't allow you to pick your own usernames for security reasons, so you have to take one from a list they provide. MidnightRook15, anyone? LOL at the chess theme.
Is this an LJ I see before me? And is it, wonders never cease, actually working properly?

Oh LJ, never leave me again!

(While I have had some intermittent access over the last few days, this is the first time it's actually let me comment or post. Hopefully things are solved over at LJ HQ.)

Anyway, it was all rather inconvenient because I have piles of stuff to comment about - semester has started up again so there's some things about class to talk about, there's a new Dresden Files book out (guess what I spent homework and LJ-less yesterday doing) which people are free to chat about in the comments if we want to talk spoilers, and oh yeah, it was my LJversary.

Happy birthday for Tuesday, my LJ, you are now seven years old.

So, to carry on with Ye Olde Tradition, some facts and stats about my LJ

Cut for Teh Numbers )

After all that LJ related fluffiness, it's probably a bit odd to mention, but I do actually have a Dreamwidth account. It is surprisingly enough also under the name "Drakyndra".

Thus far it's mostly just so I can comment on accounts and what-not, but if LJ continues on like this I may have to look into crossposting things.

If you want to friend me over on DW feel free to do so, just if your DW ID is different from you LJ name, clue me in to your ID, please.

Next post will be a big pile of links I entertained myself with during the week.
Okay, is Livejournal being excessively slow for other people, or have the recent storms and weather and whatnot fucked up some of the internet connections in the Melbourne vicinity, or some horrid combination of the two? Or something else entirely.

Because jeez, I got bored and decided to try and upload some new icons, and it's taken me freaking forever. Stupid icons page, taking ages to load on me.

Ah well, at least I have come out the other side with some icons like this wonder. Yes, I've wanted an Old Spice Guy icon for so long.

...In other news, as of tomorrow I apparently have one week until classes start up again. This is a mildly terrifying thought. Especially since I can't get the goddamn new timetable system to work properly. They should have stuck with alloc8, I could work it.

Otherwise, hey you guys, you know who Maru is, right? Cat, kind of chunky, likes to jump in boxes.

I have just discovered there exists such a thing as Maru fanfic.

How can you go past a fic with lines like the following:

I am Maru, and I can fit into a cardboard box one third my size.
Yeah, sorry about that last bit, I'm trying to get things set up so that my LJ gets it's Twitter feed while I'm overseas. (Though since I'm staying with family for most of it, I should get more Internet access than most of my trips. But that's beside the point.)

Anyway, I hear LoudTwitter might be shutting up shop soon. Anyone have suggestions for a suitable alternate I could use as a replacement?

In far more awesome (and entertaining) news, all hail Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy.

I swear, those videos have to be the greatest thing I have seen in ages! They're just so... I don't think I have words. Though that is one very, very nice chest.

There are way too many for me to watch through them all, but feel free to link to your favourites. I don't think I can pick one.

In conclusion, monocle smile.
So, is it just me or is there something going on with LJ notifications? Because mine seem to be all over the place at the moment - some arrive as normal, and some are delayed for hours. I was going to say some don't arrive at it, but it did in fact arrive just then.

I'm sending a grumpy face in your direction, people in charge.

Yesterday's jabbing went fine - so long as I remember not to sleep on that arm, anyway. Then I got to wander around Carlton for a bit. You know, there is a clothing shop on Rathdowne Street, and the shop assistant (owner, maybe?) brought her white Persian cat to work. It was sitting there in the front window, watching people go by. I'm not entirely sure how happy she was when I spent more time in the shop looking at the cat then the clothes, though...

I also bought some second hand books, which may end up being airport reading for me - a couple of fantasy ones, including the first Temeraire book, and Lolita in case I felt literary.

Tomorrow, I'll be spending the afternoon with Mum and The Sister - and my aunt, who is currently in Australia, and who I shall be seeing for the first time since I was about 10. Which I'm sure will be interesting.Witness our epic struggle to find new bookshelves for my sister's apartment!

Anyway, I was looking around Etsy earlier, and since I know there are a few people on my flist who seem to buy all sorts of fabulous stuff from that site - got any sellers you particularly recommend? I'm vaguely in the mood for materialism.
I have finished exams. FOREVER! *\o/*

...Now I just need to wait until the 9th of July for results.

