Oh yeah, you might have seen it if you follow me elsewhere, but I have actually posted some of my photos from that trip to Sri Lanka (and Singapore) online.

There's a whole archive of them on Facebook if you have me there, or otherwise you can find some of them over on my Tumblr. (That's only some of them so far, I have plenty more - I am taking requests for more to post.)

Or you can just bug me with a tumblr ask or on twitter or here or whatever. Though I'll probably just post them on my Tumblr for conveniences' sake.

But that is, more or less, that. I am now down several wisdom teeth, and everything in life is back to is fairly dull normal. Sigh.
So, Kim Jong-Il has died. Didn't see that one coming.

To borrow a quote, it's been a bad year for dictators, and it kind of makes you wonder who's next. Or what else is going to go in the world, since international politics seems to have become rather unpredictable these days.

It's also meant my Twitter feed has been full of terrible yet amusing jokes. Or other links. I know I shouldn't have found this video nearly as entertaining as I did.

I just hope it doesn't cause much trouble in the area - [livejournal.com profile] yinake, you let me know if things start getting crazy, okay?

Anyway, more personally my Christmas shopping is done. Now I just need to wrap things

My shopping jaunt also led me to discover that a certain second hand book store was halving a closing down everything half price sale, which is always cheering. Especially since they had a couple of books I wanted. And also the Star Wars manga. Because, you know, nifty.

There was also this amazing Strawberry cake I had from Brunettis. And then at dinner someone went and screwed up my order and I ended up waiting about an hour for all my food to come. And this was not at some fancy restaurant. On the plus side, they gave me free slice to make up for it.

Your nifty thing of the day goes out to the couple of Leviathan series fans I know I have reading, who I strongely recommend should check out Scott Westerfeld's newest blog post for this bonus Christmas story and art. Contains spoilers for the end of Goliath, and crossdressing - not the kind you'd expect from the series, either.
And that makes for the end of classes for the year. Now only those assignments to be getting on with.

Not that class today was hugely productive or anything. We talked a bit, someone brought in this amazingly nifty cake which we ate bits of, and then after class we went to the pub for a bit.

Here's a picture of the nifty cake, which one of my classmates made and decorated. Plus what the cake looks like inside.

Now that's the sort of class I really do approve of.

In other news, eeeee! You can now get a hardcopy version of Oglaf, the funniest dirty joke comics around.

Pity it's US based and thus the shipping costs to get it here to Australia makes the whole thing sort of ludicrous in pricing. (Then again, it also sells Hark, A Vagrant! stuff, too.)
So, last night after Bistromathics at Uni, I wandered around with Tristan and a few other people for gelati and booze (...not at the same time).

Anyway, one of the places we ended up at was Red Pocket, a new place Tristan had heard of that was Japanese themed and served a lot of sake and sake cocktails.

Included on their menu was one drink - sake and absinthe based - you got which was served on fire.

It was called "Fukushima".

I am still not sure if that is amusing or rather inappropriate.

It has a different name on the online cocktail list, I note.

I have a picture I took with my phone, but the quality isn't really great.
I suspect today would be categorised as "interesting".

I had a short meeting at Uni just after lunchtime, which meant I ended having not a lot to do for my afternoon, in the city.

So I wandered down to Federation Square to check out about the sculpture thing that I heard was going on there.

Namely, giant tunnels stretched in the air between buildings, made entirely from packing time.

Yes, that is entirely real. I have a picture from inside it, too.
You were actually allowed to crawl around inside it. Which is kind of fun, if you don't mind the smell. And the occasionally worrying creaking noises.

Like I saw someone else comment, it's as if Spiderman shot tape instead of web.

Melbourne, everybody!

And then since I was nearby, I went over the Southbank. But the shopping centre there was in the middle of renovations, so hardly any of the shops were open.

On the other hand, Trampoline had Black Forest ice cream, which was om nom nom.

In other news, Fighting HIV with glow in the dark kittens!
It's been over a week since I lost posted. By my standards, that has been an absurdly long time.

Um, whoops?

Anyway, had a rather busy week. Weekdays were busy with placementage and teaching and other whatnots that contributed to far too many early mornings.

On Friday evening, it was FOUL Silly Night. Which meant pizza, trivia (My team lost), a rather long and convoluted series of the hat game, and random silliness. And then I went back to [livejournal.com profile] de_chel's place with a few others for some drinks and gay Shakespearean poetry on the fridge. As one does.

