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( Mar. 3rd, 2010 07:04 pm)

In conclusion, OK GO make the bestest music videos ever.
It has come to my attention that not enough people on my flist are watching Batman: Brave and the Bold. Which is a fact I find greatly disappointing, because it means that I have no-one to talk about it with and make icons for me you are all missing out on the glorious crack.

Come on, it's a cartoon which seems to be run on the premise that it doesn't need to make sense, so long as it is AWESOME. It is completely and utterly ridiculously silly, and that is why it is brilliant.

I mean, this week's episode contained my darling Jaime (♥) in the teaser in all his lulzy adorkability, complete with snarking at his scarab/suit while he fought, a robot trying to work out what the Christmas spirit is, shout outs to all sorts of dodgy B-movies, Batman getting a "World's Greatest Detective" for Christmas, Batman beating up Santa, Batdickery, unexpected heartwarming endings, and even more unexpected tragic flashbacks.

It was ridiculous and silly and surprisingly touching. But mostly awesome.

And that is why everyone should watch this show. Look, have some Blue Beetle being lulzy to see why I love it.

(Also, I know some spoilers for an episode later this series which will be freaking win, and I can't wait until fandom hears)

In conclusion:
Firstly, to my friends and flistees of the Melbourne variety, would anyone be interested in coming to see The Dark Knight with me next week?

I'd probably have to book tickets this weekend if we want to see it on the first day, but anyone who's interested:

Wednesday next week (ie. the 16th). Sessions are at 6:15, 8:30 and 9:30 - or we could go in the afternoon.

Let me know, plz, as I quite want to see it before the comms I lurk at explode with spoilers.

While I'm on the subject of Batman, reasons why Jack Harkness is Batman... and the comment thread is filled with people debating what that makes other Torchwood and Doctor Who characters (The debate on Ianto is especially amusing).

Oh, and speaking of superheroes, I went and saw Hancock today - that Will Smith thing. Which was... interesting. I wouldn't call it bad, per se, but it had the distinct feeling that two entirely different movies had been smushed together. And I liked the "PR Guy helps a dodgy superhero clean up his act in a realistic world" one rather more than the other.

And back to your regularly scheduled fandom.

I am filled with epic amounts of OMG SQUEE for the recent SJA casting spoilers. I also hope that it means something for the future of Doctor Who, too.

And to be somewhat selfish, I've started a Masterlist for post Series Four fic that features Martha in a significant way. However, it's impossible for me to check everywhere for suitable fic, so if you know of any relevent fics please drop me a line.

Feel free to pimp that list everywhere and anywhere you so desire. The more people who see it and drop links, the easier maintaining it will be.
You know, given my recent posting frequency, I seem to have had very little to talk about as of late.

Though my neck is less ow, which is always of the good.

Fandom-wise, there's been yet another chapter in the never ending Lexicon Wank

On a Doctor Who note, they appear to have finally reached a critical mass of cracktastic rumoured spoilers, and thus nothing people are coming up with seems at all weird to me now.

I fear permanent damage.

Oh, and response to some bitchy comments over on Who fandom's new anonymeme, we have Reasons why Martha is awesome (with no bitching about other companions). Shinytabulous!

And your profound thought of the day, courtesy of someone in my Writing Through Character class:

"You can believe in multigrain."
[livejournal.com profile] lifeonmartha is running another friending meme, since it's been a while since the last one, and what with Martha's Torchwood appearances and everything.

So, if you like Martha and want some new people on your flist, go on, check it. *pimp pimp pimpity pimp*

...And apart from that there hasn't been a real lot going on in my life this weekend. I mean, coming up is O-Week, so I'll have to toddle over to Uni and sign up for my clubs for the year - speaking of, clubs people, what's going on with the tables? Anyone in need of my help and/or fandom related tat to display?

Oh, and I've been catching myself up on my televisual type media. Go me.

Things I watched:

- Episode Three of Ashes to Ashes.
Which I think is finally starting to find it's groove, actually. At least, it's starting to gel properly for me. The first two eps had potential, but somehow I didn't find them working as well as a whole - some rather jarring swings in tone and so in. This episode seemed much more balanced to me. I mean, it still hasn't achieved the heights of Life on Mars, but it's much better to watch in my opinion.

