So, last night after Bistromathics at Uni, I wandered around with Tristan and a few other people for gelati and booze (...not at the same time).

Anyway, one of the places we ended up at was Red Pocket, a new place Tristan had heard of that was Japanese themed and served a lot of sake and sake cocktails.

Included on their menu was one drink - sake and absinthe based - you got which was served on fire.

It was called "Fukushima".

I am still not sure if that is amusing or rather inappropriate.

It has a different name on the online cocktail list, I note.

I have a picture I took with my phone, but the quality isn't really great.
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( Sep. 12th, 2011 10:34 pm)
Or, "Oh, FOUL" would probably be more appropriate.

Seeing how our delightful club FOUL has their AGM today, and it went... rather like one expects FOUL AGMs to go. Aka, everyone rushing to get through things so they can get to the free Pizza.

A remarkable number of inanimate items, mostly clothing, got elected to positions. Including my hat, which was unanimously voted in to become the "Rear Admiral of Commerce".

Yes, my hat is now higher ranked than I am. Ain't life grand?

Yes, the FOUL AGM was far more interesting than any of today's classes

And a randomly amusing quote from one my lectures today: "Who is Machiavelli, and why is he abstract?"

Also, I have some new icons! Seeing as I felt in need of some Penguindrum ones.
It's been over a week since I lost posted. By my standards, that has been an absurdly long time.

Um, whoops?

Anyway, had a rather busy week. Weekdays were busy with placementage and teaching and other whatnots that contributed to far too many early mornings.

On Friday evening, it was FOUL Silly Night. Which meant pizza, trivia (My team lost), a rather long and convoluted series of the hat game, and random silliness. And then I went back to [ profile] de_chel's place with a few others for some drinks and gay Shakespearean poetry on the fridge. As one does.

And yesterday I went to Manifest. Which was exceedingly... Manifest. But good fun.

I think my experience of it can be summed up with the following picture:
Cut for me meeting my AU genderswapped twin )

Yeah, I was cosplaying as Mari Makinami from Rebuild of Evangelion

I met up with [ profile] isarae almost entirely by accident - she was as Luluko, and at least one of the friends she was with was a Suzako - so I spent a significant amount of the day wandering around with them, as we looked through the Trader's Hall or at cosplayers. Or when they went to Anime Idol to go see one of their friends perform. They had great costumes, I had to say (Though there were some really awesome ones I saw around. I was highly impressed at the Mawaru Penguindrum group - complete with plushy penguins - already.)

Amongst other sites, we saw one of those SEELE communication slab things... caramelldansen. Now that will stick with you.

And after that we went to actually buy things from the hall - I ended up with some of the Chii's Sweet Home manga (No volume 5 left, alas), a squishy stress relief Adipose, some pocky, a couple of phone charms and some jewellery.

Anyway, right towards the end after [ profile] isarae and her friends left was when I ran into James up there in is male!Mari cosplay. He ended up being in a group of people doing genderswapped Evangelion cosplay (...and a Zero) who had come over from Adelaide for Manifest.

I ended up having dinner with them, heading back to their hotel room for drinks, and then some of us went up to Mana Bar for more drinks (It was small and crowded; I don't recommend Saturday nights there). And then we went back to the hotel room for more drinks.

...Yeah, that was a lot of drinks. Though it was less the number of drinks and more the density. AB shots of Absinthe and Bacardi, oh my. Hence why I didn't do very much at all today.

A couple of the guys were nice enough to walk me to my tram stop, though. And then texted me this morning to see if I'd survived.

And that was my weekend. Or at least the parts of it I remember.
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( Aug. 6th, 2011 11:42 pm)
Should have posted earlier, but I got distracted by things. Whoops.

Anyway, placement started back up again yesterday - though, since I am at the same place as last semester, there was nothing too drastically changed now. (Time-tables are mildly different, though) I do have to adjust to the early mornings, mind, what with having arranged my lectures to prevent that sort of silliness this time around.

Plus planning for my lessons in the block. Any ideas for creative writing folio tasks for Year 8, or Macbeth for Year 11?

And then in the evening I went to FAS's Sugar Ball at Uni, because everyone could use some good old fashioned party games and tubes of sherbet. And people dressed up as all sorts of things (Sadly, having come from placement I was unable to be costumified).