But yes, the Introduction to Stuff shut up, that's what I'm calling it now exam was this morning. Incidentally, I hate morning exams, they require waking up at unhealthily early hours. Either it wasn't as hard as I expected or my last minute studying paid off. Still didn't manage to finish all the questions, though - skipped over one of the biology questions because I had no idea, and I ran out of time for the last geology one.

Still, that was most of the stuff answered. And since I worked out that technically I could pass the subject so long as I get more than one third of the exam right... I think I'm good to go.

Then I went and wandered around Lygon Street for a bit, had cake at Brunetti's, went to the Friendly Neighbourhood Comic Shop of Dubious Legality to get a copy of Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu (I swear, every time I go in that shop, the Wall Of Gundams has grown), went to JB Hi-Fi to pick up the first set of FMA:B, and generally just bummed around the city for a bit.

Plus, as [livejournal.com profile] robotlove pointed out to me over Twitter, I came home to a new chapter of Primary Gain. Which was an entirely welcome surprise

And now I am getting tired, so I suppose it'll be a relatively early night for me. Stupid early mornings.

Still... FREEDOM! GLORIOUS FREEDOM! And I head off to the States in a month precisely. Huzzah!

Also check out my nifty new moodtheme, which I got from [livejournal.com profile] working_genius. It's just plain nifty.
...or at least it will be when i can figure out how to capitalise things.

Yay ljing from my new phone!
So, on the subject of Facebook friendage, The Sister's boyfriend has also now decided to add me. I'm not sure what exactly what this signifies in the greater scheme of things, but hey! Maybe now I'll actually remember his last name.

Also, many thankies to [livejournal.com profile] robotlove for the LJ gift of... a sugary bunny. I'm not entirely sure why you decided to give this to me, but hey, sugary bunny!

I could totally go sugary bunny IRL, actually. How much longer until the post-Easter sales anyway? Do I have to resort to eating sugar cubes again?

...Yeah, this wasn't a gratuitous icon post at all.
You know, this whole absence of comment notifications is starting to get... irksome. I keep losing track of conversations I am having. (Sorry again, to anyone I haven't replied to anywhere).

Could you please fix it already, LiveJournal peoples! Gah.

...But I think I have my computer mostly sorted out now. I think. Unless something else happens
And yeah, this totally actually a GIP. And a Gratuitous Talking About Icons Posts (a GTAIP?), since I actually managed to astound myself and completely fill up my icon space. And since I have a permanent account that's like almost 200 icons.

And now I have to go through them and figure out which ones I want to delete, because I have a bunch more icons sitting around to add shut up, I just finished watching Utena today, and not only was it awesome but the fandom has a ridiculous number of pretty, pretty icons. It appears that Doctor Who and associated fandoms will be getting the hard end of the cull, on account of A. having a ridiculous number of Doctor Who icons already, and B. the whole having other fandoms I care about more right now.

But hey, it means more exciting new icons for me. Which is always nice.

On a vaguely related note, after ages of nothing, there should be a new anime review post later this week - probably on the weekend.

ETA: For [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away, the first chapter of the Knights of Cydonia manga. Or "Sidonia" as they spell it. No idea if it's at all related to the song, mind.
So, I now has a Twitter.

And it actually works when I text it things and everything.

And thus people can bear witness to my exciting and wonderful Egypt trip, via the tweets of the day.

Feel free to let me know if you also have a Twitter, so we can do the friending thing. Or whatever it is called in Twitterland.

That said, um, I may need assistance on getting the Twitter to feed to my LJ. Because that way even people who aren't on twitter can hear about me looking at the Pyramids.
So, it appears half of LJ seems to be, yet again, freaking out about the possibility of OMG LJ IS DYING!!! and grabbing accounts elsewhere. Inksome seems to be the current favourite journaling service this time around.

So, in a fit of predictability, I got an Inksome account, too. Feel free to friend it if you have an account yourself. Just... don't expect much use there unless the LJ situation starts to look really shakey.

