I have finished exams. FOREVER! *\o/*

...Now I just need to wait until the 9th of July for results.

But yes, the Introduction to Stuff shut up, that's what I'm calling it now exam was this morning. Incidentally, I hate morning exams, they require waking up at unhealthily early hours. Either it wasn't as hard as I expected or my last minute studying paid off. Still didn't manage to finish all the questions, though - skipped over one of the biology questions because I had no idea, and I ran out of time for the last geology one.

Still, that was most of the stuff answered. And since I worked out that technically I could pass the subject so long as I get more than one third of the exam right... I think I'm good to go.

Then I went and wandered around Lygon Street for a bit, had cake at Brunetti's, went to the Friendly Neighbourhood Comic Shop of Dubious Legality to get a copy of Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu (I swear, every time I go in that shop, the Wall Of Gundams has grown), went to JB Hi-Fi to pick up the first set of FMA:B, and generally just bummed around the city for a bit.

Plus, as [livejournal.com profile] robotlove pointed out to me over Twitter, I came home to a new chapter of Primary Gain. Which was an entirely welcome surprise

And now I am getting tired, so I suppose it'll be a relatively early night for me. Stupid early mornings.

Still... FREEDOM! GLORIOUS FREEDOM! And I head off to the States in a month precisely. Huzzah!

Also check out my nifty new moodtheme, which I got from [livejournal.com profile] working_genius. It's just plain nifty.
And that'd be Uni done for another year, so huzzah! Assignments all written up and handed in, and exams (well, exam) done and dusted. Melbourne Weather even decided to get in on the act, and so I ended up writing about natural disasters during a thunderstorm. We even had a brief power outage at the Exhibition building.

But that's that until results come out, whenever that may be. (Apparently there's a results related strike going on, or something. I'm not sure about the details)

...Yeah, that's kind of a relief. Not that I get much relaxation time, given that tomorrow night is [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away's late birthday thing (OM NOM NOM Mexican!), Saturday night is [livejournal.com profile] altheas and [livejournal.com profile] lena_supercat's pre-wedding thing, and on Sunday I fly overseas. At some point before then, I actually need to pack. Huzzah for my impending trip to Singapore and Cambodia!

Speaking of which, apologies for the kinda pointless twitter feed stuff. Am getting it set up so I can tweet what I'm up to whilst I am away and Internetless. Of course, I won't be able to get anything in return, but thems the breaks. You guys can comment here if you so desire.

And, to add a note of complete and utter randomness to this post, Gareth David-Lloyd and Aaron Dismuke in something together, wut? Okay, who crossed the streams?
Aaaand no more exams for me this semester. Huzzah! Which means I can relax now. Mostly.

Today's exam - one of my sociology subjects - went alright. I think. I say "think" because I Do Not Like exams that entirely based off essays. With short answer or multiple choice exams, if you screw up one answer, it only costs you a few marks. Screw up an essay, though, and you are basically fucked.

*sigh* I shall just hope the fact I was in seat 42 bodes well for me.

Anyway, apart from examness I have been doing... not much. Though I did end up going to see Star Trek (yes, again) on IMAX last night with Allan and co, since he apparently had a ticket free.

...You know, now I think of it, every single movie I have seen at IMAX has been with Allan and co. Kinda weird.

Anyways, some friendly advice for anyone who is still going to see it: Don't watch Star Trek the same day you read the post on [livejournal.com profile] ontd_startrek from the person who counted how many lensflares there were. You will spend the entire film going "There's one! And another one! And another one!" *facepalm* It's distracting. And I'm not even opposed to lensflare!

Forthcoming life events: Not much at all. Got an appointment at the Doctor's tomorrow (nothing important, I just need a jab), and next week I should be seeing Mother Dearest and my cousin from America, who's on holiday (sorry, vacation) here and I haven't seen since I was like 10.
Well, last night was interesting. And rather fun, too.