- The Pilot of Being Human.
Which, to my mild amazement, actually lived up to the reputation that my flist had of it. Mostly, anyway. I think I shall be rather cross if it isn't picked up for more episodes.

Some actually spoilery thoughts )

- Also, I may have also watched a certain Australian television show that shall not be named for fear of legal action. ;)
Theoretically, I would be writing a post about the comedy night last night. But what is there to say, really?

Lulz were had. Ross Noble was funny. There were amusing running jokes, like the thing with the Whale horn and the Lemon Lady. It was horribly, terribly hot. And the next show will be the last one.

Etcetera and so forth.

In more recent news, our upcoming replacement for Chris The Nonexistant showed up to sign some forms at the iPartment. Which is good news, as we'll actually have a third housemate et al, and means a lack of having to advertise any more.

I also have a new book! Well, two new books. First was the third Felix Castor novel, Dead Men's Boots by Mike Carey. I just finished it, and it was quite good. But then, you can't deny the appeal of a book with a zombie hacker.

I also possess the newest Obernewtyn book. I haven't as yet started it, as it may take some time to get through. Also, it's been an age since I read that series, so I may need to brush up on the plot before I get into it.

And I can't really be bothered to talk about fandom right now, so I'll just drop some links:
- Cinema trailer for Doctor Who S4 Need more icons of that Martha scene
- Shiny exciting Torchwood spoilers. Particular note to the pictures for Adam and Reset, and all the summaries of unscreened eps.
- New DWM cover.
- Also, over at [livejournal.com profile] lifeonmartha, there's been some lovely icons of recent pictures by [livejournal.com profile] angelfireeast and [livejournal.com profile] holo_daxy. And the Countdown to Martha has just generally been great.
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( Nov. 7th, 2007 09:29 pm)
Well, that's exam number two over and done with. It was rather better than I had hoped - I had something written down for all but one of the questions, even if some of them were me talking complete rubbish in hopes of sympathy marks, but it wasn't the great swaths of blank paper I was expecting to leave.

Still reckon I've failed, mind. Just not as catastrophically as I had initially expected.

As a reward to meself for getting both exams over and done with, I went to an op-shop I like, and got a cute red and gold baker's boy cap, and these adorably titchy little sunglasses. Also, some Pocky.

Oh, and then I went and inhaled a bug, which was somewhat less pleasant.

A few fannish updates:

The Lexicon wank proves it has stamina, with yet another new post.

Or if that isn't to your taste, there's an entirely separate HP wank to enjoy.

Over in Doctor Who, the [livejournal.com profile] lifeonmartha 1000 members celebrations are entirely underway, with drabble tag, random cheering on, and shiny shiny icons.

Go on everyone, write some drabbles, read some drabbles, or grab an icon of much shininess. *displays hers*

...And now I'm spent. *collapses*
Went to the Wonderful Day fundraiser Trivia Night thing last night (Wonderful Day being the production some of my friends, and a bunch of people I don't know will be doing in a couple of weeks). Anyhoo, I was on a table with [livejournal.com profile] saikogrrl and Yuhan and... some people I don't really know. But GGS (aka Gratuitous Gay Subtext aka our team name - what do you expect considering the people involved?) managed to tie for first in the questions. Lost out on the tie-breaker, though.

Still, I got half a kilo of chocolate coated coffee beans out of it, so I say it was a worthwhile night.

Lots of fun, too.

Apparently my teachers have all decided it's assignment time now. Bastards. That'll probably be in a post, soon, so I can keep track of due dates.

In fandom news, there's been a whole lot of rather daft - and not so daft - rumours going around. The most interesting (to me, at least) is the Children in Need one. Possibly because I had dismissed it as rubbish (though rubbish that would be ovely to see, if pulled off well), until I heard it was supposedly for CiN, at which point it became a lot more believable.

I'm still not 100% convinced, but as a charity special, I think it could happen, and am looking forward to seeing it. But will it be canon?

Also, [livejournal.com profile] lifeonmartha has an eye out for some more mods. If you're a fan of Martha and Doctor Who, and interested and able to help out drop us a line.

