So, it's been a week since I last posted here. Whoops.

In compensation, my dear flist, you get... a whole lot of randomness. Because a little randomosity is good for the soul.

- Over at Fandom_Wank, the Snapefen are at it again.
They've also been all over the_hms_stfu lately. Making a bid to take over the role of resident crazypants section of HP fandom from the Harmonians, perhaps?
- On a more positive HP note, awesomesauce insightful fanfic on the female characters in Harry Potter.

Back to RL, and SSRM tutes are continuing in the gloriously cracktastic tradition.

Last week we somehow ended up on the topic of writing haikus about "being one with the train". And this week were talking about/practicing interview techniques. And somehow we ended up re-enacting a focus group for cult escapees. With a running theme of goats, a mention of Focus Group Survivor, and these lovely quotes:

- "What hair styling products did you use as a cult leader?"
- "Why do we always talk about bestiality in this subject?"

Ah, bless you cracktastic tutes.

And an non-tute related amusing quote, from a little while back:

Allen: "You know what's hilarious? So, I was translating Lady Gaga into Latin..."

...The Sister's graduation is this weekend. This is weird to think about.
Well, Uni was the provider of much lulz and WTF today.

Firstly, from one of the guest speakers in my Social Science class, this amusing quote:

"Whenever I find a restaurant I like, I start going there regularly... and then they go bust. Same thing happened with Communism."
- Guy who studied corruption in communist countries in the 80s.

Then there were all the people who were standing around Uni handing out free copies of The Origin of Species - with a Special Introduction by a Creationist.

Actually, I almost didn't mind this idea, until I actually looked at the "special introduction" and saw the gratuitous bashing of other religions and the ending spiel which was basically, "I'm taking the high road! Watch me take the high road! None of those horrible evil atheist would do something so ~good~! Admire me for taking the high road."

...Yeah. The moral high ground: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

Later was Star Trek club, in which we had much fun at the expense of our free books and their oh-so-special introduction, and then watched an episode of Stargate. (I had to leave before the TNG episode).

I also found the world's geekiest toilet wall graffiti, what with mentions of lolcats, 4chan, and that Deathly Hallows symbol from HP.

Oh, and I had my first tute of the semester, for SSRM. Which started out kind of boring, and yet by the end of it we'd ended up having conversations on why a dog is a phone, and the subjectivity of stop signs.

I approve of this sort of class.
So, today I got hit by a car.

Okay, I'm exaggerating. Today I was swiped by a car because apparently you don't actually need to stop for pedestrians at a pedestrian crossing. Arsehole.

My knee is turning some interesting colours, though.

On a more cheerful note, I seem to have an unexpectedly full social life this weekend.

I mean, today was Silly Night for FOUL - which was rather amusing and, as the name implies, silly.

Then, I ducked out early to go see Melbourne Model: The Musical. Some backstory for people who don't go to Melbourne Uni: The Melbourne Model is a reworking of the course structure at the Uni which has been incredibly controversial with a number of people, especially Creative Arts students. As a result, some have said Creative Arts students decided to protest it's implementation by... writing a musical.

It wasn't actually bad, though it was incredibly un-PC and exeptionally scathing of Glyn Davis and co. Very, very funny though, if in some parts down to the "I can't believe they just said that" factor. I especially liked Sam's Asia number, though the dude playing Glyn was hilarious.

And that was just tonight. Tomorrow I'm somehow trying to work out a way to both attend [ profile] connikins's 21st, and catch up with Mum when she is in town for The Sister's birthday (which was today).

And I shall leave you all with an amusing quote from Silly Night:

A girl I don't know (to me): "Excuse me, can I feel your skirt?"
(After feeling my skirt)
"It's just, it feels just like I imagined. Kind of felty. Like Scotland!"
So, just when I think that today is going to be a pretty darn boring day, halfway through my Psych lecture, all the power in the lecture theatre dies. And the alarms start going off, and everyone has to evacuate the building.

And I still don't know why this happened.

