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([personal profile] drakyndra Jun. 6th, 2011 09:25 pm)
Oh bleh.

My Exam/Presentation/Whatever thing was today. And I am grumpy at myself because it went less well than I had hoped. I kept forgetting what I was supposed to say next and having to look at my notes. In retrospect I seemed to cover all the major points I meant to, but as presentations go, it was rather less than spectacularly executed.

And for some bizarre reason, my body decided the best time to be all nervous and unable to eat was after the damned exam, which rather ruined my lunch.


At least that's done with, leaving my just one more assignment to get done for the rest of the semester, and that got it's due date pushed back a couple of days.

Though, I feel the need for some cheering entertainment - anyone up for taking advantage of Cheapass Tuesday movie tickets tomorrow? I could use a movie, and I hear that the new X-Men movies is actually quite decent. I also hear that Charles and Magneto have a whole lot of homoerotic subtext going on, but that's an entirely seperate point. Except for when it isn't.

Aside from that, I've mostly been watching Doctor Who fandom go mildly kerblooey - either because they had their minds blow, or were underwhelm/predicted things, which is interesting.

I had the personal experience of seeing one of my housemates walk in just in time to hear only the very last line of the episode. Poor bastard.
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From: [personal profile] xwingace

The new X-men movie is indeed very quite decent. And the subtext between Charles and Eric, while usually remaining subtext, does almost approach text in a few places, if you *want* to see it that way.

Although if you speak German, it will help, at the beginning of the movie, to know he's not supposed to *be* German (You'll either know who I'm talking about when you see the movie, or don't know enough German to care). It bothered me tremendously until I got further in.


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Well, I heard that in least one interview it was described as being a love story, which gave me a definite, "Yeah, there's going to be mondo subtext there."

And I don't speak German, as it so happens, so that hopefully won't be an issue for me. I know sometimes movies get fail when it comes to other languages and accents and what-not.


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