So, despite a distinct lack of response to my post about it, and went and saw Toy Story Three last night. It was very good, and I cried like a baby through, like, the last half.

Though egads, ticket prices get expensive. And now I sound like one of those people complaining about the good ol' days when everything was cheap. Though you used to be able to see movies at the Hamilton Cinema for five dollars. The selection was crap, but it was cheap.

On the down side, on the way home I lost one of my earrings. And it was one of my nice red dangly ones, too. I like those earrings!

Apart from that, I've been... watching other stuff. New Futurama, subs of the most recent FMA:B episode, the second season of Full Metal Panic. Well, it's bloody cold out at the moments, and I'd rather stay in my room, where I can put the heater on and keep warm.

Oh, and I got back my last SSRM assignment - that one I was working on when you computer was being stupid. Got a H2A for it. Since it was worth 50 percent of the subject mark, and for the 25 percent assignments I got a H2A and a H2B, I'm now extrapolating that my final mark is a H2something.

And I have an appointment at the doctor's tomorrow. (Nothing's actually wrong, just more delightful needle jabbings for me.)
I see my flist has once more been taken over by Doctor Who flailing. (As far as I can tell, mostly positive, but I'm not sure how reflective this is of the whole).

...Which I suppose means wank in the future. Season finales seem to do that.

In other news, today I watched the new Futurama episodes. Which were not at Futurama's best, but since Futurama's best can be pretty effing amazing, I'm happy enough.

I also watched the live stream of the second last FMA:B episode. I'll save my episode thoughts until I get to watch a version which isn't all laggy (and has subtitles), but my god it is weird to see something animated that I only read in the manga two weeks ago.

Also, only one more episode of FMA to go. Ever! ;_;
Why must Towel Day be the same day as the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May? It really does complicate things. Didn't have room in my bag for a towel, but I did wear lilac today. Well, purple. Close enough.

Handed in that stupid poster, after I got it printed out at Uni - incidentally, it strikes me as really quite counter-intuitive that the printers, the place where you top up your printcard and the place where you can get change are all on different floors of the library. Seriously, who planned that one?

Oh, and to add to the birthday stuffs, apparently Dad will be coming down this weekend for dinner or whatever. And possibly an iPhone for me! ...Or a cheaper alternative.

And for a healthy note of frivolity, have some random shit that has been entertaining me:

- Some crafty types has made necklaces with, as a pendant, fetus!Envy in a jar.

And a bunch of vids on YouTube:
- FMA:B AMV. Not technically that great, but I like the sentiment behind it. Spoilers to recent episodes.
- Nifty short Ashes to Ashes fanvid. (SPOILERS for the final episode)
- And a longer Ashes to Ashes fanvid. Which reminds me of just how amazing some of the visuals on that show were. (Also has SPOILERS for the final episode)

Last but not least: The 100th video of "I'm a Marvel... I'm a DC". It's a musical. (A rather lulzy musical).
So, about that Ashes to Ashes big finale.

Take a look at the Lawman, beating up the wrong guy )

I'm looking forward to what the fanvidders do with this (these?) now. Normally I'd be on the lookout for fic - and I definitely still am - but Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes wouldn't be the same without the music.
I so should have not made those Life On Mars jokes the other day. I've been getting Bowie songs stuck in my head ever since.

Admittedly, all the pre-finale discussion at [ profile] a2ashes hasn't been helping much.

...And I've somehow gotten into a discussion on Facebook about David Bowie's tight, tight pants. (Why do I not have a Jareth icon? *sigh*)

It even got brought up during my SSRM tute today, although I admit that class has a history of WTFery. And what with the long discussion on studying people who play video games, it's not like today was much different than usual.

We did get this wonderful quote out of it: "Let's operationalise lameness!"

And students making Your Mum jokes at the tutor.

Quick, someone get something else stuck in my head!
So, the next assignment I have due, for my science class, is... a poster.

Yes really, I have to make a poster.

I mean yeah, a couple of weeks after that I'll have a three hour exam, but really. A poster. You can so tell this is a class for ickle firsties.

With a minimum of ~*~two references~*~.

Yes, I'm dead from lulz here.

On the other hand, no prac next week. Maybe I'll go to the library to find my ~*~two references~*~.

One of the topics to chose from in "Life On Mars". Must resist urge to talk about Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt. Or David Bowie.

And in news that is not about making fun of my assignments, today I bought some nice new warm winter pajamas.

I just thought everyone should know about that.
Well, that made for an interesting Mother's Day. Or Mother's Day weekend, I suppose. (It was also my Dad's birthday. On Mother's Day. As one does.)

Last night we went to go see Jersey Boys, which turned out to be pretty decent for a show I knew like nothing about. Incidentally, I had no idea how many of those old songs I knew were actually by the Four Seasons. Funny that.