Still, it meant I could leave early. Which was almost a disappointment (key word there being "almost") since I rather like this psych lecturer. He has a tendency to include random interesting historical trivia in his lectures, and going of on strange tangents.

Some random quotes from his lecture:

On Narcissus: "He basically pined away and died. Because he was so hot."

On Narcissism: "Of course, everyone is special and unique. But you shouldn't believe that too much."

Aside from that, the most interesting part of my day was seeing a girl with a hot pink mullet on the tram.

Anyhoo, over in fannish doings, the fallout from Sparkly Vampire 4 continues over at FW. However, just when people start to think the fandom, at least, might be living up to the title of "the next Harry Potter", along comes the real thing with a metaphorical LOL N00B!

Oh, and if Wank isn't your fannish style, Freema Agyeman is a sweetheart. But we already knew that.
See, I could theoretically post some comment on this weeks Doctor Who (which I have actually seen and all that) but, well, I'm not going to.

Because I'm lazy like that. And I have other stuff that I've been meaning to post about, and have been putting off.

So, I shall perhaps post on it at some other point. Or not.

Instead: RL Stuffs!

To start off with, Friday was the Second Floor Slave Auction thing. Which was interesting, though it must be sad not as much so as past years (Also, as our dear Auctioneer [ profile] becker_ commented, everyone was very cheap this time around.

Anyhoo, [ profile] fa11ing_away and I purchased Sheridan as a House Elf for the iPartment. And I got [ profile] connikins, who is going to be making me jewellery once she's back in Melbourne. Oh, and I got bought by [ profile] altheas (No RobCorp this time around, alas).

There was some amusing stuff, mind - bids of e and Pi for one. Also, a round of applause when bidding got to $42 (Naturally).

Also: Gratuitous appearances of Mongo the Gender Neutral Gorilla.

This was supposed to just be a photo of Tristan's totally pimptastic outfit... )

Notable sales included Tom's Amazing Pockets, [ profile] chifley's Hat (Yes, that hat), the C and S Penguin. And Mongo, of course.

And of course, since no Slave Auction post would be complete without it, a collection of quotes I recorded on the night.

Just call me quote recorder, extraordinare )

...And that was my Friday Night.

On Saturday Night I went to my cousin's engagement party. Which was not so much a social event (since I knew like none of her friends) as it was an occasion to catch up with Teh Extended Family and all their gossip and so on.

Not that's there is much of a difference, once you've had five glasses of champagne and are attempting to liberate balloons into the open sky.

*coughs* Moving on...

Apparently, this has been the weekend for awesome movie trailers. There's the fabulous new Dark Knight one, as well as the equally fabulous new Indiana Jones one.

Also, I have a new haircut. *\o/*
Okay, I'll be putting my reactions to both the Torchwood finale and the Doctor Who opener here. Should have more emphasis on Who than Torchwood, since I have more to say (and, yes, care more).

But Torchwood will be first.

Non-spoilery comments: Honestly, this episode was really quite meh, except for the bits that were extremely non-meh, if that makes sense. The good stuff was utterly stunning, and I look forward to seeing where we go from here, but it felt oddly detached from most of the episode, which was... less good.

In which John Barrowman surprises us all by doing a great job at subtle )

And, onto Doctor Who, which was rather better - or at least more consistant.

Partners in Crime probably fits in my rankings of New Who season openers as second, but a not too distant second. (Smith and Jones is first, 'cos I loved it; whereas I found Rose boring and though I found New Earth entertaining at the time, it's rather painful to rewatch)

Donna, the Doctor, and the other major stuffs of note )

Oh, and a couple of bits that aren't episodes reactions, but just interesting Whoniverse interview quotes.

DT: Everybody is desperate for all the assistants to start fighting each other, some kind of mud bath with Freema and Billie and Catherine in it - it's not gonna happen! The Doctor picks the cream of Earth's crop, so these are fine human beings! Can you imagine if I had a favourite?! I love them all in their own unique, special, idiosyncratic ways.
Interviewer: I bet you do have a favourite...
DT: D'you know, I don't think I do. I love them all.

