My thighs have decided to make known their opinions about all that walking I was doing earlier this week. Ugh.

And the weather is being all over the place again. I hope it makes up it's mind already for tomorrow, I've got a Halloween party to go to, and I've finally got all my costume worked out. And by worked out I mean I spent an hour or two spray-painting things outside yesterday. Which worked quite well until they started ti stick to the newspaper I laid out. (I also ended up with a headache, which I am unsure is from either the paint fumes or sitting in the sun waiting for the paint to dry).

And all this and ...other bits is going to have to last me the whole two hours it'll take me to get there on public transport, oh joy and wonderment. I'm actually going somewhere outside of Zone One, shock horror.

And for you daily dose of random frivolous links:
- From the land of unverified rumours, Terry Pratchett's Mort to become a Disney Animated Film? I honestly don't know what to say about that.
- Book Dominoes. Nifty, though I pity whoever has to clean that all up afterwards.
- Mini Cannon blowing shit up. And now I want a teeny tiny cannon.
So, I got an email telling me that the application I sent off on Monday has been received. Which is, I suppose a good thing since the closing date was Friday. But still pretty fast for interstate mail. And now to wait to see what people think.

Anyway, today was the second part of trawling the city checking out costume shops. This one actually started in the morning for once (since I apparently completely failed at getting any sleep last night, and I figured if I was awake I might as well), and started out in the city.

Again, it wasn't hugely productive in finding just what it was I needed (I shall have to be getting crafty, tomorrow), but I did manage to find me a whole lot of really freaking interesting stuff around the CBD.

Such as: Random alleyways full of interesting cafes that I knew existed in theory but had never been to. And their not unattractive waiters who complimented my jacket in an attempt to get me to have lunch there (I think the fact it's a jacket I got from Savers years ago made it even more amusing). Or this one building with amazing little crafty shops, a kimono wearhouse, an elevator which had it's own attendent (who had decorated his elevator with flowers). And mysterious ~doors to nowhere~.

It was actually an incredibly fun day, despite the exhaustedness. Or possibly even because of it, since it added a mildly surreal note to things. Oh I so needed that coffee at 3pm.

And then I checked out some of Lygon Street and ended up taking another long walk through Brunswick again. as one does.

Also, thank you to the random stranger man on the train who gave me some change so that I could buy a ticket when the inspectors got on. You are a very nice person, and I would totally pay back that $1.50 if I knew who you were.

Some random links to add to the whatever:
- Fullmetal Alchemist is going to hit 50 million manga volumes sold when the final one comes out next month. Go go FMA! That really is a lot of sales.
- The world's largest gummy worm for sale. Just... admire the wrongness of that.
- A time-traveler in a Charlie Chaplin film? Strange and mysterious. Who else sees a Doctor Who episode in that?
- All bomb scares should end this way. Aww, kitty!
Wow, I haven't updated for an entire week. Shows how exciting my life has been lately. Anyone care to link me to anything interesting going on online/in the news/whatever?

Anyway, last night I went to [ profile] altheas and [ profile] lena_supercat's place for a House Cooling party. (Like a housewarming, but in reverse!) Which meant meeting up for a whole lot of people I haven't seen in quite a while. And I seem to have stuff on for the next few Saturdays, so at least I'll have things on on weekends. Plus there's a few things I need to get sorted during the week. I may be going to a Halloween party next weekend...

And for some entertainment value: LOL, Snapewank time again. The Snapefen - no, sorry, Severusmoms - are at it again. This time: claiming he's still alive, really!

And a Kirk/Spock fanvid of great lulz.
Well, doesn't that just figure? Right when I think the weather is starting to take a turn for the better, suddenly it decides to go right back to the cold and windy again. I ended up all sneezy for my time in town today. I think I am allergic to cold weather. :(

Also means I shall have to do some reworking of what I was planning to wear. Stupid weather. (I think I'm going Sunday, for what it's worth).

Have some random entertaining links:
- Darth Fairy Princess. Cutest Sith Lord ever!
- Girl turns herself into Jared Leto. Wow, the wonders of make-up. Seriously, that's like professional film levels of transformation. And makes most of the cosplayers I know look rather amateur. Yes, I know they are amateur.
- Hand Dance to "We No Speak Americano". Ye Gods, the choreography they have going on there. Seriously.

And because I'm always in favour of supporting fannish awesome, check out [ profile] fma_ladyfest for a whole lot of nifty fanfic about the ladies of FMA. Obviously.
So, Armaggedon is on this coming weekend. Anyone on the flist going? I was thinking I might go on one of the days, but I'm not really sure out of Saturday or Sunday. But I figure it might be fun.