Anyway, last night I met up with [livejournal.com profile] connikins and co, and after dumplings for dinner, we went out to a steampunk night club. Or to be more precise, this steampunk event at the Chi Lounge. It was the first one the organisers of it had done, so turnout wasn't huge, but the lounge was nice, and the cocktails were great, and there were people with shiny, shiny outfits. Oh, how I wish I could, like, actually sew. Or afford the piles of money it'd cost for some of the fancy stuff.

Also, apparently we freaked out the non-steampunk people at the same joint, according to [livejournal.com profile] connikins. And there was inexplicable playing of the Buffy theme song.

And that was my night out. Aside from that, my life has consisted of... very little since my last exam. Mostly bumming around the iPartment, and trying to work out just what notes to take into my other exam on Wednesday (It's open book).
Well, that was a rather productive day. Rather long day, too, since I had a 9am exam and in order to get to Uni and have breakfast and have time for last minutes going over my notes, I got up at some ridiculous hour.

Anyway, things what I achieved include:

- Exam. Duh. I know I passed and think I did decently on the short answer questions. The essay was rather craptastic, though.
- Haircut. Though it's nothing particularly different.
- iPartment Inspection. Not that I was actually here at the time, but hey, the Landlord isn't kicking us out or anything! \o/ We were just told the carpet needs cleaning.
- Catching up on TV episodes. Which was mostly just this weekends FMA, which I really liked. Kinda strange, given I never cared much for this arc in either the manga or the old anime. Ooh, the good stuff's just about to start...

...I never actually said anything about the last chapter of the manga, did I? Well, I'll just say it continued the trend of being EPICALLY AWESOME. Oh Arakawa, she loves us so.

Yeah, anyway, I now have only one exam to go, and that's next week. Go me.
...And my one and only exam for this semester was today. Personality and Social Psych 3, to be precise.

It wasn't too bad, actually. Got all the questions done in the time limit, there were only about half a dozen multi-choice questions I was entirely clueless on (the rest I either knew or could make an educated guess), and both the short essays were answerable. Though my overall conclusions on judging how I went seemed to be I'm good at the overall theories, but tend to suck at working out which precise theory proved which precise facts. I know the results, just not who said what about them.

Eh, anyhow it was fine. Rewarded myself afterwards with coffee and cake at Brunetti's - OM NOM NOM PEAR CHEESECAKE - and then bought the first half of Death Note at Animasia. Eh, it was cheap and I own all the manga now.

And that was my exciting and wonderful today. Tomorrow apparently consists of going and being grumpy at the Arts Faculty. (Semester 1 next year is fine. It's semester 2 everything is borked up with).

And then I should be seeing Mum on Sunday. Beyond that, my life seems to consist of assorted end of year parties, getting ready for Christmas, getting ready for Egypt (Huzzah!) and catching up on the kajillion things I've been meaning to watch/read/whatever.

In conclusion: Have a Blue Beetle icon!
And so does my computer it seems. (Speaking of: The place I left my laptop with to find out what the hell is actually wrong with it still hasn't gotten back to me. They said they'd call Monday.)

Also: I have concluded I require a mousepad.

Incidentally, flist, you weren't very helpful at all when it came to naming the thing. It still remains nameless, though I am vaguely considering Gwen right now ([livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away mentioned something about the missing panel looking like a gap in it's teeth. I made the Torchwood connection. Feel free to come up with better ideas).

I have, however, found something resembling a desktop - this one btw, since it is pretty and shiny and I read another of the Haruhi Suzumiya books on the weekend. I suspect it's only a temporary desktop, anyhow.

And the rest of this post is just me listing all my end of semester type stuff, just so I've got it all together somewhere.

Cognitive and Neuro Development: 5th November.
- 1000 word report on interview task
Quantitative Social Research: 10th November.
- 2800 word research proposal (on usage of various news sources compared by age)
Short Fiction: 10th November.
- 3000 words of fiction piece + notes on writing piece.
- 1000 word analysis of short stories

Personality and Social Psych 3: 20th November, 2:15pm (2hours)
Semester results out today!

