At least 10 people were shot dead at a Dark Knight Rises premiere in the US.

...What the actual fuck is wrong with people?

I was going to get around to doing a reviewy thing of the film (I really liked it, though I can see why some people wouldn't), but after hearing that...


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Because a big movie premiere is the perfect way to get a whole lot of unsuspecting victims shut in a room.

Why beyond that... I couldn't possibly understand.

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I know. Was anyone we know there??

The whole thing is just SICK. How can people do such a thing??
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No-one I know of was in the state - but then with a lot of my internet friends, I don't know a lot of detail about where they live.

And hopefully, since they guy is in police custody, they can dig a motive out of him. Not that it changes that this is clearly the work of a sick mind.

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It's really surreal for me because I have family near there. I mean, they used to live in Aurora. None of them were in that movie theater, but they did live somewhat nearby.

It's like the time I came home from the Twin Cities to find on the news that a major bridge collapsed there. I wasn't on the bridge, but I was there around that time.

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I've never really had anything like that happen - closest has been a street in Egypt that had a bomb go off a couple of weeks after I visited. Though I suppose the fact that most of family lives in Australia, and we seem to have less of that sort of thing going on, touch wood.

The problem is with a lot of my online friends I don't really know enough about where they live to know if I should be worried for them.

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I live in Minnesota (hence, the Twin Cities), so Colorado is a fair distance away, but I did vacation there last month, and I was close to Aurora.

One of the injured was a three month old baby. Thankfully, she's going to be fine, but stuff like that just makes me sick. Apparently the theater is only twenty miles away from Columbine too.

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Yeah, anywhere you are close to know it's weird to hear about in this sort of context.

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Holy shit. What's worse is that people thought it was a movie-related stunt at first and stayed in their seats... :(

I don't have anyone in Denver, but my heart goes out to all the victims of this senseless killing.

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I know. If that was intentional, the gunman was a sick fuck (not that he isn't a sick fuck for doing that to start with). I also heard they found his apartment rigged with booby traps and containing bombs.

It's so horrible. All those poor people, just wanting to go have a night at the movies.

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Yeah, there's nothing good to say about this except that a lot of people made it through. He is a seriously messed up dude.

I mean, even on my worst days, I don't think to go hurt someone. Even someone I may be mad at, much less a bunch of strangers. That seems most exceptionally pointless.

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Re: Colorado

Some of the other stuff I am hearing makes me think the guy involved wanted the media attention for it all. He was after the infamy.

Though anyone rational would realise there are far better ways to get attention.

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Re: Colorado

Better ways to get attention- oh gods, yes. There most certainly are.

And what do his neighbors think, now that they know his apartment is rigged to explode? And destroy their place as well?


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