Well, I just spent most of the last few days at this years Supanova.

I normally only go in for one day, so the whole weekend thing was a bit new (and a bit exhausting), but then again I've generally had actual things on during the week, which I need the chance to sleep in a bit more. At the moment... well, I can sleep in tomorrow.

I didn't end up getting any autographs or photos with anyone - sorry, I just find it all so very over-priced - but I did see a bunch of panels. Summer Glau, Morena Baccarin, Wil Wheaton and the Phelps twins from HP. Also Jaimie Alexander (Sif from Thor). Oh, and some of the Cosplay, and the FMA:B movie on Friday night, and caught up with [livejournal.com profile] lizbee and [livejournal.com profile] connikins and a bunch of other people I know (and some whose faces were vaguely familiar).

Actually I spent most of today wandering around with Connie, who seems to run into people she knows everywhere.

I didn't really cosplay anything, but I did dress up - I'll post pictures if I find any online - both days in corsets and bustles and hats and whatnot. Saturday with my eBay parasol with a sort of black and white and red theme, while today was sort of Queen of the Goths, as I claimed I was dressed as to someone.

Also ended up repeatedly talking corsets with a guy in a dress (and corset) who was very well informed.

The FMA movie was fun enough - I mean, yeah, filler movie, so it didn't exactly add anything profound to the FMA universe (Though the manga is pretty perfect, so it's not as if it needs anything...), but at least it didn't do anything horrific to the characters. And the action scenes were wonderfully animated - I know there was some debate on the quality of the animation as a whole, but I mostly liked it. And plus points for some interestingly morally gray characters (technically, terrorists I suppose) dealing with colonisation.

The main issues were basically pacing - it was sort of ACTION...long period of set-up and exposition... DRAMA AND ACTION - and that when you get down to it the story was more about the new characters than the established ones. Which wasn't necessarily a bad story (and at times had some interesting reflections on the Elric brothers), it's just, you know, you go to an FMA movie for the Fullmetal Alchemist and pals. Not other people.

I do, though, sort of want to see fic about the characters from it. Maybe Julia seeing Ed again post series, or something?

Oh, and pretty typically for a con, I ended up buying a bunch of stuff. Some manga volumes from series I haven't finished; some Daleks to add to my Dalek army (including a plush one that talks when you squeeze it); A plush Threetie from Mawaru Penguindrum; A random book that was going cheap; a Nerv key-ring; a plush tentacle (...don't ask).
So, this semester's Uni results are out (for my course at least). As expected, I failed the practical part again - but on the other hand, I got 97% for one of my theory subjects. I'm not sure if that balances out or not.

Anyway, aside from that I have ended up accidentally cleaning my room. Yes, it is in fact possible. It started with the fact that I had clear all the stuff away from my windows so the tradies could come fix them - and thus ended up with a big clear space next to the window, so I finally got around to making up that Ikea bed frame I've been meaning to do for ages. And then I decided to actually go through all the stuff I had lying around and work out what to move where, which resulted in about 8 bags of rubbish, and lots of suddenly clear space in my room.

Well, it's not all clear - I could really rather uses some more cupboards or shelves or just something to put things in so they aren't on the floor. (Which, incidentally, was finally clear enough for a vacuum). But I've managed to find all sorts of random shit when going through my stuff.

I mean, aside from obvious things like old Birthday cards I received (and quite helpfully, old blank Christmas cards) and about a million lost pens, I've so far also found my old film camera, my Discman, piles of old floppy disks - my current computer doesn't even have a floppy drive - several packets of tea, reminder lists to myself of songs to obtain (I decided I owed it to my past self and downloaded all the ones I didn't already have) and old fanfic I wrote and never posted online. Oh, and the photo version of that Joss Whedon incident that certain people around here may recall.

Plus metric shitloads of old souvenirs and what-not that I forgot I had.

The floppy disks are interesting, actually - I labeled some, so I know what's on them. Which means they hearken back to time I was still living on the farm, and we had a dial-up connection, and since I couldn't go online for too long instead of reading fic online, I'd copy it onto disks and read it offline. At least one of the disks has a fic which I think is a WIP which is still being updated.