- David Tennant on some radio interview.

The moment in which David Tennant was declared patron saint of [ profile] loves_them_all. Nice to have the Doctor onside.

"The main distinction between her and the majority of other companions is that she's a grown-up. Some of the Doctor's show-off technique, which he has honed on the young and impressionable girls that he likes to pick up, won't work so well on a fully grown woman. I think she's equally gobsmacked by the universe and the marvels that she sees, but she's maybe not always quite as gobsmacked by the Doctor, who can at times seem to be, to any adult, a bit of a prat".
- Steven Moffat on Donna and the Doctor in DWM.

You know, for all Moffat has his issues with women and all, I think he really is dead on when it comes to the Doctor's character. Which gives us Moffat onside the whole slutboi alien tease thing, as well. And acknowledging the prattishness, too - the Doctor isn't necessarily a nice guy.
Oh, look, that cool change people had been promising finally managed to show up. About damn time.

Anyway, about Uni - Today was Ye Olde CHAS AGM.

Bad parts about this were that someone attempted to put their chair on my foot, and thus I now have a foot filled with owieness, and some potentially rather fascinating bruises in the works.

On the plus sides, CHAS was as cracktastically silly as ever. And there was pizza.

A couple of quotes from the AGM:

Piper: "Callum's reign of terror is over!
Piper's reign of terror is about to begin!"
(After Piper was elected President for the next year)

[ profile] becker_: "Stop stroking the pizza!"

In actual class type news my first assignment for the semester (for Research Methods) is due in tomorrow. However, I have already finished it, so it's all good.

Oh, and I think my Creative Writing Tutor is attempting to scar me for life. She made us watch Un Chien Andalou.

And I've got my first assignment or the semester. Admittedly, it's not a graded thing, just a pass/fail assignment, but still, it's a hurdle requirement.

And it's statistics. Bleh.

Ah well, I'll do it on the weekend, it's not due until Wednesday.

And in other news that I am sure no-one really cares about, today I wore my Completely Pointless Sunglasses. So called because they are both too small and too lightly coloured to have any UV repellent properties. Plus, given where they sit, I end up looking over them. And I don't even wear glasses, anyway. So they have no practical use whatsoever.

Therefore, they are Completely Pointless. I just think they look good on. I mean, purple sunnies, what's not to love?

Your quote of the day:

[ profile] fa11ing_away: "Death. Like baked potatoes in a way."
You know, given my recent posting frequency, I seem to have had very little to talk about as of late.

Though my neck is less ow, which is always of the good.

Fandom-wise, there's been yet another chapter in the never ending Lexicon Wank

On a Doctor Who note, they appear to have finally reached a critical mass of cracktastic rumoured spoilers, and thus nothing people are coming up with seems at all weird to me now.

I fear permanent damage.

Oh, and response to some bitchy comments over on Who fandom's new anonymeme, we have Reasons why Martha is awesome (with no bitching about other companions). Shinytabulous!

And your profound thought of the day, courtesy of someone in my Writing Through Character class:

"You can believe in multigrain."
Have decided I like my Cognitive Psych tutor. If only because we had a prac that was supposed to go for 2 hours, and we were finished in 45 minutes.

Which was good, because I really didn't fancy sticking around Uni until past 7pm. And I think I could use an early(-ish) night tonight. Argh tiredness.

And I shall need to get my Uni texts tomorrow, now I actually know what I need to get.

In lieu of anything decent to post about, I thus give you a collection of random quotes, which I have been jotting down for weeks now, and keep forgetting to post. From most to least recent (some of these are several months old):

Piper: We're talking about the rules for chocolate-coated warfare!

[ profile] fa11ing_away: I am the Switzerland of peanuts!

Piper: Hey, I'm taller than really short people!

Random drunk club guy: I don't like transvestites, I like mystery.

Sam: Is everyone happy with my breasts?
Bistromathics, during Star Wars character impersonations)

[ profile] altheas: II is not a Pokemon!
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( May. 11th, 2007 10:47 pm)
So, apparently The Sister is going to be in her college's production of Peter Pan.

