So, I was lurking on the OG again (having given up completely on the circular debate - someone who insists you are personally insulting them when you claim their theory has no textual support isn't worth my time methinks). Which is currently highly Torchwood-ified.

In any case, someone quoted a little bit of dialogue from the first episode. And, well, I now know of at least one title that is going to be used for far too many Jack/Doctor fics. *sighs*

Also, tonight/tomorrow morning (depending on your personal time zone) will be the US screening of The Girl in the Fireplace. Buckle up, kids we are going to be in for a bumpy ride.

I think I may wander over to the TWoP forums, just to check out the Shipper Apocalypse, as Jacob put it.

Oh, and for future reference: Varalys the Dark, aka Her that thought that just because she didn't have a problem with women being called "whores", no-one else should, either? If I recall correctly, her TWoP name was Doctor Quist. Keep an eye on out for that if you are another who plans to see the wankiness.
I wonder, just how much of the crazy in the Doctor Who fandom would be avoided if people would actually come to terms with the fact that Rose isn't the exception, she's just the first example of the new rule?
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( Aug. 29th, 2006 11:44 pm)
Was lurking around a few threads on the OG, when I stumbled upon a recent - and rather unexpected post from Teh Moff.

(From here)

In response to a previous commenter's "Writer Steven Moffat has all but admitted that The Doctor & Rose were sexually active as of the 'Doctor Dances' episode"

Teh Moff:
"I say, no I didn't! The whole scene was about the fact they WEREN'T at it - indeed, it was the Doctor being slightly hurt that Rose hadn't even considered him in that light.

There's precious little evidence they ever got up to anything, I'd have said - that it doesn't stop it being a love story, of course (it clearly was) but unrequited surely?

Oh, it's all sex with you lot, isn't it? And when the writer of Coupling says you're banging on about sex too much, it's time to start listening.

Steven Moffat

Did mine eyes just decieve me, or was the word "unrequited" just used to describe the Doctor/Rose relationship by someone in the know?
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( Aug. 15th, 2006 03:33 pm)
For my very first time ever, my name has been mentioned in a hatememe. (Well, apart from that time two people said they didn't hate me).

It's quite thrilling actually. I'm like intarweb famous, sort of.

ETA: Oh look, someone's just called me a cunt. Charming.

And in a move that I am sure is entirely coincidental, someone recently posted a flocked entry to [ profile] time_and_chips linking to the meme.
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( Aug. 11th, 2006 02:47 pm)
Firstly: The Who wank has hit fandom_wank.

And secondly, inspired by [ profile] midnitemaraud_r's comment, I present the following poll to the masses:

[Poll #790396]
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( Aug. 10th, 2006 07:03 pm)
Turn my back on fandom for just a few hours (Because I had to actually, you know, study and all), and the shit manages to hit the fan. Multiple times.

Firstly, on the plagiarism fiasco: Apparently it wasn't just Cassie Claire. If ever a post was going to cause wank, this'd be it.

Meanwhile, over in the Doctor Who fandom, we have some interesting news about S3, as well as Doctor and Martha pics.

And naturally, the photos have been causing chaos. Of many kinds (just take a look around, and you'll see), but most notably, the declaration of Martha as "a chavvy whore". To which I respond: Bitch, please.

Oh, and apparently if you wear dark trousers and shoes, you are a "clone of Rose".

My personal thoughts )

Oh, and we have some David/Billie RPF which is giving me teh lulz.

Oh, fandom...

ETA: To the people who have been in the fandom longer than me. Exactly how many late 20th century companions did the Doctor have in a row? Please post your reponses to everyone whining about having a saying they can't have two 21st century companions in a row.

ETA2: Ah, the sweet taste of sanity.
Huh. There's yet another Reinette bashing fic up.

Is it just me, or does anyone else have the urge to write a fic in which Rose is the evil one, and Reinette is the saintly victim, just to see how the batshit fanbrats would react?

However, if one wants some more amusing badfic, I'd check this out. Not only does it contain the least subtle moralising ever, but it has the Doctor being a graffiti artist, spray painting a satellite dish with the words "Heaven is a half-pipe." In Gallifreyan.
I haven't been reading as much fic as of late - namely, since Doomsday aired. Partially because of the inevitable badfic wave which is swamping fandom, but mostly because even some fic writers who I normally quite like are taking their fics in directions I am not entirely comfortable with.

