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( Nov. 29th, 2014 05:07 pm)
So I've been sort of terrible about posting to LJ this year. Whoops.

My excuse is mostly that LJ is sort of dying now, but I do still read other people's posts, I just end up commenting elsewhere mostly. (Like Tumblr.)

Anyway, I'm just posting to say I am off on another overseas trip, which you may have already heard about, to Burma/Myanmar. The best name is a better of some dispute.

Oh, and then a few days in Singapore.

If you want to hear more about the trip, when my hotel wifi is decent I'll try to show up on Facebook (under my real name) or twitter, so feel free to check those out.

Be back on the 20th of December, so until then peace out!

Or, you know, enjoy the new Star Wars trailer. (I can flail before I leave.)
So, yesterday involved the exciting adventure of a job interview where I had to take a spelling test, which was... different. (And, in case you were wondering, I found the ad for the job on a University website).

How very useful that English major was.

Tomorrow's adventure will be seeing the tennis in the evening - IIRC, it's the 7PM schedule for Hisense Arena. I've also been invited to a couple of social events, but unless the tennis finishes really early, that is unlikely to happen.

...I keep mistyping and writing "tennish".

That would be my local bouts of excitement for the week, so the resident bits of internet nifty (aside from all the SOPA Blackout things, and whatever is going on with MegaUpload dying and Anonymous getting their vengeance on:

- Postage Stamp paintings. Wow, that some fiddly detail. I'm pretty certain most actual stamps start with bigger picture that get shrunk down.
- Illusion knitting. My mind, she is blown. I didn't even know you could do that with wool. I'm sure there is a THIS IS A FAKE joke in there somewhere.
- Dogs barking the Imperial March Because why the hell not?
So, Kim Jong-Il has died. Didn't see that one coming.

To borrow a quote, it's been a bad year for dictators, and it kind of makes you wonder who's next. Or what else is going to go in the world, since international politics seems to have become rather unpredictable these days.

It's also meant my Twitter feed has been full of terrible yet amusing jokes. Or other links. I know I shouldn't have found this video nearly as entertaining as I did.

I just hope it doesn't cause much trouble in the area - [livejournal.com profile] yinake, you let me know if things start getting crazy, okay?

Anyway, more personally my Christmas shopping is done. Now I just need to wrap things

My shopping jaunt also led me to discover that a certain second hand book store was halving a closing down everything half price sale, which is always cheering. Especially since they had a couple of books I wanted. And also the Star Wars manga. Because, you know, nifty.

There was also this amazing Strawberry cake I had from Brunettis. And then at dinner someone went and screwed up my order and I ended up waiting about an hour for all my food to come. And this was not at some fancy restaurant. On the plus side, they gave me free slice to make up for it.

Your nifty thing of the day goes out to the couple of Leviathan series fans I know I have reading, who I strongely recommend should check out Scott Westerfeld's newest blog post for this bonus Christmas story and art. Contains spoilers for the end of Goliath, and crossdressing - not the kind you'd expect from the series, either.
Oh hey Penguindrum fans! (I know there is at least one on my flist) You can make your own flashback boards!

I even made one for myself (Please forgive the crappy Google Translate Japanese. Now, if only I could work out how to embed it...

For those who are curious as to what it's about, Mum was down in Melbourne last night, so The Sister and I went and had dinner with her. I was actually rather hoping for Mexican, but the place we looked at had an enormous queue, so we ended up back at the hotel restaurant. It actually wasn't all that bad, even if it meant I ended up walking in a great big circle in those absurd heels I was wearing.

But yes, family dinner then, which means I must now really got onto sorting out the rest of my Christmas shopping before I head back to Hamilton for Christmas itself (Or to be precise, a couple of days before - which, yes, does mean I will probably miss out on seeing the last episode of Penguindrum for a few days. No spoilers for it, plz.)

I also have to ponder what I shall get with the Harvey Norman gift voucher, which was Dad's present. I could be useful for the other iPartment residents, and get a food processor so they could use it too. Or I could be more selfish, and get a new digital camera - mine's a few years old now (5 years, actually, now I think on it) and tends to play up in really hot weather.

*sigh* Oh the great pains of having to think about shopping.

