Well that's what happens when your fandoms die off for a bit, at least in the LiveJournal region. (Though I suppose things will pick right back up again once Doctor Who gets going shortly)

I've still been reading things a bit, so sorry if I have lurked unforeseen, though I've currently been a bit more active on twitter or tumblr (if reblogging stuff counts as "active"), so if you want somewhere I am a bit more... participatory, you could try those. Or Facebook, but that's mostly IRL stuff, so if you would like to Friend me try asking over LJ PM.

But yes, my life has recently been filled with my volunteering, not hearing back from job applications, the occasional social event - I was at Manifest last weekend, which was fun-ish. I had Gendo sign my Death Note - and just... stuff.

The temporary housemate is due to move out this weekend, so hopefully one of the people who are coming to look at the room on Sunday will take it, or we may be in trouble. On the other hand iiNet has decided to upgrade out internet plan since the one we were on has now ceased to exist, so yay downloading things?

Also, both my parents are currently overseas. Naturally, when my Mum arrived in Turkey, the first question she texted was to ask if I wanted her to buy me a hat. As one does.

Oh, and I got a ridiculously overdue haircut yesterday.

So yeah, life.
So, the two days of window people coming along and me skeddaling have been and gone - and yet, the windows still aren't done. So apparently people will be back again on Saturday to finish things off. And I do hope that means finish, so we can put furniture back as it should be and be able to actual cooking in the kitchen.


Also, it will mean I won't end up shoved out of the house so I am forced to wander around Melbourne, looking at random shops and ending up spending all my moneys. On the plus side, I found a place in Melbourne that had the Hark, A Vagrant! book, so I managed to get that without excessive postage charges.

Any suggestions as to what's on on Saturday so I can kill some time during the day? The comments on my Twitter have not been the most productive - most of yesterday afternoon got occupied when I got on the wrong tram by accident, and ended up spending a few hours at Docklands when I ended up there.

(And no, I don't plan on reading fic on my phone, because that is really not the most comfortable way to go about it. Even if it is a new chapter of Primary Gain.)

Oh, and Dad's having dinner with The Sister and I on Saturday, so I need to think of something to ask him for for Christmas by then. And one of my housemates is leaving for Vietnam on Saturday, too.

So yeah, my life.

Have some videos instead:
- The Periodic Table of Swearing. This is apparently an actual thing in London. ...I so wish I could go and see it.
- The Earth, as seen from the International Space Station. Our world is stranger and prettier than any CGI could ever be.
Firstly, welcome to n00bs from the Code Geass friending meme! Feel free to enjoy my excessive doses of random silliness. You can backread if you want, but my current lack of old tags *pointed look at LJ staff* will make things a bit more difficult to work through.

But anyway, I suppose on the plus side of not being highly productive at the moment is that I have more time to do random shit around the iPartment. Like, for instance, actual cooking experiments.

Well, not so much experiments, since it's following recipes, but I made pasta primavera last night and it was actually quite nice (even if I do now have another two days worth of pasta now sitting in the fridge). Plus I have ingredients in the fridge for vegetable soup (again), and a curry with tofu and sweet potato.

...I think I just wanted to have some fresh vegetables, really.

So new Harry Potter movie means new Harry Potter ship wank. I don't know what fandom would be like without it. Never change, HP fandom, never change.

I still haven't seen that movie. Anyone free later this week for a visit at some time soon?

Also (and I think [livejournal.com profile] lizbee will like this one), people now have evidence that there is such thing as flying squid. I eagerly await the inevitable terrible horror movie that this discovery will inspire.

ETA: On Twitter, the current topics trending all seem to be about either the North and South Korea thing... or Joss Whedon. What interesting priorities you have, Twitterverse.

  • 01:17:28: @DrLamp While I don't have anything of me seeing, there is a video of me dressed as a lion and trying to bite someone out there.
  • 01:23:39: @DrLamp Yes, I am back! And I was very strange child. Apparently a method actor, me.

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  • 10:36:34: Beware the attack perfume ladies at bloomingdales!
  • 11:49:10: Advice for all homeless/beggar types: if you make like the guy I saw today and have your two cute pet kittens with you, i will give you ...

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  • 07:15:10: I'm on a boat! ...okay, a ferry. Just thought you should know.
  • 07:41:42: Oh hai statue of liberty!
  • 16:52:39: And now we are going to go see West Side Story. a very new york set of performances, i think.