As... the crocodile.

For some reason, this is the funniest thing I've heard all week.

The party is somewhat resembling organised: A booking has been made, anyhow. Including myself and Teh Family, there will be 17 people. Apparently.

There has been a slight lack of posting as of late. Um, oops? In recompense, I shall point people to everyone's favourite wank comms.

Gotta be something to entertain everyone, right?

Random Quote from earlier this week:

(At the Star Trek club AGM) "Is it racist to hate Klingons?"

ETA: Theoretically, I am invited to a party tomorrow night - [ profile] jess_with_a_hat's, I do believe. But I can't find the details anywhere. Which is... making attending slightly troublesome. Hmmm.
So, this evening me, [ profile] fa11ing_away, [ profile] tinyteddyqueen, [ profile] becker_ and [ profile] forsakendaemon went and saw Hot Fuzz. And we laughed our arses off. Great movie, which I must at some point see again.

Quote of the night:

[ profile] becker_: "I just gave birth to an ice cube!"

In other news, the Beeb is showing off their cunning marketing strategy for Doctor Who, and have posted a short video clip of THAT spoiler on their YouTube thing.

To which my conclusion is that I don't care what the reasoning in plot for it is, it's damned hot.

Oh Beeb, you sure know how to get fannish attention.

Also, because I have to link it, what has become my all time favourite Doctor Who newspaper article. Fannish meta on the inherant loneliness of the Doctor, only found in an actual newspaper. Utterly fabulous.
And ye olde Uni has started up all over again. Today I had one Behavioural Neuroscience lecture, and a bunch of stuff for Contemporary Culture and Media. CCM looks to be terribly fun and interesting, in that mildly pretentious way that a lot of Arts subjects seem to have.

Also, for one of our assessment tasks, we have to keep a blog. THE HORROR! *chuckles*

And Neuro's not bad at the moment, though I shall have to try and memorise all the different parts of the brain and their functions so I don't get too horribly confused. However, since we're currently doing historical theories of how the brain works (which are interestingly wacky), I have a bit of time to do so.

Oh, I just realised I never commented on O-Week and the CHAS table. Things went reasonably well, I do believe - there were less people around than last year, plus the whole Union thing causing weird price alterations. But we still managed to get about 90 members, which is pretty damn good. Though I had hoped for 100

But how could we not do well, when our t-shirts had something as truly awesome on them as this... )

Some Quotes of amusement:

[ profile] chifley: "I had sex with your mother, and it was unsatisfying."

My CCM lecturer: "For those of you who aren't aware, the Sony Walkman was what we had before we had iPods."

drakyndra is happy.
You're a rosy-cheeked ray of f'ing sunshine 24/7. I bet you smile a lot and little things don't get you down. Must be nice. Fuchsia's definitely your color.
wanna know your lj's moodring color? enter your user name and hit the button. (discussion thread)

It's like it knows me!
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( Jan. 17th, 2007 11:05 pm)
Egads, it's been a while since I updated (excluding random silliness about the Doctor selling books on eBay, anyway). And much has happened in the time since a last proper update. Which goes some way to explaining the lack of proper update, but anyway...

Weekend: Potential Housemate has now apparently become Future Housemate. More when he is upgraded to Current Housemate.

Monday: In the mail, I had one of my eBay Doctor Who books. (No, not the one from the Doctor, another one). In an envelope that not only contained said book, but also a note from the seller, written on coloured paper with little stars punched in it, hoping that I enjoyed the book. It was completely and utterly adorable.

In the evening, I wandered down into the city on The Sister's request, in order to pick up a paper and inform her what Uni course she'd gotten into. Which was, not entirely unexpectedly, Science at Melbourne Uni. Looks like I shall we shall be at the same Uni next year, which shall be... odd. Perhaps I can talk her into joining my clubs. Hurrah for paid membership!