Some other entertainment (on neither shopping nor penguin related topics):
- The 10 best commercials of the year. I love it when advertisers show a little intelligence. And fun.
Also, the 30 freakiest ads, if you want a little more WTF in your advertising/
- Cello Wars. Ah, the Star Wars cello duel. Because what could be more niftily entertaining than that?
- There's a new Dark Knight Rises poster image out. Plus there's all that stuff about the prologue, but there are no special screenings of it in Australia. *pout* And I ain't paying for Imax tickets to see Tom Cruise's movie, sorry.

...I guess I'll just have to wait for Sherlock Holmes and the full TDKR trailer.
So [livejournal.com profile] fa11ing_away's birthday rather did end up dominating my evening. Both the party itself and preparing for it on Sunday (including my discovery that you can buy bottles of Midori that come in bottle shaped cocktail shakers).

And yes, there was ball-gowning on public transport.

Party was rather fancy, because most people seemed to really stick with the theme, masks and swishy clothes and all. Also, there was a chocolate fountain, which makes most things great.

I ended up sticking around until Ridiculous A.M., and was planning to get an early tram home for shower and sleep, but I think I feel asleep while lying on the floor, which meant by the time I got home and had some sleep, most of Sunday was gone, too.

So much for the weekend.

But today I turned in that assignment I completed online, and then worked on my last assignment. I'm mostly done now, just need to do a statement of intention, and then fiddle around with formatting and editing.

But after I hand that in on Wednesday, I shall be free! At least for a few more months, anyway.

And for today's dose of random entertainment, I give you:
...The Mapping Stereotypes Project. Or, how bigots see the world.
...A UK computer store's Star Wars ad campaign. I have to wonder how George Lucas feels about this.
...Old people in China covering "Bad Romance" on satellite TV. The Internet really does have everything nowadays.
Ah, Armageddon. Featuring cosplays, comics, creepy dudes who come up and tell you that you are "cute", and my old arch-nemesis: Long slow autograph queues.

But it was a reasonably fun way to waste a day. Got some signed DVD covers from Steve Blum (Cowboy Bebop) and Kyle Herbert (TTGL), and some signed cards from Kevin Conroy, aka. voice of DCAU Batman.

Because what would a convention be without gratuitous Batman?

I went to the panels from Robert Picardo, who's entry consisted of signing an opera about Star Trek (as one does...) and Louise Jameson, so got some sci-fi behind the scenes goss, which is always worth a laugh.

And then I bought some new manga to read (Afterschool Charisma, aka. School for Clones with background conspiracy, featuring marriage-obsessed Elizabeth 1, Gino-expy Napoleon, kinda-gay Einstein and moe Hitler. Yes, really.)

Plus, I now have a lightsaber! Or to be more precise, a Light Sword, the non-copyright infringing cheaper alternative. Because that is what one does.

Didn't really see anyone I knew there, aside from some faces I recognise from past conventions.

And now I am tired, so there will probably be sleep soon.
So, Geelong went and won the Grand Final again. Hooray!

And we beat Collingwood, which is always a delight.

I went down to watch it on the big screen in Federation Square, after the rain cleared up a bit (Though I still brought an umbrella, just in case). Decent enough view where I was sitting, was pretty close from when I arrived in the second quarter until the end of the third, until Collingwood just sort of collapsed in the last quarter. No idea what happened there.

But the win had me in a good mood for the day.

Then I killed some time around the city, had samosas for dinner and celebratory hot chocolate and cake if we'd lost it would have been commiseration hot chocolate and cake and then went back to Fed Square to see the team show up with the cup, along with a couple of thousand Geelong fans.

I bet Geelong is probably pretty crazy right about now. ;)

Other things scene include a cafe I walked past, called "Fight Club Cafe". I think someone forgot the first rule of Fight Club.

And that was my day. Huzzah!

Otherwise, I have news about squid invading California, and the Imperial March, as played on floppy disk drives.
Despite being a Wednesday, it really feels like a weekend right now. Odd, that.

Though maybe it's just that for the past couple of days I've been doing the social life thing after school, which has left me very busy and very tired. Feeling rather like end-of-week exhaustion, methinks.