On a different note, but still on a tangent about events with people in costumes: I've been invited to a Halloween party (Obviously, at Halloween). Rather than just general costumes, it has a theme - roleplaying games. I am not actually involved in any, so I can't go as "my character" (which was the original premise). So it's been suggested I go as something just generally game related - a character, a piece, whatever.

Any suggestions for something I could do that won't require sewing? I am having a mental blank on the matter, and could use something I already own clothes for, or could just go buy cheap.

And so this post isn't just all me making requests to you guys, this has to be seen to be believed: A Complete History Of The Soviet Union Through The Eyes Of A Humble Worker, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris.

No, I am not dressing up as a Tetris block.
Well, yesterday was interesting. I headed into Uni for once, for ye old Second Floor events. In this particular case, "Spocktoberfest" as run by the Star Trek club. (Yes I know, snappy name that).

Of course, I'd been working of the generally accurate assumption that Second Floor things never actually start on time and since this one actually was on time, I missed out on pizza. And the start of the movie.

But hey, after wandering over to Lygon Street I got something to eat, and all ended reasonably well. So long as one can cope with ridiculously large amounts of gratuitous and out of context quotes. Seriously, guys...

Random Note: As I saw on my brief Lygon jaunt, apparently Chopper Read was doing a book signing at Borders. This was strangely amusing.

And then we went up to a pub on Sydney Road for drinks. Been a while since I've done that.

And some random frivolity for today:
- A take-off of the Old Spice Guy commercial as done by... Sesame Street. Yes, really. Yes, really. Grover: The Monster Your Monster Could Smell Like.
- And a chibi Old Spice Guy.

Yes, today's random frivolity is all Old Spice Guy related. Is that so wrong?
You know, there is something deeply unnerving about reading a Facebook status update and realising that not only does someone who was in my year at school have a child, but that the kid is already three years old.

I mean, that's just plain weird.

Fandomly, I missed posting on Don't Forget Day, woe. ;_; Though I noticed a big pile of FMA fics popping up at the Pit dedicated to it, and there's probably truckloads of fanart for it around, too. I stand by the suggestion I made to [ profile] csakuras over Twitter: next year someone needs to make a cake shaped like a house and set it on fire.

And some YouTube videos of Lulz:
- Lady Gaga flight attendents? I want that to happen next time I'm flying somewhere.
- Dancing at the Movies. Because it's a whole lot of fun and cheerful (See how many movies you can identify).
Ahahaha, oh man, the Grand Final was a draw! I find this utterly hilarious, for some reason. Apparently there will be a rematch next weekend; I'm not entirely sure how Melbourne is going to cope until then.

I'm far too amused by this for my own good, aren't I?

Other things that are currently amusing me:

- Doctor Who wank. And as I said in the comments, for once it's not about shipping or the companion wars.

- Naked Guy on a Horse showjumping. Nothing particularly graphic; deeply lulzy (I think it's the music that does it)
I'm sure most of you guys have already seen the newest Harry Potter trailer which came out the other day. (The movie is, what, 2 months off? Surprised it took that long.) It looks suitable dramatic and dark; hopefully it'll make for a decent adaptation.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

But I digress. In the grand tradition of such wonders as the Literal Music Videos (Some of those were gold really), there now exist... Literal Movie Trailers. Including, as I have been recently linked to Literal Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (It's for the old trailer, not the just come out one.) Because hey, one can always have more lulz.

Yeah, weirdly Harry Potterish post, this one.

In other news, my pile of doujinshi I order arrived. Huzzah! Rather quicker than I expected, too. There's a mixture of prettiful, good, average and "Gosh, I wish I knew what they were saying here." (Yes, they are all Code Geass, in case you were wondering).

My favourites seem to change on my mood, but I think currently it is this one, mainly because it has Lelouch/Suzaku/C.C. (well, Lelouch&Suzaku&C.C.) and some pretty, pretty art.

I also bought some new shoes today. Yay for sales on winter stock!

I also believe I have worked out what the horrifying dramatic emotional twist on the book I am currently reading is, and I'm not even halfway through yet. Which isn't a slur on the author's writing, just that I picked up on a mistake in the heroine's wording of a deal with the baddie and have worked out how he can do some horrible rules-lawyering with that loophole. If he doesn't, he sucks as a villain. If even I can work out how to utterly screw her over with it...

