So, I got an email telling me that the application I sent off on Monday has been received. Which is, I suppose a good thing since the closing date was Friday. But still pretty fast for interstate mail. And now to wait to see what people think.

Anyway, today was the second part of trawling the city checking out costume shops. This one actually started in the morning for once (since I apparently completely failed at getting any sleep last night, and I figured if I was awake I might as well), and started out in the city.

Again, it wasn't hugely productive in finding just what it was I needed (I shall have to be getting crafty, tomorrow), but I did manage to find me a whole lot of really freaking interesting stuff around the CBD.

Such as: Random alleyways full of interesting cafes that I knew existed in theory but had never been to. And their not unattractive waiters who complimented my jacket in an attempt to get me to have lunch there (I think the fact it's a jacket I got from Savers years ago made it even more amusing). Or this one building with amazing little crafty shops, a kimono wearhouse, an elevator which had it's own attendent (who had decorated his elevator with flowers). And mysterious ~doors to nowhere~.

It was actually an incredibly fun day, despite the exhaustedness. Or possibly even because of it, since it added a mildly surreal note to things. Oh I so needed that coffee at 3pm.

And then I checked out some of Lygon Street and ended up taking another long walk through Brunswick again. as one does.

Also, thank you to the random stranger man on the train who gave me some change so that I could buy a ticket when the inspectors got on. You are a very nice person, and I would totally pay back that $1.50 if I knew who you were.

Some random links to add to the whatever:
- Fullmetal Alchemist is going to hit 50 million manga volumes sold when the final one comes out next month. Go go FMA! That really is a lot of sales.
- The world's largest gummy worm for sale. Just... admire the wrongness of that.
- A time-traveler in a Charlie Chaplin film? Strange and mysterious. Who else sees a Doctor Who episode in that?
- All bomb scares should end this way. Aww, kitty!
Wow, I haven't updated for an entire week. Shows how exciting my life has been lately. Anyone care to link me to anything interesting going on online/in the news/whatever?

Anyway, last night I went to [ profile] altheas and [ profile] lena_supercat's place for a House Cooling party. (Like a housewarming, but in reverse!) Which meant meeting up for a whole lot of people I haven't seen in quite a while. And I seem to have stuff on for the next few Saturdays, so at least I'll have things on on weekends. Plus there's a few things I need to get sorted during the week. I may be going to a Halloween party next weekend...

And for some entertainment value: LOL, Snapewank time again. The Snapefen - no, sorry, Severusmoms - are at it again. This time: claiming he's still alive, really!

And a Kirk/Spock fanvid of great lulz.
Ahahaha, oh man, the Grand Final was a draw! I find this utterly hilarious, for some reason. Apparently there will be a rematch next weekend; I'm not entirely sure how Melbourne is going to cope until then.

I'm far too amused by this for my own good, aren't I?

Other things that are currently amusing me:

- Doctor Who wank. And as I said in the comments, for once it's not about shipping or the companion wars.

- Naked Guy on a Horse showjumping. Nothing particularly graphic; deeply lulzy (I think it's the music that does it)
Well, had an interesting night last night.

I went to the 21st of my sister's BFF, which meant I knew only a few people. On the other hand, there were nibble and pizza and helium balloons and very nice cupcakes. And drinks were on a tab (so long as you stuck to certain drinks), and after a few glasses of champagne the not knowing people thing sort of becomes irrelevant.

Music was interesting, too, even if the bass was turned up way too high. (Whoever was in charge of the playlist ended up rickrolling everyone, too, GDit!)

Also, someone was walking around taking photographs of everyone's shoes. Not entirely sure what that was all about.

And that was that.

Otherwise, recently I saw Dad before he went back to Thailand again, until December.

And other stuff happened.

Here, have some links which entertained me:
- Cthulu's Old Spice commercial. I know this has been floating around on my flist, so I am sure some of you have seen it already. But it makes me LOL. Vaguely related topic: Anyone know where I could get some Old Spice Guy icons?
- And have some pictures of David Bowie posing with wolves. It's David Bowie with wolves. Nothing more needs to be said.