My final results for my subjects in the semester just gone were:
Writing Through Character = H3
Power, Ideology and Inequality = H2A
Research Methods 3 = H2B
Personal and Social Development 3 = H2B

I am grumpy about the writing mark - I should have gotten something higher than a H3, dammit! - but otherwise quite pleased. Especially with the Research Methods mark, given that was the exam that worried me most. 95 percent of the total mark, too.

Must have gone well with guessing what letters to mark. ;)

I shall have to come up with a reward for myself over the weekend.

In other news, Doctor Who made Fandom Wank again. And not about any actual finale spoilers, shock horror. Just someone getting called on calling their photoshoppery "art" and then throwing a tantrum.

You're letting me down, fandom!
Huzzah! And my exams are over and done with for another semester.

I had my last one - Research Methods - this morning. And it was rather better than I had hoped. I mean, it still wasn't good - it was statistics after all. Argh! But there was a reasonable enough proportions of questions I could solve, questions I could take an educated guess at, and questions that I took an (uneducated) guess at.

Also, Ye Olde traditional case of staring at the paper for ten minutes trying to remember how to solve that question from the homework was ended by actually remembering how to solve the question from the homework. That's what I call a happy ending.

All that said, I have no idea how I went. Shall have to wait and see, I suppose.

After all that, I ended up toddling around the city for a bit. Which was... random, but in the good way.

For instance, for lunch I had hot pink risotto. Yes, really. Intentionally hot pink risotto.

(It was beetroot, in case you were wondering. Dad would be pleased. And it actually wasn't bad, though it could have used a bit more cheese).

Also, if you are going to be serenaded by a random long-haired drunk guy at three in the afternoon, "Mah Na, Mah Na" is the best song ever for him to choose. Truly. It had me in fits of giggles.

I have the best random shit happen to me, honestly.

Oh, and in other news, anyone (of the Melbourne variety) have/going to have an plans for forthcoming adventures of some description?

'Cos I could use some excitement in my daily life now that things are wrapped up for me for the next month or so. Plus, sitting in my room all day isn't good for the health.

What is coming up in the next month, anyway?
Generally speaking, come exam time, my LJ posts tend to become either alarmingly frequent, and about nothing particularly interesting, or practically non-existent (and again, about nothing in particular).

I think my recent post count pretty much speaks for itself, here. ;)

Anyhoo, examness is... ongoing. My writing folio and anthropology essay are both over and done with, and my first exam - Personal and Social Development - was today. It went, well, decently I suppose. Manged to answer all the questions without too much difficulty, even if the essays weren't particularly good.

On a less positive note, I think I killed my hand. Ow. I haven't written that much in one go in months.

Also, I appear to have somehow developed a twitchy eye during swotvac. It's not painful or even much of a problem, but it freaks me out.

I have just one exam to go, fortunately. Less fortunate is that it's Research Methods. Which means I am likely to take one look at all the statisticy questions and go ARGH!

At least it's multiple choice. If all else fails, I can make pretty patterns with the dots.

After today's exam I went and took a wonder down into the city. There I managed to see such fascinating sites as [livejournal.com profile] ephant on her way to an Art-venture, and the Sonic Manipulator without his helmet (sadly, he is not actually an alien). And a cat on the tram.

In other news, I am woefully behind on fandom (Doctor Who fandom, anyway). Or possibly not woefully, given the whole Oncoming Wank situation.
And in a twist that is shocking to, oh, no-one in particular, we have our first bit of Steven Moffat as boss Who-wank.

The actually shocking bit? Rather than being related to his shipping proclivities, the wank is courtesy of the mad rantings of one Lawrence Miles. (I mean, snarling, predatory Scottishness? Seriously?)

...Which is a bit odd, because there's some seriously crazy stuff come up from the episode. Mostly related to River Song, guest du jour, who is either an evil whore or secretly everyone from Rose to the Rani in disguise, depending on who you ask.

