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( Nov. 9th, 2009 08:30 pm)
Did someone forget to tell Summer that it isn't due for another month? Because Sweet Tinkerbell Jesus, sometimes I really hate freaking Melbourne WeatherTM. 34 degrees. Ack.

Also, BRB flipping out over what the hell I can wear to Interning tomorrow. What do professional people wear in 30+ degree weather, anyway?

'Twasn't all sucktastic, though. Creative Writing is finished! For, um, ever. Two majors down, huzzah! I even got a reasonable amount of sleep and everything.

Which just leaves me with finishing up Interning stuff, and studying for my one exam on the 26th. Much less stressful.

Oh, and my upcoming series of Hen's Nights to attend, which shall be... interesting. Never been to one before, and suddenly there are two in two weeks.

Incidentally, I fixed up the settings on my Egypt Photos so they are now actually viewable to the public. (Thanks for pointing that out, [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away) Jordan pictures from that trip will go up... sometime before the forthcoming Cambodia trip.

So, what's new with you guys, since I am no longer distracted by procrastination my assignments?

Also: HOW ABOUT THOSE FMA SPOILERS? Come on, raws and scanlations!
Back to Creative Writing I do go! Didn't quite manage to top last week in terms of Wednesday Weirdness - but then again, what would?

Instead we got to ponder the mysteries of the Post-Grad only lift (Seriously, how do they enforce that? What would happen if undergrads tried to use it? Do the Post-Grads have some secret hideout?)

Oh, and had a nice long discussion about the censorship guidelines for the Farrago (The Uni Magazine) from one of our class members. Which included discussions of such amusing incidents, such as downloading porn so people could trace it for illustrations. And having to use a protractor to measure the angles of penises in a photograph to ensure they aren't erect.

...Yeah, are all student magazines like that?

We also got such charming quotes as follow (from the tutor, no less):

- "Does it need a bit more psychotic violence?"
- "I would like a bit more violence to balance out the sex."

Oh, Creative Writing, never change.

ETA: Also saw most recent FMA:B episode. Recap episode, I know, but it could have been worse. Also the new OP and ED look glorious on shiny shiny fullscreen.

My attempts to interpret some of the mindfucky aspects of the recap episode )
Aaand back to University I do go. *sigh* Or, I should say, went, since today was Radical Fiction again. And my (half-finished) piece was one of the pieces that we workshopped today.

Which meant argh, everyone went and read it and I had to read the first page out loud. Which is never fun. On the plus side, no-one had anything too dreadful to say about it. Which is hopefully means they thought it was pretty decent (as opposed to it appalling them to speechlessness).

But that was that.

Otherwise, Creative Writing decided it wanted to try and earn back it's Wednesday Weirdness reputation again, so aside from my workshopping we ended up descending into a pit of insanity on par with the vampire incident.

Only worse. Because our recurring topic of discussion was ...sperm.

Yes, really.

I don't think I have any words, really.

(This time was very definitely not my fault. Blame the person whose workshop piece started it all.)

And now for a dramatic subject change, because imagining my mothers face when she reads this is making me giggle.

Flist was right! The end of the last weeks FMA:B really was completely epic. It was sort of simultaneously awesome and tearjerkery. Oh Ed. Oh Al. ♥

Also: Whole lotta Xerxes flashbacks there. They really are foregrounding that particular bit of backstory. Which will be fun when a certain chapter gets animated. Manga spoilery bit )

And your mildly ridiculous fannish comparison for the day is:

Suzaku and Lelouch = Glinda and Elphaba. Discuss.

(This crazy though was brought to you via this Suzaku and Lelouch fanvid set to For Good from the Wicked musical. Which, if not the most technically spectacular fanvid I have ever come across, still managed to make me cry. I was having an emo moment, okay? And the song's kinda a tearjerker on it's own, anyway Since I know there's at least one person on my flist who hasn't finished Geass, the vid has spoilers to the end of R2)
Oh Creative Writing, you're letting the side down. You weren't nearly as hilariously random today as you have been in the past.

Well, excluding the bit where someone was workshopping a piece that was a ridiculously stereotypical action novel with all the cliches turned up to eleven... starring the Prophet Mohammed.