And yesterday I went to Manifest. Which was exceedingly... Manifest. But good fun.

I think my experience of it can be summed up with the following picture:
Cut for me meeting my AU genderswapped twin )

Yeah, I was cosplaying as Mari Makinami from Rebuild of Evangelion

I met up with [livejournal.com profile] isarae almost entirely by accident - she was as Luluko, and at least one of the friends she was with was a Suzako - so I spent a significant amount of the day wandering around with them, as we looked through the Trader's Hall or at cosplayers. Or when they went to Anime Idol to go see one of their friends perform. They had great costumes, I had to say (Though there were some really awesome ones I saw around. I was highly impressed at the Mawaru Penguindrum group - complete with plushy penguins - already.)

Amongst other sites, we saw one of those SEELE communication slab things... caramelldansen. Now that will stick with you.

And after that we went to actually buy things from the hall - I ended up with some of the Chii's Sweet Home manga (No volume 5 left, alas), a squishy stress relief Adipose, some pocky, a couple of phone charms and some jewellery.

Anyway, right towards the end after [livejournal.com profile] isarae and her friends left was when I ran into James up there in is male!Mari cosplay. He ended up being in a group of people doing genderswapped Evangelion cosplay (...and a Zero) who had come over from Adelaide for Manifest.

I ended up having dinner with them, heading back to their hotel room for drinks, and then some of us went up to Mana Bar for more drinks (It was small and crowded; I don't recommend Saturday nights there). And then we went back to the hotel room for more drinks.

...Yeah, that was a lot of drinks. Though it was less the number of drinks and more the density. AB shots of Absinthe and Bacardi, oh my. Hence why I didn't do very much at all today.

A couple of the guys were nice enough to walk me to my tram stop, though. And then texted me this morning to see if I'd survived.

And that was my weekend. Or at least the parts of it I remember.
I've actually known this was coming for a while now, but I didn't hear the result until this evening when Dad called, but the farm - where I lived as a kid and all - got sold on the weekend.

Which is just weird to me.

Not that I particularly want to live there or anything - I have a tendency to get bored stupid within a few days once I am back there - but it's all just terribly strange to think of it no longer being "Our farm" and to start being someone else's place.

And after the clearance sale in a couple of weeks - I may head back to visit after exams and what-not, just to see if there is anything left there I want to keep - it's give from the family forever.

(This also means Dad is going to have to buy another house in Australia, so yeah.)

But hey, if you want to check out some pictures or whatever, you can check out the advertisement for the property.

It has pictures! And details, like the classic information about "Regional Service Town less than 30 kms away"
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( May. 23rd, 2011 09:08 pm)
So, today at Uni the bookshop was having a sale over at Union House.

And so, as well as a couple of cheap books, I ended up getting a 5 dollar webcam, because I didn't actually have one at the moment.

Because at a price like that, I am sure that's some quality merchandise, amirite?

Anyone care to come on MSN and help me test it out. But only if you have a webcam too, fair's fair..

I also had this wonderful quote from my lecturer: "The time-table is now up. There are no times on it."

Oh Uni, you can be kind of ridic. Even when I am not at FOUL meetings, which was rather tame today.

Here, have a picspam someone else made
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( Apr. 17th, 2011 11:20 pm)
Look, sir, memes! It's got me posting again, anyhow.

I got this from [livejournal.com profile] yinake who so kindly roped me into this thing, bless.

The rules, if anyone else wants to play:
1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 (fictional) people. ** Male and/or female, if you are so inclined. Just say so.
2) Post this meme to your LJ with your answers. **Feel free to answer in the comments here if you like.
3) Provide pictures/text descriptions and the names of the 3 people.
4) Label whom you would shag, marry and (push off a) cliff.

I'd also say, if we are less familiar, give me some fandoms to pick from, so I don't pick anyone you don't know.

Anyway, Yina gave me Spike, Light and Suzaku. Because we apparently have the same taste in men.

Have some pictures with your meme )

Memes. Boo-yeah
So last night I ended up going over to [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away's place for Birthday Drinks. (Speaking of which, I am not sure if I actually said so the other day, but Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away!)

But yes, saw a bunch of people, some of whom I haven't seen in a while, and some who I see a lot of. And [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away, obviously. I came bearing Margarita Mix and Tequila.

