My thighs have decided to make known their opinions about all that walking I was doing earlier this week. Ugh.

And the weather is being all over the place again. I hope it makes up it's mind already for tomorrow, I've got a Halloween party to go to, and I've finally got all my costume worked out. And by worked out I mean I spent an hour or two spray-painting things outside yesterday. Which worked quite well until they started ti stick to the newspaper I laid out. (I also ended up with a headache, which I am unsure is from either the paint fumes or sitting in the sun waiting for the paint to dry).

And all this and ...other bits is going to have to last me the whole two hours it'll take me to get there on public transport, oh joy and wonderment. I'm actually going somewhere outside of Zone One, shock horror.

And for you daily dose of random frivolous links:
- From the land of unverified rumours, Terry Pratchett's Mort to become a Disney Animated Film? I honestly don't know what to say about that.
- Book Dominoes. Nifty, though I pity whoever has to clean that all up afterwards.
- Mini Cannon blowing shit up. And now I want a teeny tiny cannon.
Another actual post for once, though this is very possibly due to be the last one for a while (I'm in Las Vegas from tomorrow morning - early tomorrow morning - until Saturday evening, and then in New York from Monday to Friday after that. And then I fly home on Sunday, which means I'll have about two non-busy days until I get back to Australia).

Anyway, I see fandom has failed to implode once more. At least any more than usual. I'll probably go LJ MIA for a bit, as I shall be busy which such excitements as seeing the Cirque du Soleil, or having a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

And whatever other excitments we can find in Vegas. I mean, I sure there's going to be something fun to do, anyway. ;)

I'm actually organised for my graduation when I get back! Well, I have robes booked, which is good. Speaking of that date, anything interesting happening, election-wise? America kinda sucks for international news.

And for a bit of fun, the greatest meme in the history of memeage:


We could all use a little bit of Old Spice Man in our lives. I certainly could, anyway. (Thanks to [ profile] lizbee, whom I ganked that meme off). Sadly, I do not possess her ability to come up with a suitably suave intro for it)
So, America.

Am actually here, after way too long on planes (and a delay in San Francisco, which was Not Fun). But we're now in Pennsylvania, at my uncle's place.

So far we haven't done much, really - today we spent some time with my uncle and cousins, went out to the King of Prussia mall, mostly for a loom around (though I also needed to buy a white top, because I apparently forgot to pack my one, gdit).

It has all been very hot, apart from when we had a brief thunderstorm.

Anyway, I'm not entirely sure what's in the immediate plans, though we're heading to Atlantic City for one day this week. Next week we are in Washington D.C. from the 27th to the 29th of July, and we are heading to Las Vegas the week after (3rd to 7th, I think). No idea when we are visiting New York; week after that, I suppose.

I should be a bit more responsive now I am no longer all travel all the time (...unless you comment while I am on one of the above trips). And I'll post again once I have more to talk about. Or tweet if I am elsewhere.

Nothing exciting seems to have happened in fandom so far, but let me know if it does.
So, election on August 21st.

On the plus side, I will actually be in Australia on that day. On the other hand, that's one of the days that Manifest is running (and it also might end up being the day I graduate, details pending). Which would be... interesting.

Anyhow, I have almost finished packing. By which I mean I am still trying to work out what jewellery (and other accessories) to bring, but otherwise I am pretty much done. Unless I have forgotten anything. :/

A replacement for LoudTwitter has been found! And actually seems to work so far. Or you could just follow my Tweets Of America while it lasts. Unlike the other trips, where I didn't have much Internet access, I should be able to get online a lot more frequently in the US. I will, however, continue tweeting about whatever random stuff that happens to me.

And that's me, signing off for a little while. Flight leaves for tomorrow morning, which means I'll only get a short time tomorrow online. Then I'm scheduled to travel back in time - no, really, my stopover in San Franciso is technically earlier than the time I leave Australia - and arrive in America. And get to Philadelphia in the middle of the night.

Now I need to finish off my packing and then get a decent night's sleep, but until then, guys!

Let me know if fandom explodes or anything particularly dramatic happens.
You know, for some reason I remember hearing that Uni results weren't actually due for my course until tomorrow. And yet when I randomly went and checked them just then, they had already been updated. So good for me, I suppose.

But anyway, results for my whole two subjects this semester:
Social Science Research Methods: H2A (No surprise there)
Introduction to Life, the Universe and Everything Earth and the Universe: H1

...I don't think I deserved that second one, given how little I studied for it.

But yes, that does mean I have officially passed my degree, and thus should be up for graduation soon.