So yeah, today I cleaned my room up, and then decided to reward myself. So I had hash browns and alcohol. Huzzah! *falls over*
So, I found on on Facebook that a girl I went to school with had a baby two days ago. She and her boyfriend named the girl "Inara". As in, like the character from Firefly Inara.

I didn't even know she liked Firefly. Huh.

Anyway, today I went and sent off a traineeship application thing, and then went jaunting off to Sydney Road to search for requirements for my Halloween party costume. That part of it was mostly a failure, but instead I found all sorts of interesting shops I hadn't noticed before down by the Moreland Road part.

I promise I shall return to you one day, Footwear Clearance Outlet with $5 shoes! One day!

And there was lots of walking about. Lots and lots of walking about. At least it wasn't raining or anything.

I also saw shinies I am resisting the urge to buy. Oh pretty frivolous things, why must you be tempting me?

And then I went to Savers and got a skirt, and had Turkish takeaway for dinner. Om nom nom apple baklava!

So, a slightly more productive day than some.
Tell me you want to play and I'll pick up to three of your fandoms. Then update your journal and answer the following questions:

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3. Favorite episodes/books/movies, etc?
4. Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
5. Do you think more people should get into this fandom?

I yoinked this meme from [livejournal.com profile] xwingace, who gave me the following fandoms: Code Geass, Firefly and Thursday Next/Fforde

Code Geass )

Firefly )

Thursday Next/Jasper Fforde in general )

If you don't want to actually participate, feel free to just comment on my questions. Or you can volunteer yourself!
Well, today was terribly entertaining, anyway. Weird, entertaining, there isn't all that much difference. At least when you are as utterly exhausted as I am right now. Weird shit seems fun, and fun stuff seems ~weird~. S'all good, anyway, I enjoyed today.

And I shall hopefully be heading off to sleep not too late, since there's a meeting I want to go to at Uni tomorrow.

Anyways, today's Wednesday Weirdness.

- For the latter parts of Star Trek club, we got a lovely dose of the Tristan YouTube Variety Show. Which was as cracktastic as ever. Things watched included AMV Hell - so much funnier now I know most of the animes being used - and Banzai. Which was... Banzai.

- Oh, and we also watched some Firefly, which was less weird and more a reminder of how much I loved that show. Our Mrs Reynolds remains hilarious and awesome. Also, I shall apparently be going to see the new!Trek movie on Friday with peoples.

- I got told off for not having "hobbies" because I was on a computer in the Rowdy by someone wearing period medieval garb. Okay, so it was Allan, but still...

- Creative Writing was solid crack. First we had HatMan wearing a (fake) Firefighter's hat.
Then there was the discussion on Trainspotting with our (Scottish) tutor, which kept going off on random tangents.
Then there was the bit where our writing task was a monologue containing as much slang and cursing as possible, which were then read out to the class.
Then there was the bit where we somehow ended up having a discussion on how different kinds of Marijuana products are prepared.
Two hours of solid crack.

- Then I went and crashed a SCA event and drank their mead. Okay, not so much crashed as was invited by [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away.

And that was my day. My strange and rather amusing day.
In Star Trek Club today we watched Firefly. Ah, Firefly...

Episode was Trash, so I got to LOL about YoSaffBrig and naked!Mal, and wibble whenever I saw Wash. Also, Simon and River were totally playing good cop/bad cop on Jayne.

Oh, and after my classes I went and toddled over the second hand books place. I got The Farseekers (and thus I now actually own all the Obernewtyn books, rather than have just read them), the novel of The Princess Bride, and Red Seas Under Red Skies, which I am currently reading.

...Locke Lamora totally needs to meet Moist von Lipwig.

Oh, and there is yet another update in the never ending Lexicon Wank

...Yeah, nothing very interesting happened in class today.
And, your next friendly neighbourhood links list is up and about, and reading to be put to work yet again.

Your word for the month is: Crack. Because only a fandom on complete and utter crack can come up with a ficathon for a character we won't actually be seeing for another six months or so.

Also, I like crack fic. ;)

That said, it ain't all crack. Really, I swear!

Past Links Lists can be found here.

Harry Potter )

Doctor Who )

Other Fandoms )

Non Fandom Related )

Cats and Kittens )

Just under 70 links this time. Which is a bit of a cut back from last time. That said, it still works out as about 2 links per day...
I was originally going to have this up before Doomsday, in order to have something interesting to look at before fandom went and imploded.