There were Ninjabread men! Also many strange and interesting varieties of pizza. Including dessert pizza. (Because what would a party be without a rocky road pizza?) And Periodic Table cupcakes. No really, I have a picture:

See what I mean )

And we talked and messed around. Played Settlers for a bit. Oh, and her housemate introduced us to the wonderful song The Captain's Wife's Lament, which sort of defies words. (Just... watch that the whole way through. You will see - well, hear - exactly what I mean.)

In completely different news, The upcoming FMA movie now has a title! Er, maybe. It sounds rather oblique to me, but hey that's how these things go. But from the looks of things, it'll be set somewhere in the middle of the series. Which isn't that surprising.

I hope that means more news is on the way soon.

ETA: HAHA oh wow. I appear to have gotten a Nigerian scam email, purporting to be from the United Nations' committee investigating Nigerian scam emails.

How very post-modern of the scammers.
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( Nov. 9th, 2009 08:30 pm)
Did someone forget to tell Summer that it isn't due for another month? Because Sweet Tinkerbell Jesus, sometimes I really hate freaking Melbourne WeatherTM. 34 degrees. Ack.

Also, BRB flipping out over what the hell I can wear to Interning tomorrow. What do professional people wear in 30+ degree weather, anyway?

'Twasn't all sucktastic, though. Creative Writing is finished! For, um, ever. Two majors down, huzzah! I even got a reasonable amount of sleep and everything.

Which just leaves me with finishing up Interning stuff, and studying for my one exam on the 26th. Much less stressful.

Oh, and my upcoming series of Hen's Nights to attend, which shall be... interesting. Never been to one before, and suddenly there are two in two weeks.

Incidentally, I fixed up the settings on my Egypt Photos so they are now actually viewable to the public. (Thanks for pointing that out, [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away) Jordan pictures from that trip will go up... sometime before the forthcoming Cambodia trip.

So, what's new with you guys, since I am no longer distracted by procrastination my assignments?

Also: HOW ABOUT THOSE FMA SPOILERS? Come on, raws and scanlations!
I have new icons! Erm, again. Yeah, yeah, I know, 199 icon spaces and it still isn't enough. Ain't life grand.

Speaking of life, right now it's sort of incredibly dull, though I do have a few things of interest and/or educational necessity coming up. Which is what I get for being spectacularly uninterested in the Melbourne Cup. (I wasn't in any sweepstakes, so really...)

So instead I've been doing gratuitously Internetty things. Like, say, finding new icons. Or, after a certain conversation on my flist, going on an interesting AMV hunt. Which was... interesting.

I think my best find has to be this. "This" being a remake of the Utena OP with, of all things, Code Geass characters. And despite the kind of crack sounding concept, it actually pulls it off very well. Though I think trying to work out which character is substituting for which might make your brain explode. My favourite bit is probably the montage that is presumably set during the R2 21 one-month timeskip. Because LOL)

And to go off on a completely unrelated tangent - Well, not so unrelated, since it's also gratuitous and Internetty - I have been uploading my Egypt photos today.

Yes, it isn't a proper post for them, and yes, this is ridiculously, ridiculously late. But hey, you can look now. At some point soon I'll pick out some of my favourites and do explanations; for now, feel free to look through them and ask about any of them that strikes your curiosity.
FMA scanlations are up! But not on OneManga for some reason. Huh.

...And yeah, the flipping out from the fanbase was kinda justified. (If overshadowing some of the other major shit that went down in this chapter).

So taking it from the top, Away into SpoilerLand )

Yeah, lots of epic in FMA these days. Anyone willing to take a guess on how many more chapters we will have?

And to talk about something that isn't Fullmetal Alchemist: You know, I don't normally buy hamburgers. Well, vegetarian, duh. But I saw this one when I was in the city today, and I just could not resist.

A picture of the hamburger I bought:

And one with my copy of Unseen Academicals for scale:
Doesn't everyone want to buy a giant plushy hamburger? )

How could I possibly resist?
Oh argh, people are posting photos of The Sister's 21st on Facebook. Yeah, this isn't going to end well. I can already say I'll have my eyes closed or squinty or some bizarre facial expression in most of the ones I am in.

*sigh* I never photograph well. It is a deeply, deeply irritating fact of life.

Okay, they aren't all dreadful.

And The Sister and I are both wearing inexplicably large amounts of black )

I am terrified to consider just what other pictures might surface.
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( Jul. 7th, 2009 04:52 am)
So, the shiny new official FMA poster that just showed up online tonight: Ridiculously awesome, or most ridiculously awesome?