Yeah, really.

I do have an idea what I'm going to do with my writing piece, though - well, sort of. So yay for that.

Actually, I think the amusingly random bit of today was when I was at the coffee shop, and a complete an utter strange who was beside me in the queue declared that I had to be an Arts student, because no-one else would be wear and outfit that was as - and I quote - "Flamboyant".

Not that I'm complaining or anything, because it's true and all but that's not the sort of thing one normally hears from randoms.

...And now I think I shall go catch up on New!FMA anime, since this weeks episode was the Winry-Scar stuff that I've been dying to see animated (and I'm getting behind).
There wasn't going to a Wednesday Weirdness post today, and then along came Creative Writing, and we all got drunk in class. No, really.

No, really.

Callum - our tutor - declared this week (and next week) BYO. And then brought like five bottles of red to share. And his little dog, too - yes, really.

So the entire two and a half hours were spent doing speed dating writing workshops - yes, that's how they were actually described - whilst drinking red wine. I didn't drink too much, since I hadn't eaten much before, but given I can still feel the effects, I may have failed miserably on that account. Yeah, I'm a lightweight, I know.

Other weird moments of note, aside from the general hilarity of in-class literary analysis whilst under the influence, was Callum badtouching the Quality of Teaching surveys (Don't ask), and a vote on which of Callum's scarves was more gay.

...And next week is scheduled for more of the same. Hee!

In other news, I am seeing Mum on the weekend, and Dad next Thursday, and they are both asking me what I want for my birthday. And I have no idea what to ask for. Any suggestions, flist?

Mum's probably okay with random gifty stuff, since she knows me well enough. Dad... not so much. Plus there's, you know, certain family issues. I just figure I should suggest something if I want a gift beyond a pile of vouchers.
Well, what do you know - it's time once more for our regular dose of Wednesday Weirdness.

...And I swear, that really wasn't intended to sound quite so game show host.

Anyhoo, onto the weird.

- In Psych lab, we were informed by our tutor of his great and wonderful love of z-scores. No, I do not ship it.

- In Star Trek club, we had to save the Doctor from the evils of Pixelation!
... Okay, so the Doctor Who DVD borked up towards the end, and we got some amusingly blurry pictures. (In case you were wondering, the episode in question was Boomtown. Which just reminded me that watching that was when I decided that A) I really wasn't a fan of Rose, and B) Mickey was my favourite.)

- In Creative Writing, we had to write descriptions of other people in the class. And then they got read out. Which was kinda amusing. (No descriptions of me were read, though the one I wrote was).

- I also workshopped my draft this week, though that was more the awkward weird than the amusing sort.

- There was a Kitchen party in the iPartment! 'Cos everyone needs to eat.

- The epic saga of my DVD drive. Which actually encompasses yesterday, too.

Anyway, since I had no class yesterday, and I was feeling cold and lazy, I decided to stay in and watch more anime DVDs. Slight problem: My computer's DVD drive decided to go on the blink. All freaking day. I poked around and troubleshot and rebooted and restarted and no matter what, it just would not play DVDs, even ones that worked fine on the weekend (CDs worked fine, though). I even had the HouseMatt come in and take my computer apart to look, and in the end even he thought it was the DVD Reader giving up the ghost and need a new DVD drive.

So, overnight I come to deal with the fact that I'll have to buy a new drive. No biggie - that aren't that expensive, relatively speaking, and Matt walked me though how to install one. DVDs still not playing this morning. I get home, after late Creative Writing, and do a last minute check that the discs themselves work for other people - no problem. So, of to get a new Drive tomorrow.

I give the player one last check, just for the hell of it, not expecting anything to happen. And what do you know: It works.

I don't know if I should be pleased it started working before I forked out for a new one, or annoyed that it apparently went on the blink for no reason whatsoever.

And now I need to watch as much as possible before it dies again! So much for an early night to bed...

ETA: And naturally just typing these words has jinxed me, since the stupid thing is now playing every DVD except the one I actually want it to play. Fuck You, Universe.
And it's Wednesday Weirdness time again! Admittedly, this week's isn't nearly as weird as some, but hey, it's been a few weeks. Let me build back into it gradually.

