And so goes another week.

No thoughts on Korra yet, since I went to sleep before the HQ versions appeared online, and now I'm waiting for my off-peak hours to start again so I can download. But the fanbase is tearing me between lulz and facepalming.

Otherwise, I had a job interview on Friday, which I am supposed to hear back from on Monday/Tuesday, so there is that. Oh, and for my housemate's birthday I went and saw Avengers again, though we ended up stuck in the very front row, which was less fun.

Also, my mother is enquiring about what I want to do for my next birthday. Say, anyone know of anything interesting going on around Melbourne at the end of May/start of June?

And yeah, that's my personal life.

In other news, I bring amusing (non-spoilery) Avengers art (It's totally worth it for Loki's face in the last panel), and also these guys, who buy cheap landscape paitings from op-shops, and then add monsters to them. Which is win.

Also win, the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Which is full of shiny. And impressive music which me likey.

Yes, all my linking is definitely making me think I should get a Tumblr already.
Well, back in Melbourne after my little Easter jaunt. It is currently rather cold and wet, which is making me feel much better about the whole quitting the door-knocking job thing, even if it means I need to do a bit more work into finding something else.

Easter involved piles of chocolate (of course), a bit of time with Mum and The Sister, and some time in Bendigo, which I haven't been to in quite a while, and me getting through The Hunger Games trilogy. I may post some thoughts on the books later on; for now I am still trying to decide if I actually like the series or not. They were certainly compelling reading, but I'm having trouble parsing just how I feel about the series as whole, which is vaguely frustrating.

Currently being grumpy at the post office, since they seem to have decided to give me a final notice on a parcel delivery without giving me the other prior notices. Or pressing the buzzer to check if I am actually home at all.

In other news, I found this xkcd update unhealthily hilarious.
Well, the job trawling has ended on a reasonably positive note, as I've been asked to come in for training next week. Admittedly, it's for a sales job thing, but I shall stick it out for a few weeks to see how it all works out. If it's not great, I can get back to volunteering and looking for something better (Though I shall have to call the volunteer guy, and tell him I'm not going to be around for a couple of weeks at least to start with), but if it does alright, we shall see.

Some of the more professional/longer term things I am still yet to hear back from, so it's all about the wait and see-ness, I suppose.

And since that's due to start up on Tuesday, I basically get a long weekend and can bum around for a bit longer. Huzzah!

Some entertaining links for the moment:
- Cat Opera. So, that is apparently an actual thing. Who knew?
- The most Beautiful Bookstores in the world. Yes, I really do want to visit some of those.
- I'm pretty certain the people behind this picture and heading knew exactly what they were doing.
Happy Australia Day, peoples! (Or Invasion Day, if you prefer)

I celebrated by... doing nothing. I felt bumming around the house and being lazy was a suitably patriotic way to spend my day.

Oh, and trawling through eBay a bit.

Aside from that, not a real lot is going on. We apparently have an apartment inspection coming up, which is rather awkward seeing one of my housemates is currently not in the country - I shall have to see if we can get that pushed back until we are all here.

Otherwise, just check out some of the random entertainment I have been filling my Australia Day with.

- Playing the rings of a tree trunk like a record. I don't actually get how they are doing this, but it's rather nifty.
- If the 2012 Oscar nominated movie posters told the truth. Exactly what it says it is.
- Time2Travel. Over on Tumblr, someone has started to put together what is essentially a Lonely Planet guide... for Time Travelers. Which I am sure will come in handy.
- Chocolates designed to look planets. Aka, more awesome things you can find in Japan. No Pluto though, alas.
Busy, busy weekend. (For those who recall my post from the other week, this was the weekend where everyone Invited Me To Things.)

Saturday night was at the tennis, where we saw Andy Murray beat some French guy named Michael Llodra, whom I'd never heard of before the match, but whose personality rather won me over even though he lost. And then we saw a Legends doubles match, which was basically a bunch of retired players being silly on court and showing off trick shots. And occasionally changing teams midway through a rally. Not exactly a high status matched, but it was rather entertaining.

