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( Jul. 4th, 2010 07:50 pm)

No really, what is this movie even going to be about? I can't comment on the last episode because OMG THE LAG
A guy is rescued from muggers. By ninjas. In Sydney.

This world truly has it's moment's of awesome ridiculousness. Or ridiculous awesomeness.

Now someone tell me, why don't we have ninjas in Melbourne?
I just got a bill for 72 cents.

Now really, just what is the point of that supposed to be?
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( Apr. 29th, 2010 11:54 pm)

What the fuck, Internet. What the actual fuck.

I cannot decide is Suzaku Potter is brilliant or just completely insane. On the other hand, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who's had the Snape = Lelouch thought.
You know, reading through the newest Dresden Files book the same day as a new FMA chapter was possibly not my best idea ever. There is only so much "I can't believe that actually just happened!" the brain can take before it explodes.

And I think I am really starting to push that point.

I mean, yeah, I wanted to read it before I fell over any more spoilers than I already had, and yet I still didn't see a lot of the big things coming. Especially that one at the end. If you've read it, you'll know what I mean.

Just, yeah. I think I am a bit holy shitted out for a while. Shocking fandom moments are surprisingly exhausting, apparently.

(If anyone wants to get chatty about spoilers in the comments, feel free)
Well, Uni was the provider of much lulz and WTF today.

Firstly, from one of the guest speakers in my Social Science class, this amusing quote:

"Whenever I find a restaurant I like, I start going there regularly... and then they go bust. Same thing happened with Communism."
- Guy who studied corruption in communist countries in the 80s.

Then there were all the people who were standing around Uni handing out free copies of The Origin of Species - with a Special Introduction by a Creationist.

Actually, I almost didn't mind this idea, until I actually looked at the "special introduction" and saw the gratuitous bashing of other religions and the ending spiel which was basically, "I'm taking the high road! Watch me take the high road! None of those horrible evil atheist would do something so ~good~! Admire me for taking the high road."

...Yeah. The moral high ground: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

Later was Star Trek club, in which we had much fun at the expense of our free books and their oh-so-special introduction, and then watched an episode of Stargate. (I had to leave before the TNG episode).

I also found the world's geekiest toilet wall graffiti, what with mentions of lolcats, 4chan, and that Deathly Hallows symbol from HP.

Oh, and I had my first tute of the semester, for SSRM. Which started out kind of boring, and yet by the end of it we'd ended up having conversations on why a dog is a phone, and the subjectivity of stop signs.

I approve of this sort of class.
Pffff, what are you doing, Melbourne Weather? Storms and flooding the streets again, this time with ginormous hailstones?

The photos at [livejournal.com profile] melbournemaniac are crazy, and apparently someone died.

I'm trying to decide if it's worth getting rained on and risking the potential lack of tram back in order to do my grocery shopping. 'Cos I'm kinda running low on food, here. And I need to get something to bring for [livejournal.com profile] connikins' thing tomorrow.

Which I should still be attending, fortunately.

Otherwise, yesterday I went and did some vitally important shopping. Which is actually true in this case, since I was finding a dress for my cousin's wedding next weekend.

I'm sure Connie can guess where I ended up getting one from. ;)
It was this dress, in case you are wondering. Now I need some black shoes to go with it.

Oh, and I also picked up a couple of books to read which may come in handy if the power dies. Or if I need more public transport reading.

And now I must ponder if I shall brave the weather.
The world of animanga provided me with much WTFery today. Some of which was good WTFery, but still...

- In April, an excerpt from the 10th Haruhi Suzumiya novel will be published in a Japanese magazine.

Yes, the 10th novel actually appears to be seeing the light of day sometime soon. Wonders never cease. But where will I go to look for fan translations of it, now the last site got pulled down?

- So, apparently there is an "American Manga" written by Gene Simmons' son (!). Nothing special, right? Well, apparently large chunks of it were inspired, copied and downright traced from a number of notable manga, Bleach most obviously. Cue epic shitstorm.

ETA: Now also on Fandom Wank.

I don't even read Bleach (though I know some people on my flist do), I'm just boggling that he thought he could get away with something that blatant. I mean look at the comparisons. That's not even subtle plaigarising.

In other news, I am attempting to get myself back on a remotely normal sleeping pattern before my classes start up again. Because, well, I fortunately don't have any 9am starts. But there are always morning classes. Joy.
So, what is going on with me now that technology is once more my miniondoing what I want it to do?

...Not much, apparently.

Have read a couple of books:

- The marvelously titled Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait, which starts off really good, takes a trip into the epically bizarre about half-way through (And this is a book where time-machines are apparently as common as iPods, so it's especially bizarre), and ends with a whimper rather than a bang, to my slight disappointment.

- And am currently reading the new Diana Wynne Jones book Enchanted Glass, which I had no idea about until I saw it on a shelf at Minotaur today.

I've also started reading the D.Gray-Man manga since The New Housemate has, like, 13 volumes worth of it. And he borrows my DVDs, so it's only fair. It's alright so far, though it hasn't exactly broken my personal top ten.

And that's about it as far as interesting goes for me. Unless you count my dreams, which seem to have taken a trip into bizarredom once more. I mean, the other night I dreamed that Mum had me committed to a mental institution, which was deeply, deeply disturbing and I'm not sure what part of my subconscious that came from. NOTE TO MY MOTHER: DON'T COMMIT ME TO A MENTAL INSTITUTION, 'KAY?