- In this week's Psych lab, there was, completely randomly, a slide with a picture of Mom from Futurama. As one does.

- Star Trek Club watched old, old X-Files. As in the pilot, I do believe. Which was mostly weird in the kind of hilarious way, what with the slightly dodgy acting and antique technology and epic logic fail of Mulder.

- On that note, Aliens abducted [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away's pants. (And they ate chocolate in the lecture theatre).

- Hippy cafe that sells Pocky has expanded to a wide range of mysterious Asian lollies. I would buy some, but I have no idea what they are. And I have a rule against eating things I can't identify.

- In Creative Writing, our tutor made us have a class discussion on our failed relationships.

And now I think I shall be heading off for an early night, since I was up epically late last night starting torrents in the off-peak hours finishing off my Creative Writing first draft.
I'm currently amusing myself by imagining how the priests at my old Catholic school would react when they heard how I ended up "celebrating" Good Friday: Namely, watching anime all day, and then going out to a Goth club at night.

Goth clubbing was actually rather fun. Mostly because it was a chance to hang out with my friends, and wear kinda outrageous and trashy outfits. And ogle everyone else's nifty clothes - I swear, it's better than cosplay (Not that there's much difference at times - I swear I saw Lestat wandering around at one point).

But it was a fun evening/morning/whatever.

And whilst I'm on the subject of nifty fun EPIC NEW FMA CHAPTER IS EPIC.

Which gets the fun section of this post out of the way.

The less fun part of which will be my Uni to-do list for the Easter break (aka things I will be doing when I'm not doing family or fannish stuffs)

- Complete application for next semester's Internship subject. (Hand in when Uni starts - Monday?)
- Complete 2000 word Change and Conflict essay (Due 20th April)
- Complete 1500+ first draft for Creative Writing (Hand in draft first Wednesday back)
And then there's the normal notes and reading and studying.

...At least I actually have a plot for Creative Writing now. I just need to work out what to cover in my opening draft.
And it it is once more time for posting about the weekly Wednesday weirdness that is my life.

- In my Psych lab, we discussed the psychology behind how magic tricks work. Which I will have to write an essay on. Based on a paper which included quotes from a trained professional pick-pocket.

- In Star Trek club, we watched the fabulously well suited combination of an episode of BSG, and Lego animations of Izzard jokes. And 6 straight minutes of dreadful puns.

I don't normally watch BSG, so I couldn't tell you which episode it was. All I know, is that in it Baltar declared himself a tool. Instrument of God, same diff.

- In Novels, we discussed the fascinating combination of Hemingway, Dostoyevsky, Flaubert, and Alice in Wonderland. As one does.

- There was a guy on my tram who had brought a keyboard. As in the instrument.

And while it's on my mind, for my Novels class we are supposed to come up with, well, a novel. We don't have to write the whole thing, just the first ~3000 words, and have a brief summary of the rest of it.

My problem? I have no idea what my "novel" should be about.

Now, I have been vaguely considering writing about something to do with ghosts. Or the end of the world. Or both. And someone in my class was fascinated when I was talking about the psychology behind magic with them, and suggested I write on that.

But I have no ideas whatsoever about what kind of plot I should have going. Anyone have any suggestions? Or could prod me into inspiration?
Signs you may have been in fandom too long: You get half-way through a University Creative Writing piece, and realise that somehow, in your head, the lead seems to be being played by Nathan Fillion.

In this case, ala Captain Hammer, since the dude he's playing is also a not-too-bright guy who tends to solve problems with violence.

I am yet to find a suitable actress for the female lead, though. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not.

In news entirely not related to my brain's casting director tendencies, apparently my Dad is back in Australia as of today.

(Yeah, he's spent the last couple of weeks overseas. In Thailand, and Cambodia, and other places like that)

Oh, and today I got the invite to Katie and Steve's engagement party. I shall have to check up as to whether I have anything else organised for that Sunday, but as far as I am aware, I should be able to make it.

Also, *\o/* for Katie and Steve!