It finished with stomping on balloons!

Oh, and an amusing quote from a tute I was at earlier in the week: "Can girls be wizards, or is it a male dominated industry?"

I also seem to have somehow once more gained a backlog of things to link to. No idea how that happened.

- If Famous Thinkers quoted Herald Sun readers. Oh, the contrast.
- A piece of Harry Potter fanart which I am rather fond of. It's a clever parallel they make there.
- Book reviews demystified. So you can understand what people really mean when they call a book "ambitious" or "fully realized".
- A Mariachi Band serenades a Beluga whale. The whale decides to groove along.
- Live Action Pokemon Trailer. Yes, it's a fan-film, but damn. Oh man, grim and gritty Pokemon.
- Bollywood Dancing to the NyanCat music. It's actually sort of scary how well that works.
- When Harry Potter spells are pronounced wrong... As animated by some guy who works for Dreamworks, which is just plain nifty. It also has a Making Of video.
- HELL TETRIS. It's like playing Tetris, but incredibly painful. (Yes, it is a flash game inspired by an xkcd comic)
- Build your own Solar System. Yes, you too can now play God! And it is fun. (Even when your planets crash into the sun. Or especially when your planets crash into the sun.)

I have actually on occasion gotten my planets to develop life. Once I even managed two planets that did And then one of them crashed into the sun.

In other news, I have decided I wish to read a fanfic crossing over Dresden Files and the Chrestomanci Chronicles. That is all.
Oh class. Once more, I must have you.

...Okay, that sounds kinda wrong.

And since class itself was mostly pretty dull today - excluding some interesting YouTube videos and ALT being a clusterfuck again, I think I shall talk further about last week.

Or FOUL, since this week it involved large amounts of bubbles, and a silly string gun, which was unhealthy amounts of fun. (I say this because it wasn't my hair it was getting in.)

But yeah, ALT is kind of a clusterfuck. For starters, it's down on Queensberry St, which is far too much walking to get to from anywhere. Secondly, it's in a building that is only half built, which means walking through construction site-ness if you take the lifts.

It's also the building that over the break they found asbestos in, so way to ensure the health of future generations, uni.

Oh, and the lecture theatre we are supposed to be in, isn't actually big enough for the whole group. Which means if you don't get to ridiculously far away building early, you get shunted off into one of the other lecture rooms, where you get the lecture over the - less than spectacular - PA. And have no idea what is going on when the lecturers start talking to the audience. Woo modern technology.

Like I said, kind of a clusterfuck. Though I know for a fact there have been people complain about things, so hopefully something shall be done.

On the other hand, today we found out the lecturer barracks for Melbourne. Poor bastard.

Tuesdays are also going to be fun, what with my 15 minutes to get from one end of the campus to the other. Hopefully they will all be like last week when we got let out early and I made it in time to also get me some coffee.

And that is my life. Hooray!
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( May. 23rd, 2011 09:08 pm)
So, today at Uni the bookshop was having a sale over at Union House.

And so, as well as a couple of cheap books, I ended up getting a 5 dollar webcam, because I didn't actually have one at the moment.

Because at a price like that, I am sure that's some quality merchandise, amirite?

Anyone care to come on MSN and help me test it out. But only if you have a webcam too, fair's fair..

I also had this wonderful quote from my lecturer: "The time-table is now up. There are no times on it."

Oh Uni, you can be kind of ridic. Even when I am not at FOUL meetings, which was rather tame today.

Here, have a picspam someone else made
Of all the things to be all over the news today, Australia ended up with... planking.

For real. Complete with moral guardians warning against the evils of it.


Whatever is the world coming to?

We also have a full orchestral version of Rebecca Black's Friday. As one does.

And in the wonder of FOUL today, we somehow ended up with a discussion of Doctor/jelly baby Rule 34.

I think the world was on the good crack today.
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( Apr. 11th, 2011 10:45 pm)
Ah, the wonders you see at Supanova. Seriously, I love that photo there. It's just too good.

And while I'm linking things, FMA is having a one-shot "Prototype" in the magazine in June. Which I must confess to being deeply curious about.

Anyway, today was the last lectures before Easter break, though I still have a few classes on Wednesday. Bleh.