And on speaking of Mr Moffat, I was having some seriously disturbing dreams about creepy abandoned buildings last night, as well as small children with unnatural powers. And I haven't even watched his new episode yet. I don't think that's quite fair...

And on a completely unrelated topic, I'm going to post the dates of when all my end of semester stuff is due here, so I have it all in one place.

Creative Writing: Monday June 9 (3000 words Creative, 1000 exogesis)
Power, Ideology and Inequality: Friday June 13 (2500 Ethnographic Essay)
Personal and Social Development 3: Thursday June 19 (2hr exam, 2:15pm)
Research Methods 3: Monday June 23 (3hr exam, 9:30am)
Exam results are out today, and since I was up and about at this time for some unknown reason, I decided to check mine out.

And, um, you know that subject I was 100 percent convinced I had failed? Well, uh, I didn't. Fail it, that is - I managed to pass.

How, of course is currently bewildering me, given I didn't complete one of the hurdle requirements, but I ain't arguing with a pass for it, even if it's only just.

As for my other subjects, Cognitive Psych 2 I passed with a H3, Sociology of Youth I got a H2B for (and was one mark off a H2A), and for Cyberspace I got a H1.

So, huzzah for that last one (though I have already gotten some comments about how all my time online is paying off.

So, that'd be that until next year.
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( Nov. 7th, 2007 09:29 pm)
Well, that's exam number two over and done with. It was rather better than I had hoped - I had something written down for all but one of the questions, even if some of them were me talking complete rubbish in hopes of sympathy marks, but it wasn't the great swaths of blank paper I was expecting to leave.

Still reckon I've failed, mind. Just not as catastrophically as I had initially expected.

As a reward to meself for getting both exams over and done with, I went to an op-shop I like, and got a cute red and gold baker's boy cap, and these adorably titchy little sunglasses. Also, some Pocky.

Oh, and then I went and inhaled a bug, which was somewhat less pleasant.

A few fannish updates:

The Lexicon wank proves it has stamina, with yet another new post.

Or if that isn't to your taste, there's an entirely separate HP wank to enjoy.

Over in Doctor Who, the [livejournal.com profile] lifeonmartha 1000 members celebrations are entirely underway, with drabble tag, random cheering on, and shiny shiny icons.

Go on everyone, write some drabbles, read some drabbles, or grab an icon of much shininess. *displays hers*

...And now I'm spent. *collapses*
So, that's my first exam over and done with - my Cog Psych exam was today. Right when the Melbourne Cup was on, too, so I'm still not entirely certain who won. Oh well.

Was mostly pretty good, except the last sub-topic. Which was, well, I hadn't turned up to the last couple of lectures, but assumed I had a grasp on things via the lecture notes and slides. Apparently not. But the other stuff was fine.

And I've another exam tomorrow. *groans* Which will be Intro to Psych Disorders, which I full expect I shall fail. Which sounds pessimistic, but I'm speaking in all honesty. I should be okay on the multi-choice parts, but have short answer? *winces*

At least I won't have to repeat it, given it's not being run under the Melbourne Model...

And after that, no more exams, just an assignment and a take home test to do. So some of this weekend will be spent at the library.

In rather more entertaining news, the Lexicon wank seems to have decided it's in for the long haul. That's four posts so far, and we haven't even gotten near a ruling on the case. *glees at epic wank*

Oh, and there are some rather fabulous pictures going round of David and Freema at the Doctor Who box set signing today. I'm sure there's even more out there, but I can't be bothered looking for the link right now. But they are wonderfully shiny.

And now that I am thinking of it, [livejournal.com profile] lifeonmartha has over 1000 members now, huzzah! A celebratory post, with banner and icons is forthcoming. As soon as one of us mods works out how to post icons, anyway.
...So naturally, this post is going to be all about fandom and other inanities, and have no mention of anything Uni related whatsoever.

