Hey, I saw those lions when I was in Las Vegas! Or at least similar looking lions in that same enclosure. They were a bit less bitey then, though.

Since RL is being less than productive at the moment (As in during the last two weeks I have achieved 4 "Thanks but no thanks" responses to job applications, and not much else), excluding the social life - party last Friday, getting to see the Tim Burton exhibition with family on Saturday, housewarming for [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away this weekend - have some fandomness:

- FMA Gaiden! Not yet translated, but it looks short but cute.
- Also FMA, this hilarious news from a couple of weeks back. Spoilers if you haven't finished the manga. I would totally have said yes, though.
- We still don't know anything about this upcoming FMA movie, though.
- On the other hand, news about the Code Geass Gaiden was less newsworthy. Interesting discussion in the comments, though.
- ...Yeah, that's about it. I do need to catch up on Futurama, though. And work my way through my anime To Watch list.

My random out of print CD I bought off eBay seems to have arrived fine? Yeah, I think I need better things to talk about. I also have a free icon space. Now, where do the nifty icons hang out...

ETA: Oh wow, Australian music from the start of the decade. The only time I've ever heard rap mentioning Cheryl Kernot.
And I am home again, back to Ye Olde Apartment.

Australia is very... Australia (read: cold, and filled with political campaigning) but hey, what can you do?

Did a bit of catching myself up, mail and what-not - incidentally, the post card I sent apparently arrived like two days ago? 'Course, I'm still not really up to date on more personal stuff, anyone care to get chatty?

...But not tonight. Tonight I need a decent night's sleep.
And so endeth the trip to America. It was an experience. And one that was, for the most part, fun. (Packing was... interesting. I expect unpacking will be even more so.)

And now for all the endless flights back to Melbourne. Which involve Monday completely vanishing into non-existance, how delightful. And back to election campaigning, ugh.

Er, see you all on the other side?

  • 10:36:34: Beware the attack perfume ladies at bloomingdales!
  • 11:49:10: Advice for all homeless/beggar types: if you make like the guy I saw today and have your two cute pet kittens with you, i will give you ...

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  • 07:15:10: I'm on a boat! ...okay, a ferry. Just thought you should know.
  • 07:41:42: Oh hai statue of liberty!
  • 16:52:39: And now we are going to go see West Side Story. a very new york set of performances, i think.

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  • 10:26:58: Oh god, endless waiting in line!
  • 10:52:34: So Gray Line buses suck beyond all measure. we had to wait two hours for a bus. spread the word: Gray Line = epic fail. #busfail
  • 13:25:35: Om nom nom cheesecake and cocktails in Brooklyn. sorry about earlier, I just had to tweet my rage.

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  • 08:15:09: Tall empire state building is tall. Also, surprisingly lacking in phone reception.
  • 12:10:18: And we have tickets to see Avenue Q tomorrow night.
  • 14:03:31: The rest of the day has been occupied by assorted bus tours of manhattan.

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  • 06:01:21: New York, New York! yeah, it's too early for that. also, there were soldiers at the train station with, like, machine guns. I am freaked.
  • 07:26:43: Times Square is not actually a square! I feel lied to. Central Park is an actual park, though.
  • 09:18:19: World Trade Center :( I still remember when I first heard about that.
  • 18:29:40: I also appear to have written Code Geass fic. Not sure how that happened. :/ once I get back to aus and type it up, I'll need to find a ...

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  • 13:30:19: And so we bid Las Vegas farewell, after an interesting encounter at the airport. More in a non-twitter medium.

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  • 10:17:04: So, I just had my picture taken with one million dollars.
  • 13:08:15: The dodgy parts of vegas are ¿=interesting¿=. I didn't realise there were so many places selling bail bonds...
  • 17:26:21: I just won 70 dollars on a slot machine!
  • 19:26:08: So, today I had a dinner with truffle in it. truffles taste a bit like mushroom, and a bit like wood.

