So the last episode with the Ponds happened, and fandom was very... fandom about it.

As was I, with an added dash of lack of sleep, since someone [ profile] yinake kept me awake on MSN talking about random stupid music and Game of Thrones and Code Geass and what if the Code Geass characters were part of Game of Thrones.

Yes, so, spoilers!

That time I went to New York and we saw the sights retroactively got kinda weird. )

So, that's that until Christmas, I suppose. iView so conveniently didn't include the mini-trailer for the episode, so I had to chase it down on the BBC website. It was very short, and I am mildly disappointed they didn't tell use the episode name.

But I can wait. And now the ficcers and vidders take charge of things.
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( Sep. 23rd, 2012 11:49 pm)
So, the whole returning to my LJ to once more post about Doctor Who has struck once more!

But, I'm okay with that. Also, was thoroughly pleased with this episode (I have decided to ignore a big chunk of fandom, because I am entirely enjoying this season so far.)

Anyway, on with the spoilers.

To get the obvious criticism out of the way: Yes the ending was a bit of a cop-out, and could have been better. I mostly don't care, since that wasn't really what this episode was about at all (namely, Doctor-Companion relationships in general and his with the Ponds in specific), and also because I feel like the Shakri is being set up to return again - we only dealt here with a hologram on the spaceship, so I imagine at some point we'll meet him for real.

The companion stuff was what made this episode - so how fitting really, that this was the episode when we meet Kate (Lethbridge) Stewart, daughter of a past companion shush, the Brig totes counts. I agree with the consensus that I like Kate and nice UNIT, and want them to be returning characters. The fact this was described as her "debut" episode by the BBC Twitter account bodes well, I think. (And I suppose since Oswin or Clara or whatever her name ends up being looks likely to be a non-contemporary companion, Kate could be our modern day link?)

The Ponds were utterly lovely, both in how they were torn between their two lives, and how it was a genuine conflict there because they liked their normal lives. The whole "Ordinary lives suck" thing that popped up a bit with RTDs companions rather soured me on some of them, not to mention got out some nasty parts of fandom. So seeing that averted was nice, plus it made the choice for the Ponds to travel at the end more meaningful. They chose that because it was good, not because the ordinary life was bad. As with the complete non-judgement of Brian staying at home. (Also, good on him for wanting to know what happened to past companion, and good on the Doctor for being straight with him.)

The real heart-breaker was the Doctor's speech to Amy, about how she is seared onto his heart, and how it's about not running away, but running towards things before they flare and fade away. I teared up a bit there. (I think next week will genuinely wreck me, both with the sad and with Moffat deciding to feed off my nightmares.)

One thing that got me about that speech, aside from that line being rather lovely, was how it reminded me of a lot of poetic lines about light - burning out and fading away - which struck me as a lovely metaphor. And then reminded me of the whole flickering light thing that some people have noticed this season and the discussion about if it's a plot point or a red herring (or possibly a metaphor, now). Maybe, maybe not, though it'd be a bit fitting - the Angels like to put light, don't they.
...And now I want this half-season (or maybe even the Pond and Doctor era as a whole) to be vidded to No Light, No Light by Florence + the Machine.

Also, fic that needs to be written: Sarah Jane gets Amy started into journalism; Kate meets up with other UNIT characters (including Martha); Kate and River as companions children; other alive companions dealing with the cubes.

Shout out to Chicken Dance cube, because LOL.

And that would be that.

Also, I found me some icons.
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I never got around to posting anything about last weeks episode, did I? Which I thoroughly enjoyed, for the record, but I think at this point most of what I could say about it has already been said. Or is mini-arc stuff, and so will remain relevant discussion for another few weeks.

(For the record, I think a lot of people are overreaching for hints as to ~what it's all about~. The arc seems really very obvious - the Ponds gradually moving away from the Doctor now.)

So, onto this weeks episode, in the aptly named town of Mercy.

Gosh, the writer loves him some Western archetypes, doesn't he?

Even the alien parts of the story pretty much took an old Western sort of plot - man with a dark past, who has become a respected member of society is chased down by someone he once wronged - and added a bit of Doctor Who-ish alienness.