Oh, and over the weekend (yes, it's been that long since I posted...), I went and saw all the Dresden Files TV show. I may end up posting about my thoughts on it, but they can be briefly summed up as nowhere near as good as the books (which I seem to be rereading now). The one exception is Bob. Because TV!Bob is made of shiny and love and win, and is quite clearly the best thing about the show by far, and is in fact the best thing about most TV shows.

TV!Bob should have his own show. No matter what else happened in it, I would watch it for TV!Bob.
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( Aug. 5th, 2007 11:06 pm)
Most people on my flist have probably already seen this, but I'm taking suggestions as to what to include in that Doctor/Martha ship manifesto I'm down to do.

Comment! Rec! Link! Quote! Make suggestions! And so on and so forth.

I've got a bit over two weeks to finish off, but depending on how busy I am before hand, I may post a flocked copy here for people to go over.

I am trying to work out if I should be annoyed at the HP fandom for distracting me, or pleased because the distraction means I am in a much more positive mood about DW fandom now

ETA: And no, [livejournal.com profile] chocolatepot, I won't be listing any quotes I use like that. It'll probably just be:

"Quote quote quote." - LJ name

(Unless anonymity is requested)
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( Mar. 2nd, 2007 01:14 am)
Well, so there's Who filming on in Cardiff again. I haven't heard anything of a spoilery note thus far, or seen pics of anything other than Le TARDIS.

If any stuff does show up, then I shall add it to the post over at [livejournal.com profile] lifeonmartha.

On a completely unrealated note, I've volunteered to be a mod at [livejournal.com profile] lifeonmartha. Which means I now mod comms for two Whoniverse characters with the surname Jones. I wonder what it is that says about me.

And whilst I am on the subject of vaguely Martha related things, I find it deeply interesting that the current DWM shows us the companion, rather than the Doctor himself dressed in the traditional garb of a Doctor. Totally doesn't try to tie this into my meta on potential themes.
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( Jan. 10th, 2007 10:45 pm)
Since my life is being quite dull right now, Yesterday's highlight was going grocery shopping. Dear Lord... I thought I might pimp some amusing online links.

Firstly, there's a new chapter of [livejournal.com profile] mina_de_malfois out. And it is, as always, highly recommended to everyone. Though this chapter might have a certain very special appeal to the Doctor Who fans on my flist (you'll know what I mean when I read it).

Which reminds me, I missed the Christmas Eve update when I was away, but it was also great, and for everyone who read that on my flist, can I advise taking a look at the footnotes for it. Under Mina de Malfois and the Seasonal Goodwill. You'll know exactly why I say this when you see it. ;)

Onto some other fannish amusement, though it's unlikely anything will live up to the horse thing, at the very least we can see the latest from the Harmonians (and co)

Trolling JF, dear, dear...
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( Nov. 15th, 2006 11:41 pm)

This was going to be a post where I did that wish-list whatsit for the Christmas exchanges that everyone is setting up now, before wandering around my flist and finding people to swap cards/pressies with, but The Sick thing has made me grumpy and less focused. Instead of doing actual sensible things, all I want to do is wrap myself in blankets, have something hot to eat, and read Star Wars fanfic. Particularly with the weather going mental lately - hail and all, WTF?

So, that's been put off a little longer, alas. The computer seems to be being a bit slow to update to the next lot of broadband, too. Odd, that.

In any case, my Awesome Awesome thing arrived. More about this later on, perhaps.

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] mina_de_malfois has been updated, so more reading goodness. Definitely check out the newest footnotes, m'kay?

On the subject of reading matter: Anyone up to rec me some more Star Wars fic? I haven't the faintest idea why, but I am drifting in that fandomly direction again.
- My last rec post for [livejournal.com profile] crack_van. Well, that's my month over and done with, and hopefully it pointed some people in the direction of some good fic they hadn't read before. I wonder who's on for November?

- [livejournal.com profile] mina_de_malfois has updated! Yes, a bit more Mina is always good for the soul. And the amusement value. Also, I'd keep an eye on the footnotes when they are next updated, if I were you...

- There has been an infestation of pink icons in fandom as of late. So, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] nostalgia_lj, I decided to join the crowd. ;)

- The Teaspoon is down. This makes me emo, because despite the fact that the quality of fic there seems to be going downhill rapidly, there were a few quite good fics I was following, and now I can't see if they have updated.