Also, it's somewhat of a GIP given I went and nabbed this one just this morning. (What can I say, except Pimpin! Mello is Pimpin'. And too awesome not to have an icon of)

Anyhoo, there has been yet another FW post about the Lexicon Lawsuit wank. Ypu've got to love this wank, the stupid: it just keeps on a-coming.

Over in Doctor Who fandom, it appears that the extras on the S3 boxset contain a guest appearance by Unexpected Naked Tennant! Which has certainly gotten parts of fandom quite worked up. Quite understandable, since Mr Tennant appears to have been working out and has some nice shoulders there.

And more seriously, a BBC press release about the return of Martha Jones and a certain S4 spoilery monster. Link also includes some fab group shots of the Doctor, Donna, Martha and Teh Alien.

Martha is looking mighty swish in those icons, in her lab coat and all the blacks. Very stylish. (I shall leave the debate Re: Rings she may or may not be wearing and their significance to others on my flist)

Though, those pics now make me want a mildly spoilery phrases here! ) icon now.

And finally, I have discovered that no matter how irritatingly wanky someone might be, no comment, no matter the depths of it's particular stupidity, can ever possibly be taken seriously once you have gone and made the mental association between their username and Team Rocket.

Kudos to [livejournal.com profile] biichan for that rhyme and whomever first came up with the comparison. I can't look at half the new series threads wthout bursting into giggles any more.

ETA: I was originally going to quote that "Remember remember the fifth of November" thing in this post. But, I forgot.

Bite me, irony.
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( Jun. 15th, 2007 08:50 pm)
So, Neuro exam was today. On the plus side, no more exams, huzzah!

On the minus side, I have recalled that there is a reason I don't do medical subjects (aside from the whole "I freak out at the sight of blood" thing): Namely, I am terrible at remembering that is the X is damaged the pathway between Y and Z is broken, meaning someone has N disorder. All those medical terms, especially the parts of the brain just... blur together for me.


So, after I was done I went an celebrated by, erm, going to the second hand book shop. Got a a few books:
- The High Lord. Third in Trudi Canavan's Black Magician Trilogy. I've read it, but I wanted to actually own all three.
- Smoke and Mirrors, by Neil Gaiman. Only read a little of it, but I'm coming to suspect I prefer Gaiman's short stories to his novels.
- And two of Diana Wynne Jones's Chrestomanci novels. One more and I'll have the complete series. As you might have guessed, there is a slight fondness for Children's stories here.

In other news, Doctor Who wank! Though I personally think it's more someone poking fun than actual wank, but what the hell.

Also, it is damned foggy out tonight.

Bloody Dementor orgies.

ETA: And now I'm all asquee because of the BIG HUGE MASSIVE DOCTOR WHO FINALE SPOILERS.

(Note: Do not click that link unless you are entirely willing to read BIG HUGE MASSIVE spoilers even if half of fandom had guessed it, anyway)
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( Jun. 5th, 2007 09:19 pm)
For all the chaps over on [livejournal.com profile] lifeonmartha who've gone and friended me, howdy!

Though I must add, if you are expecting staggering displays of intelligence and wit, now is probably not the best time. Middle of exam period, alas. One essay and exam have been done (Essay was rubbish, exam was two thirds quite good, and one third bullshitting that might pay off), and I have two more essays and an exam still due.

Which means I am slightly less posty when I come online, as it tends to be me trying to distract myself from the horrors of actually doing work.

Still come the 15th and it's all over and done with. And I have over of month of wonderful, glorious time off.

For all the people who've known me a bit longer: I said I was going to post about my 21st last week, didn't I? Whoops.

Anyhoo, 'twas fabulous fun. Everyone who said they were going to come actually did - I'd been having paranoid fears someone would forget the date or something and not show. Food was both good and plentiful, as were the cocktails. Bless. And the show was as fab as ever, though I had seen it before.

