It was an interesting enough week there, I suppose.

Volunteering Tuesday, then on Wednesday I went to see The Avengers with peoples. I did consider doing a review type thing then, but at that point barely anyone on my flist would have seen it, so I didn't think I'd get much response.

I do have some comments to make, starting with the fact I could definitely feel Joss Whedon's influence on things. People who have seen Whedon's stuff now what I mean here: snappy dialogue, a certain specific type of humour. Plus, you know, a popular character dying dramatically before the big finale in order to motivate people. Oh, poor Coulson, the doom of being liked by Joss Whedon and not heading a movie of your own. Your fanboy crush on Captain America was so cute (and thus you were obviously doomed).

Otherwise - Thor's situation from the end of his movie was really handwaved away; Hulk was really impressively awesome, him and him as Bruce Banner were rather show-stealers. Hulk vs Loki was the greatest lulz ever. Also, Tony Stark was like totally hitting on Banner. I now ship Natasha/Hawkeye, because they were honestly sort of compelling, and I want all the fics ever of Steve being introduced to pop-culture or other modern things.

So that was that.

Then on Saturday I went to Worn Wild, which was basically just a market ( a bar) for goth or alternative clothes and accessories. Got a new hat, and a headband, and a few other accessories. I was tempted to get one of the corsets that were on special, but decided against it in the end.

And then today I went and watched Korra. Which remains very good, even if the fandom jumping instantly into shipwar mode is making me sigh. And roll my eyes. Of course, I happen to like both Mako/Korra (because I like the way they bounce off one another) and Mako/Asami (because I think they were cute and sweet) so I am probably Doing It Wrong here. And yeah, the whole "Asami is too nice, she must secretly be EVIL!" theory is blatant in it's real subtext. I'll admit that Mako/Asami will probably need a bit of drama at some point to tell me long term, but drama and SHE MUST BE PLANNING SOMETHING really not the same thing.

My personal, possibly crack, theory is that the mysterious (and pointedly unnamed) person who started Hiroshi Sato out with his loan had some kind of role in founding the Equalists - and they are going to come calling in to pay that back. And since his daughter knows the Avatar, why, let's just get Miss Sato to do things for us. Cue blackmail, and Asami having to fight against people she likes to keep herself and her father safe (which incidentally allows her to go back to being on Korra's side once Amon gets sorted out - I heard he was a Season 1 villain only).

...Yeah, it's possibly silly. But it's the sort of silly I like, and this episode seemed to be full of pointed references to past events that will most likely to end up plot relevant. Like that guy who Aang dealt with in Republic City in the past. And the flashbacks at the end, which have got to have significance beyond just fanservice. Aside from that, the episode was filled with Tenzin and family being awesome (The kids being hilariously so, Tenzin being an awesome mentor/father figure), and Korra making me cry. That poor girl, so afraid and alone! She so needs some "I like you for you, not just being the Avatar!" moments.

All the stuff with the Equalists there is really well written and 3-dimensional, being both utterly frightening and being very much justified in their complaints - all the ruling Council is benders, the cops with all their power seem to be, most of the triads and criminals, apparently, and the people who are opposed to this are being pretty much oppressed.

That said, I can't be on Amon and co.'s side on this because to paraphrase a comment someone else made: The fact their complaints about the current system are entirely justified doesn't change the fact the movement completely fails to propose any alternates. "Destroy all benders" isn't exactly a goal that will make things any better for anyone. Powerful douchebags will still abuse that power, and the innocent and powerless still get oppressed. And we can see with the Satos, and Mako and Bolin, in Republic City power isn't just about bending or not. For the record, Geass fans, this is why I was never really on Lelouch's side, while I did sympathise with the Black Knights. No matter how valid your complaints are, if you don't have a viable political alternative, any success you have will break down pretty fast.