Cut so I don't kill people's flists with TEH AWESOME )

I think I'm in ~love~.

And I totally want, like, a huge version of that to stick up on my wall. And a couple of trillion icons. Because OMG teh shiny.
Why would anyone do that to a perfectly innocent piece of chocolate? WHY? )

It's a chocolate carrot. On a stick. With a hook.

I just... I don't know. I no longer have the words for this sort of insanity.

*whimpers* I think I'll go back to watching FLCL. It makes more sense.
So, I has a Dreamwidth. I'm not entirely certain what I am going to do with it right now, since I am well set up here in LJland, and despite certain LJ fiascos am not desperate to move right away. That said, if I ever do feel the need to move, I have the account and the username.

Feel free to add me if you have a Dreamwidth too. Or explain what exciting wonderful things I can do with it.

And because I was bored, I took a photo of my poor injured toe and the fabulous colours it is turning. It's sort of fascinatingly disgusting.

Cut for large picture. And ickiness )

And while I am on the topic of photos, my pictures from the Egypt trip have now be uploaded to my computer. Now all I need to do is put them on photobucket, and I can start doing holiday picspams. (Yes, I am aware how overdue this is. If you're nice, I might put a few random pretty ones up tomorrow)
And your valuable lesson for today is: Nothing in the universe is quite as good motivation to clean your room as being unable to find something you know is in said room.

And as well as cleaning (well, sort of) the damned room, my big pole of Stuff What I Bought To Read has finally all managed to be properly shelved. Meaning that the pile of stuff as depicted here is no longer on the floor, but looks rather more like this.

Ah well, at least I have nice neat bookshelves. And I managed to find what I was looking for (Sleeping pills for the plane trip).

Oh, and yesterday's less than exciting plans became, well, surprisingly exciting, when I managed to run into Corinna in the CBD towards the end of my Boring Necessities Shopping.

So we ended up having dinner (We went to the Thai place I like, because OM NOM NOM THAI FOODS), and then drinks. And then our fabulous Bar Adventure, which involved places as diverse as the kitschy Hawaiian theme'd cheap place, to the expensive but oh-so-classy Gin Palace. As well as randomly meeting a Chinese New Year Parade, complete with Dragon and drummers, spending far too long checking out bar guides and maps and Border's and free champagne. Because you can't say no to free champagne.

All Boring Necessities Shopping should end that way. Even if I still have things I need to buy.
This post is basically entirely pointless. But I had some pictures I felt like sharing, and so they will be shared.

...See what I mean about pointless?

In which I apparently am doing an impression of whatsherface from The Ring. Plus anime portraits of me )

Also, much love to [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away for the scanning. And making my nifty new default icon.
Really, I'd say I have been too busy to post anything, except it's been sort of the opposite lately. I haven't had enough going on to make posting worth my while.

Except now I do! Huzzah, hooray etcetera and so forth.

So, Things What I Have Done Since My Last Post:

Wednesday: Went and had a blood test. Again, not actually sick, just preparing for Egypt trip. In this particular case, checking levels of antibodies, since one lot of immunisations I got was kinda borked up.

Also, while up there I got a bunch of awesome ties from the Salvos round the corner. Now I need to work out what to wear them with.

Thursday: Got my hair cut. Finally. Hair is now at a reasonable length, and by reasonable, I mean chin-length again. No photos as yet, because I can't be arsed trying to take a decent one. If you want to see it, you'll have to meet me in person.

Then I had my weekly jaunt to the comics store, and then bought books. And then went home and laughed my arse of at everyone frothing over Batman RIP. (Frothers should have read Blue Beetle instead, since it was hilarious and awesome).

Friday: ...I can't actually remember what I did on Friday.

Saturday: Cleaned my room, voted in the council election, and then was [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away's party!

There were games like the Bean Game, and Humans! (which is like Zombies! only you play as a zombie), and also ickle tiny cupcakes, and pancakes for dinner.

Also, alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. I think you can guess how my evening ended (ie. early.)

Today involved yet more bumming around. Plus me trying to work out WTF was going on with my computer. Namely, getting rid of a lurking virus.

And just to continue my recent trend of ending with a photo, here, have a photo of all the books/DVDs/manga/comics that has been lying around my room for recent months and not yet shelved:

This post is long enough to require a cut )


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