Unfortunately, I have discovered that the emails which give the official offers - and which we use to organise graduation dates - will be sent the day after I head overseas. Which means I'll have to sort things out over there.

That said, if I don't want to wait until December for the ceremony (which I don't), it's most likely going to be on either the 21st or 28th of August, looking at their provisional schedule.
So we did end up getting Prime Minister Gillard. That was rather quick. Hopefully she'll do a good job. Though she's still preferable to Tony bloody Abbott.

So today I went out and had Mexican for dinner with some people for a short-notice birthday dinner of a Facebook friend. Which was nice (if a little pricey), but hey, I always like me some Mexican food.

Afterwards, since it finished early and most people were off to other events, I wanted to go to the movies while I was in town and see Toy Story 3 before I got spoiled. Sadly, the stupid cinema didn't have a another showing for two hours, and I didn't fancy hanging around the city on my own with nothing to do for that long.

Speaking of which anyone want to come see Toy Story 3 with me on Tuesday? Or Monday if you want to go to Nova on Lygon Street - either day should have some cheaper tickets available, and it can be 3D or not 3D, whatever people feel like.

I'll probably go see it by myself if no-one else wants to come along, but I think it'd be fun as a group.

And in other news, check out the real life automail kitty!
You know, earlier this evening, someone rang our place... and asked for a family sized pizza. I'm not entirely sure what that was about.


I think I would die of squee if something actually came of that. And then possibly just die if it wasn't good.

Following up on yesterday's post, a couple of (spoilery) FMA one-shots I liked. There's probably more good ones out there, these are just some that struck my fancy. All have spoilers for Chapter 108.
- And In The End (Ensemble)
- A Puppy Story (Some Royai)
- Promised Pecentages (Ed/Winry)

Anyway, to-do list for tomorrow:
- Hand in final SSRM assignment.
- Meet up with Dad for dinner before he goes to Thailand. Again.
- Go to the anime shop to get Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu, since I will actually have time to marathon series after my exam

And a random dose of amusement, the entirety of an email from my Mother, from a conversation about bus trips from Philadelphia:

"The Niagara Falls are near Buffalo, Atlantic City is a beach resort/casino complex, Washington is where Barack hangs out."

...Well, it amused me. And we're apparently going to Washington, anyhow.
So, Birthday plans. Mother Dearest is coming done to visit on the 5th of June (weekend after next), and I've been asked what I would like to do that evening.

Either: Go out and have a fancy-ish dinner (The suggestion was Mexican - proper Mexican, not Taco Bill's). Or go see Fame: The Musical.

So, which do you guys think I should go for, dinner or musical?

In other birthday plans, I will be meeting up lunch-ish time on Friday (my actual birthday) for coffee and maybe-cake with [ profile] fa11ing_away. Whom I haven't really seen since she moved away. ;_;

Oh, and I think Hoyts gave me a free movie ticket (so long as I go to a movie on my birthday). Anyone want to toddling along that evening/afternoon and see what's playing?

...That's the fun stuff done. Now I shall go back to working on this stupid poster. It really is going to be a very unattractive poster. Not many pictures, and walls of text.
This was actually brought up the other day, but in the wake of other things I forgot to mention it here. So, I suppose I should put it to you guys.

When Mum was down here, she asked what I was doing for my birthday - my birthday coming up in about two and half weeks. And I have no idea, 'cause I have yet to come up with any actual plans.

So: Any ideas of what I should get up to for my birthday? Any decent movies coming out in the next few weeks, anything on in Melbourne I should check out, any other brilliant ideas for something I should host?

My birthday's on Friday the 28th, if that helps any - That's the last day of actual classes at Melbourne Uni.

'Cos I had a complete mental blank when I was asked about it, but I want to do something fun.

I also need to come up with a present to ask Mum for, too. Ack!
I'm in the middle of a weirdly busy patch at the moment, all Uni stuff aside. Huh.

Yesterday was the seeing Ross Noble at the Comedy festival with [ profile] saikogrrl and Co. After some slight transport related flailing, and Kate showing up hugely late, (Kate >:() it actually turned out quite decent, even if I didn't know that many of Kate's friends. Show was quite good and very fun, even if the seats were not so much, and I was forever trying to peer around the heads of people in front of me.

Today Dad was in Melbourne, so The Sister and I went out for dinner with him. More transport flailing, though this time I actually ended up late. Dad's off to Thailand again, apparently. Joy and wonderment. Though I did vaguely wonder about that, given the current political issues over there.

Tomorrow I... get a haircut. Okay, not so dramatic, but overdue anyway.

Oh, and this weekend is Supanova. Any of you guys going? I'm not 100 percent certain which day I'll be there, though Sunday is currently more likely.