And that was my dose of tl;dr for the day. Now all I want is to know where the good Korra icon-makers are hanging out. Also, for someone to write me a FMA/Korra crossover, because that'd be nifty.
So, in order to kick off this year in fannishness I shall, well, some up some of my fannish experience from the end of last year. And since the current obsession du jour happens to anime and manga stuffs (amongst other things), it is all of that variety - basically, all the anime, manga and related things I've gotten through since this last post. Or mostly since end of semester, really.

I'm even starting a new tag for it. Which shall be retroactively applied. (FMA remains in it's own tag. Because what with the ongoing manga and forthcoming new series, it's probably a lot busier)

I also have a MyAnimeList, though that's more about me keeping track of what I've seen and what episode/chapter I'm up to. Also, I want to watch like a kajillion things, so the "Planning to Watch" section is only things I actually have immediate access too (ie. I own).

But any how, following me have My Thoughts On Anime (etc.). In alphabetical order, because that's as good as any, and of varying levels of depth and n00bishness.

Baccano )

Chi's Sweet Home )

Cowboy Bebop )

Detroit Metal City )

Haruhi Suzumiya )

Kuroshitsuji )

As is implied by the lengths, it's only really Baccano, and maybe Bebop that I'm thinking about getting actively involved in the fandoms of. (I'm already lurking around Haruhi-land) The others I am mostly content to just read and/or watch.

And that would be that. For now, anyhow. Next up to watch and read can be found on MyAnimeList. Or it might be some random thing I check out, who knows.

If you have any involvement in these fandoms, feel free to comment on my comments, drop me links to posts, meta, fic, icons, whatever about them. Or to recommend other things, or other fandoms, you think I might like and should check out.
Your daily dose of absurdity. So, there were ticket inspectors when I was getting off my tram today. And though I had a ticket, it wasn't as yet validated. I think you can guess where this is going.

Anyhow, when they took my name and address, slight problem: I didn't have anything in my bad that proved my address - only address was the farm (You know, my parents place). So, the ticket inspector dude proceeded to ring my Mum at the tram stop, in order to check the address I had given him was accurate.

Yeah, that was strange. Amusing, though, for all it's WTFery.

Anyhow, onto the actual meat of this post. Which, coincidental timing aside, was not actually inspired by this Fandom_Discuss post. I just tl;dred in the comments there.

My relationship with Doctor Who )

Or to sum up all this tl;dr: Sorry Doctor Who fandom, I'm breaking up with you.

This isn't an "I'm leaving fandom" post. I'm still going to mod at [ profile] lifeonmartha - though that requires rather less effort these days - and I still read spoilers and follow the news and check out fics and fun stuff recommended to me.

And I'm not telling my list to go or anything - I still do read a lot of your posts on Doctor Who stuff. It's more I'm lurking again than getting involved. This is just to inform you go guys that my posts will no longer be all Doctor Who, all the time. Or even much of the time.

It's no longer Me/Doctor Who OTP. It's back to just friends.

And my new fannish lovelife is complicated enough. I've just started my affair with Comics, and I'm already cheating on him with Anime.

...And now, just to be contrary to the entire point of this post, I wish to drop in a link to a nifty bit of Doctor Who meta, namely about Martha and her character arc. Because it always makes me grumpy when people say Martha had no character development.

...Why doesn't a Martha fanvid to I Will Survive exist already?
Say, does anyone recall me mentioning way, way back, about how I had decided to do my end of semester assignment for Anthropology on the Anonymous Scientology protests.

Or, if you were at [ profile] lizbee's party and I chatted to you, I may have mentioned I had an assignment I needed to write.

Well, I got said paper back today.

And I got a H1 for it. Even after losing 3% for handing it in a day late.

Go me! *\o/*

...That said, one of the comments from my marker was that it was very original and interesting. Which I suppose it would be after reading through 100 essays on ANZAC Day ceremonies.

Not sure how the subject mark works out, what with weightings and percentages. I've gotten at least a H2A overall, though.

