I probably should try and move away from the continual flailing over FMA and focus a bit more on getting some actual work done, shouldn't I?

...Okay, maybe tomorrow then.

For now I'll continue flailing over the fact that FMA:B is animating stuff I was reading just a couple of months ago (And my endless amusement that the last chapter was so long they somehow managed to get the show an extra episode).

Or trawling DeviantArt and Pixiv for shiny new fanart. Or checking FF.net for fic (Mostly one shots for now; I might link some I like later on).

Or checking out YouTube for interesting AMVs/MMVs.

There's a couple of amusing ones of episode 60 of FMA:B - this one, because everyone seemed to have the Evangelion thought, or this one for hilariously inappropriate lulz.

And this MMV with spoilers for 108. That's a really well done 30 seconds of AMV.

I also have a couple of lovely new icons made from the last chapter, but I can't really GIP because of spoilers. Alas.

From: [identity profile] voicelikehoney.livejournal.com

Hey there - before you stop talking FMA, would you mind explain something to a relative FMA newbie? I've watched the series with 51 episodes followed by the movie, but thought FMA: Brotherhood was done by the same people and followed on from the movie (haven't seen any of Brotherhood yet) ... it seems I'm wrong. Where does Brotherhood lie in the FMA universe in comparison with the anime series I've seen?

Also do they use the same voice actors? I've seen the original anime in Japanese and in the English dub - I like the actors they use, and was wondering if they reprise their roles in Brotherhood.

From: [identity profile] drakyndra.livejournal.com

FMA:B is made by the same company - Bones - but the directors, writers, animators etc. are mostly different. It's not a continuation of the first anime, it's a direct adaptation of the manga - when the first anime came out, the manga wasn't even half-finished, and Arakawa (the original creator) told them to just make up their own story. So everything from about half-way through the first anime, including the back-story and the origins of the homunculi is completely original to it.

Short version: FMA:B = FMA manga, mostly. FMA1 is an entirely different creature that starts out at the same place but goes somewhere completely different. It's like comparing Tim Burton's Batman movies to Christopher Nolan's ones - the first anime is basically an AU version of canon.

In terms of casting, the English dub cast is mostly the same for both anime, with only a couple of changes (The guy who played Al in the first anime couldn't return because he hit puberty and his voice was too deep). The Japanese cast keeps the same VAs for Ed and Al, but a lot of the other cast have changed. They're still pretty good, though.

From: [identity profile] drakyndra.livejournal.com

I probably should also mention that FMA:B isn't finished yet - only 61 of 64 episodes have aired in Japan, and only 18 of the English dub have aired so far.

From: [identity profile] voicelikehoney.livejournal.com

Thank you! That's cleared up a lot for me :) Looks like I have a lot to be catching up with then :D

I'm glad Ed stays the same in both versions, though I'll miss Al's English voice. I'll be interested to hear what the other characters in the Japanese version sound like though!

From: [identity profile] drakyndra.livejournal.com

True! The series should be finished by the time you get caught up - last episode on 4th of July.

I can't really compare, since I watched most of the first anime with the English dub. (It was the first anime I watched, so I was a LOL n00b to things then). I think they are mostly pretty good, though, and in some cases great. Japanese Ed and Al are amazing, of course.
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From: [identity profile] midnitemaraud-r.livejournal.com

OMG! I've been watching Brotherhood almost non-stop for the past (almost)two days! I watched the first 5 eps last week, and now I've seen it through ep 42. (Had to watch the newest Uraboku ep when it aired on crunchyroll at noon today, but I'll get back to FMA soon. I downloaded this week's Doctor Who, but that's going to wait as well. LOL)

I love it! Okay, so I'm spoiled for parts of the last chapter(ep) because I had to peek (because of Al!) but I love all of them so much! Ed! Al! Winry! Roy! Riza! Scar! Hughes! Havoc! *cries* The characters are fantastic, and the story is pretty damn awesome itself! (And Miki voices Roy! And Koyasu had a 'cameo' as Scar's brother! I can't watch the dubs because the American voice actors always sound so pasted on.)

I'm not clicking your links though, 'cause I don't want to be spoiled any further. :-P I just wanted to *FLAIL* a bit with you, because OMG! SO AWESOME!!

From: [identity profile] drakyndra.livejournal.com

Yays! Last episode aired is 61 (of 64), but it hasn't been subbed yet. Though it might by the time you get to it.

I love the last chapter so much. I've read it three times, and it makes me cry every time. And yeah, it's one of those series where I love, like, all the characters. Even the villains are pretty awesome. (I didn't mind the dub of the first series, but I won't watch the FMA:B dub until the subs have finished and I own the DVDs.)

But it is entirely flail-worthy. And has only three more episodes to go!


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