Plus I also had out regular FOUL meeting which resulted in some rather interesting conversations about Supanova, Draco Malfoy's wimpiness, the Harry Potter movies, David Tennant's epicly fanboy family tree and under what circumstances we would kick Hitler in the balls. This all made perfect sense at the time.

Also, one guy declared that the clothes I was wearing made me look like a female version of Chrestomanci, which is quite possibly the most flattering thing anyone has ever said about my taste in clothing.
Well, today I actually managed to work out why my alarm didn't go off on Friday and ended up causing me to miss my bus and be late to school placement - apparently the settings on my clock radio were wrong, and the alarm was set to go off at PM instead of AM. You can see how that might be a problem.

Now, how do you think I might have worked that out...

Yeah. It was like that.

And in continuing time-related fuckery, I had completely forgotten that Daylight Savings ended on the weekend and hadn't managed to put my clocks back (though my mobile apparently did so automatically), which resulted in me being very, very confused come lunchtime.

I should just like not do things involving clocks. At all. Egads.

And because someone brought it up when we were talking about webcomics at FOUL during my deeply confusing lunchtime, I give you Hipster Hitler. I am aware I just Godwin'd myself, but I am now filled with vast amounts of LOL WAT.
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( Mar. 28th, 2011 11:21 pm)
Oh stupid, stupid Melbourne weather. And stupid 9am classes. I had great fun trying to find something to wear that would actually manage to keep me warm when it was bloody freezing this morning, and yet didn't cause me to overheat when it actually got properly hot this afternoon. At least I was inside for most of the day. *sigh*

And I had to a presentation for English Learning Area. I had been getting all grumpy at the partner I was supposed to do it with, because I had kept on sending emails trying to arrange a time so we could meet up and sort out who presented what, but I got no response. And then I saw her in the actual class, and apparently her Uni email was borked and wasn't working. So yeah.

Presentation was kind of crummy and disorganised, but it happens. At least it gives me something to talk about in the reflection on it.

On the other hand, I did end up in a class watching clips from Singing in the Rain and The Princess Bride, so there was that. And FOUL had it's lift party that didn't actually happen.

And I am, once more, in need of more sleep. Huzzah for my lack of classes tomorrow.

Also, several fandom people appear to have friended me recently. Congratulations! You get to put up with this sort of whiny junk post. I do try to be more entertaining usually, but I am lacking in new amusing links right now.
Oh blarg Uni. Aside from the fact that we didn't get the day off despite it being a public holiday today (which meant I still had my 9am lecture to get to), I also ended up sticking around Uni until late.

See, one of classes has four readings every way, most of which are quite long. So instead of making everyone read a couple of hundred pages every week, we have this thing where everyone is divided into groups of four, each person in the group does one of the readings, writes up a summary of it, and then shares it with everyone else in the group.

Well, my reading for this week wasn't online - it was in a book that was on the recommended reading list, but not required (so I didn't buy it). And all the copies at the library were taken out, some overdue. So I ended up, after class, grabbing a two hour lone copy and a borrowed Uni laptop, trying to read 40 pages and summarise it all in one page before my two hours were up.


In other news, FOUL had a tea party at lunch today. Which was rather unexpected, given this is FOUL we are talking about.

Oh, and a few people on my flist seem to have some offers up over on [ profile] help_japan. I really must work out how high I am willing to go with bidding on that.
Well, yesterday was interesting. I headed into Uni for once, for ye old Second Floor events. In this particular case, "Spocktoberfest" as run by the Star Trek club. (Yes I know, snappy name that).

Of course, I'd been working of the generally accurate assumption that Second Floor things never actually start on time and since this one actually was on time, I missed out on pizza. And the start of the movie.

But hey, after wandering over to Lygon Street I got something to eat, and all ended reasonably well. So long as one can cope with ridiculously large amounts of gratuitous and out of context quotes. Seriously, guys...

Random Note: As I saw on my brief Lygon jaunt, apparently Chopper Read was doing a book signing at Borders. This was strangely amusing.

And then we went up to a pub on Sydney Road for drinks. Been a while since I've done that.

And some random frivolity for today:
- A take-off of the Old Spice Guy commercial as done by... Sesame Street. Yes, really. Yes, really. Grover: The Monster Your Monster Could Smell Like.
- And a chibi Old Spice Guy.

Yes, today's random frivolity is all Old Spice Guy related. Is that so wrong?
Well, Uni was the provider of much lulz and WTF today.