- Next Links List will be late. Partially due to [livejournal.com profile] crack_van, partially due to the Teaspoon downage, and partially because I am too lazy for my own good.

Oh, and Doctor Who won some awards. Most Popular Drama (I think), and Tennant and Piper got ost Popular Actor and Actress respectively. Go Teh Show.
So, I didn't end up having to get the first ep after Uni myself, at least, because [livejournal.com profile] altheas grabbed it for me. However, whilst I watched that I obtained the second, so I have now seen both eps. And I am too tired to watch them both again, so you just get smushed reactions of both episode. I may forget what happened in which one, alas.

Spoilers liek whoa ahead )

*gratuitously pimps [livejournal.com profile] torchwoodcoffee for all new Ianto fans*

ETA: Random shit as I think of it )
Firstly, I have two new recs for [livejournal.com profile] crack_van. Admittedly one is for todays Crossover thing, but still...

(The other was a Martha fic. Try and get some positive feeling going in the fandom and all...)

I also updated the profile of [livejournal.com profile] torchwoodcoffee (Feel free to make alterations, [livejournal.com profile] seti_drd). I have no artistic skills, so I'm sticking with the current layout for now. Hmm. Any suggestions for some comms to request affiliation with?

But my main source of amusement: Nos made a rather amusing post about why Ten > Nine. All fun and happy, yes?

Guess who decided to crash the party? Yes, it's [livejournal.com profile] rose_tyler_ herself, who is Not Amused that people dare say less than nice things about her darling woobie Eccleston.

Yeah, I poked the troll. But how could I not, after classic remarks like these:

"Nine was REAL.

Nine made the show REAL.

And my personal favourite: "Don't you DARE spout shit about My Doctor. Chris is an ACTOR. He BELIEVED he was a Timelord with all his being, and he did it incredibly."

Also, apparently if you prefer Tennant to Eccleston, you are not worthy of the fandom.

(She also refers to Rose in the first person, which weirds me out)
So after the Torchwood website became live, and the fandom started it's acceleration, I randomly decided that I loved Ianto. Because he bitched about people stealing his coffee blend, and worried about the pterodactyl.

Also, because he has "hidden depths of anguish and darkness".

Thus, because craziness only feeds off itself, I give you: [livejournal.com profile] torchwoodcoffee! Started by myself and [livejournal.com profile] seti_drd, we have the first appreciation comm for a Torchwood character who is not Jack.

Join us, and you too might discover what is hidden in those depths of Ianto. Or what's in his secret coffee recipe.

I've never been the boss of a comm before, oh god, oh god, whatever shall I do

And now I must sleep.

Also, I need an Ianto icon.
Parents should never ask if something "turns you on" over the phone. Ever. Even if they don't mean it in a sexual context, and are just asking if you are interested in the idea. It's wrong. *shudders*

And on less disturbing discussion, in response to this wank about snobby elite comms, there has now been created [livejournal.com profile] elite_geeks. An elite comm entirely about geeks! Apply to join, and you, too, may be assimilatedselected to be among our elite geeky number!

totally isn't showing off her almighty modly skillz at said comm
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( Jul. 15th, 2006 04:16 pm)
I'm off to my cousins engagement party this evening, so I thought I'd give you lot something to do instaed of getting into any discussions.

Anyway, Pirates of the Caribbean. Saw the movie last week. Loved it. Wish to discuss/squee over/read fic of it. But, I am not familiar with that side of the fandom.

So, my dear flist, does anyone know of any good PotC LJ comms? To clarify a few things, this is one of those fandoms where I prefer to go with gen and/or canon-ships (unless they are very good - I can see where people get the slash from, but I am not a big fan of PotC slash for the most part). So gen or canon-ships mostly, discussion, that sort of thing. And iconage.

Okay, so Doctor Who has just finished for the week, and I am off to wait for downloads to be up, which may be a while, at least I have Part Five of the Msscribe Saga to entertain me. Man, that is good crack.

Also, on the subject of good fandom crack, [livejournal.com profile] mina_de_malfois. Yeah, I know I am behind the times on that one. But for a brilliant fandom satire, you can't beat it.


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