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  • 15:43:07: The bottom of the Grand Canyon does not have reception, but it does have champagne lunches.
  • 15:52:41: Also, on the way back the air-conditioning on our helicopter broke down.
  • 17:46:25: Unexpected happy hour FTW!
  • 23:01:21: And to finish the night, men taking their clothes off. What's Vegas without a strip show?

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  • 11:24:19: Monorail! And now that song from the Simpsons is stuck in my head.
  • 14:50:26: Someone, explain to me please what the point of an oxygen bar is.
  • 17:02:27: So, Las Vegas bus service = epic fail.
  • 19:10:48: So, I just saw a girl in a sparkly bikini twirling around in a giant margarita. oh, Las Vegas.
  • 23:28:03: Cirque du Soleil permanent shows are ridiculously spectacular, especially when you have great seats.

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  • 04:22:17: It is far too early in the morning for this airporty shit.
  • 10:10:44: My god. There are slot machines at Las Vegas airport. I saw them before we even got to my luggage.
  • 12:49:10: Our Vegas hotel is the MGM Grand. it has lions! live ones!
  • 20:48:03: Can someone please explain to me why our one hotel requires three seperate starbucks in the building?
  • 21:08:59: Lady Gaga may have just had dinner at the same restaurant as us. I say may because I couldn't see well enough to confirm what the other ...
  • 23:01:15: Other things today containted: many casinos, shops, fountains, rollercoasters and the glorious tackiness of Las Vegas.

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  • 15:40:00: @xanify I want to, but we haven't had the chance to get to the cinema here in the states. Maybe in Vegas or New York.

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Another actual post for once, though this is very possibly due to be the last one for a while (I'm in Las Vegas from tomorrow morning - early tomorrow morning - until Saturday evening, and then in New York from Monday to Friday after that. And then I fly home on Sunday, which means I'll have about two non-busy days until I get back to Australia).

Anyway, I see fandom has failed to implode once more. At least any more than usual. I'll probably go LJ MIA for a bit, as I shall be busy which such excitements as seeing the Cirque du Soleil, or having a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

And whatever other excitments we can find in Vegas. I mean, I sure there's going to be something fun to do, anyway. ;)

I'm actually organised for my graduation when I get back! Well, I have robes booked, which is good. Speaking of that date, anything interesting happening, election-wise? America kinda sucks for international news.

And for a bit of fun, the greatest meme in the history of memeage:


We could all use a little bit of Old Spice Man in our lives. I certainly could, anyway. (Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lizbee, whom I ganked that meme off). Sadly, I do not possess her ability to come up with a suitably suave intro for it)

  • 10:59:15: Road blocked by a flipped car, wut? I mean it was upside down, how does that even happen?
  • 15:16:19: @frabjousday Nonsense. There can never be too much porns in one's inbox.
  • 15:19:58: I see twitter is full of comments about Sherlock and Inception. I still haven't gotten to see Inception. :(

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  • 18:31:15: @goldiep The other day we were at a Lindt outlet store in an American mall. Pity it was too hot to buy the ridiculously cheap chocolate.
  • 18:34:18: So, my cousin's boyfriend came over and brought her dog (which lives on his farm). It acts just like Dug from Up.

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  • 09:34:55: Natural History museum is best museum.
  • 10:21:02: And the Wahington Monument is getting closed because of lightning coming. No trip up for us . :(
  • 13:17:33: And that marks the end of the current section of our trip. Goodbye, Washington!

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  • 09:17:38: First today was the spy museum.
  • 11:10:12: So, the Capitol Building has a whole lotta statues in it. and an immigration law demonstration out front.
  • 15:59:00: Washington requires far too much walking. But the museums are cool.

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  • 10:40:19: And I am now in Washington!
  • 11:01:57: O hai whitehouse! Time for photos.
  • 13:16:27: You have to line up for ages to look at the constitution or Declaration of Independence, but there is no queue at all for the freaking M ...

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