After that I managed to run off and catch the end part of one of my invites, an 18th birthday I'd been invited to. I missed the games, but showed up in time to grab some stuff from the bar, before the cake, and see some burlesque performances. And still managed to catch the last tram home!

Then this morning Mum texted to see if I wanted to go see The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo (American version) with her. So I went and did that - I can probably provide some thoughts on the movie, and how it compares to the book (I haven't seen the Swedish versions of the films, unfortunately) if asked - and had some lunch, and then I went and wandered around the city for a bit.

Also: tried to decide what sort of blender and/or digital camera to get from Harvey Norman. The results so far are inconclusive.

My weekend, every body! The end.

Here, have a Maru fanvid. Or Ralph Fiennes reading Voldemort/Harry pornfic.
Okay LJ, WTF r u doing?

This comment thing is just ridiculous. I mean yeah, my personal LJ happens to be S2, so commenting in it is fine, but since it's been rather dead lately most of my commenting goes on in communities, and they are getting rather fucked over in the change. Which is not fun at all.

I know some people are heading over Dreamwidth way. Technically I have an account there, but I only ever use it for commenting on other people's accounts. If you're heading over there for good - or will be crossposting and want comments there, give me a shout and I'll add you.


Giving the backlash this is getting, I rather wonder what "changes" we are going to get in the next 24 hours.

Here, have some distracting trailers for blockbuster movies to look forward to.

There's The Dark Knight Rises, for all your broody Bat needs. And explosions. And Selina Kyle's awesome wardrobe, which I want.

And then there's The Hobbit (Part 1) featuring New Zealand Middle Earth, Hobbits and vast amounts of Dwarves. There will be so many Dwarf fangirls when this movie comes out.

Also, if you want something other than trailers, there's X-Men with Googly Eyes. Enjoy never being able to take Magneto seriously again.
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( Dec. 15th, 2011 10:12 pm)
Is anybody reading these at the moment? I know it's going on Holiday season, and LJ has been a bit shonky as of late, but the silence has been kind of deafening.

Christmas shopping is mostly done, so I should have no problems with finishing off tomorrow, plenty of time before I head off down to Hamilton-land next Thursday evening. Hopefully the weather will make up it's mind properly, so I can work out what to pack.

And your token supply of seasonal entertainment, a rather delightful mashup of a Christmas carol and a.... not Christmas carol: Rudolf (You Don't Have To Put On That Red Light).

...Now I'm curious about what other cracky Christmas mashups are out there.

Aside from that, I shall do my Duties to Cuteness with a collection of baby animal related links:
- A baby seal decides to be the world's cutest home invader.
- A bearded dragon decides to play smartphone games (Well, it does involve getting ants...)
- Cats: Your essential yoga accessory.
- The HTTP status cats. Those would be much nicer messages to get.
Today I got an email from an "Olivia Armstrong". If you're familiar with FMA, you'll know why I found that entertaining.

The even better bit, though, is that it is one of those "contact my attorney to get part of $17 million" scam emails. (Well, she'd certainly have the money for it...)

Oh, how I enjoy entertaining spam.

And since I'm on about anime, there's finally pictures up of that Knight of Zero Suzaku figure in the finished colouring. So pretty, I want. Though I assume it'll be far too expensive for me, mind.

It had some new official art done for it, even.

Ah, shiny things.

Some other shiny things I have been linked about are Electronic Embroidery, which is nifty, and these pictures of really pretty libraries.

I am now looking down on you, Baillieu.
So [ profile] fa11ing_away's birthday rather did end up dominating my evening. Both the party itself and preparing for it on Sunday (including my discovery that you can buy bottles of Midori that come in bottle shaped cocktail shakers).

And yes, there was ball-gowning on public transport.

Party was rather fancy, because most people seemed to really stick with the theme, masks and swishy clothes and all. Also, there was a chocolate fountain, which makes most things great.

I ended up sticking around until Ridiculous A.M., and was planning to get an early tram home for shower and sleep, but I think I feel asleep while lying on the floor, which meant by the time I got home and had some sleep, most of Sunday was gone, too.