What with popping in the the Adelaide guys again before they headed home on Monday night, and then last night for The Sister's birthday Awkward Family Dinner was Awkward.

Yeah, all that sort of thing which I don't want to talk about. So instead I'll drop some links by.

We have:

- The Foo Fighters, with a heavy dose of LOL WAT. (Note: This is restricted to adults only. So yeah.)

- OK GO and The Muppets. And also at the end, Muppetception. Which is basically just OK Go being... OK GO. With bonus muppets. As they do. Apparently OK GO can never have enough of crazy music videos.

- Previously on Doctor Who... Every episode of Doctor Who (well, prior to last weekend's), in one video.

- Jedi Kittens. All together now: d'awww.
Well, my computer seems to be working fine again, I got to wear my new boots, and just when I thought I had lost one of my earrings, I found it again.

An hour later. On the footpath, in the middle of the Melbourne CBD.

Life is good (for certain values of good).

Now, the post I was going to make the other day was going to be about various dinners (and/or teas) with parents, but half the stuff I was going to say I've forgotten. Except that high tea had waffles and a toffee apple - been ages since I had one of those - and then I went and saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, which I found flawed but still decent enough and fairly enjoyable. And then on Monday night I had this imploding pudding thing for dessert, which was intriguing.

And now, piles of YouTube videos!

- A trailer for Drop Bear: The Movie. Because this is now an essential requirement for Australian cinema.
- A joke about historians. Note: Not a YouTube video. But still entertaining.
- French Existential Star Wars. Because all subtitles should have references to existentialist philosophers.
- Lessons on British Justice from Law & Order: UK. So ~educational~.
- Through the Pensieve, a Harry Potter fanvid, with footage from all 7 films so far, and some from the trailers for the last film. Even if you are like me and definitely prefer the books, it's still a good watch.
- 50 State Stereotypes. Teaching you all about America.
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( May. 12th, 2011 10:42 pm)
Apparently I was not alone with my bitching about the cold yesterday, judging by the papers today. Nice to know I am not alone there.

I have decided that it was really quite necessary to link this news report: Darth Vader reporting on the death of Obi-Wan Kenobi. For once, do read the comments.

And some shiny pictures that some people on my flist might like. We have some obscenely creative bookshelves, because everyone likes to turn storage systems into art, and a steampunk house.

Some people are so creative with their residences. I bet they don't have limits of what they can do because of rent.

Also, I have just noticed that the Melbourne version of SlutWalk is due to be on the 28th of May, aka my birthday.

Anyone up for attending and then afterwards going to go get something to eat somewhere? I'd suggest dinner but it seems to finish too early for that (Though I suppose it depends what we get up to after. Or we could see a movie or something)
May the Fourth be with you!

Yeah, I cannot possibly resist a pun that cheap. Or a completely gratuitous Star Wars reference, for that matter.

Conclusion I have come to about the teaching thing: The most difficult part is getting students to stop talking amongst themselves and listen. The material part of it is actually pretty easy once you get down to it.

They have also noticed the hat thing going on. I shall try and resist the urge to wear different hats every day just so they can see as many as they need. I shall also try and resist the urge to buy more hats to show off, sigh.

Also there is a running them of needing more sleep. Though that's more my fault of needed to remember to go to bed earlier, really. Which is something I shall be working on shortly.
As i discovered in the supermarket today, apparently there exist such a thing as Harry Potter brand pancake mix. I am not entirely certain I want to know just what ingredients that might have in it.

Otherwise, I am trying to work out what to get for people for my Christmas shopping. Which is currently a definite work in progress, though I have a few ideas for some people. I think I might head down to the Night Market on Wednesday; it's been a while since I've been, and that tends to have some interesting stuff. Plus international food stalls, om nom nom. And sangria.

And at some point I should go see the Myer's windows for this year; so far I haven't been bothered because of the lines and all, but the theme is The Nutcracker.

Oh well.

Your linkish randomness for the day:
- That Asian animated news place explains Wikileaks and Julian Assange for the masses. I love these guys, somehow they manage to make every news story they tell into utter crack.
- And while I'm on the subject, Wookieleaks. Just what secrets was the Empire hiding...

And since it's that time of year, how to wrap a cat for Christmas.


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