Of course, in the latter parts of that dream I ended up with some kind of mysterious magical powers somehow, and then proceeded to troll the fuck out of everyone in the institution. As one does.

On a more cheerful note, the Snapefen are on Fandom_Wank again. As people in the comments note, there's something incredibly comforting about Harry Potter wank. It's like one of the constants of the world, a fact you can rely on. The sun will rise, the night will end, and somewhere in Harry Potter fandom, someone will be throwing a tantrum over something.
Congratulate me, O Flist, for I have discovered the most irritating sound in the world!

It is that horrible beeping noise mobile phones make when their battery is running low and they need to be recharged.

Particularly when:
A) It's not coming from my phone;
B) It's not coming from The HouseMatt's phone;
C) It is coming from somewhere in the iPartment; and
D) I can't work out where in the iPartment it is coming from.

Yes, I am being haunted by a ghostly mobile phone (with a low battery). Don't ghosts have chargers these days?

I wonder how much longer I can last before I go completely bonkers and start drawing on the walls
Ah, the wonders of Melbourne weather.

So we went from several 30+ degree days to... a thunderstorm. (Entertaining one, mind: I was sitting here watching the lightning when it sounded like it was right on top of me).

And a hell of a lot of rain, going by the CBD being flooded. And the people going swimming in Flinders Street, which can I just say ewww over. Epic points for disgusting, that.

...Yeah, it's not as exciting as the Snowpocalypse, or whatever the Americans are calling it, but you aren't the only ones having crazy-arse weather.

*sigh* Guess I'll be going into the city tomorrow, instead.
There were Easter Eggs at the supermarket today.

Why were there Easter Eggs at the supermarket today?
For some reason, today - the last day before our monthly Internet clocks over to the next month - our remaining bandwidth has inexplicably doubled. Which means I have about 3 and a half hours to download, like, 20 something gigs worth of stuff.

Quick, flist, what should I download!
...One of my lightbulbs just exploded.

And I mean that literally. There was a loud bang, and now my room smells like something's caught fire.

So, I'm reading this psych paper on the appeal of movie monsters (For my short Radical Fiction essay, I'm talking about Frankenstein), and I come across a reference to a book it cites, about the effects of movies and fear.

A book which was written by one Jonathon Crane.

Yes, really.

Well, I was amused. I wasn't expecting that at all.
Am I going crazy, or Obama just win the Nobel Peace Prize?

...I think [livejournal.com profile] cedara was right here. When the Conservatives find out, I am going to need so very much popcorn.
Aaand back to University I do go. *sigh* Or, I should say, went, since today was Radical Fiction again. And my (half-finished) piece was one of the pieces that we workshopped today.

Which meant argh, everyone went and read it and I had to read the first page out loud. Which is never fun. On the plus side, no-one had anything too dreadful to say about it. Which is hopefully means they thought it was pretty decent (as opposed to it appalling them to speechlessness).

But that was that.

Otherwise, Creative Writing decided it wanted to try and earn back it's Wednesday Weirdness reputation again, so aside from my workshopping we ended up descending into a pit of insanity on par with the vampire incident.

Only worse. Because our recurring topic of discussion was ...sperm.

Yes, really.

I don't think I have any words, really.

(This time was very definitely not my fault. Blame the person whose workshop piece started it all.)

And now for a dramatic subject change, because imagining my mothers face when she reads this is making me giggle.

Flist was right! The end of the last weeks FMA:B really was completely epic. It was sort of simultaneously awesome and tearjerkery. Oh Ed. Oh Al. ♥

Also: Whole lotta Xerxes flashbacks there. They really are foregrounding that particular bit of backstory. Which will be fun when a certain chapter gets animated. Manga spoilery bit )

And your mildly ridiculous fannish comparison for the day is:

Suzaku and Lelouch = Glinda and Elphaba. Discuss.

(This crazy though was brought to you via this Suzaku and Lelouch fanvid set to For Good from the Wicked musical. Which, if not the most technically spectacular fanvid I have ever come across, still managed to make me cry. I was having an emo moment, okay? And the song's kinda a tearjerker on it's own, anyway Since I know there's at least one person on my flist who hasn't finished Geass, the vid has spoilers to the end of R2)
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( Sep. 21st, 2009 11:01 pm)
My God.

I am utterly astounded at the number of different types of vegetarian meals airlines apparently have on offer. And that's just talking about different types of vegetarian meals. Looking at all the other meals on offer... O_O

And I just wanted to know what sorts of meals were available because I got grumbly about not having cheese or cakes or anything in the vegan meal on the Egypt trip.

Sometimes the world truly astounds me. I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.

I should have updated sooner, I know. Expect an entry on new!FMA once I see the most recent episode.
And the winner of today's LOL WOT moment has to go to when I was reading through an OECD report whilst interning... and it started talking about Harry Potter fanfic. On Fanfiction.net.

I just... what. What.

I think I spent the next five minutes just staring at the computer screen, trying to not to start cackling uncontrollably.

Interning: Crackier than thou.

Incidentally, apparently The Sister's 21st (Which is in, like, two weekends) is actually a costume party. Theme: Holidays (You know, Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc).

What to wear, what to wear...
My mother has just joined Facebook.

Can't say I saw that one coming.


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