So much for the weekend.

But today I turned in that assignment I completed online, and then worked on my last assignment. I'm mostly done now, just need to do a statement of intention, and then fiddle around with formatting and editing.

But after I hand that in on Wednesday, I shall be free! At least for a few more months, anyway.

And for today's dose of random entertainment, I give you:
...The Mapping Stereotypes Project. Or, how bigots see the world.
...A UK computer store's Star Wars ad campaign. I have to wonder how George Lucas feels about this.
...Old people in China covering "Bad Romance" on satellite TV. The Internet really does have everything nowadays.
So today I went and saw the Queen.

I'm not even a monarchist, but it was, you know, the Queen. She doesn't exactly visit Melbourne every day.

Not a particularly good view, but there were a lot of people there. And honestly, getting there 15 minutes early was enough. I didn't fancy hanging around for hours waiting.

And then after lunch I went to the Melbourne Cemetery and took photos. Which was technically for one of my classes, but was mostly just so I could wander around and look at interesting old gravestones. And stone angels, which I got a few pictures of for the Doctor Who fans.

Oh, and wonder why there is an Elvis memorial in the Melbourne Cemetery.

Of course, all this wandering around the sun seems to have left me with sunburnt arms, which will be less fun.

Since I don't want this post to be entirely about Things I Did Today Which Got Me Sunburnt, have some links of entertainment.

- Bad Romance, performed as a harp duet.
- So Spiderman swing dances now? Or 2007, when that was filmed, but it's still nifty (Especially the acrobatic stuff. Appropriate for Spiderman, huh?)
- Why you should be very careful if a ninja dare you to fight him. Okay, people need to do something like that around here.

And for future reference, in case you need it, The link to click whenever you have seen something you really wish you just hadn't.
So, did everyone enjoy the Rapture yesterday?

I went to Piper's birthday-slash-Apocalypse party, complete with a bunch of people in costumes -I was too lazy to come up with something apocalypse themed. Plus, I was handing out on Sydney Road before it - including several deaths, an Arthur Dent, and a Doctor (Eleventh, to be precise.

They had a smoke machine! And a playlist of tangentially apocalypse-themed music. Also, quite predictably, alcohol and socialising, which meant catching up with a few people whom I hadn't seen in a while.

More people should have themed birthdays. And besides, next year is 2012, which gives lots of room for apocalyptic parties.

Sydney Road was also rather entertaining, also. Some guy dressed up as the Queen, selling Monarchy dishrags, and I found a place that sold 25 varieties of hot chocolate. (I tried Lime Hot Chocolate, which tasted a bit like white chocolate and lime.)

All in all, a decent break from assignmenting, since my group assignment for ALT has been passed around via email quite a bit over the last few days. Well, at least it'll be out of the way on Wednesday.

And tomorrow I shall be at Armaggedon (...the convention), so if any Melbourne types will be there, let me know.

Since my last video link seemed so popular, today I bring you: CSI: Legoland. All the puns you could ever want!
Also, on tumblr there is Weird Evangelion Official Art, proving it's not just Geass that has resorted to strange art to sell there merch when they aren't airing.
There are some things that once seen, cannot be unseen. That defy comprehension of the rational mind. That there are no words that could possibly describe adequately.

William Shatner's cover of Bohemian Rhapsody is one of them.

Yeah, I think my brain is broken now.

In order to (try and) wash that out of your poor scarred minds, try this blog dedicated to nitpicking what is written on blackboards in porn (SFW) or these pretty, pretty jelly shots. Or "jello", if you are American.
Relax, everyone! George Takei has a reassuring message for humanity.

...Yeah, I kind of love that guy.

Anyway, am in a reasonably good mood at the moment. Short break allows for sleeping in time, and got my results back from a test I had recently, with 89%. Which is always a nice number to see on coursework.

Plus internet has been on the amusing side of things lately.

I mean, so far I've also found a cockatiel singing the Evangelion theme song, Chop Cup, which is rather gloriously mindfucky, and Things Could Be Worse, a series of tragedies in art.