I could have done without the a voice-over bookends, though. Didn't find them necessary.

Now, I know a big chunk of the debate on this episode is about the Doctor's seeming tilt to the dark side - and I think that may have been the point of having the Solomon stuff in the Dinosaur episode, to establish this as a character development, rather than a one-episode OOCness.

Now, putting aside the fact that people seem weirdly obsessive about the "Man Who Never Would" thing while ignoring that using a gun isn't exactly a new thing for the Doctor, or for that matter that you don't need a gun or even to kill people to be dark and brutal (The Family of Blood say hi!) - I do think there is a bit of a trend there, and that Amy was right when she said this was about the Doctor traveling on his own.

I've seen some spec that this might be because a timey-wimey Doctor who has doubled back and is from after the Ponds have left - which is possible but I feel unlikely - but I think it is mostly linear, it's just that the Doctor was basically lying last week when he said he wasn't trying to wean the Ponds off him.

Though to be more precise, I think he's trying to wean himself off the Ponds. He can see that as much as they enjoy the travel they are settling into homelife - next episode seems to be all about this sort of thing - and as such is trying to put a bit more distance there so that the last goodbye doesn't hurt so much (especially since he feels so much guilt over the other new Who companion departures, so the Ponds living happily on their own terms is very important to him).

It's just that, in distancing himself from his human friends, he's also distancing himself from humanity as a whole. And hence, the darkness.

And a slight response to a reaction I found of this episode (not anyone I know, fortunately, just found through trawling tags on Tumblr) talking about how Amy is OMG THE WORST EVER for daring to criticise the Doctor's moral choices when he travels alone and then asking to go back home rather than stay with the Doctor forever: It is not Amy's (or any companions for that matter) duty to be the Doctor's moral babysitter. And if you are giving up things you love or that are important to you in order to prevent a friend from crossing lines it is no longer a healthy relationship.

The fact that someone genuinely thought that it was okay to suggest that... bothers me.

In other news, I need decent Eleven icons. Who can recommend me some good icon makers or sets for him?
Well, another more-or-less busy week here.

Tuesday was volunteering again, then spent the next couple of days mostly just working my way through sorting out clothes for the new cupboards and what-not. Which is sort of an adventure in itself, since I found all sorts of things that I don't even remember having, plus a few things I haven't worn in years. On the other hand, I think I've had the skirt I am wearing since I was about 13, so yeah.

But I ditched some things with holes in it, dumped a pile of things in bags to shove into one of those charity bins when I get around to it, and am basically mostly sorted out with the clothes. Though working out dividers or shelves or something for that wardrobe will be a pain. *sigh*

Then Friday was training for new job - pretty easy, basically. Actual work is due to start next Wednesday, and henceforth most of my shifts are the afternoon/evening type (aka 4.30pm-10.30pm). So if you want to invite me to do something, try either weekends or lunchtime-ish. Or let me know more than a week in advance so I can inform the scheduling peoples.

And that was about it, excluding my somewhat spamminess on Tumblr. It's so easy to find shiny pictures...

Then today I slept in, listened to Marina & the Diamonds, and watched the new episode of Korra. Which I mostly predicted. Sort of. Well, I called that Hiroshi would be an Equalist, and Asami would be completely ignorant of this. The actual confrontation going down today - or, you know, steampunk mechas - not so much.

Also, I have a great big demand for Darth Sato and Asami Skywalker art, because that was so what I was thinking. (And, yeah, I loved it, because I am a sucker for "I love you, but must fight against you because what you are doing is evil" plots in stories.

Plus, we got girl!bonding; the Sato's way awesome house, which I shall miss though we will now get everyone living on Air Temple Island funtimes; Tenzin and Lin being badass even as they failed and we've hit the point where I honestly don't know where things will go know. It's all a mystery here on in.

...kinda wanting some crossovers with mecha series now, because that would be fun. Zero vs Amon comparisons would be sort of hilarious and creepy.

Also, that fic where Cabbage Corp is the Apple of the Avatarverse.
It was an interesting enough week there, I suppose.

Volunteering Tuesday, then on Wednesday I went to see The Avengers with peoples. I did consider doing a review type thing then, but at that point barely anyone on my flist would have seen it, so I didn't think I'd get much response.