Oh, and subs of the most recent FMA:B OVA - the one with Mustang and Hughes at the academy, with the LOL QUICHE bits. And the serious stuff - are now online. It was... interesting. And kind of sad, really.
So, trawling through job sites again, and on the open positions that popped up was a position designing and analysing survey data. For... Metlink.

Yeah, that Metlink.

I vaguely considering applying for it (despite it requiring, you know, experience), since social research is sort of my field. And then I realised that even thinking about working for Metlink made me laugh uncontrollably.

So, so much for that.

In other news, I found a traineeship to apply for that doesn't have an email address. As in, the only way to apply... is by printing all the forms out, and sending them in the post. How ~retro~. It also requires photocopies of my academic transcript. At least it isn't due for a few more weeks.

Isn't job hunting exciting?
So, today I invented an exciting new recipe! I think I have decided to call it "Quesadillas of Fail".

It's much like the quesadillas I had when I was over in America - but with added fail! (Though I have to say, once you get past the burnt bits, fail tastes pretty decent actually.)

...Yeah, and that's why I'll never have my own cooking show, folks.

Otherwise, this weekend I went to [ profile] fa11ing_away's housewarming/return to Melbourne party. Which, as I only realised the day before, was actually a science fiction themed party.

So, cue me digging out my old Kaylee outfit, since I didn't have the time to get something new worked out. It seemed to work pretty okay, I thought (Though my hair isn't long enough to do the twisty bun things any more).

Yeah, met up with a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a while, tried some interesting alcohol (Fig Vodka. Seriously.) Oh, and found out that [ profile] de_chel's kitties love me. D'awww. ♥

And that's it for today, unless anyone wants to hear my crazy conspiracy theories about how Weezer's new album is secrtely some kind of Code Geass fanmix. This is the stuff my brain comes up with when I read to much fanfic while listening to music.
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( Aug. 25th, 2010 03:09 pm)
So, I was browsing through a couple of online jobs websites (Speaking of which, I am totally open to recommendations of sites which have Australian jobs. Or insider knowledge of jobs on offer, because hey, not being one of bazillion applicants!) when I find the following:

21. Santa
SUNBURY. Casual position.

...Yeah, I totally LOL'd.
So, Manifest provide a decent bit of entertainment for the day. Even if I ended up really fucking freezing on the way home, egads.

Anyway, I was dressed as a sort-of Misa ("Sort-of" meaning I need a wig, but it was otherwise pretty complete). Spent most of the day wandering around, checking out the merchandise tables, looking at all the costumes and taking pictures of a few (and of other randomly interesting things. Like the mecha made of pocky boxes). And actually attending a few things.

On the way in, some guy on the tram asked if the races were on today. Kind of understandable, since he was right behind me, and I think my hat was basically shoved in his face because of crowded tram.

Met up with Amelia (Sister's housemate) and hung out with her for a bit, when we saw the cosplay and later at Little Kuriboh's panel. Which was pretty damn funny. We got the expected Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Q&A and quotes and stuff, a preview of the next episode coming up (...I am so behind on watching Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged), and then all sorts of random silliness from the crowd. Including Little Kuriboh - who spent the day cosplaying as Naruto - "making out" with a Sasuke cosplayer.

Oh, and Little Kuriboh signed my death note. As one does. (He gave himself "death by cosplayers")

(Amelia, on the other hand, seemed to be unwittingly taking part in my haunting by David Bowie. Gave me a distinct moment of LOL WOT there.)

I also met Geoff when I went to see the AMV Iron Chef. Mildly disappointed I couldn't see the main AMV competition, because I love me some good AMVs, but that was the other day, along with a few other things I wanted to see, so thems the breaks.

Apart from the that, I bought a few small things - couple of phone charms, some little jewellery things, that sort of junk - as well as the Gurren Lagann box set. Because I feel kind of bad for loving the show like I do and not, you know, having paid for it or anything.

And that was my day.

Couple of amusing comments - or at least comments that amused me:

"Now, where did I put my death note..." - Me, when I was getting ready in the morning.

"Apparently the election was a draw." - Overheard at Manifest. Also, probably technically true (Are we going to find out who's Prime Minister any time soon?), but it struck me as amusing wording.
So, Old Spice Guy and his ads seem to have given rise to a few rather amusing parody ads. Yep, definitely become a meme now.