Because things could always be worse.

Also, courtesy of a certain kinkmeme, I have now seen several different combinations of Texts from Last Night and Code Geass, which will be files with the Utena version I linked a while back as the greatest things ever. I don't know why anime + TFLN is so funny to me, but it is.

(Plus there's also Ask Code Geass Dads, which is endless funny if you are familiar with a certain fandom meme).

I have noticed there that the last bunch of links have found are all Tumblr sites. Tumblr is not a site that I am on, though I know some people on my flist are - and some aren't. I can see the entertainment there in checking out all the awesome art (I love me some shiny pretties), but not being much of a making art person myself, I'd just end up constantly reblogging stuff from other people.

So flist, please, please convince me whether or not I should get a tumblr account! Links to awesome tumblrs is considered a valid form of argument.
Oh Melbourne weather. It was actually really hot for most of today - like summer weather - and now it's the middle of a thunder storm. Of course.

Which made lectures today a bit less than fun, but that's beside the point.

It's not doing any benefits to our bathroom window with a bird-induced hole any good, that's for sure. (Yes, a bird managed to make a hole in our bathroom window. No, it hasn't been fixed for weeks, because the problem is with the window frame, we are on the second floor, and there isn't enough room between the outside wall and the fence for the machinery so someone can fix the outside part. Well, that's for our land-lord to work out.)

Speaking of bathrooms, last night I had an unfortunate encounter with a spider in my pajamas. And yes, the spider was in the pajamas, not me. After a bit of shrieking and flapping clothes about, I managed to dislodge the damn thing, which I believe is current in Witness Protection somewhere in the bathroom.

And in other news, I have discovered how to make anything you do more awesome: do it while listening to James Bond theme songs. Things instantly become more awesome.

Case study: grocery shopping last night. Deciding which potatoes to buy is far more exciting if it is done while listening to Diamonds are Forever.

Here, have some random links of entertainment.

We have Alot of cake. I'm sure of you will get what is meant there.

Also, the time the Foo Fighters defeated the Westboro Baptist Church. Go rock and roll!
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( Sep. 12th, 2011 10:34 pm)
Or, "Oh, FOUL" would probably be more appropriate.

Seeing how our delightful club FOUL has their AGM today, and it went... rather like one expects FOUL AGMs to go. Aka, everyone rushing to get through things so they can get to the free Pizza.

A remarkable number of inanimate items, mostly clothing, got elected to positions. Including my hat, which was unanimously voted in to become the "Rear Admiral of Commerce".

Yes, my hat is now higher ranked than I am. Ain't life grand?

Yes, the FOUL AGM was far more interesting than any of today's classes

And a randomly amusing quote from one my lectures today: "Who is Machiavelli, and why is he abstract?"

Also, I have some new icons! Seeing as I felt in need of some Penguindrum ones.
So, Orson Scott Card seems to have permanently set up residence in Batshitville, judging by the whole rewriting Hamlet so that it's all about how Teh Gay Is Evil.

Which is just... wut.

Seriously, why would you do that?

Though naturally, fandom has responded by making a Gay Hamlet ficathon. Plus lists of gay sci-fi books. Bless.

...Plus I ended up amusing myself by watching the Sassy Gay Friend hang out with a bunch of Shakespearean characters.

And on the topic of random hilarious Shakespearean things (that are better than what Orson Scott Card did to Hamlet), we also have Dalek's performing a scene from Much Ado About Nothing.

Plus some random silly shit like the Birth Control Ninja, and a Literal Version of the Safety Dance video. (Was that actually the video? For real?)
Oh, it had somehow slipped my mind how utterly ridiculous Uni can really manage to be.

...Though I suppose coming back to campus to find student union elections are on didn't help in that aspect at all. What with, among other things, the Liberal party (who, if you know your Australian politics, aren't actually liberal) using complete and utter non sequiturs as a promotional strategy.

Yeah, I don't get how it works either.

Also, like half the parties running are apparently fronts for the Liberal group, which means there is about as much smear campaign spam around as their is promotional spam.