But hey, an excuse for dressing up crazy(-ish), checking out the panels and cosplay, merchandise and autographs. O HAI SUZAKU'S DUB VOICE >:)
So, guess who is going to be in the United States for 4 weeks later this year? Boo yeah!

From the looks of the flight details I've had sent to me, it appears that I'll be leaving her on the 18th of July. And arriving in Philadelphia after some stop-overs on... the 18th of July. That's the magic of the International Date Line, I suppose.

And I leave the states on the 15th of August (their time) and get home on the 17th. So I guess I'll be missing the 16th completely. Fun.

But yes, more details on that when I find out about them. Should be fun, though.

In other news, after the trivia night I just went to with some Uni peoples, I think I've had enough questions about the Trojan war to last me a lifetime. Egads.
And I'm back! Not that I exactly went away for long. Or exactly "away" for that matter.

Still, the jaunt out the Hamiltonian way was interesting enough. Had dinner with the family at a Greek restaurant I swear wasn't there last time I was in Hamilton; got a bag full of Easter eggs which I lugged back up to Melbourne with me; in a bit of free time, I started to watch Full Metal Panic ([ profile] xwingace will be pleased); cleared out some of my more sentimental and/or useful junk from the far, (Gosh, it's been a while since I've been out there). Though I was right, most of the stuff there I won't really miss all that much.

Oh, and got Dad's address for where he'll be living in Thailand. I think he offered to pay for us to come over and visit when he's there. Which on one hand: free trip to Thailand. On the other hand: everything else. Sigh.

In other news, the trip to the USA in the middle of the year is looking increasingly likely. Here's hoping that happens.

In non-Hamilton related news, my flist has exploded with stuff about new Doctor Who. It's all very chatty and nostalgic.

Also, apparently, the new series of Ashes to Ashes, though that got swept away in the tide of Doctor Who. I still need to watch that episode, though.

Oh: New (and final) FMA:B Opening and Ending themes. Like the animation, am still deciding about the songs. They are also quite spoilery to recent chapters, though IDK if it might be cryptic enough to escape people who haven't read the manga.

One of the things I did follow a bit while I was away was some of the ongoing shenanigans between The HMS STFU and the Snapefen, and somehow when wandered into the discussion it somehow ended involving some ongoing dicussion I've been having about certain aspects of Code Geass fandom and then the streams crossed, and now I sorta-kinda want to write a paper analysing the psychological underpinnings of the Draco In Leather Pants tendency in parts of fandom.

Yes, I know. How would you even study something like that? I don't even know what subject it would be classified under.

In conclusion, [ profile] ypaladinofchaos, why do you always update that fic of yours on mornings when I am just about to leave home?
Pffff, what are you doing, Melbourne Weather? Storms and flooding the streets again, this time with ginormous hailstones?

The photos at [ profile] melbournemaniac are crazy, and apparently someone died.

I'm trying to decide if it's worth getting rained on and risking the potential lack of tram back in order to do my grocery shopping. 'Cos I'm kinda running low on food, here. And I need to get something to bring for [ profile] connikins' thing tomorrow.

Which I should still be attending, fortunately.

Otherwise, yesterday I went and did some vitally important shopping. Which is actually true in this case, since I was finding a dress for my cousin's wedding next weekend.

I'm sure Connie can guess where I ended up getting one from. ;)
It was this dress, in case you are wondering. Now I need some black shoes to go with it.

Oh, and I also picked up a couple of books to read which may come in handy if the power dies. Or if I need more public transport reading.

And now I must ponder if I shall brave the weather.
And so that was Christmas. And, um, Adelaide.

Christmas lunch was at Mum's, with her and The Sister and Mum's friend Robyn. Which was entertaining and hey, we got to hear about someone else's family drama for once. (The Sister's BFF - who is also Robyn's daughter - woke her mum up at 7am, having just come from the town jail. No, she hadn't been in jail, some dude beat up her brother and got arrested for it. On Christmas morning.)

Presents were:
- New computer chair from Dad. Which is still at Mum's place, since I didn't fancy taking a freaking chair on the train to Melbourne.
- Sister got me some Body Shop stuff, chocolate, and a copy of the book Where's Bin Laden? (3D version). Cue lulz.
- From Mum there were a bunch of lollies, some flavoured margarita mixers, and a Pandora bracelet. I entirely expect to be getting charms for it for about my next ten birthdays.

Then on Boxing Day we headed off to Adelaide. Which was... Adelaide. It apparently dies at like 5pm in the evening.

We did, however, get to see Sherlock Holmes at the cinema, which was quite a bit of fun.