Firstly, from one of the guest speakers in my Social Science class, this amusing quote:

"Whenever I find a restaurant I like, I start going there regularly... and then they go bust. Same thing happened with Communism."
- Guy who studied corruption in communist countries in the 80s.

Then there were all the people who were standing around Uni handing out free copies of The Origin of Species - with a Special Introduction by a Creationist.

Actually, I almost didn't mind this idea, until I actually looked at the "special introduction" and saw the gratuitous bashing of other religions and the ending spiel which was basically, "I'm taking the high road! Watch me take the high road! None of those horrible evil atheist would do something so ~good~! Admire me for taking the high road."

...Yeah. The moral high ground: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

Later was Star Trek club, in which we had much fun at the expense of our free books and their oh-so-special introduction, and then watched an episode of Stargate. (I had to leave before the TNG episode).

I also found the world's geekiest toilet wall graffiti, what with mentions of lolcats, 4chan, and that Deathly Hallows symbol from HP.

Oh, and I had my first tute of the semester, for SSRM. Which started out kind of boring, and yet by the end of it we'd ended up having conversations on why a dog is a phone, and the subjectivity of stop signs.

I approve of this sort of class.
You know, when you have two classes directly after one another, there should be some sort of rule of against scheduling them on opposite sides of the campus.

Though, the fact that my first class of the morning was right near somewhere that makes pretty good coffee almost makes up for it. Almost.

In other news, I am now Cthulu. FEAR ME, OH PUNY MORTALS.

...Yeah, ask Allen for an explanation of what one. I mean, I don't feel particularly tentacular or anything.

Also, today was Star Trek club. We watched Wrath of Khan, which was highly entertaining, though admittedly as much for the amusing commentary from the audience as anything in the film itself. (At one point we got on a tangent about how Khan was Lady Gaga. Really.)

You know, I'd forgotten how Uni seems to be make me excessively posty on LJ. Though it's more the clubs and social stuff than the classes themselves, actually.
So, I had precisely one lecture today, on the first day of class for this year, and I showed up late. Admittedly, I couldn't find the damn lecture theatre.

Said lecture, incidentally was for Introduction to Life, Earth and the Universe, which I keep mentally parsing as "Introduction to Life, the Universe and Everything".

Which would been a fun class to have, now that I think about it.

Apart from that, I spent most of my day at Uni rushing around doing important things: renewing my student card, getting grumpy because they moved the damn Science Student Centre, paying bills, and getting my newspaper subsciptions. Because whatever would I do without my two newspapers a day?

And then I toddled up to join FOUL, in which I now appear to be, frighteningly enough, one of the oldbies. This is kind of terrifying.

But FOUL was lulzy amusement, I got to catch up with people (and take part in the requisite absurdity) for the first time in ages.

And that was my first day back. Fun.

My weekend wasn't all that enthralling, either. On Saturday, one of the downstairs apartments was auctioned (That's the second one in the past couple of weeks), so I got to sit in my room with the window open listening to the auctioneer. Didn't hear how much it sold for, though.

And yesterday I managed to burn my finger on the steam when I made rice. Which was rather painful as I was trying to sleep last night.

In other news, I appear to have a budding social life in the next couple of weekends. This Saturday [ profile] connikins is having an Unbirthday, which looks like fun, and the weekend after is my cousin's wedding.

Soon, I think I will run out of cousins to have weddings, you know.
Oh look, here I am again. Not that I've actually gone anywhere. (Though I may be going somewhere later in the year. Maybe. More on that when it's definite.)

In fact, the last week seems notable for the complete absence of stuff happening. I had classes, now they are sorted out. Because of said scheduling, I couldn't get to clubs. And I my attempts to organise my internship thing are caught up in the relay of forwarding to the appropriate individuals. Sigh.

Apart from that, erm, I've been watching anime in my free time. Or when out Internet was inexplicably down for a few hours today. Oh, and in the future I have David Copperfield to look forward to next weekend with Mother Dearest.

Fandom-wise, I am hoping the subs for the new FMA:B episode is up quickly (ie. When I wake up tomorrow), so I can see that ASAP given the flailgasms from fandom over it. Though I can sort of understand why, given the content - and next week looks to be a goodun' as well.
Well, wonders never cease. Apparently for once in my life all my bitching and moaning has actually paid off, and my timetable is finally sorted out. And I no longer have any 9am classes, score! Truly, the current arrangement is a masterwork.