Oh student elections.

Other strangeness from uni is the discovery that those people who make the Durian Strudel are now at uni too (...I am still yet to work up the courage to try it).

And at least one set of the bathroom wall graffiti in Union House is all about Doctor Who quotes. Eleventh Doctor Doctor Who quotes, too.

Another has someone telling the writers of emo graffiti to go back to tumblr.

My lecturer also got into the random Doctor Who quotage, too.

The whole thing feels rather like I have not gotten enough sleep, even when I have. Oh Uni.

Since I am on a Doctor Who tangent: The Dalek Game
So, the second half of this week ended up being quite as busy as the first.

To start off with there was the finishing up of school placement, which entailed rather a bit of business. And means I am back to having actual classes at Uni now.

Though it also means I can sleep in instead of having to get up stupidly early all the time, which is always a plus.

And then I got a haircut on Thursday. Since it was really rather overdue for one, I'd just put it off until after Manifest and cosplaying. I got it done at a different place than usual, and wasn't really sure how much I liked it to start off with, but after a couple of days (and getting all the product the hairdresser put in washed out) I am much more pleased.

Then, on Friday evening I went to [ profile] connikins' birthday thing, which meant dinner at a Korean place - I don't think I had actually had Korean food before - and then off to Richmond for a swing dancing lesson.

Korean food was interesting (Sesame ice-cream, om nom nom) and I may have to go back there some other time to investigate what else was on the menu.

And swing dancing was rather fun, so long as you weren't currently being partnered with Sweaty Drunk Guy. About half-way through the lesson I actually twigged that I'd done this footwork before, back when I was doing all my ballet and jazz and what-not, but the partnering stuff was actually kinda new.

Then, last night Mum was down in Melbourne, to visit after getting back from her grand overseas trip, as well as dinner for my sister's birthday. We went out to that Greek place we liked, and has much chatting (and then cake at Brunetti's after), and as well birthday gifts for The Sister, Mum also had some miscellaneous souvenir gifts from... all over the place.

So, there are some assorted pieces of jewellery and accessories from Italy and Hong Kong. And a pen from Buckingham Palace.

So yeah.

And then today I mostly just slept in, bummed around, and finally started messing around on Pottermore. (Yes, I got my invite a week ago, and have been far too busy since then to try it out)

So I have a Larch wand with Unicorn hair, and was sorted into Ravenclaw. Which I can't say I am entirely shocked about. It also provided me a genuine laughing out loud moment when reading the intro speech. Oh Minister for Magic Millicent Bagnold, you provide the lulz.

I appear to have a couple of friends requests already, but I'm having trouble matching Pottermore names to other fandom IDs - if you want me as a Pottermore friend, could you just give me a reminder so I know who is who. (I'm MidnightRook15, for the record).

I also now want fanfic of McGonagall featuring her Pottermore revealed backstory, because it's so interesting.

Pottermore just makes me want to read HP fanfic in general. Anyone got any new recs?

Other random entertainments are:
- 100 years of what to wear in 100 seconds. For everyone who likes retro fashions. Or dancing. Or dancing while wearing retro fashions.
- Yuri Lowenthal using his Suzaku voice to ad-lib a deeply un-Suzakulike comment. And I LOL'd.
Oh weekend, how I had missed you so. Mostly for the chance to sleep in for once, but there you go.

But yes, after the far too much going on days of placement, it's nice to be able to just bum around home for a bit.

Sleep in. Do laundry. Get groceries. Watch the newest episode of Mawaru Penguindrum - things are really getting going now - getting crafty on accessories for my outfit for Manifest.

Anyone else planning on going to Manifest? It's on next weekend, and I figure I'll be there for one of the days, don't know which yet. (Be nice if they'd put out a schedule already...)

And that would be that.

Have some lulzy pictures I have seen!

There's Portraits of Dogs as they shake off water (They are some of the best expressions ever, really), as well as some really great comic cover blurbs.

Teh internets, how you amuse me.

What's been up for everyone else lately?


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