...And I should probably try and get this draft finished before I go to bed. It's almost done, only a couple of hundred words to go. No idea about the quality of what exists so far, but hey! That's why the class is going to critique it on Thursday, right?
According to Teh Intarwebz, the Large Hadron Collider has yet to destroy the Earth, which is always good to know.

I shall continue to refresh those sites for updates of the situation.

Incidentally, on that note I am also yet to hear the related Torchwood radio play. Mainly because, well, I am no good at audio plays (or books on tape, either).

Maybe it's a short attention span, maybe I'm just a visual person, but in all honesty I tend to give up on audios after about five minutes. Because if I am not looking at something, I tend to get bored and impatient, and if I am looking at something unrelated (reading or writing or playing a game, whatever), I tend to tune the noise out.

...Yeah, I sort of fail at audios. Unless they are really funny.

And to now drastically switch topics and talk about something Uni related: I have finally had inspiration as to what to do this semester's creative writing piece about. Huzzah!

However, out of wanting some alternate thoughts to brainstorm with, I have a couple of requestions for you, flist.

1: What are some common phrases/sayings (or even quotes) that contain the words "one" or "once"? I already have "Once upon a time" and "one and only".

2: So, it's your traditional fairy-tale ending: the Knight in Shining Armour defeats the Evil Overlord, marries the Beautiful Princess, and becomes ruler of the Fair Kingdom. If one were to become rather cynical and realistic about the likelihood of a happily ever after, just what problems do you think would happen in said kingdom and marriage?

Answers may or may not make it into said piece, but they will help me get the plot nailed down in my head.
Gather round, young flist-ees, while I tell you of my epic quest to get my assignment handed in.

So, as has been indicated a while back, my Creative Writing assignment had a due date, of, well, today.

I had the creative part all done, posted it on here for flistly opinions, got some sleep, finished off the exegesis and had everything printed out all neat and tidy.

Now something to remember: Today was also a public holiday. Way back when, out tutor informed us that despite being due on a public holiday, the building would still be open so we could hand things in, so long as it was before 5pm etcetera and so forth.

Any how, I was heading in to hand said assignment in, when I realised that I didn't have an envelope so I could get it returned to me. Normally this wouldn't be a problem. However: public holiday. The post offices were all closed. The newsagencies were closed. The freaking 7-11 didn't sell envelopes.

After wandering around trying to find somewhere, anywhere that was open and selling pre-paid envelopes, and I noticed time was getting low, and decided screw it, I'll just hand it in and not get it back.

So I head over to the building.

And it's locked.

And the back door is locked, too.

And there's no time left to hand it in.

After some gratuitous shrieking, swearing, and kicking of the door, I head off to the computer labs in order to send my tutor a "WTF is this shit?" email.

After nabbing a computer off someone for five minutes via the careful usage of the trying not to cry face, I get onto my email, delete a shitload of rubbish.

And I notice there's one email, mixed in with about 50 bits of spam, from the Creative Writing subject co-ordinator. Apparently, all the assignents due Monday could be handed in tomorrow, instead, with no marks lost.

At which point my head reaches the desk.

And the moral of this story? Not checking your email often enough can cause panic attacks.

At least it had a happy ending. And I can sleep in tomorrow, too.

Speaking of: Since I got an extra day out of it, I shall reaffirm my request for editing and opinions via flist. The creative piece is in this locked post, though if the spazzy formatting gets to you, let me know ASAP and I could possibly email you the Word doc.

I'm mostly just looking for opinions on how the piece works as a whole, though I appreciate pointing out any ickle spelling/grammar/typo things I may have missed.
Things what we learn from LJ outages: I am rather too dependent on LJ for my own good. In order to kill time I actually ended up working on my Creative Writing play, shock, horror. Oh, and reading Star Wars fanfic.

The Play actually has a title now: "Looking Back at Tartarus" in all it's deep pretentiousness. And it has an ending I actually like. Now, to edit it all together...

Also, ye olde intarweb has slowed back to dial-up speed. So I shall not be getting Torchwood until, oh, quite late-ish. Oh well.

So, today I had to go see my Creative Writing tutor about my script submission - not a big deal, really, just checking we didn't have any problems et al. And since I didn't have any problems - I know exactly what I have to do (it's just a matter of actually doing it), we got a bit off-topic.