I keep walking in on my housemate sitting in the living room, reading my comics and watching my DVDs. Maybe I should leave some of the yaoi doujinshi out there, if only for the look on his face when he sees just what the content is.
So, in keeping with their glorious tradition, OK GO released another ridiculously fun music video:

I don't think it's quite as clever as "This Too Shall Pass" and I like that song more, but this is pure unadulterated adorable, with lots of d'awww.

This was apparently the 74th take of the video, too.

Or have a song about Muppets. No, really. It is insanely catchy.

And if you interests are less are a bit less musical, The .doc File of J Alfred Prufrock, which is just plain nifty.

Oh Internets, you bring all sorts of random entertainment into my life.
Well, had an interesting night last night.

I went to the 21st of my sister's BFF, which meant I knew only a few people. On the other hand, there were nibble and pizza and helium balloons and very nice cupcakes. And drinks were on a tab (so long as you stuck to certain drinks), and after a few glasses of champagne the not knowing people thing sort of becomes irrelevant.

Music was interesting, too, even if the bass was turned up way too high. (Whoever was in charge of the playlist ended up rickrolling everyone, too, GDit!)

Also, someone was walking around taking photographs of everyone's shoes. Not entirely sure what that was all about.

And that was that.

Otherwise, recently I saw Dad before he went back to Thailand again, until December.

And other stuff happened.

Here, have some links which entertained me:
- Cthulu's Old Spice commercial. I know this has been floating around on my flist, so I am sure some of you have seen it already. But it makes me LOL. Vaguely related topic: Anyone know where I could get some Old Spice Guy icons?
- And have some pictures of David Bowie posing with wolves. It's David Bowie with wolves. Nothing more needs to be said.

Oh, and subs of the most recent FMA:B OVA - the one with Mustang and Hughes at the academy, with the LOL QUICHE bits. And the serious stuff - are now online. It was... interesting. And kind of sad, really.
drakyndra: The Music Meister demands you sing! (Discworld: Truth Justice...)
( Aug. 26th, 2010 10:21 pm)
Guess who has the new Terry Pratchett book! :D:D

I shall be continuing my reading of I Shall Wear Midnight as soon as I finish writing up this post. (Because Pratchett books > early nights, obviously).

Anyway, just thought I'd drop a few random entertaining links in.

Firstly, a very useful website right now:

And while we are on the topic, the history of the last few decades of Australian politics... told in the form of Pokemon. Or "Polliemon" to quote the YouTube vid.

Now for something completely different, A bit of Code Geass LOL WOT I found on NicoNico. I think it's the Zero in the background that really makes it.
So, Old Spice Guy and his ads seem to have given rise to a few rather amusing parody ads. Yep, definitely become a meme now.

There's this one promoting libraries, with some actually pretty good production values for a knock-off YouTube vid.

And then there's Tim Costello for World Vision Australia.

...Yeah, I don't know about that one, either.

Also, LoudTwitter seems to be down and I don't as yet have a suitable replacement. And I still need to finish packing, since so far I just have a big pile of clothes next to my suitcase.
Yeah, sorry about that last bit, I'm trying to get things set up so that my LJ gets it's Twitter feed while I'm overseas. (Though since I'm staying with family for most of it, I should get more Internet access than most of my trips. But that's beside the point.)

Anyway, I hear LoudTwitter might be shutting up shop soon. Anyone have suggestions for a suitable alternate I could use as a replacement?

In far more awesome (and entertaining) news, all hail Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy.

I swear, those videos have to be the greatest thing I have seen in ages! They're just so... I don't think I have words. Though that is one very, very nice chest.

There are way too many for me to watch through them all, but feel free to link to your favourites. I don't think I can pick one.

In conclusion, monocle smile.
So, since my exams are over and done with, Mother Dearest rang me to insist on getting a job - or at least looking for something to start after I get back from the America trip.

And so today I did. Or at least I checked out a couple of jobs websites, which is close enough for today. And not real productive either.

...You know, there should be some rule against advertising a job as a "graduate opportunity" and then in the requirements insist upon several years of full time work in the field. Seriously.

Anyone got any ~personal connections~ to jobs on offer? Preferably not too crappy?

Oh, and I had a very brief call from Dad today. Apparently he had his first day of teaching Thai children English. *sigh*

In other news, I have very little other news. So have some FMAB AMVS:
- The Glorious Ones, Homunculi tribute, spoilers to 61 I think.
- How Far We've Come, spoilers to episode 61 (and the final image is from manga chapter 108). Also, really kickass.