I do have some comments to make, starting with the fact I could definitely feel Joss Whedon's influence on things. People who have seen Whedon's stuff now what I mean here: snappy dialogue, a certain specific type of humour. Plus, you know, a popular character dying dramatically before the big finale in order to motivate people. Oh, poor Coulson, the doom of being liked by Joss Whedon and not heading a movie of your own. Your fanboy crush on Captain America was so cute (and thus you were obviously doomed).

Otherwise - Thor's situation from the end of his movie was really handwaved away; Hulk was really impressively awesome, him and him as Bruce Banner were rather show-stealers. Hulk vs Loki was the greatest lulz ever. Also, Tony Stark was like totally hitting on Banner. I now ship Natasha/Hawkeye, because they were honestly sort of compelling, and I want all the fics ever of Steve being introduced to pop-culture or other modern things.

So that was that.

Then on Saturday I went to Worn Wild, which was basically just a market ( a bar) for goth or alternative clothes and accessories. Got a new hat, and a headband, and a few other accessories. I was tempted to get one of the corsets that were on special, but decided against it in the end.

And then today I went and watched Korra. Which remains very good, even if the fandom jumping instantly into shipwar mode is making me sigh. And roll my eyes. Of course, I happen to like both Mako/Korra (because I like the way they bounce off one another) and Mako/Asami (because I think they were cute and sweet) so I am probably Doing It Wrong here. And yeah, the whole "Asami is too nice, she must secretly be EVIL!" theory is blatant in it's real subtext. I'll admit that Mako/Asami will probably need a bit of drama at some point to tell me long term, but drama and SHE MUST BE PLANNING SOMETHING really not the same thing.

My personal, possibly crack, theory is that the mysterious (and pointedly unnamed) person who started Hiroshi Sato out with his loan had some kind of role in founding the Equalists - and they are going to come calling in to pay that back. And since his daughter knows the Avatar, why, let's just get Miss Sato to do things for us. Cue blackmail, and Asami having to fight against people she likes to keep herself and her father safe (which incidentally allows her to go back to being on Korra's side once Amon gets sorted out - I heard he was a Season 1 villain only).

...Yeah, it's possibly silly. But it's the sort of silly I like, and this episode seemed to be full of pointed references to past events that will most likely to end up plot relevant. Like that guy who Aang dealt with in Republic City in the past. And the flashbacks at the end, which have got to have significance beyond just fanservice. Aside from that, the episode was filled with Tenzin and family being awesome (The kids being hilariously so, Tenzin being an awesome mentor/father figure), and Korra making me cry. That poor girl, so afraid and alone! She so needs some "I like you for you, not just being the Avatar!" moments.

All the stuff with the Equalists there is really well written and 3-dimensional, being both utterly frightening and being very much justified in their complaints - all the ruling Council is benders, the cops with all their power seem to be, most of the triads and criminals, apparently, and the people who are opposed to this are being pretty much oppressed.

That said, I can't be on Amon and co.'s side on this because to paraphrase a comment someone else made: The fact their complaints about the current system are entirely justified doesn't change the fact the movement completely fails to propose any alternates. "Destroy all benders" isn't exactly a goal that will make things any better for anyone. Powerful douchebags will still abuse that power, and the innocent and powerless still get oppressed. And we can see with the Satos, and Mako and Bolin, in Republic City power isn't just about bending or not. For the record, Geass fans, this is why I was never really on Lelouch's side, while I did sympathise with the Black Knights. No matter how valid your complaints are, if you don't have a viable political alternative, any success you have will break down pretty fast.

And that was my dose of tl;dr for the day. Now all I want is to know where the good Korra icon-makers are hanging out. Also, for someone to write me a FMA/Korra crossover, because that'd be nifty.
Well, I had a (relatively) interesting weekend. Went to a trivia night on Sunday, and my team did not actually come last, so huzzah for that. So we won a packet of Tim-Tams, which is all good.

Plus, I went and watched The Legend of Korra (well, all of it that's out so far), which was pretty decent recent, though I really need to get some better quality downloads there, since image quality was... not great on mine. The music was lovely though. Enjoying it so far, and it looks both fun and interesting, but one look at the fandom and I think I shall steer clear from most of that. I can see wankiness brewing on the horizon. I'll stick around for the icons, though.