Tuesday: Went off to a pool party at Sam's place. Considering the fucking insanely hot weather, the pool was highly enjoyable. Also managed to meet a whole lot of people who I didn't know (aka everyone who wasn't Sam or [ profile] fa11ing_away, and have some rather interesting - and at times weird - conversations.

Some amusing quotes (two provided on [ profile] fa11ing_away's request, since I'm quoting myself in them.

George: "When you're an adult, whipping takes on a whole new meaning."

Sam: (To me) "So, how's your love-life going?"
Me: I read porn on the internet.
Sam: O_O

Me: "I am prepared for all whatsits."
[ profile] fa11ing_away: "Thingamajigs?"
Me: "Ay."
Quote of the day:

[ profile] fa11ing_away: "Hooray for pantsless Thursday!"
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( Sep. 19th, 2006 10:21 pm)
Yarr! Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, scurvies! Because if ever there was an international day worth celebrating, this would be it, savvy?

Look, even the transport is in on it!

In any case, to celebrate, I went out to [ profile] jess_with_a_hat's Pirate Party last night, in which we celebrated in a suitably piratical fashion, ie. with rum.

But twas much fun. I headed over there with [ profile] fa11ing_away, me in full piratey outfit (I have photos), and we picked up [ profile] absurd along the way.

Highlights of the evening included: The highly amusing Twister game (how can anyone not love a game that leads to copious remarks about the man with his head between a lesbian's thighs?); The game of werewolf, which was rapidly renamed "Pirates and Ninjas"; the fun costumes; [ profile] blinvisible demonstrating some fire twirling; lots of rum; the failed chocolate fondue, that ended up tasting awfully chocolate truffle-like; the mutant strawberry and lots of other random silliness.

Some quotes (from our Pirates and Ninjas game):

[ profile] chifley: "I think you'll find all my sides are camp... Dance, eyebrows, dance!"

[ profile] de_chel: "Everyone is bored! The mod is reading Dolly Doctor! Chifley is reading Dolly!"

And some photos )

...And that was last night.

Now, this evening was the Jasper Fforde book signing. So, I turned up at Dymocks in the city and spent an hour listening to dear Jasper talk about his books, himself and general stuffs of amusement, which was lots of fun. Yay Jasper!

And after that, I got copies of both The Big Over Easy and The Fourth Bear signed, which means now that half my Jasper Fforde collection is signed. Which amused me muchly.

And after that I went off with [ profile] saikogrrl and friend for some Japanese for dinner. (But not before purchasing Witches Abroad, to complete my Discworld collection, and American Gods, because I need to read more Neil Gaiman).

So, yeah, fun night! Argh!

ETA: And LiveJournal is in on the act. Awesome!
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( Aug. 4th, 2006 08:34 pm)
So, last night was the Basement clubs' Slave Auction fundraiser. Which was rather fun, actually.

35 people were sold (Though not all were in attendance), and over $1000 was raised. I personally was sold to [ profile] lena_supercat's Army of Darkness for $28 dollars (which is an improvement on last year, but a bit low considering we had people go for up to $80), so what I have to do is a slightly worrisome mystery.

What else... well, according to [ profile] princesslaurene, I am the only person whose outfit can be described as "subdued" whilst wearing a flourescent yellow scarf.

There was also much amusement caused by the running total on the whiteboard as to how many people who had been bought by RobCorp, and how many had been bought by Lena's Army of Darkness. And the terrifying moment they banded together to form the Axis of Evil.

Oh, and our Random Number Generator was [ profile] chifley.

In any case,I had my quote book handy, so without much further ado, some of the nights more amusing moments.

Cut for Teh Silly )
Everyone repeat after me: Pointy. Soul. *giggles*

This evening was the birthday type thing for [ profile] tinyteddyqueen. Which meant toddling into the city for dinner at the Shanghai Dumpling House again, and then wandering up to [ profile] tinyteddyqueen's place for cake and junk food and silly talk and games. And drinks.

I had vodka with guarana. It had a most interesting effect.

I got to play a bit of Munchkin, also, and managed to win. Mwahahah!

