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I need to watch it again so I can scream some more. Well, there's the cinema tonight, but I need to rewatch again before that.
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I didn't scream. I howled. With excitement and laughter.


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Bit slow to get started, but the end gave me ~feels~.

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We did quite well until the last scene, and then we woke the child.
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I think it was the unexpected cameos that did it for me. Though I loved Matt's final monologue.

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Unexpected cameos! And I love that it ended on a triumphant note, because that seems right for an anniversary special.

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Yes, I didn't expect an episode that's basically about unwinnable war to be so upbeat!

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"The triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism"

This, along with Empty Child/Doctor Dance, I think gives a really good view of how Moffat visualises the Doctor. And I appreciate the optimism of it all.

From: [identity profile] neadods.livejournal.com

Especially how Moffat views the Doctor vs how RTD did. I could write essays on how the first two Moffat seasons were rewrites of RTD storylines to make them more upbeat and also to show the consequences of actions.

From: [identity profile] drakyndra.livejournal.com

Oh, I'm fairly certain I've seen comments along those lines. (I do think some of the nastier RTD vs Moffat stuff has been spurred on by that, even if people involved aren't consciously aware of that influence).


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