I see my flist has once more been taken over by Doctor Who flailing. (As far as I can tell, mostly positive, but I'm not sure how reflective this is of the whole).

...Which I suppose means wank in the future. Season finales seem to do that.

In other news, today I watched the new Futurama episodes. Which were not at Futurama's best, but since Futurama's best can be pretty effing amazing, I'm happy enough.

I also watched the live stream of the second last FMA:B episode. I'll save my episode thoughts until I get to watch a version which isn't all laggy (and has subtitles), but my god it is weird to see something animated that I only read in the manga two weeks ago.

Also, only one more episode of FMA to go. Ever! ;_;
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Have you been watching Doctor Who? I don't remember you talking much about it. (Comment to an old post because of the subject)


From: [identity profile] drakyndra.livejournal.com

...I haven't actually been watching this season, no.

I might get around to marathoning it at some point, though that'll have to wait until after the trip to America.


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