Also, this post-series fic, is a thing of hilarious wonder.
You know, earlier this evening, someone rang our place... and asked for a family sized pizza. I'm not entirely sure what that was about.


I think I would die of squee if something actually came of that. And then possibly just die if it wasn't good.

Following up on yesterday's post, a couple of (spoilery) FMA one-shots I liked. There's probably more good ones out there, these are just some that struck my fancy. All have spoilers for Chapter 108.
- And In The End (Ensemble)
- A Puppy Story (Some Royai)
- Promised Pecentages (Ed/Winry)

Anyway, to-do list for tomorrow:
- Hand in final SSRM assignment.
- Meet up with Dad for dinner before he goes to Thailand. Again.
- Go to the anime shop to get Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu, since I will actually have time to marathon series after my exam

And a random dose of amusement, the entirety of an email from my Mother, from a conversation about bus trips from Philadelphia:

"The Niagara Falls are near Buffalo, Atlantic City is a beach resort/casino complex, Washington is where Barack hangs out."

...Well, it amused me. And we're apparently going to Washington, anyhow.
I probably should try and move away from the continual flailing over FMA and focus a bit more on getting some actual work done, shouldn't I?

...Okay, maybe tomorrow then.

For now I'll continue flailing over the fact that FMA:B is animating stuff I was reading just a couple of months ago (And my endless amusement that the last chapter was so long they somehow managed to get the show an extra episode).

Or trawling DeviantArt and Pixiv for shiny new fanart. Or checking for fic (Mostly one shots for now; I might link some I like later on).

Or checking out YouTube for interesting AMVs/MMVs.

There's a couple of amusing ones of episode 60 of FMA:B - this one, because everyone seemed to have the Evangelion thought, or this one for hilariously inappropriate lulz.

And this MMV with spoilers for 108. That's a really well done 30 seconds of AMV.

I also have a couple of lovely new icons made from the last chapter, but I can't really GIP because of spoilers. Alas.
So, Mum came down to Melbourne for the (other) birthday dinner yesterday, with her and The Sister. We had Mexican (the Taco Bill's kind) with frozen margarita, and then went and saw Fame, which was rather better than I had expected. With frozen daiquiris. The dancing was great, though I am going to have that Fame song - you know the one - stuck in my head forever. Also, I ended up getting rickrolled by the pre-show music in the theatre, GDit 80s!

And I got me one of those light up cocktail glasses. It changes colours!

Oh, presents from Mum were a purple and black scarf, a silver cat pendent thing, and two more charms for my bracelet - a birthstone one (Not sure exactly which stone it is supposed to be. Something green, anyway), and a cocktail glass. How appropriate.

And now for some fun stuff:

Some random entertaining stuff I found, mostly via [ profile] ontd_political.
- A freaking awesome piece of art about books
- Popcorn Kittens! The most adorably bouncy things ever. I think someone spiked their food with caffeine or something.

I hear epic shit went down in today's episode of FMA:B. I can has subs soon, plz?

Also on the subject of FMA, this awesome post about why FMA should have a happy ending. (Spoilers up to manga chapter 107)

...Yeah, it's just about time that the manga is going to start leaking any day now. *freaks out*

Oh, and assignment is now half finished, as I completed the lit review today. Tomorrow I get started on methodology stuff. A thousand words to do that, the ethics part and the reflection.
Why must Towel Day be the same day as the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May? It really does complicate things. Didn't have room in my bag for a towel, but I did wear lilac today. Well, purple. Close enough.

Handed in that stupid poster, after I got it printed out at Uni - incidentally, it strikes me as really quite counter-intuitive that the printers, the place where you top up your printcard and the place where you can get change are all on different floors of the library. Seriously, who planned that one?

Oh, and to add to the birthday stuffs, apparently Dad will be coming down this weekend for dinner or whatever. And possibly an iPhone for me! ...Or a cheaper alternative.

And for a healthy note of frivolity, have some random shit that has been entertaining me:

- Some crafty types has made necklaces with, as a pendant, fetus!Envy in a jar.

And a bunch of vids on YouTube:
- FMA:B AMV. Not technically that great, but I like the sentiment behind it. Spoilers to recent episodes.
- Nifty short Ashes to Ashes fanvid. (SPOILERS for the final episode)
- And a longer Ashes to Ashes fanvid. Which reminds me of just how amazing some of the visuals on that show were. (Also has SPOILERS for the final episode)

Last but not least: The 100th video of "I'm a Marvel... I'm a DC". It's a musical. (A rather lulzy musical).


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