Full semester marks out on Friday. Ack.

In vaguely fandom related news, I have spent several hours today listening to [ profile] fa11ing_away cackle as she caught up on Doctor Who. And I mean cackle. Laugh like the Joker, that girl.

We are now in the strange position of [ profile] fa11ing_away being ahead of me in Doctor Who watching. Wonders never cease.

And your random vaguely meta thought of the day, brought to you by the TV Tropes Wiki (Shut up, it's addictive), on the nature of New Who companions:

On the Three Faces of Eve page, one of the models mentioned for female characters is the Final Fantasy variation, in which females are inevitably either Innocent Princesses, Tough but Sexy, or Perky Jailbait.

It also mentions that, of all things, the three Doctor Who companions of the new series fit this model. And though Donna is a bit off (Definitely not jailbait. And Perky is debatable), Martha and Rose fit the models (even the more detailed ones at the link) dead on.

...At least it's preferable to Maiden, Mother and Whore. Interesting to think on, anyway.
While replying to comment on yesterday's Doctor Who episode review, I had some interesting thoughts regarding just what Donna knows about both Rose and Martha, and the Doctor's relationship with each of them.

This was done partially because I thought it was actually really interesting to cut out all the knowledge of what the Doctor and audience knows about Martha and Rose, and just cut back to the few facts that Donna has. And partially because I got rather pissed off last year for people bitching at Martha about things that she had no idea about (ie. That, until Utopia, she would be aware Rose didn't leave volutarily). I don't think Donna should be sunject to that, either.

So, here we go: Obviously, spoilers for Partners in Crime. And casting spoilers for later in the series. And mildly cracky speculation.

You know, relatively speaking, Donna knows more about the Martha than Martha did about Rose at this point in the series )

...I feel like I should cross-post this to a few places, but I've no idea where would be suitable. Any suggestions (that won't end up with wankiness in my comments?)
Step 1: Read through the entire Doctor Who love meme.

Step 2: Immediately afterwards, watch Voyage of the Damned for the first time.

Cut for exceedingly mild spoilers )

And the S4 trailer was good, as was the Torchwood S2 one.

Both could have been improved by more Martha, but that's because everything's better with Martha.

Actually, I have concluded that I have done the exact same thing with Martha that I did with Ten: Namely, spent so long being arguing for them and for giving a chance to the people irrationally bashing them based on nothing other than they aren't the character they miss, that I've somehow argued myself into loving them to the point that they are my very favourite characters in the entire show.

And that is why, I will always love Martha (aside from the whole, you know, made of awesome thing) and why I will always love Ten, even when he's being an arse.

...And that's your philosophical fandom message for the day.

*toddles off to find new icons*
I have to apologise in advance for any possible incoherency in the following review. I is rather tired, you see, on account of a certain someone forgetting her key when she went out on her date, and thus waking me up at a quarter to six in order to be let in.

The cookies, though they have done a good job on cheering my mood, aren't doing much to stop the tiredness.

Anyhoo, onto Doctor Who and 42.

Non-spoiler version: I've said this in a few places, though it isn't my favourite of the series, I really liked it - solid 4 out of 5 from me. Decent progression in the Doctor-Martha relationship, some good character stuff for the two of them both. Liked the concept of the episode a lot, despite the dodgy science. Also, being me, I utterly adored the Visual FX eyecandy moments. My main criticism would be under-use of the guest cast, really. (Most were little more than cannonfodder)

Burn With Me! )

Final note - Re: That Utopia clip everyone's on about. I am declining to comment on the events and/or motivations therein until I have context. Because I think everyone's being a bit pre-emptive about judgement now.

ETA: The next episode trailer )
La Who Review for this week. With random jaunts into Why You Can't Trust Reviews By Other People, Some (Pop) Psychological Discussion Of Martha, and Why Freud Makes More Sense In Fiction Than Reality. And a definition of Danversing.