Oh, and thanks for whomever on Facebook for informing me that A). Douglas Adam's Dirk Gently books have been made into a TV series, and B). It started on ABC this evening. Dirk looks nothing like he was described in the books, and I am still trying to decide if the depiction and story changes are intentionally a mildly mockery of BBC!Sherlock or if that's just me reading too much in.

Then today I experimented with cooking again - well, made that curried lentil soup again, which was still nommy, and experimented with grilled balsamic mushrooms and (purple) carrots, which almost worked.

And I suppose the next few days will be busy, too. Volunteering tomorrow, then on Wednesday I believe I am due to see Avengers with [ profile] neo_leviathan and... others. So there's that.

In other news, I rather need a haircut, anyone know somewhere decent around Melbourne, that will do something interesting to it without costing too much?

Also this is very possibly the most terrifying bit of Evangelion advertising I have ever seen.
Well, back in Melbourne after my little Easter jaunt. It is currently rather cold and wet, which is making me feel much better about the whole quitting the door-knocking job thing, even if it means I need to do a bit more work into finding something else.

Easter involved piles of chocolate (of course), a bit of time with Mum and The Sister, and some time in Bendigo, which I haven't been to in quite a while, and me getting through The Hunger Games trilogy. I may post some thoughts on the books later on; for now I am still trying to decide if I actually like the series or not. They were certainly compelling reading, but I'm having trouble parsing just how I feel about the series as whole, which is vaguely frustrating.

Currently being grumpy at the post office, since they seem to have decided to give me a final notice on a parcel delivery without giving me the other prior notices. Or pressing the buzzer to check if I am actually home at all.

In other news, I found this xkcd update unhealthily hilarious.
Well, that was a rather busy weekend, after all.

On Friday evening I went to go see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows with what ended up being a rather larger group than I had expected. But hey, we got to have a great big movie watching clump in the audience.

Non-spoilery comment on the movie: Decent fun, but another sequel that isn't as good as the original. And something felt off about the pacing though I couldn't say exactly what.

Also, despite being thoroughly spoiled for Okay, movie spoilers behind here )

...Those comments seem grumpy than I really felt about it. Huh.

The other big event of the weekend was seeing the Dresden Dolls in concert last night. Had dumplings for dinner with a few friends to start off with, then wandered down to the Forum (which had the most amazingly epic door line I had ever seen - what happens, I suppose, when you show up just before the doors open, so everyone is there bust still outside.)

I sat up the back for most of the support acts, and then migrated forward in front of the stage for the Dolls started (mostly trying to avoid having tall people standing in front of me). The show itself was great fun; lots of their best known songs, including some of my favourites (I can never resist Mandy Goes to Med School), plus some really fun covers. I have to applaud them for doing Fight for Your Right To Party. Or a rather nice take on The Mercy Seat.

Also, the curtain call performance of Mein Herr from Cabaret, which started with Amanda in the audience and involved her later crowd-surfing up to the stage. (She went right over my head, too.)

And then I found out today that one of my housemates is over in Europe. Which he hadn't actually told me about in advance.

So that was my weekend. How about you guys?
So, today I went in with [ profile] notalwaysweak and a few other people (most of whom I didn't know) to go see the last Harry Potter movie.

Yes, I know, it's been out for almost a week and I hadn't seen it already. Call myself a Potter-fan indeed.

Ah well. I still cried.

Spoilers for the movie, since I am pretty sure everyone knows about the book by now )

...And now I feel like reading Potter fanfic again. Any recent things out there to recommend? I prefer gen or canon ships, mostly, and something with plot or world-building would be fun.

In other news, you can now see an official (non-camera phone) version of the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.
And I have discovered that Utena caps and Texts From Last Night make a disturbingly fitting combination.
Had a vaguely sociable weekend this one just passed. On Saturday night I went with a bunch of friends to go see Tron: Legacy at the movies. Which actually made for quite an enjoyable experience, even if I'd never actually seen the original movie at all.