And today we went to the Windsor Hotel for lunch. Well, High Tea, technically, but it was at lunch time. And yes, that meant that for lunch today I had cucumber sandwiches and a whole lotta cake.

It was quite nice, anyway, very ~fancy~, and it made for a rather decent day.

Until the part just after we left when I ended up throwing up, which was sort of a downer ending. No idea why, either.

And then I went home and did that assignment which is due tomorrow, and sat around feeling meh.

...So less of a fun ending to the day. I think I shall watch the most recent Ashes to Ashes episode, and wait for FMA scanlations to show.
You know, reading through the newest Dresden Files book the same day as a new FMA chapter was possibly not my best idea ever. There is only so much "I can't believe that actually just happened!" the brain can take before it explodes.

And I think I am really starting to push that point.

I mean, yeah, I wanted to read it before I fell over any more spoilers than I already had, and yet I still didn't see a lot of the big things coming. Especially that one at the end. If you've read it, you'll know what I mean.

Just, yeah. I think I am a bit holy shitted out for a while. Shocking fandom moments are surprisingly exhausting, apparently.

(If anyone wants to get chatty about spoilers in the comments, feel free)
And I'm back! Not that I exactly went away for long. Or exactly "away" for that matter.

Still, the jaunt out the Hamiltonian way was interesting enough. Had dinner with the family at a Greek restaurant I swear wasn't there last time I was in Hamilton; got a bag full of Easter eggs which I lugged back up to Melbourne with me; in a bit of free time, I started to watch Full Metal Panic ([ profile] xwingace will be pleased); cleared out some of my more sentimental and/or useful junk from the far, (Gosh, it's been a while since I've been out there). Though I was right, most of the stuff there I won't really miss all that much.

Oh, and got Dad's address for where he'll be living in Thailand. I think he offered to pay for us to come over and visit when he's there. Which on one hand: free trip to Thailand. On the other hand: everything else. Sigh.

In other news, the trip to the USA in the middle of the year is looking increasingly likely. Here's hoping that happens.

In non-Hamilton related news, my flist has exploded with stuff about new Doctor Who. It's all very chatty and nostalgic.

Also, apparently, the new series of Ashes to Ashes, though that got swept away in the tide of Doctor Who. I still need to watch that episode, though.

Oh: New (and final) FMA:B Opening and Ending themes. Like the animation, am still deciding about the songs. They are also quite spoilery to recent chapters, though IDK if it might be cryptic enough to escape people who haven't read the manga.

One of the things I did follow a bit while I was away was some of the ongoing shenanigans between The HMS STFU and the Snapefen, and somehow when wandered into the discussion it somehow ended involving some ongoing dicussion I've been having about certain aspects of Code Geass fandom and then the streams crossed, and now I sorta-kinda want to write a paper analysing the psychological underpinnings of the Draco In Leather Pants tendency in parts of fandom.

Yes, I know. How would you even study something like that? I don't even know what subject it would be classified under.

In conclusion, [ profile] ypaladinofchaos, why do you always update that fic of yours on mornings when I am just about to leave home?
Aaaand no more exams for me this semester. Huzzah! Which means I can relax now. Mostly.

Today's exam - one of my sociology subjects - went alright. I think. I say "think" because I Do Not Like exams that entirely based off essays. With short answer or multiple choice exams, if you screw up one answer, it only costs you a few marks. Screw up an essay, though, and you are basically fucked.

*sigh* I shall just hope the fact I was in seat 42 bodes well for me.

Anyway, apart from examness I have been doing... not much. Though I did end up going to see Star Trek (yes, again) on IMAX last night with Allan and co, since he apparently had a ticket free.

...You know, now I think of it, every single movie I have seen at IMAX has been with Allan and co. Kinda weird.

Anyways, some friendly advice for anyone who is still going to see it: Don't watch Star Trek the same day you read the post on [ profile] ontd_startrek from the person who counted how many lensflares there were. You will spend the entire film going "There's one! And another one! And another one!" *facepalm* It's distracting. And I'm not even opposed to lensflare!

Forthcoming life events: Not much at all. Got an appointment at the Doctor's tomorrow (nothing important, I just need a jab), and next week I should be seeing Mother Dearest and my cousin from America, who's on holiday (sorry, vacation) here and I haven't seen since I was like 10.
Yes, I know I went LJ MIA again. (Well, sort of - there has been a bit of commenting in certain comms) This seems to be one of those things that tends to happen come swotvac, as all my time seems to spent writing assignments, or doing research for assignments or procrastinating catching up on my TV episodes having appropriate breaks for relaxation.

But all the assignments are over and done for this semester, huzzah! ...Which just leaves me with two exams to study for. Egads.