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  • 10:26:58: Oh god, endless waiting in line!
  • 10:52:34: So Gray Line buses suck beyond all measure. we had to wait two hours for a bus. spread the word: Gray Line = epic fail. #busfail
  • 13:25:35: Om nom nom cheesecake and cocktails in Brooklyn. sorry about earlier, I just had to tweet my rage.

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  • 08:15:09: Tall empire state building is tall. Also, surprisingly lacking in phone reception.
  • 12:10:18: And we have tickets to see Avenue Q tomorrow night.
  • 14:03:31: The rest of the day has been occupied by assorted bus tours of manhattan.

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  • 06:01:21: New York, New York! yeah, it's too early for that. also, there were soldiers at the train station with, like, machine guns. I am freaked.
  • 07:26:43: Times Square is not actually a square! I feel lied to. Central Park is an actual park, though.
  • 09:18:19: World Trade Center :( I still remember when I first heard about that.
  • 18:29:40: I also appear to have written Code Geass fic. Not sure how that happened. :/ once I get back to aus and type it up, I'll need to find a ...

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  • 13:30:19: And so we bid Las Vegas farewell, after an interesting encounter at the airport. More in a non-twitter medium.

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  • 10:17:04: So, I just had my picture taken with one million dollars.
  • 13:08:15: The dodgy parts of vegas are ¿=interesting¿=. I didn't realise there were so many places selling bail bonds...
  • 17:26:21: I just won 70 dollars on a slot machine!
  • 19:26:08: So, today I had a dinner with truffle in it. truffles taste a bit like mushroom, and a bit like wood.

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  • 15:43:07: The bottom of the Grand Canyon does not have reception, but it does have champagne lunches.
  • 15:52:41: Also, on the way back the air-conditioning on our helicopter broke down.
  • 17:46:25: Unexpected happy hour FTW!
  • 23:01:21: And to finish the night, men taking their clothes off. What's Vegas without a strip show?

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  • 11:24:19: Monorail! And now that song from the Simpsons is stuck in my head.
  • 14:50:26: Someone, explain to me please what the point of an oxygen bar is.
  • 17:02:27: So, Las Vegas bus service = epic fail.
  • 19:10:48: So, I just saw a girl in a sparkly bikini twirling around in a giant margarita. oh, Las Vegas.
  • 23:28:03: Cirque du Soleil permanent shows are ridiculously spectacular, especially when you have great seats.

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  • 04:22:17: It is far too early in the morning for this airporty shit.
  • 10:10:44: My god. There are slot machines at Las Vegas airport. I saw them before we even got to my luggage.
  • 12:49:10: Our Vegas hotel is the MGM Grand. it has lions! live ones!
  • 20:48:03: Can someone please explain to me why our one hotel requires three seperate starbucks in the building?
  • 21:08:59: Lady Gaga may have just had dinner at the same restaurant as us. I say may because I couldn't see well enough to confirm what the other ...
  • 23:01:15: Other things today containted: many casinos, shops, fountains, rollercoasters and the glorious tackiness of Las Vegas.

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  • 15:40:00: @xanify I want to, but we haven't had the chance to get to the cinema here in the states. Maybe in Vegas or New York.

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  • 10:59:15: Road blocked by a flipped car, wut? I mean it was upside down, how does that even happen?
  • 15:16:19: @frabjousday Nonsense. There can never be too much porns in one's inbox.
  • 15:19:58: I see twitter is full of comments about Sherlock and Inception. I still haven't gotten to see Inception. :(

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  • 18:31:15: @goldiep The other day we were at a Lindt outlet store in an American mall. Pity it was too hot to buy the ridiculously cheap chocolate.
  • 18:34:18: So, my cousin's boyfriend came over and brought her dog (which lives on his farm). It acts just like Dug from Up.

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  • 09:34:55: Natural History museum is best museum.
  • 10:21:02: And the Wahington Monument is getting closed because of lightning coming. No trip up for us . :(
  • 13:17:33: And that marks the end of the current section of our trip. Goodbye, Washington!

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  • 09:17:38: First today was the spy museum.
  • 11:10:12: So, the Capitol Building has a whole lotta statues in it. and an immigration law demonstration out front.
  • 15:59:00: Washington requires far too much walking. But the museums are cool.

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  • 10:40:19: And I am now in Washington!
  • 11:01:57: O hai whitehouse! Time for photos.
  • 13:16:27: You have to line up for ages to look at the constitution or Declaration of Independence, but there is no queue at all for the freaking M ...

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