Um, oops?

In any case, this List is now completed, with lots and lots of links for your perusal. I'm just now... a bit late. Oh well. The next Links List was going to show up sooner or later.

So, here it is! Yay!

Past Links Lists are here for your browsing pleasure.

Harry Potter )

An extra-special bonus: MsScribe Saga related links! )

Doctor Who )

Other Fandoms )

Outside Fandom )

Cats and Kittens )

And that is, in total, more than 130 links. Note to self: Do not leave list this long again. *facepalm*
Is it just me, or does the fact there is a Firefly Official Companion make everyone else laugh their arse off?
Since, I am trying to get these links back to being a reasonably regular thing – and to keep me entertained in this time between exams, because one cannot study constantly, I thought I really ought to get onto the next one of these.

Also, I is trying to make it quite good, seeing the attention that the last brought me from certain sources. (And to the ficcers, cheers to you! Write something I deign worthy of recommending, and who knows who might be reading your fic next)

So, here it is!

My previous Links Lists can all be found here, as always.

Harry Potter )

Doctor Who )

Other Fandoms )

And Some Non Fandom Stuff )

And that makes almost 60 more links, and some time killed for me. Um, yay?
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( Apr. 8th, 2006 10:08 pm)
So, due to all the stuff that was finding a new place to live, moving into our fabulicious iPartment and then Uni starting up again, I am rather behind on doing my links list.


But, it is here at last, complete with excessive Doctor Who fanfic (I thought I had better clear all these links out before they get Russelled and/or overwhelmed by all the new episode fics), and some extreme silliness. Enjoy!

All previous Links Lists can be found here, yeah, yeah, you know the drill.

Harry Potter )

Doctor Who )

Star Wars )

Other Fandoms )

Real Life, or Generic Net Amusement )

And an extra special bonus that isn't behind a cut because all should see it: The Snakes On A Plane Trailer. Go on, you know you want to watch it...

(And whilst we are on the topic, check on [livejournal.com profile] snakes_in_a_fic. Other fandoms! With added snakes!)

Which all in all, makes almost 100 links. Impressive.
Tickets to the Preview Screening: $30
Kaylee Costume and Accessories: $60
Roll of Film an Developing: $15
Getting to Hug Joss: Priceless

So my feet have some huge and very ugly blisters on them (dratted op-shop shoes, look great but hurt like hell), and I am quite tired.

I am also a slight fandom celebrity, which is always fun. Yayness!

Someone managed to put up a recording of the Q-and-A session, which I have gotten onto my iPod. If you want to listen, it can be found at the official Australian Serenity Forum, in this thread here. But it's majorly spoilerific, and also about 30meg, so be warned.

A transcript of the recording can be found right here, if anyone wants to look, but it is not yet finished, and again, majorly spoilerific.

Hehe! My photos - or at least the first lot - have come back. Which means I have the reminders of my RotS costume photos (which are quite good), and a whole lot of dark-cinema-with-a-tiny-blip-of-Joss photos.

But there are a few good ones, some of which I thought I might share.

Preview Photos! )
The Hug )

In other news: When I come back to Melbourne, [livejournal.com profile] ephant has kindly allowed me to crash at her place. Many to thanks to her, indeed.

Oh, and speaking of coming back: Midnight Premiere tickets for Serenity. I don't care who is organising them, I want one. I can pay up and all, and I'd organise for myself, but I kinda can't do it from home.

Also, the lady from Casa Del rang me up. She wants me in for an interview, so I'll have to ring her as soon as I get back in Melbourne.

Yayness for employment!

Random Quotes:

[livejournal.com profile] saikogrrl: (About Harry in the HP books) "He's so sensitive, and girly, and - don't stick that in me!"

(After showing [livejournal.com profile] ranorith the picture of The Hug.)
[livejournal.com profile] ranorith: "I'm guessing this is someone of some importance..."
(To which my astounded response is "It's JOSS WHEDON!", which causes all the Second Floorers to burst out laughing)

And because [livejournal.com profile] altheas insisted I include this from an MSN conversation:
Me: (About the photo to be found here.) "Oh no, Harry, you bent your lightsaber!"


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