But we did have one question that needed resolving...

[Poll #781516]

Some amusing quotes from the night:

[ profile] becker_: (About [ profile] tinyteddyqueen) "She came at me with oven mitts!"

[ profile] becker_: "I worked out how Chuck Norris was conceived. It started when the beautiful Ninjina and the Pirate King came together..."

Callum: "Emos are like try-hard Goths, and Goths are like try-hard people."

Oh, and I now have a Vox. I am not entirely sure why, since I don't intend to give up on my LJ or anything, but it seemed the thing to do. So friend me away, or whatever, over there, and I'll add you in return.

Pointy! Soul! *runs off*
My body clock has temporarily gone a bit wonky. Mainly because it wasn't until 9am-ish I actually got to sleep (The smoke alarm and all that), so I ended up sleeping through the day. And then I got woken up at about 5:30pm, 'cos [ profile] fa11ing_away wanted to have a movie night.

So the two of us, and [ profile] altheas who had gotten back, and [ profile] tinyteddyqueen who came over a bit later had a rather fascintaing movie night, in which we didn't actually get around to watching any movies. (Well, [ profile] fa11ing_away and I did, but I'll get to that later)

Instead we just stocked up on mass amounts of chocolate. And Baileys. Not together mind.

And, naturally people got highly quotable.

But [ profile] tinyteddyqueen had to leave because she had work in the morning, and [ profile] altheas was watching Angel. Or something. So [ profile] fa11ing_away and I watched Mirrormask. Which I loved. It was so beautiful and surreal and interesting, and fun.

Note to self: Get the DVD.

Oh, and our amusing quotes of the night:

[ profile] fa11ing_away: "I don't want to be a lesbian, I like penis too much!"

[ profile] tinyteddyqueen: "He gave me the biggest greasy this side of, like... Greece."

[ profile] fa11ing_away: "Hey, if me and my penises get quoted..."

[ profile] tinyteddyqueen: "It's quite similar to 'Tristan got some booty' but with Rob inserted instead of Tristan."

[ profile] tinyteddyqueen: "Don't put anything near my child-bearing hips!"

In other news, I am now scheduling AIM chats. *facepalm*
So, D&D was on tonight, and was as cracktastic as ever.

Mainly because by the end of it, we got to the point where everyone had been broken numerous times, and you couldn't say anything, really, without everyone bursting into fits of laughter (or cringing).

We successfully managed to break the DM many, many times though, which was of the good.

Curse our smutty minds!

But yeah, this session had:

- Steven Quartermain selling silk.

- Far too much singing of "We're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard." Again. Including the silk version.

- Possibly a brothel named Isengard.

- Silk. Again.

- A ship's captain covered in bling.

- A Paladin committing suicide by beating himself over the head with the public phone.

- Me going by the pseudonym "Miss O'Crappe"

- Me in a nurse's outfit. Again.

- And it ended on a cliffhanger with the entire party drugged.

Some quotes from it:

[ profile] mercdaemon: "You wake up to the Paladin crowing."

[ profile] fa11ing_away and myself (in perfect unison): "Say it, say it, say it!"

[ profile] mercdaemon: "Oh crap."
Me: "You called?"

[ profile] fa11ing_away and I got back from D&D, and there was stuff all over the living room. O_O

I've finally gone and given my birthday list to Mum. And [ profile] fa11ing_away keeps taunting me with hints abot what she's getting me, which is most unfair.

Also: About the birthday thing

I'm too lazy to bother arranging somehing proper, but I can do something quick on the fly. So, I'm leaning towards having dinner somewhere as a group, and then going out for a few cocktails. We'd probably meet around 6 or 6.30 in the Basement Friday, head off for the meal, and then people who know clubs and bars better than me can direct me to some good ones.

So, if any Basement/Second Floor/Melbourne types are interested, please comment to tell me you'll be able to come along. And give me your recommendation for a dinner spot. I'd prefer responses by Friday afternoon, so I can book a table if necessary.


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