There's this one promoting libraries, with some actually pretty good production values for a knock-off YouTube vid.

And then there's Tim Costello for World Vision Australia.

...Yeah, I don't know about that one, either.

Also, LoudTwitter seems to be down and I don't as yet have a suitable replacement. And I still need to finish packing, since so far I just have a big pile of clothes next to my suitcase.
Yeah, sorry about that last bit, I'm trying to get things set up so that my LJ gets it's Twitter feed while I'm overseas. (Though since I'm staying with family for most of it, I should get more Internet access than most of my trips. But that's beside the point.)

Anyway, I hear LoudTwitter might be shutting up shop soon. Anyone have suggestions for a suitable alternate I could use as a replacement?

In far more awesome (and entertaining) news, all hail Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy.

I swear, those videos have to be the greatest thing I have seen in ages! They're just so... I don't think I have words. Though that is one very, very nice chest.

There are way too many for me to watch through them all, but feel free to link to your favourites. I don't think I can pick one.

In conclusion, monocle smile.
Why must Towel Day be the same day as the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May? It really does complicate things. Didn't have room in my bag for a towel, but I did wear lilac today. Well, purple. Close enough.

Handed in that stupid poster, after I got it printed out at Uni - incidentally, it strikes me as really quite counter-intuitive that the printers, the place where you top up your printcard and the place where you can get change are all on different floors of the library. Seriously, who planned that one?

Oh, and to add to the birthday stuffs, apparently Dad will be coming down this weekend for dinner or whatever. And possibly an iPhone for me! ...Or a cheaper alternative.

And for a healthy note of frivolity, have some random shit that has been entertaining me:

- Some crafty types has made necklaces with, as a pendant, fetus!Envy in a jar.

And a bunch of vids on YouTube:
- FMA:B AMV. Not technically that great, but I like the sentiment behind it. Spoilers to recent episodes.
- Nifty short Ashes to Ashes fanvid. (SPOILERS for the final episode)
- And a longer Ashes to Ashes fanvid. Which reminds me of just how amazing some of the visuals on that show were. (Also has SPOILERS for the final episode)

Last but not least: The 100th video of "I'm a Marvel... I'm a DC". It's a musical. (A rather lulzy musical).
A guy is rescued from muggers. By ninjas. In Sydney.

This world truly has it's moment's of awesome ridiculousness. Or ridiculous awesomeness.

Now someone tell me, why don't we have ninjas in Melbourne?
So, the next assignment I have due, for my science class, is... a poster.

Yes really, I have to make a poster.

I mean yeah, a couple of weeks after that I'll have a three hour exam, but really. A poster. You can so tell this is a class for ickle firsties.

With a minimum of ~*~two references~*~.

Yes, I'm dead from lulz here.

On the other hand, no prac next week. Maybe I'll go to the library to find my ~*~two references~*~.

One of the topics to chose from in "Life On Mars". Must resist urge to talk about Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt. Or David Bowie.

And in news that is not about making fun of my assignments, today I bought some nice new warm winter pajamas.

I just thought everyone should know about that.
As I know some of you have already seen: Diana Gabaldon on why fanfiction is a terrible horrible evil thing and like selling your children into slavery!

I find this particularly entertaining, since the only thing I know about Diana Gabaldon is that she based one of her characters on Jamie from Doctor Who.

Of all the links floating round on Fandom Wank this here is one of the better rebuttals.

And now I shall leave the intelligent arguments to people who are I am sure far more eloquent than me. I'll just stick with pointing and laughing at the stupid and reading fanfic.
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( Apr. 29th, 2010 11:54 pm)

What the fuck, Internet. What the actual fuck.

I cannot decide is Suzaku Potter is brilliant or just completely insane. On the other hand, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who's had the Snape = Lelouch thought.
Well, that survey for SSRM has been done and all. And I got back my last assignment from the tutor and it turns out I did much better than I expected, which is nice.

Less nice is the test I still have my science class on Friday. Or the stupid cold weather all of sudden, or a couple of severe cases of Wrong On The Internet I stumbled across, or the oh so irritating Facebook admins. No, a form letter that indicates you didn't actually read my inquiry is not helpful at all, thanks.