I mean, yeah, the plot was a bit average and all, but it looked and sounded really cool, and was fun, and really what more could one want. Yes, something of a triumph of style over substance, but I like me some style.

I didn't see it in 3D though, since that gives of the guys I was with a headache. But I hear the 3D is actually supposed to be good for the film, so maybe if anyone else has plans to go see, I might tag along.

And one spoilery comment )

What else... saw this week's episode of Panty and Stocking, which was very... Panty and Stocking. If unexpectedly actually dramatic, cliff-hanger and all (Though this means I am left with the frustrating knowledge that the last episode comes out when I will be at my mother's place. I somehow doubt I will be watching it on her computer...)

Oh, and there's dinner with my father tomorrow night, before he flies back over to Thailand.

And I think I need a hair cut.
Oh busy day today.

Had a job interview this morning - it was group interview, too, which was interesting. (As in, actually sincerely interesting). We were asked to call back tomorrow afternoon to find out if they want us to come in for actual training, so I should know about that pretty soon. It's only a casual position, though, so if I do find something more full-time, it'll be ditched. But oh well.

Next up: 9am Friday interview. *sigh* Oh, and I've got another interview also being organised, but no time and date worked out, though I'm hoping I can wangle it to be Friday afternoon some time. It'd just make things easier that way.

Apart from that, today I finally got around to seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part One). Huzzah for Cinema Nova's $6 tickets.

To paraphrase something I said elsewhere, I think the real benefit of having cut the book in half for this is that it allowed the movie to have both the plot important stuff and emotional character moments with compromising or rushing either, the way some of the other movies have. It didn't feel like it was nearly as long a movie as it actually was. And there was some definite pretties though.

It's been a while since I read the book - probably for the best, since I'd most likely nitpick the film more if it was fresh - but while there were some scenes I wish they hadn't cut and some additions I didn't entire buy, it mostly worked out well for me. And there were some scenes that I am pretty certain were line for line of book dialogue, which I found oddly pleasing.

Slightly more spoilery stuff )

So, back again in six months, I suppose.

Oh, and I got the new Jasper Fforde book. It's a Young Adult book, so I'm already two-thirds of the way through it, but it's fun so far. Lighter on the puns and literary allusions and more obvious on the subtext, but still very, very Jasper Fforde. I'm not entirely sure if the main character really convinces me she's almost 16, though.

And your random YouTube videos for the day:
- A kitten riding a tortoise. Come on, say dawwww!
- EVERY ANIME OPENING EVER MADE. Okay, not literally true, but there is such a point there.
So, last night I finally got around to seeing Inception. Yes, I know that this makes me about the slowest person ever. On the other hand, I still haven't seen Avatar, so who knows.

And so, yes, I now see what all the fannish flailing over the past few weeks has been about - well, some of it anyhow. I think I'm more interested in the mindfuckery than the shipping, really.

But it was very interesting in the way that means I'll want to go see it again - not because I wasn't sure what was going on, because I (mostly) got that. I just want to pay attention to stuff I missed the first time round. Or was distracted by people talking in the row behind me. *grumble*

Otherwise - effects were great, especially the dreamscape stuff (and that fun gravity flippery). I liked the entire team, though I wish some had a bit more backstory/character stuff. But I think Saito was my favourite. I have no idea why. And the music is ridiculously catchy.

Also, my one spoilery comment: Cut for politeness )

Yo, [ profile] connikins, I know you are all about Inception fandom at the moment. Recommend me some communities/meta/discussion/fic/whatever. Other people are also welcome to drop in recommendations. Or just talk about the movie.

I also have a strange desire to read an Inception/Cowboy Bebop crossover.
So, about that Ashes to Ashes big finale.

Take a look at the Lawman, beating up the wrong guy )

I'm looking forward to what the fanvidders do with this (these?) now. Normally I'd be on the lookout for fic - and I definitely still am - but Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes wouldn't be the same without the music.
Well, yesterday was interesting. I went to [ profile] connikins' Unbirthday Picnic - which meant copious amounts of tea, hats and vaguely Victorian outfits. (Yes, it was Alice in Wonderland themed).

Said picnic, incidentally, was held in front of Melbourne Museum, under that shelter thing. So all the people walking past (or to IMAX) saw us.