And I was having a bit of difficulty in expressing why.

However, then I stumbled across Battle of Wills (which is a highly amusing parody of said fics, by the way, and I'll recommend it to anyone), and [ profile] castrovalva9 managed to explain the summary of said parody exactly why these fics weren't working for me.

Doomsday spoilers within )

So, to everyone else, thought, opinion?
Christ, the bashing fics... are breeding.

Bashing!fics: Like Dementors, in a way.
Particularly from story requests in a bloody fic archive.

That said, responses this bad really don't really further the cause.

Someone kill it, kill it dead.

It's special. Really.

ETA: Request has been deleted from The Teaspoon, but is still up at the Pit, so linking there now. The fic, sadly, still remains intact.
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( Jul. 14th, 2006 11:17 am)
JournalFen: The anti-Doctor/Rose site.

For those who can't see beyond the T&C flock:

"Clearly you have not been to journalfen. They deny Rose/Doctor vehemently there, and these are the same people who made a whole community to mock Harmonians for canon denial (which is not to say I don't think some Harmonians are completely batshit, and I mock them for that, but the canon denial part is so full of irony, it's just beautiful)."

Irony, eh?
Well, what with the great big SPOILER coming out - and the forthcoming Doctor Who wankpocalypse, I went and reported it to clairvoyantwank, because wank was pretty much inevitable.

Amd as if to prove me right, some kind soul swiftly went and dug me up some lovely tl;dr wankiness relating to racism and the New Big Spoiler.

So yeah. Doctor Who on fandom_wank. Again.

Um, I started writing up some seriously cracked out Doctor Who meta-type stuff (I blame Nos for the idea behind it) but, um, I got bored and stopped. Maybe I'll try again after Army of Ghosts shows?

But it was seriously cracked meta, yo. I was looking up Bible quotes and everything.

On the subject of meta, I have come across someone who read my POV meta and managed to completely miss one of the points I was going for with it, which was that S2 has shown a POV shift away from Rose, and that seeing GitF from her POV? Not what the writers were aiming for. Getting your ickle feelings hurt because you over-identify with a character is your own damn fault.

Also, I have successfully managed to squick myself out terribly when reading a Nine/Rose fic. I can never read Nine/Rose ever again.


Someone entertain me, plz. *looks pitiful*
Okay, this is an idea that originally came up as a throw-away remark in the comments to someone, and just sort of... built in my head, until I realised it sort of explained a huge amount about how I feel about the characters in Doctor Who, especially Rose.

And what it all comes down to is first impressions.

Read more... )

Wow. That's a lot of words, in which I say... not very much, really. However, I would like to hear from people on how different or similar their experiences have been compared to mine.

ETA: Read the comments. I've got some very diverse and interesting perspectives on Rose and just companions in general.
Cut for the spoiler that isn't really a spoiler since everyone knows it )

Also, on account of Love & Monsters, I have now gone and downloaded a bunch of ELO songs. They're great! *doesn't know how she should feel about this*

ETA: Oh, DWM came early! *pounces on preview of final eps*
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( Jun. 9th, 2006 04:56 pm)
And [ profile] dw_hate has been deleted while I went and slept. I find this patently unfair, especially 'cos half my flist is on about what sounds like some really, really interesting hate, and I can't even read it now. *emos*

However, there are still a lot of other things which retain their point and laugh value in fandom. Like the shipper thread at TwoP, which is hilarious. I've never seen so many people for whom the entire damn theme of the series has just flown completely over their heads. So busy rationalising away things, and being so damn delusional... It's great entertainment. And unlike LJ, instead of being netspeaking teenage girls, for whom this sort of thing is forgivable, it's all pretentious thirty-somethings.

In RL, I got my eBay parcel today. Hurrah for my lovely new Miss Sixty t-shirt. It's all green with blue and pink printing and silver beads, and it's just so prettiful!

ETA: You know you are obsessed when your friends turn up on MSN just so they can tell you that they saw an ad for Doctor Who. Hehe.
Quick meta that I want to get off my back before diving into my Folio editing again.

Note: Though in a few bits this might sound slightly anti-Rose, it's more anti- fans of Sueish!Rose. She annoys me at times but I don't per se hate her - I just severely dislike the idealised version certain parts of fandom insist she truly is. It starts off a bit ranty, but then I get into the meta-type stuff.

Read more... )


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