I have a new game for you all.

It's called "Epic romance or horror story?"

Anyone who can come up with a conclusive answer wins a prize!
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( Dec. 9th, 2006 09:59 pm)
Egads, busy, busy day yesterday.

To start off with, semester results were out. I managed to pass all my subjects, which was distinctly of the good - means I passed everything this year, even if not spectacularly for one or two subjects. So, onto next year!

Results were:
Writing Scripts H2A
Science, Philosophy and History H2B
Personality and Social Psychology 2 H3
Stars and Galaxies Pass (Yeah, I probably should have studied more fot his one)

Then, onto CHAS for banner painting (we meant to do some t-shirt painting, as well, but we sort of ran out of time. Got all of the banners except one done, so reasonably productive.

Then, onto [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away's party at the iPartment. A whole bunch of people turned up. (admittedly, some quite late - you know who you are!). Lots of silliness and fun. And drink. Being the complete lightweight I am, I had rather too much to drink. Still, at least I didn't end up with a hangover.

Some amusing quotes from the night:

[livejournal.com profile] altheas: "This is the most comfortable I have ever been... OW!"

[livejournal.com profile] lukeii: "What the hell is fandom?"
Oh, the poor, poor dear...

On the subject of fandom, anyone interested in potential Doctor Who wank should check out a certain Series Three spoiler that seems to have gotten quite a few people rather riled up. It seems to be doing a tour of the tabloids right now, in a bit of a Chinese whispers game. Amusing over-reations from some people, mind.

And Doctor Who has hit clairvoyant_wank. Whether it gets properly wanked or not, we shall have to wait and see.
Stupid thing still has 20% to go

I am generally fine with RPF. I have, one or two times, even recced it to others. But I always go for fics in which there is a clear line drawn between the fantasy and the reality. The ones in which the RP ship is clearly drawn from who they play - your lead example is the Dan/Emma lot - they are the ones that I don't really go for. The fantasy/reality line gets a little too blurred for my liking.

So the Tennant/Piper RP shipping hasn't really been my thing. They have had a very close friendship (described at one point as sibling-like), and both have reasonably long-term significant others. If you make it crack fantasy, great, I'll read it. But seriously shipping it is something I just don't get.

And it's not something I generally read RPF for. I generally just skim past it when it shows up on my flist. But someone made a reference to the latest chapter of someone's Tennant/Piper epic, and I had to see for myself.

And thus we have... Sophia Myles getting hit by a car. And fanbrats squeeing over the possibility of her death, in order to preserve their cute happily ever after.

I don't think anything in fandom has sickened me so much in a long, long time.
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( Oct. 30th, 2006 11:20 am)
Dear Lord, I hate Daylight Savings. First it managed to completely and utterly bewilder me the other night (But why is 2am gone?), but now, when I have woken up in order to "obtain" the last Torchwood ep, it means that my old normal time is no longer suitable.

Bastard clocks. And I can no longer get back to sleep. Thus, I shall sit up and make exceedingly random posts until I can find a downloadable copy.


- If one has a poster above the head of their bed, please ensure that it is well attached to the wall. Waking up to a poster on your face is creepy as all fuck.

- Tinhats. In the Doctor Who fandom. Why, I ask you, why? *is currently refraining on commenting on the icon of "Bitch, please"-ness

- For some suitably wanky entertainment, the HP fandom never fails to provide. Thus, we have this and this to check out.

- Rec up. Two to go. If the effing download takes too long, I might do one during the wait, even.

- [livejournal.com profile] torchwoodcoffee has over 120 members. Egads.
I love seeing wanky rumours shot down.

Context: One of the results of the original GitF-wank was this batshit rumour that all the GitF used for Moffat bashing. Namely, that Moffat had called the people who disliked it "emotional retards". Or something on those lines. And this got repeated over and over. And over.

And now it comes out that no-one can find an actual source for it. Certainly not the OG (since about the time the wank went down I was involved in certain "experiments", and been reading his posts quite avidly, I knew this, but many TWoPers aren't members), and it's not something that would ever make print media.

But, it sort of amuses me that for months the TWoPers have been bitching about something that never happened. And am vaguely annoyed on Moffat's behalf, too. Getting hated on for a lie.

Still, it's funny how rumours like this can spread in fannish locations. Rather like spoiler speculation...
And that's one more rec up. Or down. Or whatever. Four more to go.

Ah yes, on the Shipper Apocalypse. Oddly enough, over at the TWoP GitF thread, it's pretty much non-existant. As in, verging on near universal love for the ep. Which was... unexpected.

Kudos, Americanos.

That said, I suspect that the UK (or downloading) shipper/Rosefen lot are mostly staying out of the that thread. And Jacob has a pinned "Do not make me have to pull Mod on you" notice.

Surprisingly large proportion of "This was my first Doctor Who ep ever, and I loved it" posts. What else was on before/after that meant people were watching?