But it was fun! I saw some people I knew, and quite a few I didn't. I got to try all sorts of interesting home-made foods people brought. OM NOM NOM MOLASSES COOKIES. And have some intersting conversations - about, among other things, Lovecraft. And also really bad movies.

Oh, and at one point we got asked to pose in the background of someone's wedding photos. Which I suppose will make for some memorable wedding photos (Though it'll be fun when someone else looks at them and asks why they have a photo with a bunch of people in crazy hats).

And we managed to clear out of there before it started raining again. Though I was glad I brought my umbrella.

As for the Alice in Wonderland movie itself, well it was very pretty, but I honestly think the picnic was more fun overall. It was rather predictable in terms of plot - and if there was anything the original books were not, it was predictable. It was also very Tim Burton, for all that entails both good and bad.

The Cheshire Cat was the best thing in it. Yay for Stephen Fry's voice!

In other news, I was informed today that one of my cousins in the US has just gotten engaged! So congratulations to her. I can has trip the USA for the wedding, pls?

You know, soon I will run out of cousins to actually get married. Huh.
Wow, it's been a long time since I've done one of these. As in literally over 6 months. Ah, whoops? I suppose that's what happens when one is busy with Interning and Uni and assignments and exams and travelling all over the place.

Unfortunate consequence of this: The first couple of things on this list I literally watched months ago, and so it's now not so much immediate impressions as considered reactions. Which is both good and bad, since it means fandom has had time to get it's claws into me.

Posting in order of when I watched them, and everything potentially has spoilers all the way through.

Death Note (anime) )

Code Geass and Code Geass R2 (anime) )

Read or Die (OVAs) )

Ouran High School Host Club (anime) )

So, that'd be that then. Of course, finishing up that lot means I am rather deficient in my "To Watch" list, since I haven't got a real lot sitting around at the moment. I do have some assorted manga catching up to do, too.

Anyway, I currently have the first season of Black Lagoon, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. (Yeah, I know. But it's a classic, so I figured I should watch it at some point. And it was on special at JB Hi-Fi) But beyond that, I am totally open to recommendations. My older comments and reviews should give some idea of the stuff I like; beyond that I would prefer completed series, either something I can grab a box set of, or just a season torrent with subs. Possibly something a bit more cheery and happy, since... yeah.
So, the last few episode of FMA:B have been kind of awesome, haven't they?

I'll admit I'm somewhat biased, since I'm one of those people who prefer the manga to the old anime and the recent episodes contained several things that I was most looking forward to seeing animated, namely Spoilers for the non-manga fen )

But yeah, now that they're past the previously adapted stuff and seem to have the pacing issues for the most part sorted out, I've been really, really loving the recent episodes. And really looking forward for the next ones, which is a plus and a minus (It'll be fun to marathon the lot once it finishes, and see how it is to watch that way). It possibly also helps that unlike some of the other mangafen, I'm not rereading chapters immediately before the episode, so I don't get upset when they cut a line/scene I like.

FMA:B was a bit on and off to start with, but I think it's really gotten into the swing of things now, and I am muchos looking forward to seeing the rest of the manga animated.

(Say, anyone know where I can find some really good icons of the last few episodes?)

Oh, and to spin off on a wildly different tangent, when you have time go and hunt down the new Batman: Brave and the Bold episode on YouTube (Or your current source of online video goodness). You won't regret it.

It's called Mayhem of the Music Meister and it's... a musical episode. Of a Batman cartoon. With Neil Patrick Harris voicing the villain.

And it is a thing of joy and hilarity forever. There are songs about taking over the world, and death traps!

This is why I call Batman: Brave and the Bold glorious crack. Because it is cracktastic, and it is glorious.

And since I finished my assignment and there's another week of break to go, I may actually be able to watch some new anime soon, huzzah!
So, today I went and saw the Half-Blood Prince at the movies. I had an awful lot of fun watching it, but I have no idea how much of said fun comes from any inherent quality in the actual film, and how much was just because I was sitting next to [ profile] laurenmitchell and we spent pretty much the entire movie laughing hysterically every two minutes (and probably frightening everyone else in the cinema).