And I ended up talking about Doctor Who. With my Creative Writing tutor.

This was unexpected, to say the least.

In any case, she's a fan of the show - not in fandom, but a fan. Used to watch it back in the day (Fourth and Fifth Doctors, it seems, but she was, shall we say, not particular fond of Six or Seven), but drifted off, and has come back to the new series.

So we chatted a little about fandom and the craziness of fans. Talked companions a bit - she really liked Leela and Sarah Jane from the old series. And she quite liked Rose, because she was a, quote-unquote "bit of a bogan". She was very fond of Jackie and Mickey as well. Got weepy at Doomsday, it seems.

And she reckoned that both the new series were very well written (and I tend to have a bit of respect in her opinion, what with her being my script writing tutor and all). She was most impressed to find out that Moffat (whom she knew from Coupling had written for Who.

Best quote of the conversation (about the Fourth Doctor):

"He lost his mojo when Romana was around"

And another rec down, which leaves only one more to go. This one was a Five/Turlough one, just for something completely different. The last will be Rose post-Doomsday - it seemed fitting to end with that.
Well, since yesterday's post was about Monday, today's shall be about yesterday. But that's okay, since I didn't really do much of anything today. Except attend a lecture, and catch up reading the comment of the aforemention Huge Snape Wank.

Anyway, the main attraction of yesterday was workshopping my play - or the first three scenes of it, anyway. (Remember that thing I was bitching about not having ideas for? The ideas showed up.)

In any case, it was kinda fun, in a very odd way. I got to hear what people who don't share my brain think of my ideas. But it didn't seem to go down too badly for the most part, even if I had to explain a bit (the whole not finished thing, y'know...)

Main criticisms from the tutor: It's too televisual, rather than theatrical. Which I can understand perfectly well - when storytelling I tend to think more filmically than stagelike. Which might require some adjustments, but that can be worked on.

The second one, which both amused and vaguely annoyed me, is that my "couple in love" in the story appartently don't seem in love enough. Apparently they should be less bickery and more "lovey". At which point my head decided it wanted to become intimately involved with my desk. (I like bickery couples, okay! I like banter! Soppy couples bore me)

But that shall be worked on for the next while, oh well. I will also being my tutor about it next Tuesday, so I'll try and have the other scenes at least sketched out by then, and these reworked.

And I also need to get a title. Shall wander around Teh Interwebs looking for quotes, but in case anyone can help, does anyone know of any literary quotes or the like referring to the "Orpheus goes to the Underworld" story? It'd be a help...

And, fandomly there's nother rec down. Actually, I meant to do this last night, but I was too tired.

ETA: To the random (and quite stupid) person whose LJ I stumbled across - Posting your mobile phone number and your address online (complete with directions on how to get there) is not a smart move. I haven't a fucking clue who you are, but who knows what shit someone could pull with that info.
Sorry, for the temporary absence, but things have been a bit busy as of late, Uni-wise (The rush before the mid-semester break, you know. That said, no classes for two weeks, yay!).

Firstly: Yesterday, my Psych lab-report was due in Yesterday. As in, the worth 40% of my final mark one. So, much of Tuesday and Wednesday was spent completing that (just ask [livejournal.com profile] nostalgia_lj, whom I chatted with whilst getting references). Still, that's in on time, and over and done with. And that'll the last I mention of that, since no-one is particularly interested in the correlations between intrinsic religious orientation and sense of humour, in relation to the personality trait of seriousness.

And, after the all-nighter that was spent completing that, I went and got a good night's sleep last night. As in 15 hours. I'm quite impressed with myself for that effort, actually.

Reasons why today's Astronomy prac made me headdesk: Because one really needs 13 years of education to enter celestial co-ordinates, and then press the "Take Reading" button.

Oh, and after Uni, me and the Creative Writing class went to see a play, written by one of our tutor's friends. It was... interesting. It had some really affecting bits, some terribly funny bits, and some painfully pretentious bits (including some trying to shove the agenda down my throat, which annoys me, even though I supported said agenda). Still, it was worth the 8 dollars.

I still don't know what I'm going to write my script on. But I think it'll be fourth wall breaking. I feel like writing a direct to the audience monologue. No idea what about, mind.