In any case, happy to see something I adore get the love I think it's earnt. Even if I was kinda looking for some LOLworthy wank.

The only bitching I have seen so far is certain LJ types. Note to the uninformed: You can't use "It was just an excuse for Tennant to get his girlfriend on the show" as a criticism. Before filming, they had only met once. They only hooked up during/after. Sorry, your argument is a failure!
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( Oct. 20th, 2006 01:24 am)
Can some please help me try and get it through to this idiot that refusing to accept anyone else's arguments does NOT mean that you are right! It means you refuse to accept you might be wrong!

ARGH! I hate it when people use stupid arguing like this.

And if I have to use the phrase ad hoc one more time, I just may scream.
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( Sep. 29th, 2006 09:50 pm)
There are two new sections up on the latest bad_penny thing - History of the HP BNF Inner Circle, to be precise.

Also, I was going to be working on my next links list (Because then my more recent recs will be easier for me to find for [livejournal.com profile] crack_van thing. Lucky I have about about the first weeks worked out, which gives me some more time). But I had that odd thing where I slept in quite late, but still got tired rather early, so I gave up shortly, and plan to read my book and then go to bed. Or lurk around b_p

I have also managed to gain a blood blister on my foot, and I have utterly no idea how. Which is odd.

In fannish stuff: If even hearing Freema Agyeman's name makes you nauseated, then you may want to leave fandom, for your own health if nothing else. Because she's going to be around for a while, yet.

Also, the US premiere of S2 is tonight. I look to the next few months of fandom with a mixture of fascination and sheer horror.


ETA2: Another Bad_Penny section up. This one contains references to boob flashing.
I wonder, just how much of the crazy in the Doctor Who fandom would be avoided if people would actually come to terms with the fact that Rose isn't the exception, she's just the first example of the new rule?
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( Aug. 11th, 2006 02:47 pm)
Firstly: The Who wank has hit fandom_wank.

And secondly, inspired by [livejournal.com profile] midnitemaraud_r's comment, I present the following poll to the masses:

[Poll #790396]
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( Aug. 10th, 2006 07:03 pm)
Turn my back on fandom for just a few hours (Because I had to actually, you know, study and all), and the shit manages to hit the fan. Multiple times.

Firstly, on the plagiarism fiasco: Apparently it wasn't just Cassie Claire. If ever a post was going to cause wank, this'd be it.

Meanwhile, over in the Doctor Who fandom, we have some interesting news about S3, as well as Doctor and Martha pics.

And naturally, the photos have been causing chaos. Of many kinds (just take a look around, and you'll see), but most notably, the declaration of Martha as "a chavvy whore". To which I respond: Bitch, please.

Oh, and apparently if you wear dark trousers and shoes, you are a "clone of Rose".

My personal thoughts )

Oh, and we have some David/Billie RPF which is giving me teh lulz.

Oh, fandom...

ETA: To the people who have been in the fandom longer than me. Exactly how many late 20th century companions did the Doctor have in a row? Please post your reponses to everyone whining about having a saying they can't have two 21st century companions in a row.

ETA2: Ah, the sweet taste of sanity.
Huh. There's yet another Reinette bashing fic up.

Is it just me, or does anyone else have the urge to write a fic in which Rose is the evil one, and Reinette is the saintly victim, just to see how the batshit fanbrats would react?

However, if one wants some more amusing badfic, I'd check this out. Not only does it contain the least subtle moralising ever, but it has the Doctor being a graffiti artist, spray painting a satellite dish with the words "Heaven is a half-pipe." In Gallifreyan.
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( Jul. 28th, 2006 10:03 am)
Doctor Who - there is barely any new DW fic. Doomsday has broken it's mojo!!!!! There's not even bad fic to tide me over - just no fic.

What the what? Well, that's one person obviously trapped in an alternate universe.

And you know that fictional character hatememe? Guess what's got it's own LJ now.

Updated as I find more interesting WTFness
Your daily dose of someone being a wanky arsehole

To which my only reponse is WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?

Even putting Danse Macabre on repeat did not help. Woe.
Particularly from story requests in a bloody fic archive.

That said, responses this bad really don't really further the cause.

Someone kill it, kill it dead.

It's special. Really.

ETA: Request has been deleted from The Teaspoon, but is still up at the Pit, so linking there now. The fic, sadly, still remains intact.
Well, what with the great big SPOILER coming out - and the forthcoming Doctor Who wankpocalypse, I went and reported it to clairvoyantwank, because wank was pretty much inevitable.

Amd as if to prove me right, some kind soul swiftly went and dug me up some lovely tl;dr wankiness relating to racism and the New Big Spoiler.

So yeah. Doctor Who on fandom_wank. Again.

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( Jun. 28th, 2006 11:27 pm)
An interesting post I dug up on the OG just today from Steven Moffatt, about that episode, and one of it's more controversial factors. Namely, a cut line where a few people have commented they thought a line was needed.


Cut for those who don't want to be spoilerised )

Look who was right after all.


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