So, I was going to be rational, sleep like a normal person, and then watch Doctor Who on iView when I woke up, but I got caught up downloading some music and it was like 3.30, so I went "What the hell" and sat up until after 5 so I could see it before I got spoiled.

(I thought I had been spoiled, but LOL nope, that was only minor compared to what happened in the episode.)

So I legit freaked out when I realised that that brunette girl in the episode was the one playing the new companion (Though was pleased to note she was apparently from the future, smart, and quirky), and then doubly freaked out when we found out that Oswin was a Dalek. Which was done really well, even if I couldn't keep all the jokes about Dalek companions I had heard out of my head.

I am genuinely quite curious about how they are bringing her back (and yes, like half of fandom I noticed that the Doctor has no idea what her human body looks like, so he may travel with her for a bit without even realising it is her.) But I mean, identical relation? Somehow in her past that she has forgotten - she claimed she had never been to space before, but the Dalekisation does do a number on memories. Who knows?

But I'm a fan - I love Daleks, and she was fun and quirky and sort of touching, even if I did occasionally have to go back and re-listen because I missed lines in the fast talking.

I may need more icons soon.

Also, nicely played to Moffat and everyone for how well the spoilers were kept under wraps.

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I doubt they're going to draw any kind of relationship between Oswin and Clara, just as they didn't draw a line between the woman-who-got-cyberized and Martha Jones and ignored the Gwen Cooper/psychic maid connection for at least a year, then handwaved it in about 3 words.

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I'm having trouble parsing whether or not your comment is actually supposed to be sarcastic there.

But the way this episode framed it - the way Oswin got more screentime basically than Amy or Rory, and that her last words were very pointedly "Remember Me."

That's definitely set-up for something plot significant. Moffat's basically put big screaming arrows telling us that she is important so don't forget her.

It's not a case of bringing back an actress he liked, because IIRC she was announced as being the next companion before they even filmed the Dalek episode

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No sarcasm, that was me not knowing that they'd hired her *before* they filmed that episode, and assuming that previous patterns applied.

In light of this information... yes, Moffat is a twisty, twisty man. I can't imagine how he'll work it in, but I can't imagine how he's going to resolve the last cliffhanger on Sherlock either.

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Yeah, I double checked some of the news sites - Jenna was announced as being next companion in mid-March, and they were filming the Dalek episode in April, so they definitely knew during filming. (And boy, wouldn't the script read-through for that episode be interesting?)

So I am certain there's a connection, but if it's a River like thing or something else, who knows?

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As with the idea of a doppelganger-Amy, I will be really disappointed if Moffat goes back to his own old ideas.

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Augh my stupid fucking iPhone livejournal app ignores LJ cuts and showed me your full entry before I watched it! I was waiting to watch it with my sister and avoided tumblr and twitter but thought "LJ will be safe" because anyone with feels will use a cut. Forgetting that the app ignores them. Grrr.

Oh well, at least it wasn't a plot spoiler (I didn't read your whole entry of course) just a cast spoiler and yay, I am so glad I love JLC and the episode was very fun! I have good feelings about season 7 :)

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Argh, so sorry about that! My Android app does the opposite and tends to cut LJ entries if they are too long.

But yes, she was likable and interesting, and I am so curious about how they do things with her.

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Very impressed that spoiler was kept under wraps by everyone. And now I am very intrigued about when/how he will meet up with Oswin in the future. Or in the past. And when he will know it's her. Etc, etc.

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Yeah, many points to all the press and the people who went to the preview screenings for not leaking. Kudos on you, fandom.

Moffat loves his timey-wimey. But I do like the notion of him travelling with Oswin before he realises that she's the girl who becomes the Dalek.

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There's your end of episode dramatic hook. They save the world, he asks what her real name is, and bang, he discovers the horrible truth.


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