Yeah, some of the stuff that cracked us up was the intentional comedy. And some was just random fannishness, or stuff that is amusing in retrospect having read Deathly Hallows (Oh, Dumbledore and his talk of young love ;_;) or, you know, hilarious subtext.

Most notable of which was Highly amusing spoiler )

I have to wonder, though, how well the movie held up for people who hadn't read the book, as few as they may be. Because yeah, I could follow what was going on, given I've read the book multiple times, but I did wonder if without all the day-to-day transitional stuff that was cut how much people could follow things.

Oh, and NOT ENOUGH RON BEING AWESOME! Damn, writers, try to remember the main characters are a trio, not just Harry&Hermione plus one.

Also, I was... not entirely pleased with the ending.

Cut for PAGE 606 TOTALLY TRUE spoilers )

On the plus side, the above quibbles aside, I didn't have any real problems with the acting (even Emma Watson seems to have quit with the eyebrow acting!). And it had some wonderfully impressive cinematography in parts.

...And now I want to read HP fic all over again. Dammit!

ETA: And on a note that is sort of related, and sort of ...not, Mother dearest has apparently gotten us tickets to see David Copperfield (that illusionist dude) when he's in Melbourne. Huh.
Yes, I know I did one of these only like a week ago. See what happens when I have a cold! That thing I said the other day about doing nothing about sitting around and watching anime: meant entirely literally.

...Incidentally, that means my pile of unwatched anime DVDs is almost run out, as MyAnimeList points out. Since I'm fairly certain everything on there will be watched before Uni starts back up again, feel free to drop me recommendations of what to try out next. Anime or Manga is fine, though I prefer stuff that's either available as a box-set (in Australia or from the anime store of *cough* debatable legality), or easily accessible in good quality online.

As always, everything I discuss has spoilers all the way through.

20th Century Boys (manga) )

Chrono Crusade (anime) )

Gankutsuou )

Hellsing (Original Anime) )

...Yeah, I'm totally just killing time until the new FMA has subs out. Or next week's episode because EEEEE XING CHARACTERS A-COMING! AND NEW OP AND ED! And aren't we due for a new manga chapter soonish...

I'll watch the new Haruhi Suzumiya episodes once we are past the Endless Eight arc. Because seriously, guys...
You know, I am fairly certain I told someone on my flist I was definitely going to do another anime reviews post like a month ago. Whoops. Though I still haven't posted my photos from Egypt and Jordan, and that was back in February, so hey...

Anyway, I haven't been watching a lot of stuff recently, what with Uni and exams and what-not. And attempting to keep up with new!FMA, and assorted other TV, both anime and not. Plus, that time when me DVD player went on the fritz. So a lot of this stuff I watched like months ago, and is not so immediate a reaction. But hey, having time to think things over can be helpful, too.

As usual, spoilers for everything I am discussing, and in no real order of preference.

Chrono Chrusade (manga) )


Outlaw Star )

Revolutionary Girl Utena (series and movie) )

Since I haven't any more Uni for a while, the next up stuff may actually get watched in the not too distant future. Next up in this case meaning anything on the To Watch list, though I think Gankutsuou will be the first of those.

And as always, I am totally up to taking suggestions for series, anime or manga, I should check out. I just might take a while to get around to them.
Firstly, a confession to make: Despite having been in the Uni's Star Trek club for, oh, four and a half years now, I am not actually a Star Trek fan. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike Trek - in fact, most of what I've seen I liked even if some of it was for the lulz more than anything else - but it's always been something I've only really had a casual interest in, as opposed to my active fannishness. I know the basics and the broad ideas, but not much of the little stuff.

Also I've been in both Star Wars and Doctor Who fandoms. Trek is the enemy like twice over.

...Which is basically just a really long way to say that I went and saw the new movie with a bunch of people from Star Trek club this evening, and I really enjoyed it. It was fun and funny and had some really nifty moments and I really liked the characters, and I was amused at the in-jokes (well, the ones I actually understood, anyhow.)

And now I want to read fic of it. Dear Lord. *facepalm*

Anyone up to chatting about it? I've sort of being skimming over people who mentioned it on my flist prior to watching.


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