(Somewhat on that note, the next show, starting as of this week, is supposedly pirate themed. [livejournal.com profile] tinyteddyqueen and I have vague plans to possibly go see it after exams, anyone else want to join our as of yet not existant plans?)

Memorable bits include the comedian one who went through the audience complementing [livejournal.com profile] altheas on his performance in Brokeback Mountain, [livejournal.com profile] forsakendaemon attempting to see how many plastic spiders he could get in his hair, the mini BPAL party that was apparently going on, Callum getting majorly hit on by that costume lady, and the plots on how to divide up the waiter's wardrobe (and the waiter).

Thankies must go to these people for their prezzies:
Erm, whoever it was who gave me the mud with the infusion whatsit.
[livejournal.com profile] tinyteddyqueen for the sake and sake serving stuffs. So pretty.
[livejournal.com profile] lena_supercat for the book voucher.
[livejournal.com profile] saikogrrl for the chocolate. And alcohol. And alcoholic chocolate.
And it wasn't at the party, but [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away for the cookies and ickle Dalek.

Also I got my presents from Teh Family.

The Sister, classy individual that she is, was apparently going to get me a gift voucher, but it was raining. So instead I got a block of chocolate and money.
Dad got me a new computer, which should be ready later this week.
And Mum got me a return airfare to anywhere.

So, now all I need to do is work out where I want to go...
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( Nov. 22nd, 2006 03:26 pm)
And, my exams are over for another year, yay! Astronomy was yesterday morning, and it was... okay. Some I could do, some I took a stab at, and some I just left, but I should do okay on it. Which means I am now free for the holidays. Free as a bird!

As a reward, I decided to order some CDs online - one by Gogol Bordello, and one by Vagabond Opera.

...And so now I must stumble through my flist, working out cards and what-not for exchanges. And I still need to finish up my enrollment for next year.

Any way, on Monday I went with [livejournal.com profile] saikogrrl and friends to see "Children of Men" and the movies. It was very good, I have to say. Thought provoking and all.

ETA: Looking through course requirements. I think I need some more Science subjects. Any suggestions for some subjects? I've done two first year Psych ones (for my major), two programming subjects, which was a little dull, and two astronomy ones, which were more interesting. But I need another two or three subjects, alongside my major so I fulfill the requirements.
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( Nov. 10th, 2006 10:18 pm)
Sorry to have been so long in updating, but I have been busy. Busy, busy, busy.

As in, yesterday I had both my Psych exam for the semester, and my HPS paper due. Paper's kind of rubbish, but it's done. And the exam went okay - well, better than I expected, anyway. One of the subtopics I knew well had rather more questions on it than I had expected.

And, because I'd done an all-nighter before that to finish the essay and do some cramming, after the exam was over, and I headed home, I immediately crashed in bed, and slept for 15 hours straight.

As for today, I ended up meeting up with Andy - guy whom I may have mentioned in the past, about chatting on MSN - from the UK, who was in Australia for his brother's wedding (I think). We had lunch, and then did the tourist thing, and headed up to the Old Melbourne Gaol. Which was... interesting. If a little macabre.

And then, being sci-fi types, we wandered down to Minotaur to have a look what they had in. Yeah, geekiness.

And thus goes my busy, busy life. Or not so busy, now, as my final exam isn't until the 21st.
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( Oct. 4th, 2006 10:44 pm)
HPS today was the best thing ever. Srsly. I think I about died laughing.

We were watching this short film, In Seach of the Edge. To everyone out there who hasn't seen it, if you ever get a chance WATCH IT. It's freaking brilliant.

I love it when my classes are good.

Also I wore my Converse to Uni today. They're the ones I got cheap from the outlet store on my Great big Shopping Adventure over the break, and they are all lovely and shiny. But I need to wear them in, because they were rubbing my heels.

Also, I have gone and checked my exam timetable. Only two this semester: Psych on November 9th, and Astronomy on the 21st. Which gives me lots of time inbetween, which I approve of.


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