Though in slightly more interesting RL news, my cousin's coming over to Australia with her boyfriend later this month. And by cousin I mean one of the ones that lives in America and I haven't seen since I was like 10, so this ought to be interesting. I dunno if I'll even recognise her.

And some thoughts on the fannish experiences I had during my bouts of procrastination entirely appropriate relaxation breaks:

Ashes to Ashes season finale: *brain goes splodey*

Batman: Brave and the Bold: Crack crack crackety crack. Bless.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Oh Hughes! ;_;

Actually, while I'm talking FMA (and waiting for people to get the next chapter online), according to my forum lurking research, we're only 5 episodes away from getting a new OP and ED. Which means 5 episodes away from stuff that has never been animated before, including the previously manga only characters.

Which is something I consider to be excellent news. And hopefully should cut down on some of the fannish bitching, since it'll just be compared to the manga as opposed to the old anime.

And on the subject of excellent news, GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! There's a whole new series of Futurama being made. Which is just plain nifty. *uses Hypnotoad icon in celebration*
Oh, Universe. What a mad, mad place you are.

So, I Googled the APA Citation Style Guide, to ensure I'm doing the citations on this stupid Psych essay properly.

Which is all well and good, until I notice that the first example on the first site in the Google search is the following:

Devine, P. G., & Sherman, S. J. (1992). Intuitive versus rational judgment and the role of stereotyping in the human condition: Kirk or Spock? Psychological Inquiry, 3(2), 153-159.

Cue a literal double-take when I actually realise just what it is this is saying. And probably a really great WTF face if anyone had been watching.

Though I'm still not entirely certain why a university would choose to use entirely Star Trek examples on a page about how to cite things in a Psychology paper.

In other news, last night I went and saw Billy Elliot with Mum and The Sister (and her boyfriend). It was actually very good, though our seats were literally in the back row, and we couldn't see some of the stuff going on in the upper part of the stage. I really must see the actual movie that's based on at some point...

Incidentally, I have no idea what my Mum is getting me for my birthday, but apparently she was going to get it at the Southbank Art and Craft market this morning. If anyone has any guesses, feel free to let me know
Despite all online impressions to the contrary, I am not, in fact, dead. My Internet just suffered from a mild case of being on Dial-Up, since the monthly quota got finished up. But such is life.

Also, end of semester is coming up. Ack, assignments. Psych is first due (end of next week), then I have a week and a half before Creative Writing and Sociology need to be done. And then exams. Oh joy and wonderment.

Otherwise, I have been up to catching up on my TV stuffs (Speaking of which, WTF was with the FMA:B fansubs this week? They were hours later than usual and I haven't seen the episode yet), and you know, normal Uni type things. And attempting to de-bork my sleeping pattern, which got odd on the weekend.

And I got all 8 on footy tipping on the weekend. Go me?

Mother Dearest is coming up to Melbourne next weekend to see me - early birthday visit type thing, you know? - and we are going to go see Billy Elliot. Though the tickets are apparently up the back. Oh well, I'll still be able to hear things.

Incidentally, on the subject of birthdays: Anyone up to anything on Friday May 29th? I was thinking I might have birthday/end of semester drinks or something, if anyone wants in. This goes for the Melbourne types, obviously.

To get back to something that will actually interest the rest of you: Fandom! Or to be more precise, Star Trek! Which is currently proving just how much of an epic old-school fandom it is by already having a Kink Meme, a Non-Kink Meme, a pile of rather good fic and multiple wanks (One's ship-wank, one's oldfen vs newfen) just for the new movie.

Also, lots of shiny, shiny icons. Though I am finding it surprisingly difficult to find a Spock icon I like. Got a bunch of nice Spock/Uhura ones, but Spock alone is being tricky

...Yeah, so I went and saw Star Trek again. What can I say, it was Cheap-ass Tuesday and I didn't have anything else on today.

Other things of awesome today include the new chapter of the FMA manga, which remains in the OMG EPIC phase the last few chapters have been in. Spoilers! )

This week's FMA:B episode was slightly less awesome - not on account of being bad, since the episode was good, just that it was more a set-up/character one than epic shit going down. Decent adaptation of the manga, though, and they seem to have somewhat ironed out the pacing issues from the first couple of episodes.
Firstly, a confession to make: Despite having been in the Uni's Star Trek club for, oh, four and a half years now, I am not actually a Star Trek fan. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike Trek - in fact, most of what I've seen I liked even if some of it was for the lulz more than anything else - but it's always been something I've only really had a casual interest in, as opposed to my active fannishness. I know the basics and the broad ideas, but not much of the little stuff.

Also I've been in both Star Wars and Doctor Who fandoms. Trek is the enemy like twice over.