Non spoiler version: Since getting this episode too rather longer than usual, I went and spoiled myself on other people's reviews - and thus, was expecting to not like this episode. So it was to my surprise that I did like it - as with last week, like rather than love, but I definitely rate this higher than the first two-parters of the previous series'. And I find some of the criticisms from people I normally agree with quite puzzling, but more in the land of spoilerdom...

Do what you do best. People are hurt. You can help them. )

So, well, there's rather a lot to talk about for an episode that is mostly a popcorn movie, don't think too hard type. (I gleefully ignored the dodgy science, given that, well, Doctor Who is practically based on dodgy science. I'll live)
Aand it's Daleks! In Manhattan! Which is like Snakes on a Plane, only without the Snakes. Or the plane.

Anyway, the non-spoiler review: It was very obviously part of a two-parter, in that there's a lot of set up, but not a huge amount actually happens. Once I see the second half, my opinions of this epiode will probably change. That said, I liked it, but didn't love it (unlike Gridlock or Smith and Jones). It had some smashing lines, it had some rather good supporting characters. And it had Daleks, which always make me happy.

(Disclaimer: I'm Autralian. I know precisely jack about how good/bad the accents were. So they didn't bother me in the slightest)

Your heart might break, but the show goes on )

More may be added, in a rambly fashion, as I think of it. But it's certain left me waiting for next week, because there's a whole lot of things I don't honestly know how will be solved.

*is very happy with the series thus far*
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( Apr. 8th, 2007 12:47 pm)
Non spoilery response to The Shakespeare Code: I really liked most of it (mainly because it touched on a few of my favourite concepts, and had mostly great in-jokes and dialogue), but the small bits I didn't like annoyed me so much it's negatively colouring my view of the rest. Which is not good.

So, overall, not as good as Smith and Jones. But mostly quite good.

57 Academics just punched the air )

All in all, so long as I try not to think too long on that one fucking annoying thing, I really enjoyed it. Hopefully we shall see future episode in which the Doctor become fully aware of Martha's awesomeness to make up for it.

And someone so needs to write Doctor/Martha/Shakespeare based around the sonnets

ETA: Apparently the writer is on the commentary track on the Beeb website, along with Julie Gardner and the director. Anyone heard it?I'm interested in what they say, but am too lazy to download it. It'd be interested to see what is said about Martha and future events...

ETA2: Confidential is cheering me a little. On the next episode: "The Doctor finally realises he's becaome attached to Martha."
And I has seen Smith and Jones, and I is all full of squee. For the episode, and for what looks to be coming up with the rest of the series (Seen Confidential as well).

The short, spoiler free version: Thought it was great, a solid 4 out of 5. Nothing earth shatteringly original, but a good companion introduction and decent alien plot. Also, I is quite liking Martha from what we've seen thus far.

And for more spoilery thought, in utterly no order whatsoever:

Here be spoilers )

And now I want icons. And fic smut, not smut, it's all good.

I think I'm gonna like this series.
Note: All the stuff I am discussing here comes up of having spent quite a bit of time in the OG spoiler section. It's mostly speculation, based on not a huge amount of actually spoilery fact, but there are some definite spoiler comments in here. So read at your own risk.

Also, I shall try to keep the spoiler stuff I mention here to a minimum, but the links back to the OG will have rather more spoilers, so watch out if you follow them.

Now, firstly, about that episode title I mentioned in my last post...
Mildly spoilery for the S3 finale )

My second (and more spoilery) bit of spec. This one to do with potential series themes - or at least linkages.
More spoilery, including some dialogue from episode 1 and episode 12 )
Yes, it's my Thoughts On The Runaway Bride (and some S3 type speculation).

The non-spoiler version: I quite liked it. It wasn't my favourite episode, and there were some plot flaws, but only minor, and all in all, it was fun. And it told it's story well. More behind the cut...