Of course the downside to all this seems to be that club stuff may be a mite impossible for me to attend, what with two 1pm lectures and one seminar that is at 1pm for the weeks it runs. Sigh. But you can't have everything your own way, I suppose.

...Now I just need to hear back from my Internship person, and I'll be all set.
Well, today was terribly entertaining, anyway. Weird, entertaining, there isn't all that much difference. At least when you are as utterly exhausted as I am right now. Weird shit seems fun, and fun stuff seems ~weird~. S'all good, anyway, I enjoyed today.

And I shall hopefully be heading off to sleep not too late, since there's a meeting I want to go to at Uni tomorrow.

Anyways, today's Wednesday Weirdness.

- For the latter parts of Star Trek club, we got a lovely dose of the Tristan YouTube Variety Show. Which was as cracktastic as ever. Things watched included AMV Hell - so much funnier now I know most of the animes being used - and Banzai. Which was... Banzai.

- Oh, and we also watched some Firefly, which was less weird and more a reminder of how much I loved that show. Our Mrs Reynolds remains hilarious and awesome. Also, I shall apparently be going to see the new!Trek movie on Friday with peoples.

- I got told off for not having "hobbies" because I was on a computer in the Rowdy by someone wearing period medieval garb. Okay, so it was Allan, but still...

- Creative Writing was solid crack. First we had HatMan wearing a (fake) Firefighter's hat.
Then there was the discussion on Trainspotting with our (Scottish) tutor, which kept going off on random tangents.
Then there was the bit where our writing task was a monologue containing as much slang and cursing as possible, which were then read out to the class.
Then there was the bit where we somehow ended up having a discussion on how different kinds of Marijuana products are prepared.
Two hours of solid crack.

- Then I went and crashed a SCA event and drank their mead. Okay, not so much crashed as was invited by [ profile] fa11ing_away.

And that was my day. My strange and rather amusing day.
Things about today that I did not like:

- Melbourne Weather >:(. Yes, I know I should be pleased about the rain and all, but did the Melbourne Weather have to be so exceptionally... Melbourne Weather about things and thus be ridiculously cold for April? Seriously, I shouldn't have to rug up this much for another month or two.

- Take Home exam for Sociology. Admittedly, it's only 1000 words, but it's the principle of the thing. Though I hopefully have enough free time this weekend to get it all over and done with before next Monday.

- Also the part where I had to go to my stupid 9am Lecture to pick up said exam, on far too little sleep.

Things about today I did like:

- FOUL! In which Tristan shared his fascinating tale of why ANZACs are like Pokemon, at least according to certain school children, and this fabulously memorable quote:

"I swear people try to shave me in the night."

Also a whole lot of playing The Floor Is Made of Lava, which was great fun until my foot decided to start complaning. And all the people started leaving.

Things about today which produced mixed emotions.

- The new FMA episode. Not because it was bad - far from it, it was very, very good, and I am not arguing with those who say it was the best of the new show - but because it was the Nina episode. And thus produced a charming combination of sadness and horror and anger. Nina ;_;! Tucker >:(

...Yeah, that didn't exactly put me in the most cheery frame of mind.

At least I can get a good night's sleep tonight.
And it's Wednesday Weirdness time again! Admittedly, this week's isn't nearly as weird as some, but hey, it's been a few weeks. Let me build back into it gradually.

- In this week's Psych lab, there was, completely randomly, a slide with a picture of Mom from Futurama. As one does.

- Star Trek Club watched old, old X-Files. As in the pilot, I do believe. Which was mostly weird in the kind of hilarious way, what with the slightly dodgy acting and antique technology and epic logic fail of Mulder.

- On that note, Aliens abducted [ profile] fa11ing_away's pants. (And they ate chocolate in the lecture theatre).

- Hippy cafe that sells Pocky has expanded to a wide range of mysterious Asian lollies. I would buy some, but I have no idea what they are. And I have a rule against eating things I can't identify.

- In Creative Writing, our tutor made us have a class discussion on our failed relationships.

And now I think I shall be heading off for an early night, since I was up epically late last night starting torrents in the off-peak hours finishing off my Creative Writing first draft.


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