...Which is basically just a really long way to say that I went and saw the new movie with a bunch of people from Star Trek club this evening, and I really enjoyed it. It was fun and funny and had some really nifty moments and I really liked the characters, and I was amused at the in-jokes (well, the ones I actually understood, anyhow.)

And now I want to read fic of it. Dear Lord. *facepalm*

Anyone up to chatting about it? I've sort of being skimming over people who mentioned it on my flist prior to watching.
I have determined who my pink haired stalker is. He's the pink haired guy from one of my Sociology tutes who sighs all the time.

Still don't know his name, but hey... The only name I know in that tute is Scarlett Wang, and that's only because, well, she's called Scarlett Wang.

And in other news, which I'm sure most of my flist has already heard, Andy Hallett, aka Lorne from Angel is dead. Heart failure at 33 years, jeez.

Not the most cheerful post ever, I'm afraid.
Happy New Year, everyone! *\o/*

I hope your 2009 is better than your 2008.

And to start off the new year on a great note: Terry Pratchett has been knighted! Cue jokes about Sir Pterry having to wear tights and fancy armour.
So, I had a rather interesting weekend. If by interesting, I mean, the Parentals both decided to invade Melbourne.

Dad was down on Friday for a Rowing regatta - we went out and had Thai for dinner (I'm still trying to work out just what he does with his time when he isn't learning Thai or coaching rowing). And then Mum was down on Sunday in order to pick The Sister up from College, since she's finished for the year.

We had Greek for dinner, and then went and saw James Bond. (I'd say Quantum of Solace, but the word Quantum always makes me think of Discworld. I'm sad like that).

I quite liked it, actually. Even the song has grown on me.

I mean, I can sort of get where some of the criticism is coming from - if you like your Bond's quippy and as the Badass Male Fantasy figure that a lot of the older films were, it mightn't appeal so much. Bond may do some cool, badass stuff, but he doesn't seem to have a lot of fun doing it.

But it struck me as quite a good film, regardless (if possibly a bit too reliant on being a sequel - a couple of points I had to do a mental double take to try and remember just what happened in Casino Royale) I can't comment on the Bourne comparison, since I've never seen any of those films, but it does strike as strange that this movie was being criticised for being too much like... a well regarded, successful franchise of the same genre.

Somewhat more spoilery Bond thoughts )

Aside from that, other fannish input I have been taking in since the end of exams include several more of the Haruhi Suzumiya novels - either I'm liking the later short stories more, or I just find it more pleasant to read ones that the anime hasn't given away the entire plot for - and also the second episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which continues to be glorious, glorious crack.

It had gorillas riding pterodactyls. You cannot deny the ridiculously Silver Age-y awesomeness of that.
Okay, so the being grumpy at the Arts Faculty I mentioned yesterday didn't actually happen. Partially because since there has been an actual person looking at my subject selections, they have actually realised that of course I don't have the first year pre-reqs for that Sociology subject, they didn't exist when I was in first year.

Stupid Melbourne Model.

Anyhow, they went from refusing me the subject I wanted one day, to allowing it the next, to randomly giving me another subject as well today. So I still need to go talk to people, just not desperately.

Anyhow, that didn't happen today.

Instead, I was interviewed about fanfiction for a radio show.

Which, yeah, was something different. I'm still trying to find out details on the show, if there's an online recording or anything to share.

Anyhow, I was chosen for this because a friend of a friend of [ profile] tinyteddyqueen (who is a friend of mine) needed someone for it. Which makes, what, three degrees of separation?

From what I was told, I think the actually show was discussing the copyright implications of fanfic (Not sure why this was coming up, mind). And they wanted someone who was actually involved, as opposed to just, you know, lawyers and companies and people who debate the legitimacy of it all.

Hopefully, I shall be able to listen in to the main arguments that they were getting at. Not to mention how I sound on radio.

Well, that makes today's fifteen minutes of fame for me.
So, apparently about fifteen zillion new trailers came out this weekend. However, I am going to dare to be different from everyone else on my flist and not talk about said trailers.

Instead, I am going to talk about Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which is that cartoon I mentioned, featuring my poor cancelled Jaime.

And my thoughts can basically be summed up as thus: It was completely and utterly ridiculously silly. And that is why it was AWESOME. I giggled the whole way through.

I mean, seriously, there is a Bat-lightsaber, and Batman (very nearly) breathes in space. DO NOT QUESTION THESE THINGS! JUST LET THE AWESOMELY SILLINESS OF THEM WASH OVER YOU.

Actual thoughts on the episode )

Yeah, it was kiddy. I don't care, it was fun. Good enough for me to tune in to see the rest of the episodes, even if they don't all feature my darling Jaime (that said, some of the upcoming guest stars are pretty darned awesome).

In conclusion, I need someone to make me an icon of B:B&B Batman with "Blue Beetle's sidekick" on it. Do you like that acronym? I made it myself.


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