Yeah, that's a bit too much grumpiness for my liking. Have some hilarity from [ profile] ontd_political to make up for it.
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( Apr. 25th, 2010 11:45 pm)
So, after I got to bed at what turned out to be a completely ridiculous hour last night, I think I need an earlier night's sleep tonight. Fortunately, there are no classes tomorrow because of ANZAC Day holiday, so yay for sleeping in.

Still, at least I got to demonstrate my almighty skills at Google in finding that damn Geass picture drama. Even if sharing the thing ended up kind of a fiasco. And hey now someone's translated enough so that I actually know what everyone in it is talking about.

And this GIF continues to make me LOL. Oh, Sunrise...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
You know what's a vaguely creepy experience? Being the only person on a tram. (Well, the only person other than the driver). 'Twas a bit weird this afternoon. Fortunately it didn't last all that long.

Something else which is also kind of creepy: random text messages about funerals. RIP Frank, whoever you may have been. (Yeah, I think that one was a wrong number).

In less creepy news, I am trying to decide if I should buy this jacket or not. It is interestingly weird, as all my favourite clothes are, and the one I tried on fits.

Oh, and news about a new animated Code Geass project finally leaked with that DVD. New lead, new location, set circa the first season? I can live with that. Though I kinda want someone to upload the new picture drama already

And that is your brief update from me. Unless you feel like joining the masses and talking about the Icelandic volcano (or Carl Williams if you are in Melbourne). Or the current and quite hilarious Bleach wank.

I'm not sure why Bleach wank amuses me so, given I haven't even seen/read the canon, let alone been in the fandom. Or maybe that's exactly why I find it so hilarious.
So, it's been a week since I last posted here. Whoops.

In compensation, my dear flist, you get... a whole lot of randomness. Because a little randomosity is good for the soul.

- Over at Fandom_Wank, the Snapefen are at it again.
They've also been all over the_hms_stfu lately. Making a bid to take over the role of resident crazypants section of HP fandom from the Harmonians, perhaps?
- On a more positive HP note, awesomesauce insightful fanfic on the female characters in Harry Potter.

Back to RL, and SSRM tutes are continuing in the gloriously cracktastic tradition.

Last week we somehow ended up on the topic of writing haikus about "being one with the train". And this week were talking about/practicing interview techniques. And somehow we ended up re-enacting a focus group for cult escapees. With a running theme of goats, a mention of Focus Group Survivor, and these lovely quotes:

- "What hair styling products did you use as a cult leader?"
- "Why do we always talk about bestiality in this subject?"

Ah, bless you cracktastic tutes.

And an non-tute related amusing quote, from a little while back:

Allen: "You know what's hilarious? So, I was translating Lady Gaga into Latin..."

...The Sister's graduation is this weekend. This is weird to think about.
Well, today was productive. Sort of.

In any case, I think I have my time-table for this semester sorted out - almost. (I say almost because I still need to wait for adjustments to be approved et al.)

Because, well, I didn't really like the idea of having six straight hours of class on Wednesday, without even a lunch break. But some highly sophisticated emailing may have things under wraps.

And hey, no classes on Thursdays or Fridays.

What else? Oh yes, tomorrow I am taking part in Vindaloo Against Violence. Because really, eating Indian food for a good cause sounds like my idea of an awesome social movement.

Most of the rest of what I've been up to has been far more... well, silly.


- Attempting not to get into edit wars on TV Tropes. And mostly succeeding. Go go self-restraint!

- Axe Cop! Truly the greatest webcomic in existance. Far more comics should be based on a 5 year olds ideas

- And randomly watching vids and AMVs, most of which are kind of ridiculous.
Some of my favourites (For a certain value of favourite) include:
these two Code Geass AMVs on NicoNico (Which, incidentally also has some of the most amazingly cracktastic brilliance I have ever seen floating around)
And Another Code Geass AMV, this one on YouTube. Also, hey Les Mis music for bonus tear-jerker points.
The most appropriate song choice for a Light Yagami AMV ever. Also on YouTube.
Way too many ice skating vids to mention. (The craziness of some ice skaters just... defies words. In a good way)

And now I need to watch the most recent FMA:B episode.


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