So, Orson Scott Card seems to have permanently set up residence in Batshitville, judging by the whole rewriting Hamlet so that it's all about how Teh Gay Is Evil.

Which is just... wut.

Seriously, why would you do that?

Though naturally, fandom has responded by making a Gay Hamlet ficathon. Plus lists of gay sci-fi books. Bless.

...Plus I ended up amusing myself by watching the Sassy Gay Friend hang out with a bunch of Shakespearean characters.

And on the topic of random hilarious Shakespearean things (that are better than what Orson Scott Card did to Hamlet), we also have Dalek's performing a scene from Much Ado About Nothing.

Plus some random silly shit like the Birth Control Ninja, and a Literal Version of the Safety Dance video. (Was that actually the video? For real?)

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a Literal Version of the Safety Dance video. (Was that actually the video? For real?)

OMGLOL! And yeah, that's pretty much the real video. Looks like they recut it a bit, but "Ren Faire from Hell" was the general idea.

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Well, technically "Safety Dance" is a protest song. IIRC, there was a big stink about slam-dancing at the time, and the band was all in favor of their audience being able to get down however they liked. So you could argue that they went for the most OTT dance-related imagery they could come up with, pseudo-historical to highlight that people have always done ridiculous stuff while dancing and so banning slam-dancing was equally ridiculous.

That, or there were some seriously non-standard substances involved. Or both; they're not mutually exclusive.

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If that's the message, it's a rather indirect way of getting it across. I wouldn't have guessed that at all.

The drugs explanation makes a whole lot more sense to me, honestly.

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It probably made a lot more sense at the time. For a sufficiently 80s definition of "sense", anyway.

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I think I'm constantly wounded by how much of a dick Orson Scott Card is. I loved Ender's Game so much growing up [and still do! agh] and I just wish I never had the bright idea of Wiki'ing him. Ignorance was so much better. And now he's touched Hamlet. Nothing is sacred, boo.

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I kind of want to make with the WRY U DO THIS? rants at him.

But I agree, it's very depressing to find out what he has become. It's the price of the media age, I suppose. For every writer you find out is amazingly cool, there's one who is an utter cockweasel.


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