The Panda's at the zoo were cute! I shall upload pictures, if any of mine actually turn out decent.

Oh, and I am currently boggling over the fact that I didn't get sunburnt at all in Cambodia or Singapore, but I did in freaking Adelaide. WTF, universe?

Next on the schedule: New Years.

Actually, on a vaguely related note, anyone want to go to the movies tomorrow or on Thursday before whatever NYE thing you have going on? I have two free movie tickets that expire at the end of December.
So, I've finished my Christmas shopping. *\o/*

Though I probably shouldn't have done it all in one day. By the end of it, my arms were full of bags and they were painful to carry. Yowch.

And our plans for actual Christmas seem to be on the worked out side of things. So, I'll be heading down to Ye Olde Hamilton on the 23rd (I think, pending travel arrangements), and stay with Mum for Christmas Eve and Christmas, having Christmas dinner at her place. Then on Boxing Day, we are apparently heading over to Adelaide for a few days. Yes, yes, I know, LOL ADELAIDE. Anyone know if there's going to be anything fun to do at Adelaide just after Christmas?

And after a couple of days there, we head back to Hamilton, and then myself and The Sister head back to Melbourne a bit after that. So I'll be back at the iPartment maybe on the 29th? Ish?

Before New Years, anyway, which reminds me, anyone got any plans for New Years?

...And now all that's left to do is wrap presents, and back for the Christmas break. And catch up on fandom things.
So it turns out the inexplicable extra bandwidth was not a mistake after all! Just a change in the Internet plan set up. Which, well, I can so totally live with.

Also, I just played several games of a Cthulu based card game. I was winning the first game, until I lost my sanity. But I actually won the second game! And I didn't go insane! Huzzah! \o/

And in more serious news, [ profile] fa11ing_away just got an interstate job offer. Which is wonderful news for her and all, but it does mean that, as of the middle of January, the iPartment is going to be one person down. So, if any of guys in Melbourne are looking for a house to share - or know of someone who is - let me know ASAP, and we can talk over email or AIM or something about the details.

...Yeah, getting a new housemate is kinda important about now.
For some reason, today - the last day before our monthly Internet clocks over to the next month - our remaining bandwidth has inexplicably doubled. Which means I have about 3 and a half hours to download, like, 20 something gigs worth of stuff.

Quick, flist, what should I download!
And that'd be Uni done for another year, so huzzah! Assignments all written up and handed in, and exams (well, exam) done and dusted. Melbourne Weather even decided to get in on the act, and so I ended up writing about natural disasters during a thunderstorm. We even had a brief power outage at the Exhibition building.

But that's that until results come out, whenever that may be. (Apparently there's a results related strike going on, or something. I'm not sure about the details)

...Yeah, that's kind of a relief. Not that I get much relaxation time, given that tomorrow night is [ profile] fa11ing_away's late birthday thing (OM NOM NOM Mexican!), Saturday night is [ profile] altheas and [ profile] lena_supercat's pre-wedding thing, and on Sunday I fly overseas. At some point before then, I actually need to pack. Huzzah for my impending trip to Singapore and Cambodia!

Speaking of which, apologies for the kinda pointless twitter feed stuff. Am getting it set up so I can tweet what I'm up to whilst I am away and Internetless. Of course, I won't be able to get anything in return, but thems the breaks. You guys can comment here if you so desire.

And, to add a note of complete and utter randomness to this post, Gareth David-Lloyd and Aaron Dismuke in something together, wut? Okay, who crossed the streams?
Huh. In exactly one weeks time, I will be on a plane Cambodia, via Singapore.

I don't feel like I've done nearly enough preparation for this. Not to mention how busy my upcoming week is due to be. Ack.

...Yes, I know. My life, so hard. ;)

You know what really bugs me? When you are doing a group project for Uni, and your group specifically decides (and emails everyone as a reminder) to ensure you work is uploaded the Thursday before it is due, so you have time in class for edits and reformatting and conclusions and stuff. And half the people don't bother. And it's due on Monday.


So now I have to head into Uni on Sunday morning, so we can meet up and sort that stuff out. Which is irritating and blatantly not fair. I finished my section on Tuesday

...Which means weekend reworking. I'll have to go to Armageddon on Saturday, since I don't know how long it'll take on Sunday. As far as I can tell, the only thing I'll be missing out on is the AMV winners, which is sad, but livable.

And on Friday evening, [ profile] fa11ing_away has decided to have an impromptu... something. Which will involve alcohol. Which I don't mind (Hey, party type things are always fun), per se, I just hope I get enough sleep.

...I have a social life again. No idea how that happened.


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