Quit bleeping me! )

Okay, I now need some S3 trailer and Runaway Bride icons.
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( Dec. 15th, 2006 11:10 pm)
So, my cards and pressies have been sent off to people - well, most have been, I ran out of cards and had to buy some more. Yeah, I know, it's late - most of the stuff is unlikely to arrive before Christmas. For which, I apologise to people. At least it means the Christmas Day won't be the end of getting stuffs...

I started mentally constructing some Doctor Who meta today, in regards to Freema Agyeman. And then I realised I was projecting my own issues onto it, so it got scrapped. And then I started trying to redo it, and realised that that version was half theorising that mightn't end up true. So meta got ditched - though I might pick it up again come series three (when I have fact, rather than speculation to work with).

And I need to sort out plans for changeover of housemates, and Christmas. Egads. At least our lease has been renewed for next year.
Just an odd connection that came out of nowhere, and decided to share.

You know all that talk from Rusty about how, as Rose "humanised" the Doctor, he "Time Lorded" Rose? Does it strike anyone else as interesting that this shows up in the same series that we get explicit mentions of the Time Lords in a negative manner?

"So frightened of change", indeed.
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( Sep. 30th, 2006 10:01 pm)
So, I have worked out what it is that gave me that blood blister on my foot yesterday. There's a broken zip on the cushion next to my bed. How did I work this out, you ask.

Well, I stepped on it. Again.

I hope I didn't get blood on the carpet.

Teh Links List is almost done - I'll have it up later tonight. It's rather shorter than the last (being out of the inital post-Doomsday boom), and appears to contain a worryingly high proportion of Martha fics. The advantage of an as yet impossible to be OOC character, I suppose.

Oh, and there are two more sections of the bad_penny thing up.

Also, on a vaguely meta note: "if [x] was here now they wouldn't love this version, how could they love this version?" is quite possibly the stupidest bit of Doctor vs Doctor character criticism I have ever come across.

Cut for ranting )
I haven't been reading as much fic as of late - namely, since Doomsday aired. Partially because of the inevitable badfic wave which is swamping fandom, but mostly because even some fic writers who I normally quite like are taking their fics in directions I am not entirely comfortable with.

And I was having a bit of difficulty in expressing why.

However, then I stumbled across Battle of Wills (which is a highly amusing parody of said fics, by the way, and I'll recommend it to anyone), and [ profile] castrovalva9 managed to explain the summary of said parody exactly why these fics weren't working for me.

Doomsday spoilers within )

So, to everyone else, thought, opinion?
Internet Servers should not be allowed to drop out with no notice whatsoever, and remain offline for several hours. It's just not fair. Especially when one needs access to Netbank so they can, you know, pay the damned rent.

Still, [ profile] fa11ing_away had time for some televisual entertainment. Watched Chicago (She hadn't seen it before, shock, horror), and I mourned my ankle, and the fact I couldn't dance along with it. Curse you, good musicals, and your stupid great music, and stupid choreography I want to learn, and stupid fun acting parts and stupid entertainment value. Stupid decade of dance training having programmed me to want to join in this stuff.

And we also finished off watching Doomsday (For the first time for [ profile] fa11ing_away) Which was... interesting. I find the ending terribly sad, and very tragic, and yet it still doesn't make me cry.

Though I did notice something that no-one else seems to have picked up on - or if they have, no-one has said much about it.

That thing I noticed )
As the title implies, great big spoilers for Doomsday and School Reunion. I don't think a 42 year old episode needs a spoiler warning.

And they all lived... )
Non-spoiler version: I think it pretty much works out as I really liked the episode for it's own sake, but the second it finished, I was suddenly dreading what the shippers would make of it.

Because as good as it was, there was so much fodder for badfic.

But I think when your least favourite thing about an episode is that it makes you worry about crazy shippers, than it's a pretty good sign.

Oh, and anyone who says Tennant can't act after seeing this episode will be feeling the back of my hand. Srsly.

This is the story... )


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