Now, some net stuff, for those who don't give a damn about my real life:

So, ten Doctors sit down for a game of poker... Or, fun with the [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho people.

From the land of unceasing crazy, aka the OG. Now, there is a certain individual at the OG, known for his extremely vocal (one might see even ravingly batshit) hatred of David Tennant's Doctor. And said individual has recently decided to start up a club of Tennant haters, complete with planned website, appeals to authorities to sack Tennant, and t-shirts. Normally, I'd be vaguely upset by this, but this guy's chosen name for his club? The Whovians Against Tennant Society.


(No, considering this guys prior record, this isn't a joke).

Now, I'm just highly amused by the fact I can legitimately call him a twat, and he can't complain. Or the rest of his (apparently) 21 and a half member-strong society.

Oh fandom, you so crazy.
Folio is pretty much done. Just need to check for typos on the last piece, and it'll be finished.

And in entertainment news [livejournal.com profile] scifi_hate might actually start to get interesting. The third page contains some Doctor Who related comments. *watches avidly*
You want to know how to get a whole lot of attention? Catch a busy tram, with an entire school group on it, whilst wearing a pink striped dressing gown. And carrying a towel.

'Twas rather amusing, actually. I had to work quite hard to keep a straight face.

In any case, I dealt with the whole Towel Day/Glorious 25th of May thing by having...a lilac coloured towel. Ah, fandom collisions.

Also, last day of actual class for this semester. Now there is just studying for exams, and folio stuff for Creative Writing.

Bistromathics was on tonight. My team was called "I Can't Believe It's Not Chifley! (The Soy-Based Chifley Substitute)" and consisted of me, [livejournal.com profile] daemon42, [livejournal.com profile] how_common and [livejournal.com profile] jess_with_a_hat. We ended up coming third. And we were winning at the halfway point, too. *sulks*

Anyway, 'twas fun, what with lots of Jason Elderhurst bashing (and the plotting of his more than timely demise), and Vogon Poetry, and trivia questions. Naturally, they went and dug out tricky Doctor Who ones because I was there.

Being the token Doctor Who fangirl in the club = not always fun.

Also, we had radoactive cheese rings.

Oh, and my Dad has gotten me a heater for my birthday. Hurrah! I must pick it up this weekend.

Speaking of: Since yesterdays post got very little response, if anyone would like to join me for dinner, and then some cocktails tomorrow night, plz let me know ASAP.
CHAS had their AGM today. It was...rather interesting. As AGMs go, anyway.

[livejournal.com profile] tinyteddyqueen got elected President, so she is now a glorious leader, and all shall have to bow down before her. And I'm General Committee again, which means I don't actually have to do very much, but it looks impressive on resumes and the like.

Though I have been dubbed the Official [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away Poker.

Also, I almost lost The Hat yesterday. Really.

Well, not quite. I left it in the lab after Astronomy, and didn't realise until I got home. So I ended up spending quite a bit of time ringing people until I found the right number for Lost and Found in the Physics building. Luckily, it was there when I went in this morning.

Now, I shall go back to doing my Creative Writing work. I've got 1300 words so far, and I've still got two more sections to finish. I should hopefully get that done in the next hour, so I can email them off to Charlie.

Though I can't believe I'm going to end up writing about 1500... about someone with writer's block. Sometimes I wonder where I get my ideas.

After that's finished, I shall go new icon hunting.
So next week I have to present one of my folio pieces in my Creative Writing tute (as well as have most of my exercises done).As this means I shall be somewhat busy over the week, I do believe I won't be able to attend the Midnight to Dawn Dark Zone thing, or that maskerade party this weekend. *sigh*

In other news, Creative Writing today was rather amusing. We had to write little play type things with other people, which was actually rather fun, and some of them were very funny.

Choice Quote: "I'm Constable Stern."

Oh, and then I ended up spending rather too long in the afternoon playing Werewolf. In which there was a distinct Facial Hair Agenda.

Lots of fun.

Also, I got a new cover for my mobile, since they had them in the newsagent for one dollar each. So it's now pink with writing all over it, and with shiny black keys.


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