...and now I have to remember what other Just In Case accounts I have. I had a GreatestJournal one, before that died; I have an InsaneJournal; and my JF is used, but mostly for wank comms. There may be more I've forgotten about.

On a vaguely related note, I shall once more do what everyone else is doing, and do that icon meme. If nothing else, it means I get to show off some of my new icons.

Look, Ma, icons! )
You can tell a true friend by the fact that when you have a break-up - even if it's just with a fandom - they will be there to offer chocolate and movie marathons. Even in person. At your bedroom door. At 2:30 in the morning.

...Yeah, it's a strange strange life I live in.

Speaking of which, I find it vaguely ironic that the post in which I mention I get less comments for non-Doctor Who posts happens to get more comments that the rest of my posts for the last month combined.

That's fandom for you, I suppose.

And as if this post wasn't absurd enough, I bring you an amusing YouTube video from the [livejournal.com profile] tinyteddyqueen files, featuring the Count of Sesame Street fame.

And in conclusion, I need to get some sleep. My attempts last night ended up with an Epic Failure on that account.
Ah, [livejournal.com profile] scans_daily. For your daily dose of hilarity (and nifty icons).

...Yeah, I just wanted to show off my new icon, which makes me grin.

Actually, on that note, I have concluded that pretty much all of my icons seem to fall into four categories:
- Icons that are amusing
- Icons that have nice visuals
- Icons that display one of my interests or opinions
- Icons that I find useful

The last category seems to have a lot of icons that I'd get rid off (the amusement/pretty factor has worn off), but they just get so much use.

It's just not fair. 144 icon spaces, and I still never have enough.
So, I've worked out what the hell happened to my comment notifications: Somehow LiveJournal ended up on my Blocked List. Haven't the faintest idea how that happened, but it is fixed now. I think. I need someone to comment so I can check. ;)

In other technological news, my iPod is now actually half full. Yes, that 80 gig iPod I got late last year. That's a whole lotta music...

And to add something actually, you know, important to this post: I won't be posting my normal Torchwood episode review tomorrow. Or any other TV review type discussy thing, unless they are brief. That is because I have actual, genuine, Real Life commitments that require being away from the computer for Thursday and Friday.

However (and this is relevent to those of you at Melb Uni. Or even just those in Melbourne), said commitments are to be helping out CHAS and other Second Floor type clubs' tables during O-Week.

So, if you want to come see me, say howdy be introduced to my remote control Dalek or whatever, check out the concrete lawns at Melbourne Uni between 12 and 4 tomorrow, and I should be somewhere around the CHAS table (It shouldn't be hard to find, lots of yellow and all that). If I'm not there, I won't be far away, so send me a text or something.

Like I said, this applies to both Melbourne Uni people whom I shall shamelessly pressure into joing CHAS or just other Melbourne types I know online.

...It's vaguely unnerving to consider, but I'm almost one of the Old School Second Floor people now. That's freaky.


On a less angry note, what stuff do you want me to bring for the CHAS and/or any other tables you want me to help out on Thursday or Friday, [livejournal.com profile] tinyteddyqueen? I'll probably have a dressing gown stashed in my bag because, you know, CHAS, but anything else you'll need to let me know about.
I has a paid account.

As a result of this, I has 30 free icon spaces.

(All ready for tomorrow's Who, I suppose. And possibly forthcoming fannish events like a certain seventh book Wanksplosion)

Other things what I has (or had last night):

- Two rather fun folk-punk bands listened to.
- Several drinks. (Well, almost 4)
- One goth club visited.
- Three drunk guys hitting on me (and [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away)
- Zero guys who had a chance hitting on me
- No sleep.
- No food in my cupboards.

And back onto fandom again, but, well, the fact the Doctor Who finale is tomorrow really has people on edge, doesn't it?
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( Jun. 22nd, 2007 02:08 am)
I'm trying to work out if I want to get a permanent account of not. On one hand, it's, you know, going to cost money.

On the other, it means never having to pay for my LJ ever again. And having maximum icons, which would be fun. And a whole lot of bonus features that I never use.

But it's mostly the never having to pay for it again + maximum icons that interests me.



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